Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 prologue

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 prologue



『The world is filled with gods.』

Facing the note PC on the desk, the keyboard was typed with tapping sound.

A rough copy of a research report was in the middle of writing.

『God of light, god of sky, god of earth, god of fire, god of harvest, god of war, god of death──』

『The gods manipulate the nature, destroy our civilization and the world itself, or perhaps they remake it and reign as the absolute ruler. We mankind possess no strength that could possibly oppose them.』

『Such power "that make a god to be a god"』

『This power is called 《authority》. However』

『If, this authority──can be possessed by us human. If the seizing of it can be accomplished completely by the will and quick wits of an individual. It won't even be an exaggeration to say that such person obtained a power that is equal to god.』

『Such person should be called as 《demon king》 by us.』

『In the past, the ancestor of my family, Caesar Blandelli was called with that title. It was an era where he was given the free rein with the people's awe and subordination.』

『However, in return for accepting his rule and arrogance, he would often carry out the great exploit of 《godslaying》 for the sake of the weak humans. When the gate to the world of mythology was opened, he would jump into the other side and accomplished even the rewriting of the mythology's synopsis──』

When the report was written until that point.

The note PC's──communication application notified the arrival of telephone call.

The ID of the caller was unfamiliar. However, Julio Caesar Blandelli received the call with a certain conviction.

「Julio. Rokuhara Ren here, is it a good time for the regular contact?」

「…..Ren. Are you using a borrowed item again?」

The caller was just as he expected, it was his old Japanese friend.

Excessive diligence and punctuality──Julio once harbored such image that was nearly a prejudice toward Japanese. However, this man pulverized that view.

「Julio also know it right? The other day my smartphone got soaked and broke. But I asked Eric who became my roommate in the guest house to lend me his PC.」

「Looks like you're having fun with your return there after so long.」

「Hahahaha. I'm not even stopping by at my home in Tokyo though.」

Rokuhara Ren laughed brightly at the other side of the PC's speaker and wireless LAN.

Right now he was in a place that was ten thousand kilometer away from Julio's home in Spain──.

「More importantly, about the incident here……at Kobe. The situation isn't good. The site at Port Island is sealed by JSDF, I cannot even get close.」

「So you were just a step late. Fine then Ren. I'll prepare a free pass from my side.」

「Julio, you can do something like that!?」

「Don't underestimate my family and the association's power. Connection and political power should be used while it can be used.」

「Even though this isn't even Europe──but Kansai region in Japan?」

「I can. I have acquaintance with several old families in Japan. I'll contact them.」

「Our company is really amazing huh.」

「It's not a company. It's the association 《Campiones》. Remember that it's one of the guilds with most influence in our business circle. You too are already a member of it.」

Campiones. It had the nuance that meant winners or warriors.

It was said that the name came from one of the titles that praised the ancestor of Blandelli House that once built the corner stone of the association. He was a demon king, and an absolute winner bar none.

And then the Japanese who became the glorious association's──newest comrade laughed lightly.

「Hahahaha. I don't know at all about the world of magician. Really sorry.」

「More importantly how is Stella's mood? That matter is far more important.」

「I somehow asked her about the god that could be "summoned" at the other side. The "other world" this time is in Greek mythology, the old haunts of Stella right? She mentioned various names.」

Several names floated up inside Julio's mind.

The god of sky Zeus, his wife Hera, the god of sun Apollo, the god of blacksmith Hephaestus, the god of war Ares, Dionysius, nymph Harmonia, hero Aeneis, etc.

They were the characters coloring the magnificent Greek mythology──but.

「……Errr, first there is no problem with the god called Apollo. Then Ares, perhaps it will be fine if it's just calling him. Then it's better not to attempt calling the warped Hephaestus as much as possible. If possible she doesn't want to meet with the haughty goddess Hera. Also she doesn't see eye to eye with the straight-laced Artemis……」

「If I got the right impression」

After listening the broad stroke, Julio murmured.

「Don't expect anything except from Apollo, it feels like that's what she's saying.」

「So you too Julio. Actually I was also vaguely getting that feeling.」

「Stella is also a peculiar woman after all. She must have a lot of enemy. Anyway I wish you luck. With how we shouldn't even put our hope on something like god's protection, luck is exactly our greatest ally.」

After a short pause, Julio clearly told.

「Listen well Ren, change the mythology's synopsis without fail. If it's necessary──then kill even the god.」

That was an encouragement toward the man who at present was the in nearest position toward the 《demon king》.