Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 Chapter 5

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Olympus



At the first meeting with Rokuhara Ren who was wandering around the Southern Europe in a budget travel.

It seemed that Goddess Aphrodite who went out to roam the earth said this to him.

『The human over there. Submit your body for my sake.』

When the Japanese youth who was overly carefree talked to the magician Julio Blandelli, it seemed there was still the continuation of that absurd demand.

『You said your name is Ren? You can die for my sake. Do you understand?』

『Hmph. The likes of mortal man isn't that different from the livestock like pig, cow, or horse. It's one thousand years too early for a mere insignificant human to state his opinion to me. It's different if you're a royalty or hero who descended from the lineage of god……』

Those were her lines toward the human who protected the goddess who was being chased by someone and even started to flee together with her so, well, as could be seen, she had really nasty tongue.

The enemy's aim was Aphrodite's divine tool, the Girdle of Friendship and Love.

Rokuhara Ren and the goddess who introduced herself with the alias Stella to hide on earth moved from place to place throughout Southern Europe as a pair of human and god that shouldn't possibly be able to mesh with each other, and during that time──

They became acquainted with Julio who was pursuing the mystery of the world of mythology as a magician.

And then, even that terrifying 《Goddess of Retribution》 also…….

『Rokuhara Ren is a godslayer』

Julio faced the note PC on his desk and typed the keyboard rhythmically.

He was typing the draft of the research report that was planned to be publicized someday among the magic society throughout the world.

『Aphrodite used his body to hide her divine tool. However, due to an unfortunate chance, the goddess fell into a critical state where she was dying. In order to not let her life return into nothingness, Rokuhara Ren unwillingly──"devoured" her flesh and blood and soul along with her divine tool in the end.』

『But he also had done a godslaying in a more significant meaning.』

『Standing on his way at the end of his extremely difficult flight together with Aphrodite……was the divinity of retribution. The pursuer who came from the sanctuary Olympus of Greek mythology──』

*Tap tap tap tap*. Julio typed on the keyboard with jaunty rhythm. His hand stopped here and his eyes moved toward the clock on the desk and then toward the room's window.

The curtain of the window was left open. The outside had become completely dark.

Currently, it was past 9 PM at the small city Taormina located at Sicily Island.

Around this time it should be approaching dawn at Japan. More than ten hours had passed since Rokuhara Ren and Toba Riona entered Sanctuary Troia.

However, it was unknown whether the same amount of time was passing inside the world of mythology.

There was a case of one hour in earth was equal with three days inside the world of mythology, but there was also the opposite case where ten days on earth was nothing more than half a day at the world of mythology.

It was just like Japan's folk tale of Urashima Taro.

The speed time was flowing on earth and in the world of myth and legend was also different.

「What is Ren and Stella are doing at this time……」

He wasn't at his own residence, but a villa that he chose for his stay in Sicily.

And then, it was already late at night. However Julio didn't change clothes. He was still wearing a classy white shirt and slacks. If he wore his jacket then he would be able to go out right away.

Yes. This was only the natural precaution.

Because with the godslayer Rokuhara Ren embarking into the mythological world Sanctuary Troia, it wouldn't be strange for dramatic change to occur anytime.



「Apollo. You mentioned something interesting.」

Zeus's mood was bad despite saying that it was interesting.

The trial to judge the goddess of beauty and love was still in progress at Olympus palace.

「You said that the surface dweller Aphrodite brought here saw through the technique of the hero Achilles.」

「Indeed, my lord Zeus.」

The shining one Apollo smiled.

That smile contained not even a speck of cloudiness, but it vaguely looked like there was ulterior motive behind it──. While he was the god of sun, his smile was suitable for a "twisted person" who deliberately walked in the darkness.

「Achilles the Swift attacked with the godspeed that he was proud of. It should be impossible for a mere surface dweller to endure it, no matter how blessed with fortune he could be. Furthermore this person, he got up nonchalantly even after receiving the body blow of Achilles.」


Zeus knitted his eyebrows. The sun god Apollo reported further to him.

