Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 Chapter 4

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The Captive of The Gods, The Awakened Beast



「Only them?」

「I also saw other woman. Want to try searching?」

「It doesn't matter. Look at this girl. Hahahaha, what fine treasure! I want to try tasting her no matter what!」

「Oo. Just having fun for a bit before she is given to those lords should be──」

On the deck of a warship of Greece army.

Cassandra was scared from the lewd gazes of the vulgar soldiers toward her. She only just gotten pulled up from the sea, so she was dripping wet.

Her wet clothes clung on her skin completely, exposing the line of her body.

The tight waist despite the breasts that possessed a volume that looked like they would burst from the seam. As the result, Cassandra's limbs personified a splendid curvaceousness.

Ren thought even while feeling troubled due to the great pinch they were in.

(It feels like the sale will be really amazing if this girl's photo collection is published.)

In fact, she was stimulating the animal passion of the men by that much.

The other girl who had concealed herself from here had slender body style that looked like model. If she was here, the soldiers would surely get even more heated up.

Ren prayed for her safety while thinking deeply.

(There is no Geneva Convention in this world. They won't even hesitate doing things like abuse, torture, human rights violation, or slavery to prisoner won't they……)

Ren had no intention to terrify the princess. He kept his thought to himself.

Rokuhara Ren posed as someone powerless and incompetent. But, if there was only him here then he wouldn't refuse to take on the role as a knight. Well, along with Cassandra his wrists got tied up, so he couldn't do anything considerable but, at the very least──

Ren came in front of the beautiful princess with a casual footstep.

「Re, Ren-sama.」

「Hide behind me.」

Cassandra was surprised behind him. He lowered his voice and talked to her.

「If there are three or four more of me, I'll be able to completely hide you from in front of these guys, but that's impossible so this is the best that I can do.」

「Ye, yes. Thank you very much.」

He took on the role as wall that obstructed the gaze of the soldiers.

Cassandra guessed his intention and stuck closely on Ren's back.

That was fine. The problem was that the softness that felt *munyuu* coupled with the abundant elasticity was also sticking on his back. It was pressed on his back insistently.

Cassandra was gluing close to Ren so much that her twin hills were pushed on him.

「Hmmm. This kind of side benefit doesn't make me happy.」

「? Is something the matter, Ren-sama?」

「Let's talk later when we aren't in this situation. You are a bit too defenseless. Well, I'm also not the right person to say that but, I'll say it in the place of your big brother.」

「Ye, yes. Then, please teach me later.」

It would be great if they could really have that kind of leeway later.

A tragic experience that he absolutely didn't want this pure and innocent girl to experience might be waiting ahead of here. Ren felt apprehension about that.

In that case, he wished to put his hope toward his "first" last ray of hopes but──


Ren tried to send telepathy to his partner, but he was shocked from the bottom of his heart.


A crowd surrounded Ren and Cassandra.

A girl clad in green robe was walking away with brisk steps from there. Silver hair and black eyes. It was without a doubt the goddess Athena. And then, the mini beautiful girl with height of 30 cm──the mere shadow of the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite was within her grasp.

「Nnnnn-! Nnnnn-! Nnnnnnnn-!」

Stella=Aprhodite was gagged and tied with rope.

Although she tried to yell something, she couldn't make a proper voice. Furthermore, none the surrounding soldiers were noticing the two goddesses that looked really stood out leaving away──.

「……They can't see Stella and Athena?」

「Ren-sama. A simple camouflage is just like a child's play for the divine princess of the shining eyes.」

Cassandra kept clinging on Ren while telling him.

As expected from Troia's Prophet, she seemed to see through Athena's identity in a glance.

But with Stella gone, the trump card Friendship Circle naturally couldn't be used. When Ren was completely at his wits' end, a warrior with imposing appearance came.

He pushed through the soldiers of Greece and came to the front forcefully.

「These people──are captured prisoner. Oo. Certainly this girl seems to have high status, the man with the strange outfit too.」

Black hair and bearded face, large body that was clad in armor, and bow of black metal.

The hero Odysseus. The fierce warrior that sunk Ren's ship with a single arrow. He gave a strong and really forceful impression. His expression was brazen.

Even though he should be a brave warrior of the battlefield, he felt really seedy──

「He got an unpleasant face.」

「What is it, Ren-sama?」

「I recalled that in the past there was this self-alleged entrepreneur uncle who brought a talk about opening branch store or something to Gen-san, my yakitori seller acquaintance in the past. And you know, that person drove Gen-san into bankruptcy. Perhaps, this man is someone who is good at talking completely like a speculator……」

Ren covered Cassandra who was openmouthed in confusion behind his back while staring at the hero Odysseus.

The middle-aged man with atmosphere of a complete ruffian stared back at him with a dubious face.


And then, there was a person watching this scene.

The mast where the sail of Greece warship was put on. There was a blue swallow descending on its top to rest its wings. Of course, it was the transformed figure of Toba Riona.



After that, Ren and Cassandra was transported to a different warship.

It was a ship that was conspicuously large even within Greek fleet. The total length reached 40 meter at least.

It was a size that seemed to be impossible with the ship manufacturing technology of the ancient time. But this was a mythology world. Surely they managed somehow using divine protection of gods, miracle, sorcery, or the like.

The guide was the hero Odysseus.

「I see. You are a noble of Troia, and this girl is your little sister you say?」

「Exactly. I'll contact my house and ask them to prepare a lot of ransom, so I wish you can give us two hospitable treatment.」

Ren spoke smilingly to the bearded hero.

There would be nothing good happening if he acted defiantly. Even between kidnapper and hostage, it was possible for transient friendship to be established. Ren endeavored to make that happened.

Odyessus stood at the front while walking on the deck of the giant ship.

Beside him was Ren, with Cassandra right behind him. At a bit of distance away, the guards were following after them. With this it would be difficult to find a chance to jump into the sea for an escape drama.

Right now Ren and Cassandra were a target of attention.

Sailors, soldiers, furthermore even people who seemed to be general or hero with their beautiful armor were staring hard toward them. Or to be more precise, they were staring at the beautiful princess Cassandra who unintentionally stood out greatly due to her soaked wet body.

Ren sighed and spoke some words of restrain.

「Everyone is sending passionate gaze to my little sister aren't they? Like that person, it feels like he is completely head over heel for her.」

「Ajax the Lesser huh. It'll be a different matter if it's his father Ajax the Great, but the son doesn't even have any considerable achievement. It's really outrageous for him to look like that.」 (TN: I checked in the google but it seems that Ajax the Lesser and Ajax the Great are not father and son. Anyone can perhaps explain the relation of these two to me?)

Odysseus spoke in distaste while going down a stair.

They entered from the deck where the salty sea breeze was blowing into the inside of the wooden giant ship. Several doors lined up through the humid corridor. It seemed that the ship was fully furnished with cabin too.

(If possible I don't want to enter the ship.)

If they were under the blue sky, his "second" last ray of hopes would be able to immediately come flying to their rescue.

Ren wanted to grumble, but Odysseus suddenly spoke to him.

「However, that girl. Your little sister. It feels like I have seen her somewhere……」

Cassandra twitched beside Ren and trembled.

If her identity as a princess of Troia was exposed, there would be no talk about ransom. She would be used for negotiation material as hostage with her royalty status. Ren laughed flippantly.

「She is a beauty as you can see after all. A beauty's face in the end looks similar with each other. Don't you think that those with a bit sexy face will look more unique?」

「Oho, yeah.」

Odysseus nodded relatively calmly.

But, his eyes weren't laughing. He kept sending probing glances and stared fixedly on Cassandra's beautiful face. It was a sticky and oily gaze.

The princess of Troia looked down from getting watched with eyes that were abashedly lusty.

Was it really just lustiness? Or perhaps he had an idea about her background? Either way, it wasn't a good sign.

And then, Odysseus suddenly stopped walking in front of a certain door.

「For now, you can rest here. Troia's──」

「Call me Ren. My little sister's name is Riona. Best regard.」

「Understood, Ren-dono. And also……Riona-dono.」

Odysseus grinned and the n spoke while putting a momentary pause between his sentence. Ren gave him the slip with a wide smile and he made a request without hesitation.

「By the way, we are soaked wet like this. It will be great if you can give us a change of clothes. Setting me aside, I don't want my little sister to catch cold.」

「Certainly. I'll prepare it immediately.」

Odysseus nodded easily.

「Putting you aside, your little sister's treatment will have to be decided later by the discussion of us, the generals and heroes of Greece. It will be troubling if she isn't keep healthy until that time.」


「As I thought, we are being suspected.」

「What is it that we are suspected about?」

「About how we aren't brother and sister. Well, our face isn't similar at all like this.」

They were alone inside a cabin that served as their prison──.

I grumbled in front of the puzzled Cassandra.

It was great that he managed to ask them to release the rope tying their wrists, but he couldn't be optimistic at all.

The ears of the princess who descended from the bloodline of god were slightly pointy at the tip, and she was of a different race from Ren. And above all else, she had a trace of Hector in her──her big brother who had died and formerly the supreme general of Troia army.

(Her true identity won't be hidden in front of the big shots I think?)

If the recognition of the modern era that royalty=public figure was also applied in Troia here, then someone would notice Cassandra's background.

But, it would be boorish to say that and made her felt uneasy. Ren smiled.

「It feels like it will take some time until the big shots of Greece are gathered. So I think that we are safe at present. Let's rest for now. You also have to finish changing your clothes.

「Ren-sama is also the same.」

「Of course, I'll do that later. But, you should change first.」

They were still wearing their clothes that were soaked wet with sea water.

Ren was wearing the T-shirt and jacket that he brought from earth.

It was getting dry, but it wasn't pleasant to wear. And then Odysseus sent a slave bringing them change of clothes just as promised.

In order to carry out the principle of lady first, Ren sat down on the cabin's floor.

Like that he faced the wall and shut his eyes. Cassandra guessed his intention.

「Tha, thank you very much, Ren-sama.」

*Rustle rustle*. The rustling sound of clothes. *Plop*. That must be the half dried clothes getting taken off and fell on the floor.

Ren's closed eyes naturally couldn't see Cassandra's changing figure──

*Clack, clack! Bang!* Sounds could be heard from outside the door.

Someone was taking off the bar that was used in place of lock?

Cassandra screamed at the moment he felt dubious.

「Kyaah!? Ple, please don't enter the room so suddenly-. Can you wait outside for a bit more!?」

「That request……can't be fulfilled. It's just as I thought.」

It was a voice of a young man. It sounded vaguely entranced.

Ren hurriedly opened his eyes. There was a warrior in front of the opened door. From his robust body, handsome face, and the magnificence of his armor, it could be seen that he was a famous hero.

Furthermore, a long sword was sheathed in a sheath with gold decoration hanging on his waist.

But what was the worst was how his gaze was oozing with rampaging lust.

His gaze was fixed on Cassandra. She had an immodest appearance after she had taken off her wet clothes and only had a waistcloth on.

She was somehow hiding her bulging chests that looked like they would spill out──.

「Since I caught sight of you just now, you keep staying in my mind all this time. I don't know which family a princess like you came from, but this is also a fate for both of us to meet here. Now you belong to this Ajax.」

「Can I ask you to stop saying strange thing to my little sister?」

Ren immediately stood up and protested strictly.

「The big shots will be the one to decide what will happen to us so──uwaah!?」

「Mu……? Brat, you're needlessly nimble.」

The hero who introduced himself as Ajax drew his sword even though Ren was talking and slashed. If he didn't jump right away, he would be bisected into two.


「I, I'm fine somehow. Cassa──Riona, you get back here a bit.」

Ren remembered. This violent youth was also on the deck before this.

He stared at Cassandra with an entranced look that was mixed with desire. The hero who Odysseus called as 『Ajax the Lesser』 spoke angrily.

「You brat. That girl has become my treasure now. This isn't your place to say anything.」

「Don't treat a girl as object. Feel ashamed of yourself that is like an animal.」

Ren's reply immediately ended up in vain.

Ajax the Lesser was young, handsome, and imposing. Even though he possessed numerous brilliant qualities and manliness, he was knitting his eyebrows in confusion at Ren's words. He was unable to understand the reason why Rokuhara Ren was angry, not even a bit.

(If I remember right, there is no chivalry in this era huh.)

Ren recalled Riona's lecture and it made him wanted to sigh.

Now that Stella had been taken away too, he couldn't use Friendship Circle to overcome this pinch.

He was truly driven to a corner. He was about to lose his life, while Cassandra was about to lose her chastity. How problematic. Ajax the Lesser stared dubiously at such Ren while──slowly raising his sword.