「And then just now, when I questioned the rats that I sneaked into Greece ship as spy, that surface dweller also easily dodged two sword attacks of Ajax the Lesser. He dodged the serious sword attacks──from a hero that crushed a whole army of ten thousands by himself!」

「Hmm. His blade can cut even us gods apart if we let our guard down I believe.」

Stella=Aphrodite was getting anxious hearing their talk.

The wound of Rokuhara Ren that she felt just now. That might be the sword wound from Ajax the Lesser. She had to go to Ren quickly! Stella was looking around restlessly.

However there wasn't any path of escape anywhere. The sovereign king Zeus glared at her.

「Now then. Hearing that this surface dweller escaped safely from Achilles made me recall a certain matter. It's about a while ago, a certain goddess departed from Olympus to chase after Aphrodite who was wandering to earth.」

「I……is that right?」

*Twitch.* Stella spoke while pretending to be calm.

「Uh huh. She said before vanishing, that she would chastise the goddess of beauty and love who perpetrated something bad……those words reached my ear.」

「Oh my-, is that so-」

「This missing goddess you see, in the past even when I, Zeus chased after her for fun──she displayed a splendid escape. Sometimes he would transform into beast, and sometimes into bird, running around heaven and earth. It's exactly because it was this Zeus who was the pursuer that she……Nemesis could be captured.」

Zeus suddenly talked about the past. In addition he murmured.

「If there is a surface dweller who stole the swiftness of Goddess Nemesis in escaping, then it's no wonder that even Achilles ended up having a really hard time. The likes of Ajax the Lesser won't even be a match of such an opponent, unless he's able to take advantage of an opening due to some unforeseen situation……. And then」

Finally Zeus let out a thundering roar.

「That 『Goddess who governed over justice and divine punishment』 isn't in Olympus even now! She left to earth in order to chase after you──Aphrodite, and then she hasn't returned even now!」

Stella almost screamed 'Hiih!', but she somehow held it down.

As expected, it concerned her dignity as goddess. However, she was gradually getting cornered into this predicament. To think that Ren's existence would anger the chief god Zeus this much──

It was at that time.


The audience hall of Olympus palace──its iron door was opening with a heavy sound.

「My companion should be here. Is it alright if I bring her home?」


The one who entered from the door was exactly the person who was being talked.

Rokuhara Ren. The worthless human that Stella brought from earth. He didn't even possess  thousandth of drop of divine blood in him. He also wasn't a hero or a great person, not in the slightest.

He was just a mediocre person who wasn't any different from livestock. A surface dweller without any redeeming feature, that should be him. And yet,

He devoured two gods and usurped each of their authority.

The youth who should be called as godslaying monster was smiling cheerfully with a relaxed stance.


「You finally came, Ren!」

「That's because Stella was noisily sending me your thought. Thanks to that I immediately found where you are. Luckily I also have a comrade who can fly in the sky. I asked her to send me here.」

Ren smiled at the captured Stella.

However, the companion who shared half her life with Rokuhara Ren spoke with an angry face.

「Aren't you a bit too late!? Do you know how disheartening it is for me to be alone in this kind of place!?」

「Hahaha, sorry, sorry.」

Stella was unable to keep up her acting and her true feeling leaked out unreservedly. Ren apologized to her.

「I'll take you out from here, so forgive my lateness with that. ……Though it doesn't look like it will be that easy to do that……」

Ren shelved his inherent carefreeness for the moment and said that.

A white palace was erected on the summit of the mountain Olympus that was towering majestically. A lot of people were inside the audience hall at the center of it.

Perhaps all of them were gods, or if not they would be something that was similar to that.

Ren quickly sensed that from the atmosphere of sublimity filling this place.

And then, a familiar large man advanced forward from among the gods. He was walking with heavy footsteps toward Ren who was at the entrance of the hall.