Naturally, it was the preliminary motion to swing down the sword like lightning.

Ren swayed his upper body left and right twice, thrice.

It was to unravel his body's stiffness so he could move quickly any time.

「You can't Ren-sama! If you face that person like that……ren-sama's life will…!」

「Uwaa. That's your usual foresight isn't it?」

「Kukukuku. Girl, resolve yourself. Your brother or whatever this person is will turn into meatbag that is filled with entrails. He will sink in sea of blood. After that I'll play with you affectionately to my heart's content.」


Cassandra was terribly worried and yelled with a sorrowful face.

Ajax the Lesser spewed out lines that were more fitting for pirate rather than hero while toying with his sword.

And then Rokuhara Ren was──denied the suspicion that was welling up in his heart due to the Troia princess's words while trying to ascertain the moment of attack.

If that hero moved even for a bit, he would immediately escape. There was his only choice!


「Hmmm. Brat, you are annoyingly quick.」

Ajax the Lesser let out a slash once more. Ren also jumped and ran away from the sword's tip with all his might. The young hero who was proud of his might looked displeased.

Ren desperately bluffed to not let Cassandra felt worried.

「……The fastness of my running away is one of my few good point. Hey you, I think you and me along with my little sister first should try having a leisurely talk here, first we should start with becoming frie──」

「Stop with the jest.」

「Don't, that's dangerous!」

Ajax the Lesser swung his sword, and then, the tragic princess leaped forward.

That was right. Ren carelessly forgot. Cassandra whose 『foresight wouldn't be believed by anyone』 was trying to change the future with her own action──she was that kind of girl.

Rokuhara Ren was pushed away by Cassandra who tackled him with all her might.

Ren somehow kept his balance and stopped from falling on the floor, but during that time, the sword of Ajax the Lesser cut open the lovely prophet.

The wicked tip of the blade diagonally cut open the princess from her shoulder until her waist──



Ren yelled while forgetting to even hide her name.

At the same time he ran to her side. However, the anger of Ajax the Lesser was waiting.

「You bastard! Because of you this extraordinarily beautiful princess is dying in vain!」

Ajax the Lesser thrust his sword to vent his unjustified anger.

The area around Ren's solar plexus──felt hot.

He finally got hit in full by the hero's blade the moment he forgot to escape. Ren's consciousness was getting further without even any time for him to scream…….

At the last moment, he certainly heard 「Rokuhara-san!?」 that was the voice of his companion.


Toba Riona transformed into a blue swallow and escaped the danger alone. It was so that she would be able to extend a helping hand from the sky when her goshujin-sama and Princess Cassandra were in a pinch.

However, the two of them were taken inside the large ship.

Riona avoided people's gaze and entered inside of the ship in her swallow form.

A wild bird flying around inside a warship was just too suspicious. If she was discovered, it was unknown what kind of treatment she would receive. It was necessary to move carefully.

(There isn't any guarantee that there won't be any hero or priest──who can see through my true form.)

She somehow found her comrades while feeling anxious.

A fully armed warrior who seemed to be a hero was holding a long sword that was soaked in blood. There was a pool of blood on the floor. A half naked Cassandra and Rokuhara Ren were lying down in it──.

「Rokuhara-san!? Princess Cassandra!?」

The princess and her master kept lying in the pool of blood. No reaction. They didn't even twitch.

「How dare you!」

Riona=swallow charged toward the hero who committed this murder.

At the same time she began to transform. Toba Riona returned to her original form as a high school girl and onmyouji while continuing with a two stage transformation into her true form as Yatagarasu……!


「Nuoh, what are you……!?」

「I have no mood for talk. Receive the secret words of the sun and the punishment of the bird of fire!」


Riona transformed into a golden feathered bird with wing span that surpassed twenty meter while unleashing flame.

The inside of the cabin wasn't just filled with explosive flame. The punishment of scorching heat from the words of power, and above all else Riona's transformation into the large body of Yatagarasu──burned the large ship of Greece alliance army and destroyed it from the inside.


The hero who stabbed Rokuhara Ren was set on fire from his head to his foot before sinking into the sea.

「Even rotten like that he's a legendary hero. He's surely isn't that soft to die just from that. But he shouldn't be able to return right away──」

She escaped from danger alone in order to reach out a helping hand sooner or later was around two hours ago.

She was given the command to liberate her full power from Rokuhara Ren at that time. It became useful like this, or was it really useful……? Riona used her telekinesis.

The unconscious bodies of Cassandra and her goshujin-sama were lifted up.

「Both of you, we're escaping!」

The voice of Riona's human body came out from the golden feathered bird's beak.

However, the princess of tragedy and the overly carefree youth didn't make any reply.



「Nnnnnh. Nnnnnh. Nnguguuuuuuh!」

「Hmm. Princess Aphrodite, that is really unbecoming and immodest for a goddess.」


「It can't be helped. Then you can talk to your heart's content.」

「A, aren't your method too violent even though you're Athena-!?」

Stella complained when her gag was finally taken off.

The partner of Rokuhara Ren and the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite was in her temporary form for hiding from the world. She was rushing through the sky along with Goddess Athena who was clad in green robe.

She was riding a horse carriage that was running in the sky.

The two horses pulling the carriage were winged horses, Pegasus.

And then flying right beside the carriage as a guard was the 『Goddess of Victory』 Nike.

She manifested with the figure of a lovely beautiful woman. On her back that was covered with white garment, pure white wings were growing like swan.

Stella stared fixedly at the goddess Nike who gracefully flapped her wings.

「So that girl is still acting as your henchman.」

「Obviously. She is a retainer of me who is also the goddess of war and one of my other self. Our bond cannot be severed by all means except by 《<ruby>death<rt>Thanatos</rt></ruby>》.」

Athena took the rein of the pegasus with a nonchalant face.

She was naturally lovely. She had the face of a teenage like Stella. And then, if this Athena was made to grow by five years──

Surely her face would become the beautiful face of "the winged goddess" Nike flying beside them.

It was just like she said, this goddess was another self of the goddess of wisdom and war Athena.

「……However Aphrodite. Thinking back, there is also no need to make Nike accompany me merely to look after you alone. I shall send her back to serve as Greece army's protector.」


Stella sulked hearing that composed words.

Although her gag was taken off, her body was tied around by a rope and she was laid down on the driver stand like a luggage. She also had no strength to be able to oppose Athena.

The goddess of victory Nike left from the flying carriage's side.

She was flying to the opposite direction of where her master was going. She must be going toward the direction of Greece fleet.

「Hey Athena. Can I ask a bit of question?」

Stella said still with a sulky face.

「I got tired of war and when I went out to earth, I experienced an awful disaster. But what about you, why did you loiter around on earth? You know, that time when you first met Ren and the bird girl.」

「Why do I have to answer your question?」

「It's just to kill time on the way. As the person who captured the goddess of love, you have the duty to not let me get bored.」

「Could it be that you're also acting spoiled like that to that mortal man?」

「Shut up-. This isn't related to Ren. Come on already, just answer my question!」

Actually Stella wasn't interested at all about what Athena was thinking inside.

She was merely tired of the present situation where she was nothing but a carriage's luggage and searched for a material to talk about. However Stella hurriedly intensified her questioning when Athena brought up Ren.

And then, Athena──muttered with a small voice.

「It was because I felt the presence of impurity.」


「Princess of Cyprus Island. Have you ever thought it? Right now, the world of the humans that covered the earth……is unbearably noisy, ugly, dirty, and repulsive.」

「Of course I've thought about it.」

Stella nodded easily.

「Just like many of the goddesses are like that, I'm also someone with deep relation to the sea and land. And then when it comes to the surface dweller of this generation──I wonder how much they have to pollute the sea and wound the land before they feel satisfied? On top of that when it come to the ugliness and coldness of their city……it's just the worst.」

「Fumu. I never thought that my opinion will match with the princess goddess whose head is too empty like you.」

The goddess of wisdom and war Athena muttered in complete agreement.

「As expected, in order to rinse the whole impurity, it's the duty of the gods to destroy the land where the humans are running rampant until there is nothing left.」


Stella was dazed for an instant hearing that absurd proclamation.

「Just now, you said something really amazing so casually didn't you?」

「I don't think so though. For anyone from the lineage of goddess that raise life and heaven and earth's nature, that should be the only natural conclusion that anyone would reach.」

「There is no way that's true, this violent goddess!」

「More importantly Goddess Aphrodite. We will arrives soon.」

Pulled by the heavenly horses Pegasus, the horse carriage was approaching "a certain place".

It was an extremely steep──mountain with a summit that was higher than even cloud. It was the place that was the nearest to the sky in this Sanctuary Troia.

Over there was a white palace with magnificent and sacred atmosphere.

Stella=Aphrodite also knew the place well. The god of sky Zeus, his wife Hera, Apollo, Athena, Ares, etc., many gods gathered in that holy ground──.

「Isn't that Olympus Mountain?」

Stella unconsciously muttered. Athena nodded 「Indeed」.

「Do, don't tell me you intend to make me into a laughingstock in front of the gods……!?」

「How stupid. A trial will be held after this.」

Goddess Athena laughed scornfully.

「It's a trial for judging Princess Aphrodite. A certain suspicion is placed on you. A suspicion that perhaps you have brought an unprecedented disaster into this sanctuary……the world where my father Zeus is reigning supreme──」

「I, I'm suspected!?」

「That's right. The 『Goddesses of Fate』 that govern over fate and see through not only the past and present, but also the future reported like that.」

Stella was astonished by the baseless accusation, after that she attempted to object.

But in the end, she shut her mouth. Cold sweat trickled on her cheek. Could it be, they meant about that. This──might be bad……?

「It looks like you know what it's about.」

The goddess of wisdom and war stared at the anxious Stella and muttered.


And then, in a large hall of the palace, the twelve gods of Olympus gathered.

The prominent gods were completely present. The sun god Apollo, the war god Ares, their presence here was fine seeing that they were close to Stella. The "white armed" goddess Hera who was the queen and the second most influential person in the world of god too, although she had nasty personality, her relationship with her wasn't bad.

However, there were also people whose relationship with her couldn't be said to be favorable by all means.

The little sister of Apollo, the goddess of moon Artemis. Her former husband and the god of blacksmith Hephaestus. It also went without saying that Athena, the princess god of the shining eyes was present──.

The rest were gods who maintained neutral position.

The god of thief and messenger and sorcery Hermes. The goddess of grain and harvest Demeter. The god of wine and madness Dionysius. The sea god Poseidon.

Other than them there were even the gods and goddesses who weren't included among the twelve gods gathered here.

On the throne that was placed on the highest position──a majestic man at the prime of his life was sitting.

The god of the sky and the sovereign god, Zeus. The man who was an adopted father for Stella looked terribly displeased. He was directing a stern gaze toward his adopted daughter who governed over beauty and love.

(Thi, this is bad-!)

The moment her body that was only as big as a doll right now froze, Stella──twitched from feeling a "cold and hard something" getting thrust into her solar plexus.

*Throb. Throb.* Her stomach felt painful. Most likely the sensation was transmitted to her.

The wound that was received by the youth who shared flesh body with Stella. An extremely small part of that wound crossed over space toward her.


Stella yelled. Something not good happened to him and he was deeply wounded. There was no doubt about that. She had to go to Rokuhara Ren's side right away. However.

「Now we will begin the trial.」

Zeus declared heavily. Goddess Aphrodite's trial was opened.



The golden sacred bird Yatagarasu.

She recovered her gallant figure from her previous life far in the past. Riona flew out to the blue sky. Around her was the blue ocean. And then the Greece fleet was in the middle of sailing in formation.

She had to get away from here even for a second faster. She spread her golden wings and grabbed the wind.

Right after she rode on the sea breeze and started rapidly ascending──

「Damn monster bird, eat this!」

An arrow was fired from the deck of a warship.

Riona strongly flapped Yatagarasu's wings and sent out divine wind and telekinesis.

The arrow that came flying with terrific speed was splendidly sent away with that.

From the sky, her bird's eye ascertained the shooter.

Odysseus. The bearded hero who used black metal bow. He should be riding on the large ship that Riona destroyed and burned to ash with her flame, but to think that he had escaped already──

From his lack of opening and cleverness, he was a formidable enemy even more than Achilles as expected.

「As expected from Greece's wise man and strategist!」

Actually the driving force of Greece's victory wasn't Achilles, it was nobody else but Odysseus.

When Riona recalled the plot of Trojan War and felt admiration──*hyun hyun hyun hyun hyun hyun-!*

Odysseus fired six arrows in rapid-fire literally.