Bluish black skin and muscular large body. A wild looking bearded face.

There was no doubt. He was the sea god Poseidon who he encountered at the sea a few hours ago.

「From what I see, you're──the godslayer who got lost into our sanctuary huh?」

Poseidon stared dubiously at Ren and sniggered.

「Hah! Ridiculous. I can't feel any killing intent or fighting spirit that is peculiar to those beasts from you, not even for a bit. Now this is truly a seedy-looking beast!」

「I was also told that before. I think it's fine though, being thought as weak.」

Ren wryly smiled.

「After all, I don't want……to be talked as though I'm a killer like that.」

「There is no way it's fine.」

Poseidon haughtily approached Ren with powerful stride.

A trident appeared in his burly right hand. Ren had seen it before in a painting. It was the favorite weapon wielded by the sea god of Greek mythology.

「You see, even with your appearance you're still more or less a demon who has done harm to us the gods. Even if you're a small fry, if you don't at least act in a way that befit such feat──that's troubling.」


Poseidon suddenly thrust with his spear. Ren hurriedly jumped away from it.

The tip of the trident cut through empty air. But, the sea god's hands didn't stop. The second thrust, third thrust──unbelievably, seventeen thrusts were launched in less than a second!

It was a speed that far surpassed human limit.

However, Ren sighted all of them with an abnormal dynamic vision.

He seared all seventeen thrusts into his eyes while slipping through the spear tips──

「That's dangerous!」

The moment he yelled, he was already behind Poseidon.

He moved in clockwise direction and circled behind him. He used the footwork from the boxing that he learned continuously at his middle school and high school aiming for the sport scholarship.

Poseidon's spear didn't reach Ren's body.

His attack couldn't catch up with Rokuhara Ren's abnormal agility. Everything only cut empty air.


Poseidon murmured in admiration.

He didn't lose sight of Ren who circled behind him. He turned around to behind him and aimed the tip of his spear once more. He wasn't shaken at all despite witnessing the supernaturally 『fast escaping speed』. He was really used with fighting.

Sure enough, Poseidon chuckled 'kukuku'.

「Godslayer brat. Your running away is really fast……」

「It's one of my few strong points after all. But, when I came to this world, I suddenly met with someone who seemed to be faster than me. I lost my cool there.」

「Achilles the Swift huh. Certainly if it's you, you might put up a good fight against that person.」

Poseidon looked around the hall.

It was in order to pressure──all the gods who were present here. He yelled.

「I ask all the gods! Assistance in this battle between me and this cursed godslayer is unneeded. I alone is enough to trample this little brat! I'm saying this especially──to my cheeky niece!」

The silver haired girl wearing green robe, Athena of the shining eyes.

The staff she was holding had vanished when anyone noticed. In exchange her hand was holding a long sword. She looked like she was going to move anytime now before this, though she had stopped at this moment.

「Absolutely don't do anything intrusive!」

「……Understood, honored uncle.」

The goddess of wisdom and war replied in a bit of dissatisfaction. Right after that.

Suddenly──the scenery surrounding Ren changed completely. From the audience hall where the gods gathered, to smack dab in a marine blue sea water!

Ren was shocked 「Eeh!?」.

He was stepping not on marble floor, but white sand on the bottom of the sea when he realized.

As expected from the sea god Poseidon. He brought Rokuhara Ren into the sea in an instant. He couldn't breathe like this. He also couldn't move satisfactorily due to the water resistance.

And then, Poseidon was──

Charging forward like an orca or shark attacking their prey!

The large man with height more than two meters was so fast he could be mistaken as torpedo. Naturally, his trident also attacked Ren with the same speed!

(Wait, wait, that's unfair!)

*Blub blub blub*. Ren's protest only ended up as bubbles coming out from his mouth.

However, he was doing what he should do. Look. He was staring hard at the bearded sea god who wasn't orca or torpedo charging straight in the sea.