「I have no intention to accompany you with the bow and arrow that you're proud of!」

Riona greatly spread both her wings.

She caused a divine wind to blow once more, then she caught the wind with her wings and began to rapidly accelerate. In addition she poured all her spiritual power for the sake of flying. In order to make a distance of 1000 ri to become "zero" instantly.

*Gyun!* Riona=Yatagarasu became a golden light.

Like a comet rushing through the jet black night sky, like the first light of the dawn, she instantly left the shooting range of Odysseus and the Greece fleet.

「Damn you, so you know about the fame of my bow!」

Riona clearly heard Odysseus's vexed voice.

……To speak the truth, Riona was hiding because of Odysseus's presence. Odysseus was a prominent bow user even in Greek mythology. If it was with his divine skill, even the greatest sacred bird of Japan was at risk of getting shot down. She was unable to show her figure carelessly.

Like this, the golden Yatagarasu rushed through the blue sky──

She was somehow able to escape until a safe area but.

「Rokuhara-san! Princess Cassandra!?」

She sent her voice telepathically toward the companions who she sucked into Yatagarasu's body to shelter them.

However, no reply came. Were the two of them dead just as expected?

She had to nurse their wound quickly. She was anxious. Yatagarasu soared in the sky like a flash──right beside her, a goddess that was flying with exactly the same speed appeared!

The goddess with pure white wings on her back told this with a voice that contained vague metallic reverberation.

『──O sacred bird who arrived from earth. Where are you going?』


The winged goddess's look was really similar with the goddess of wisdom and war. She looked around 18 years old.

She thought that Zeus's beloved daughter had transformed into a new form, but contrary to her thought.

『──Let me correct your misunderstanding. My name is Nike. One who is serving the princess goddess of the shining eyes.』

「So you're the goddess of victory, and a subordinate goddess of Athena.」

Riona's human voice came out from Yatagarasu's beak.

「Do you intend to capture me!?」

『──Indeed. I will hand all of you to my master or return you back to the army of Greece. Prepare yourself.』

「No one here is going to follow what you're saying!」

『──Then, following the meaning of my name, I will stop your advance through victory.』

The goddess Nike easily kept up with Yatagarasu's flight.

The owner of white wings that looked really similar with Athena silently lifted up her right arm. In that instant, *GOUUUUUUUUUUUUUN-!* thunderous sound rang out──

Eight lightning fell from the azure sky. They were moving toward the golden Yatagarasu!


『──Goddess Athena is a god who is awarded with the lightning from her father Zeus. With that blessing, I can also control thunderbolt really well. You can submit before this scorching heat blade──what!?』

「God's arm Hephaestus and……Achilles's glory, protect me!」

Eight lightning came down from the sky at the same time with eight thunders.

After they landed a direct hit, Riona=Yatagarasu was completely unharmed. It was because she manifested the shield that she kept in the form of talisman.

Achilles's shield appeared right above the flying Yatagarasu!

The silver defensive barrier spread out and repelled all eight lightning attacks. The defensive power was amazing as expected.

(I also thought to return it to Rokuhara-san but……)

If she did that, the possibility that it would get confiscated by Greece army at the end was great.

However, perhaps she should let him to be the one carrying it in case of emergency──. While feeling frustrated, Riona unleashed the divine power of fire.

「O secret words of fire and sun, please purify and exorcist!」


Taking advantage of the opening from her shock, the whole body of Goddess Nike was swallowed by scorching flame.

As expected even for the winged goddess, easily deflecting the explosive flame that was called by the spirit of sun and calmly continued──was something she couldn't do.

She was swallowed by the fierce conflagration and her speed dulled. Her altitude was falling.

During that time the sacred bird of Japan reaccelerated. She left behind Goddess Nike right away.


……And then more than ten minutes passed.

Toba Riona descended on a small island and returned to her human form.

Most likely it was an unmanned island. Based from what she saw from the sky, there was no building like human house here. She chose a grove of mixed trees in the middle of the island and swooped down there.

Two man and woman were lying down below her.

Rokuhara Ren who was soaked in blood and Troia's princess Cassandra──.

Riona put up barrier of four gods.

「At the east is the god of river, at the west is the god of path, at the south is the god of sea, at the north is the god of mountain. I beseech so that every single one of you will ward off a hundred of oni and purify the calamity──. Kyuukyuu Nyo Ritsu Ryou!」

Four talismans appeared on the hand of the chanting Riona.

Each had the color of blue, red, white, and black with spell written on them. Seiryuu talisman, Suzaku talisman, Byakko talisman, and Genbu talisman.

Riona threw the four talismans one after another like throwing shuriken.

The talismans cut through air with *shuh!* sound.

The divine talismans of Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu were placed to the east, south, west, and north edges of this small island to protect the four directions with a secret ritual. If it was the current Riona whose full might was liberated, this was enough to deceive the eyes of someone at the level of subordinate god.

A little while later, the winged goddess Nike passed through above the island but──

Just as planned, she didn't show any sign of noticing the humans below her. Riona was relieved.

「I can finally catch my breath……」

As expected, she was a grand onmyouji with skillfulness that could trick even god.

Riona reconfirmed that she was the second coming of Abe no Seimei. However.

The 《Law of Soul Return》 that he accomplished──the secret ritual to resurrect the dead was the only thing that she couldn't use. She might be able to do it if she tried, but that was a forbidden spell among the forbidden spells.

Even if she was a reincarnation of god, it was a territory that a residence of the world of man mustn't reach to…….

「Rokuhara-san, how pitiful.」

The unconscious Rokuhara Ren──had his stomach deeply stabbed.

The bleeding from there was still continuing. Perhaps it would continue to flow until all the blood inside his body was lost.

A surprised expression was fixed on his princely looking face. His pupils were expanded.

「If you didn't intentionally butt into this despite being an amateur, you wouldn't end up like this……. You were really a stupid and hopeless person……」

Riona's voice was powerless even while she was complaining.

There were also a lot of times when she got irritated by him. But, perhaps, most likely, 『the goshujin-sama of insufficient caliber』 called Rokuhara Ren wasn't someone who she hated by all means──

Riona shook off her sentimentality and her slight discomfort before crouching down.

It was in order to check the condition of "the other person" other than Rokuhara Ren.

「Where did Princess Cassandra got hit?」

She couldn't find even a single scratch on the white and soft skin of the beautiful princess.

She had an unbecoming appearance with only a waistcloth covering her, so Riona could ascertain that in a glance.