Poseidon's movement was just like a slow motion in Ren's eyes.

He saw him through. He could do it anytime. The moment he was convinced of that, Ren's body smoothly swam and slipped beside Poseidon.

『Hou! So your escaping speed doesn't change even inside the sea!』

The voice of the god of ocean Poseidon was heard clearly even inside water.

When it came to underwater fight, no matter how anyone looked at it, the other side was in advantage. Ren focused his mind. In order to heighten the power of divine mystery dwelling inside his body and heart──the so called magic power or mystical force.

In order to reject the effect of magic befalling him using his willpower.

「I won't go along with this kind of trick!」

Right after he asserted that, the sea water around Ren vanished completely.

He returned inside the palace's audience hall once more. Yes. He splendidly broke Poseidon's spell 『transition toward the sea』 that was affecting him.

If he was slower by only five seconds, the spell would become something that he couldn't negate anymore.

「Hmph. You're an impudent bastard just as expected.」

Poseidon glared at Ren and spat out.

Even though the two of them were inside water, their clothes and body weren't wet at all.

「A mere human who is fated to die dare to haughtily brush away the mystical force of us gods.」

「Obviously. We humans aren't the toy of you god.」

「Hah. You're already something that isn't human since a long time ago, a godslaying beast. Hearing you talking like you are the representative of the humans──is laughable!」

As soon as he said that, Poseidon thrust with his spear once more.

Furthermore this time the trident was clad in golden splendor. The tip that was divided into three blades and also the long handle were shining gold divinely.

It was an attack that was had the might of bringing certain death applied on the weapon.

But, in that instant.

Ren also similarly unleashed his "strongest weapon". His──Rokuhara Ren's right hand's middle finger and index finger were glued close to each other and they were thrust straight forward.

The approaching tip of the spear and Ren's two fingers clashed.


A metallic voice as though two steels were clashing on each other and a yell of anguish echoed.


「You know? I'm always doing nothing but running away and I also don't really have any redeeming feature. But because of that, everyone often……misunderstand me.」

Ren spoke indifferently. His right hand along with his index finger and middle finger were still held straight to the front.

And then, the sea god Poseidon. His muscular and large bluish black body was deeply stabbed by something on his stomach. It was a trident.

The weapon that Poseidon himself swung unbelievably gouged its own master's stomach!

「If it's duel or quarrel, it's not like I'm weak. Rather I'm quite strong……no. Perhaps, I'm really strong I think.」


The angry Poseidon pulled out the spear from his own stomach forcefully.

But, he was a bit careless. Fresh blood flowed out from the three wound openings. The sea god gasped 「Guh!?」 in pain and fell on his knee.

Ren looked down at that blunder. Poseidon turned a gaze that was filled with anger toward him.

「You bastard, you deflected back my spear……」

「In the words of you gods, it's retribution. If it's said in the words of us human, it's cross counter? Anyway it's a technique that returned the attack power from the opponent exactly as it is.」

In that instant──

The trident lost against Rokuhara Ren's two fingers and sprang back with *GIIN!* sound. It then vigorously rotated once and gouged the stomach of its owner.

Ren displayed a brilliant performance, but he was still only smiling indifferently till the end.

「You see, actually I have no intention to kill a god. But, a trouble befell me, so I used all my might to brush it off. Against anyone who will harm my friend and important person……」

Ren declared coldly without hesitation.

「I'll definitely take revenge on that person using everything that I can use.」

「Hah! So you're finally talking in a "befitting" way huh, godslayer!」

The wounded Poseidon howled fiercely.

Then suddenly──Ren's partner Stella raised a lovely voice.

「O gods who is guarding the country of Troia together with me Aphrodite, you've seen it just now correct!? This is the power of my belo──no, the lowly godslayer who is serving as my servant, Rokuhara Ren!」

The belt that was wrapped around Stella's waist was shining with rose color.