Whether it was her nicely shaped breasts despite their voluptuousness, or her radiant back with whiteness as though milk was flowing on them, or her legs that shapely stretched out, there wasn't any wound at all on them.

「She isn't breathing……」

Riona touched Cassandra's cherry lips and her carotid artery to confirm.

Princess Cassandra wasn't breathing. Her pulse also stopped. However, the body and the beauty of the unconscious princess were unbelievably vivacious, even Riona who was of the same sex felt like she would be entranced by the view…….

'Could it be?' Riona's hand reached out to Cassandra's chest.


She reached out wasn't because of something like lust toward female body. She applied 《Life Spell》 using her magic and blew vitality and life force into the princess's heart. Immediately after that.

「Kehoh. Kehoh. Ri, Riona-sama?」

Princess Cassandra coughed and she recovered her consciousness. She was in a state of apparent death. She only looked like she was dead.

「Your highness. Could it be, you made yourself to "look like you're dead"? Did you use some kind of magic to deceive other people's eyes like that?」

「Wha, what are you talking about? ──That's right!」

Princess Cassandra lifted her upper body that was still completely naked and yelled.

「What about Ren-sama!? I certainly saw it-. The future where Ren-sama is slashed by that hero──aah!」

Cassandra clung on Ren who was lying down soaked in blood.

Tears flowed from her eyes while she squeezed out a despairing voice.

「I, it's just as I saw. So much blood is flowing out like this……」

「……Just now, what did you say?」

Riona pushed aside the puzzled princess.

Riona faced Rokuhara Ren's corpse once more. She noticed the true identity of her "discomfort" from the words of Princess Cassandra just now.

「After death, the bleeding should stop when the body goes through cardiac arrest. And yet, Rokuhara-san is still bleeding. Even though quite some time has passed since he was stabbed in the ship──」

It shouldn't be strange if his cause of death was excessive bleeding. It should be like that.

Riona kneeled on the ground and observed the lied down Rokuhara Ren from nearby.

His pupils were opening with his face staying in the shocked expression. She took her goshujin-sama's wrist and put her thumb on her artery to check the pulsation. She concentrated her whole focus into her fingertip──

*Thr…………ob. Thr…………ob.*

She felt it. An extremely small pulse that felt like it would cut off anytime.

「He is alive? How!?」

Riona spoke her doubt first rather than feeling happy.

His solar plexus which was a vital spot was stabbed through. The amount of his bleeding was also too much. He wasn't even promptly given first-aid treatment or anything.

All the facts──were insisting that his survival was impossible.

And yet. Rokuhara Ren was still alive somehow just a step shy from the death's door……?

Riona hurriedly put her right hand on his chest, right above his heart.


She used the life spell once more. However, Rokuhara Ren's body didn't even twitch.

Normally, if this much vitality was sent intensely like this, the body would jump strongly just like when electronic heart massager was used.

Why didn't the spell work? Riona shook off her doubt and attempted the next method.

「Then, how about this.」

On Riona's hand, a talisman that she kept in reserve suddenly appeared.

On the talisman she wrote two characters of 『<ruby>勅令<rt>imperial edict</rt></ruby>』 written on it, then she further drew three dots and pattern that looked like ripple. It was a design that depicted the three stars that protected the Purple Forbidden Enclosure, a group of constellations in the northern sky associated with the emperor, also known as the Polaris, and then the Big Dipper asterism.

She transcribed it with ink and brush while──

Riona chanted every kind of spell of happiness and prosperity.

Increase of fortune, erasure of calamity, prolonging long life and happiness, prosperity for offspring, abundant harvest, happy marriage, ghost eradication, etc.

She put this talisman on Rokuhara Ren's chest and recited a spell passage.

「At heaven is the exalted god Hokushin, in earth is the spirit that is the exalted god of Chintaku talisman. Grant the miracle of secret mystery to my charm and please erase all calamity without exception!」

She applied the divine spell of 《Recovery Prayer》 as the most prominent onmyouji in Japan.

However, at this moment Riona clearly sensed it. The secret art of a great onmyouji who was comparable to Abe no Seimei was──deflected by the body of an amateur who was 98% dead!

「My spell doesn't take hold? What is the meaning of this!?」

「Ri, Riona-sama」

And then Cassandra muttered vaguely.

The prophet of tragedy's beautiful eyes──were filled with golden radiance. It was a light of magic power. Riona sensed it as a user of mystic technique. The girl had just obtained another foresight.

「I, understand! Ren-sama cannot possibly be saved with that kind of method-. Please──leave this to me!」



A trial regarding an accusation was in progress inside the audience hall of Olympus palace.

It was a gathering in order to judge the 『sin』 of Stella who was the goddess Aphrodite. Right now in front of the sovereign of the world of god, Zeus──three goddesses were in the middle of a speech.

Atropos, Clotho, Lachesis.

The three of them were old women. These three sisters were called as 『<ruby> The Three Goddesses of Fate<rt>Moirai</rt></ruby>』.

They were also governing over the past, present, and future──which meant time.

「This omen had also appeared several times in the past.」

「The omen of『beast』 that bared their fang toward the gods. Us the three sisters spun, weave, and cut the string of time and fate days by days, creating the enormous fabric. And on that fabric today, a pattern was clearly surfacing. If this is left alone, sooner or later the world of god will be surely visited by disaster brought about by the sign of『beast』……」

「And then, we knew the past. When the beast is released from its cage eventually……」

After the one who governed over the past Atropos muttered, the one who governed over the present Clotho spoke, and the one who governed over the future Lachesis whispered.

「That beast appear from among the humans.」

「The foolish humans who ought to die. However, very rarely──a human will receive the blessing of miracle and good luck, and by devouring a god's flesh and soul……they transformed into a beast.」

「By devouring a god's flesh and blood, the beast surpassed human and become something that is close to god……」

The three sisters of fate, the old women spoke one after another.

Stella who listened to that was secretly nervous all this time.

And then, the god sitting on the throne──the chief god Zeus looked toward her with a displeased look. He told Stella with a deep voice that was like thunder.

「A human who eat the flesh and soul of us divine being is it? ……Say, Aphrodite.」

「Yh, yhes」

*Throb-*. Her voice was completely shrill because of anxiety.

Stella hurriedly made a flirty smile and started talking rapidly.

「Ye, yes-. What could it be, my lord Zeus?」

「Haven't your height shrunken really greatly from before? It's truly regrettable. When speaking about the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite, she is the number one beauty in Olympus……」

*Glare-*. Zeus stared at Stella with an intense gaze.

「That's why. Can you show me your original appearance?」

「E, eeeh!?」

Not the current minimized body, but her grown up figure as a willowy maiden.

Of course, that form was exactly the true form of Goddess Aphrodite.

She could transform even more easily into that form than that bird girl incarnating into the sacred bird Yatagarasu──that should be the case. However Stella faltered. The one who summoned cloud, Zeus pressed her further.

「You can't?」

「Thaaat's……today is a bad day you see. Besides, it is a special occasion where it's my lord Zeus who I will show my "true form" to. I will have to wash my body thoroughly, purify it wholly, and, right right, I'll need to apply perfume too and dress stylishly-」

「Uh huh. In other words, you're saying that you can't return to your true form.」

「I, I only mean that it's no good to do it right away-. That's right. If my lord Zeus doesn't mind, can I please summon the servant that I brought here from earth? I'll need that person to help me with my preparation……」

「Why do you need that surface dweller?」


Stella couldn't make the appropriate excuse and fell silent. Zeus knitted his eyebrows.

「What a strange story. Even though you only need to manifest your original form as a god, you have to borrow the hand of a mere surface dweller. It's as though the goddess Aphrodite's important something──for example something that qualify a god as a god has been taken away from you. Doesn't it seem like that?」

「Lo, lord! A, actually that man of the mortal world has taken my divine tool the Girdle of Friendship and Love from me-」

「I know. And then, I also know how you can't use your authority of friendship and love without the permission of that man.」

Stella gasped hearing Zeus saying that with a sour look.

Thinking that there was no way, she looked around her right away, searching for the face of her old acquaintance. In the end the sun god Apollo nodded back at her smilingly, while the god of war Ares returned a dubious gaze toward her.

First, the radiant sun god spoke refreshingly.

「I'm sorry. As expected when I was asked by Lord Zeus, I can't do anything except answering honestly. Even if I try to hide it, my lord is also a god of wisdom. The falsehood of my statement will be seen through by him.」

「I was asked so I only recited what I saw without reserve. Did I do anything wrong?」

That was the war god Ares's words. He was a complete oaf in contrast with his graceful good looks.

Stella resigned herself. It was just as Apollo said. The chief god Zeus who stood at the summit of the world of god was in possession of terrifyingly varied ability and authority.

The power as the god of <ruby>wisdom<rt>Metis</rt></ruby> was also one of those. Poor falsehood wouldn't pass through him…….

「Now then. If for example that lowly surface dweller──」

Zeus spoke gravely.

「Devoured the flesh and blood and soul of the goddess of beauty of love Aphrodite, and stole……the authority of friendship and love, let us assume that. What kind of existence that insolent person would become I wonder?」

The glance of the chief god was sent to the 『Muses』, the goddesses of poetry and literature.

There were nine of them. They sang poetry and left behind the exploit of the gods and heroes in the world.

The nine Muses who were the goddesses of poetry talked by singing from their mouths.

「Murdering a god, devouring their sacred flesh and blood and soul, to make them their own. The one who committed this grave sin……also obtain the power that make the god as god, that is the authority」

「Surely they have obtained the right to challenge the god」

「No matter how much they are injured or hurt, they will return alive like an immortal demon god, becoming an even more amazing warrior, becoming an even more terrifying archenemy」

「Oo, gods of Olympus. Please listen to the warning of us Muses」

「The gods and godslayer are fellow bitter enemy who cannot live together under the same sky. Etch in your heart that such encounter will be the beginning of a battle where both sides has to give their all to the death, etch it in your heart……」

Right after the goddesses of poetry finished reciting, the god king Zeus let out a sigh.

「Now then Aphrodite. Let me ask you once more. Your original body and soul……surely, they haven't been devoured by that man of the mortal world right?」



Riona was begged by the princess of Troia, Cassandra.

She asked her to leave the treatment of the dying Rokuhara Ren to her.

However, the great onmyouji who came from Japan who was also the incarnation of a god, Toba Riona──was unable to say 「Yes, I'll leave it to you」.

Her head understood. It was already hopeless from the beginning anyway.

It wasn't a bad thing at all to leave this to Cassandra, a person with supreme precognition ability.

And yet, the distrust welling up inside her heart didn't allow that. The curse of Apollo that didn't allow anyone to trust the foresight of Princess Cassandra. The distrust was its fault.

She wanted to drive away the distrust somehow with her willpower.

But it was impossible. In a stroke of bad luck, the time limit of the "order to liberate all her power" had just run out at that timing. With that, even for Toba Riona, she was unable to shake off the curse that came directly from the sun god.

The capability of doing such thing──far surpassed the realm of possibility of mortal human.

And then, perhaps seeing through Riona's heart.

Princess Cassandra immediately tore off the talisman from Rokuhara Ren's chest.

「Princess!? I put it there in order for healing──!」

「I know. But, for someone like Ren-sama……who can rival the gods and the heroes equally, using it like this will be meaningless.」

「Ro, Rokuhara-san can contend with the gods? What are you saying?」

This time Riona was in denial that didn't come from any curse or the like.

However, the prophet of Troia didn't respond to her question anymore. She was staring fixedly at the healing talisman. Then in front of Cassandra's beautiful face──

The talisman was enveloped with blazing fire and burned into ash in the blink of eye.

She must have used some kind of magic power. Riona recalled. In the first place Princess Cassandra descended from the lineage of god and a priestess with a capability that was recognized by the sun god.

The fire that was created from the talisman was still burning even now on Cassandra's hand.

The princess who manifested the mystery was only wearing a waistcloth. It was the same like being naked. Riona's gaze unconsciously got fixed on that beautiful and alluring naked body. In that instant.

Cassandra swallowed the fire on her palm.

Fire──it was the sacred spell of healing itself that was enchanted into the talisman by the extraordinary great onmyouji.


「Ren-sama. Please receive this feeling of Riona-sama and I.」

Princess Cassandra's body hung over Rokuhara Ren who was lying on the ground with her almost naked appearance. Then her magnificent limbs clung on him and she offered him her kiss.

The lips of the maiden that were like cherry pressed on the pale lips of the dying youth.


「Hmph. Just when I wondered what it's about, so it's about the 《godslayer》 bunch huh.」

The one who spat out those words in annoyance was the sea god Poseidon.