No, it wasn't just her belt, her whole small body was clad in the same radiance.

「Because there is the favoritism of my lord Zeus and the harlot Athena in the war with Greece's side, the situation will be leaning to that side sooner or later-. The chance to overturn it is only now. If you help Rokuhara Ren here, we will bring victory to Troia's side without fail!」

Ren's partner used the authority Friendship Circle as though to say that now was the moment.

Of course, to respond to this or not would be decided by the other party's will. If the other side didn't find enough attraction from Stella's speech, then she would only get ignored.

However, as though he had been waiting for it──a certain god laughed.

「Hahahahahaha! Way to go Princess Aphrodite, and also the godslaying beast-dono!」

The one who laughed in exhilaration was the radiantly beautiful youth.

The handsome sun god Apollo. He was an old friend of Stella and a god who protected the kingdom of Troia from Greece army. He called a silver bow into his hand.

「Indeed, you should use all your strength to brush away the trouble befalling you. And then this time, the one bringing trouble is all of you the gods protecting those people of Greece!」

The sun god turned his silver bow toward──Athena.

The goddess of wisdom and war also felt shocked as expected. She sharply questioned him.

「Have you lost your mind, o shining Apollo!」

「Have you forgotten? The authority of this lowly Apollo also included foresight and prophecy. To speak honestly, the fact that this time the Trojan War this time will end in defeat for the Troia's side……is something that I have known since a long time ago. However, no matter what that plot is──not amusing.」

The handsome young god grinned heroically and fearlessly.

Ren comprehended. Thinking back it was him who granted the foresight and curse to Cassandra. It wouldn't be strange for he himself to have foresight ability.

And then, Apollo pointed his hand to Rokuhara Ren and yelled.

「O gods who came from outside Greece like me! The intrusion of this godslayer is a good chance. Let's show our obstinacy and dignity to the gods of Olympus!」




The first one who responded to Apollo's encouragement was the ruggedly honest god of war Ares.

「In the first place the number of gods supporting Greece is a bit too many, our disadvantage cannot be denied at this point. The existence of the like of godslayer is annoying, however……it's better than defeat.」

The war god who was clad in bronze armor smoothly unsheathed his long sword.

Then, a beautiful goddess also nodded at Ares's words.

「I believe that the remarks of you the ferocious god of war and elder brother are worth their weight in gold. Very well, Artemis will also respond to that intrigue.」

She spoke coolly with her gallant beauty that looked really similar with the sun god.

She was Apollo's little sister, the moon goddess Artemis. Her features looked even more clever and serious than even that Athena.

She was "a long distance arrow shooting goddess" who wasn't at all inferior compared to her elder brother.

She called a golden bow and silver arrow into her slender arms and readied herself to fight too.

「You damn youngsters!」

The god of sea and land Poseidon gritted his teeth.

Because his stomach was gouged by his own spear, he was still kneeling on the floor. But, he somehow stood up while making an anguished expression.

「It's outrageous to intend to dirty this Olympus with the blood of you people……」

Athena's young face also turned stern from rage.

A rectangle shield appeared right beside her dainty body. The shield had a size that could snugly hide the young Athena's body behind it like a wall. Goat skin was put on its surface.

「O guardian deityAegis that I borrow from my father Zeus, defend Athena.」

guardian deityAegisAegis

Right now they were split into two camps.

Sun god Apollo, war god Ares, and the moon goddess Artemis who protected Troia.

Goddess Athena, and sea god Poseidon who backed the countries of Greece.

Within the explosive situation, both sides glared at each other with weapon in hand, holding back each other──and then the battle began as though it was only natural.

Ares slashed with his sword. Poseidon thrust his trident.

The siblings Apollo and Artemis fired their arrow. Athena fired lightning from the goat skin shield that she received from her father.

And then there was a peerless beauty who glared at Troia force.