「They roamed around the world since who know when──the monsters wearing human skin. The warriors who were born using the flesh and blood of god as their seedbed……」

When Stella saw him at the sea before this, his body was so huge it pierced the sky.

Poseidon right now had a large body that was around the same size with a "large bodied human". However, the bluish black skin on his whole body was the same like before.

Along with his little brother Zeus, the bluish black sea god was also a god with ancient age.

He spoke haughtily as someone with experience that far outdone the young gods.

「Certainly it will be fatal to underestimate the godslayer bunch. However, it will put shame on the name of god for us to shake in fear simply because they are the natural enemy of us gods.」

The veteran Poseidon spoke with his inherent ferocity.

「Well, those guys are fairly tenacious, it's also hard for our spell to affect them. Their body and heart are also tough, and they can haughtily repel back even the mystic of gods. They're that kind of impertinent lot. But do you know? The trick when tormenting those godslayer beasts?」

「Hou? This Athena wish to hear that by all means, honored uncle.」

Asked by the daughter of his little brother Zeus, Poseidon gloated ferociously.

「Kukukuku. It's the same like hunting. If you catch those guys, you can peel their skin or cut open their belly and apply your spell from inside their body. But even without going that far, it's also effective enough just by putting your hex from their mouth.」

「I see. That's a good thing to hear. But…….」

Apollo grinned. But the handsome sun god added more words with a dramatic tone.

「It will be great if that person can be captured that easily. But, that surface dweller, thinking back now, when he fought Achilles who was the swiftest person in the world of god……a valorous warrior who can possibly rivaled even the great hero Heracles, he was able to see through his martial art to some degree.」

Apollo exchanged a glance with Stella.

He didn't only hand over the arrows of sun, the radiant youthful god was also firmly observing the way they were used. The matter of Rokuhara Ren couldn't be hidden anymore.

Stella=Aphrodite resolved herself and immediately prayed in her mind.

(……Ren-. At this rate, it will become something really unthinkable!)

And then at the same time she also casually returned a gaze to Apollo.

The unparalleled lady-killer in the world of god, and also the extraordinary ruffian Apollo. While he was a sun god, mysteriously he got involved with many dark and shady episodes──just what in the world was he thinking?

Stella wasn't a character who was really thoughtful, but she began to wrack her brain desperately.

Perhaps, this might become the key she thought…….


It was hazy, but his consciousness was recovering.

He recalled the conversation that he exchanged several months ago. He was talking with the commander in chief of Campiones society. In other word with Rokuhara Ren's boss, Julio Blandelli.

(I see. So this is the unique constitution──that is said to appear in "the one who devoured god".)

(What do you mean Julio?)

(Right now, your mind and body are brimming with magical power that surpasses every magician on earth. It completely repels other person's spell toward you.)

(Then, even though I can finally meet magician, I cannot have magic applied on me!?)

(Don't worry. It will work somehow if it's not a spell that grant 『direct effect』 to your mind or body. For example Ren, something like a magic that 『transport you along with the air around you using telekinesis』. ……But, if you feel like resisting it, even that kind of spell will be neutralized.)

Julio told him even more with a grave face.

(More importantly, spell like healing magic won't affect you no matter how hard I tried. In other words, you won't be able to be saved magically when you get wounded.)

(That's troubling)

(Well, it seems you also have the constitution of 『impossible level of vitality as a living thing』. You won't get killed that easily. Make do somehow with that for a while.)

(Roger. But, I'll be happy if there is a loophole or something for this.)

(It seems there was something according to the ancient document. I want to discover what that something is as soon as possible right now.)

The "loophole" that was unclear all this time. Was this the answer──.

Rokuhara Ren understood the answer while being kissed by Princess Cassandra. If the spell was blew into the body through mouth-to-mouth, the spell's effect would also work on him. An exceedingly powerful healing prayer was flowing into Ren's body through Cassandra's moist lips, sweet sigh, and her saliva.

The princess was industriously continuing the kiss for nearly five minutes already.

She was sucking Ren's lips with extreme diligence and gentleness.

Of course, there was no way that she could hold her breath all the time. Sometimes her lips would part from him to take a breather. But, she would immediately kiss him again and resumed the supply of the healing spell.

It was a long and deep kiss. An exchange of lips between man and woman.

There were times when she would lightly suck *chuu, chuu* at Ren's lips, there were also times when her tongue would lick his lips overenthusiastically, and there were also times when her tongue entered inside Ren's mouth.

「Cassandra. You don't need to go that far.」

「No, Ren-sama. Without the authority that you kindly lent to me, I also wouldn't be able to survive like this. I wish to repay this debt of life with the suitable recompense.」

Cassandra's lips parted from him only at this time and she whispered to him.

Authority. She already saw through even that. As expected from the girl with extraordinary precognition. Ren was deeply impressed with the magnificence of her power.

And then there was also how their distance was so close that he could feel Cassandra's breathing.

The mythological princess stared at him with an earnest gaze. Ren felt ticklish from that.

「It isn't that much of a big deal. Don't worry about it.」

「It's a big deal. Besides I like Ren-sama. I don't want you to die in this kind of place.」

He was told something like that by a mostly naked girl whose body was glued on him.

It was a situation where he must have used up all his luck as man. Of course Cassandra was a pure and naïve girl, furthermore she was raised as a princess. It was obvious that what she meant by 『like』 wasn't in the romantic meaning between man and woman.

That was why Ren spoke with a wry smile.

「Thank you. But, this makes me feel a bit guilty toward your big brother.」

Right now it looked like he was being pushed down by a nearly naked princess.

However, Cassandra seemed unable to understand the meaning of what Ren said. She looked puzzled. Ren felt that purity of hers was lovely while he felt it.

From the depth of his body, strength was welling up──.

The injured body of Rokuhara Ren was going to recover soon.

He nodded to the kind hearted princess. Cassandra smiled joyfully to him.

And then, Ren finally sat upright. His eyes met with Toba Riona who had been watching what was going on all this time with a shocked look.

Riona didn't say anything in astonishment. She must be really bewildered.

「Hey Riona. Can I make a request to you?」

Ren spoke as a 『beast』 that had murdered god.

Deep inside his body, the lives and authorities of Goddess Aphrodite and one other goddess──had continued to exist in different shape.

Right now was none other than the time to use them. Ren grinned widely at Riona.