「My husband, Lord Zeus!」

The queen of Olympus Hera. At the ancient Greece, compliments like white armed or eyes like gentle ox were offered to this goddess of the greatest class. She was enraged.

「As the king immediately bestow the punishment toward their behavior that came from their youth and foolishness! I cannot be patient anymore!」

Hera was the goddess who was the mother of the land called Greece. Naturally she was an enemy of Troia.

However, the chief god Zeus simply ignored his wife's voice. The king of gods was currently facing the bitter enemy, the godslayer.


The gods were starting to strive to be the first to get away from the hall that became the scene of battle.

They must be the gods of the neutral faction who only watched the Trojan War or cooperated with both factions in a balancing act. Also, many of the people running away were female.

They were far more graceful and beautiful than human, looking like they were completely unrelated to such crude fighting scene…….

There was no doubt that they were gentle goddesses or fairies. Ren thought that.

Because of that, gods who were proactive in regard to the scuffle stood out.

Poseidon, Athena, then Apollo, Artemis, and Ares.

They were all famous gods whose name was known to even Rokuhara Ren. Among them──the king of gods Zeus was standing before him right now.

He was wearing a white garment that looked like a toga. His hair and beard were curled splendidly.

The highest god of Greek mythology spoke in a really deep voice.

「To think that the day would come……that I'm facing a godslayer in our sanctuary.」

「I also never thought before that they day would come I'll be facing someone like Zeus.」


「Let's talk later Stella. First, it looks like I have to talk with this mister Zeus here. Can you go hide?」

His partner was rushing here in small steps with utmost effort, so Ren said that to her.

Stella immediately nodded with a serious face. Her figure vanished with a pop. She "assimilated" into Rokuhara Ren's body that could be said as her other half so that she wouldn't become a burden.

And then, almost at the same time──

「Receive the judgment from my thunder, Keraunos!」

Zeus chanted a spell and fired lightning attack from his left hand.

It moved toward Rokuhara Ren who was less than four, five meter ahead. It was a super close distance. Furthermore the lightning was also flying in the speed of 150 kilometer per second. There was no cause for it to miss.

However, just before it hit──

Ren quickly jumped to the side and dodged the lightning!

Zeus's thunder didn't hit the godslayer, instead it blew away the iron door of the audience hall behind him with a thunderous sound *GOuuuOOOOOONN!*.

「Hmph, as expected. You can dodge even lightning.」

The caller of storm and thunder cloud Zeus narrowed his eyes.

「Go forth once more, o thunder!」

This time Zeus fired nine lightning attacks all at once from his hand.

All of them aimed at Rokuhara Ren. And then, the instant danger approached him, Ren's whole body overflowed with magic power. His five senses were sharpened──

The movement of lightning approaching him with the speed of 150 kilometer per second became slow motion.

Approaching. Approaching. The lightning that was scattering sparks was approaching to him. There were nine of them. The distance until they burned Rokuhara Ren only left 50 cm, 40 cm, 30 cm……

He completely saw through the attack this time too. Ren muttered.

「Acceleration device……activate.」

He used a keyword that he remembered from an old anime as the spell to activate his ability.

Just before the nine thunder hit him, he sprinted with all his strength toward Zeus's behind. Ren instantly rushed outside from the entrance that got its iron door wrecked up.

The lightning attack destroyed the wall with thunderous sound *DOON!*. The sound thundered nine times behind him.

「Nemesis-san's power really has absurd speed……」

Ren muttered while running at full speed in the palace's corridor.

When he finished muttering, he was already outside the building under the blue sky.

He rushed through the inside of the palace in the blink of eye using reflexes and speed that could dodge even lightning. He went "outside" from the gate.

It was the summit──of the rugged sacred mountain Olympus.

A white palace was standing on the flat summit. There must be more than five kilometers from the audience hall until the outside. But, the time he needed to travel was only several seconds…….

Ren already returned to his normal speed that was only somewhat faster than the average human.

He stopped his feet and smiled wryly.

「Its only flaw is that it can't be activated if I don't look at the opponent's attack until the very last moment. But, if I'm able to use this speed anytime, I'll become invincible with that.」

「──Hah. You're making a stupid misunderstand, godslayer.」

A scornful laugh suddenly came from above.

When Ren looked up, there was a large eagle flying a few dozen meter above him. It was spitting out the voice of the sky god Zeus toward Ren.

「There is many way for me to finish off a mere brat who is only fast.」


Zeus instantly struck with lightning. Ren screamed.

A golden scarab beetle that crawled out from underground without him noticing──emitted lightning from its whole small body at Rokuhara Ren!

「 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A─────────!」

His whole body was tormented by electricity. Ren was writhing from paralyzing sensation and intense pain and heat.

As expected he was taken by surprise from the insect that came from below him. But, even so Ren had strong resistance toward 『magic that brought direct effect to his mind or body』. Therefore even this lightning attack most likely could only display several percent of its original might to him. It only granted stinging agony to Ren──

Far from giving him heavy injury, it didn't even give him a burn. That was how it should be, but,

「You're tenacious as expected.」

Right after the large eagle in the sky said that, two streaks of lightning fell.

This time the attack didn't come through small tool like an insect, but a lightning that Zeus personally launched himself. The attack caused the whole sky to rumble and it had great strength that could destroy even a part of the sacred mountain Olympus.

Ren who was injured by the electricity from the ground──

Already had no leeway to even dodge the two lightning!

That was why he used his right hand's "index finger and middle finger once more. He pressed those two fingers together even while being struck by lightning, he folded down all the other fingers other than those two, and chanted the spell.

The goddess of revengeNemesis will pass down the divine punishment to misdeed that harmed life──! The calamity befalling me is none other than thy own agony. I wish for the judgment of justice to be carried!」

The goddess of revengeNemesisNemesis

The result──the two streaks of lightning were deflected back to the sky.

Toward the person who fired them, Zeus who transformed into a large eagle and flying in the sky.


The large eagle was hit by his own lightning and fell unsteadily toward the ground.

On the other hand, Ren who was also hit by the same lightning was──

「Uuuh. As I thought, this is no good unless I dodge it……」

He pressed his chest and crouched down.

He was attacked by a pain that felt like his lung was stabbed by a short blade.

Even an attack that he failed to dodge could be reflected using Nemesis's authority. But, a pain that counterbalanced that damage would come back to him like this──.

It had also been confirmed that he would fall into a state of apparent death when the pain crossed a certain threshold.

It would result in fatal opening when he was in the middle of fight. Julio had repeatedly given him a warning in regard to its use, that he mustn't use it rashly.

「Well, thanks to this Cassandra was also protected, and this time I also managed somehow. It's fine to consider it as all's well that ends well I think?」

Ren muttered while his eyes were getting teary because of the pain.

The large eagle that fell in front of him──it transformed into a bearded man in his prime, the human form of Zeus. He glared at Rokuhara Ren with a displeased sour look.

「Your skill in escaping along with your use of divine punishment of retribution……. You've grasped how to use Nemesis's authority well.」

「I'm honored to hear your praise.」

*Shred, shred*. The pain as though his lung was pierced didn't show any sign of settling down any time soon.

In contrast Zeus looked healthy. Thinking carefully, even if he deflected back a lightning attack toward a god who was like the boss of lightning, it was hard to imagine that it would deal a large damage.

(Perhaps this is quite a pinch I'm in……?)

Ren grumbled inside his heart. Zeus calmly stared at him.

「Goddess Nemesis……do you know about the goddess that you murdered?」

「She is called as goddess of revenge by us earthling isn't it?」

「That answer is really close, I guess. The goddess of retribution Nemesis granted the righteous judgment to evil deed, blessing of life to good deed, and admonishment and ruin to hubris. Those who endanger life will have their life stolen by Nemesis's divine punishment……」

Zeus made a faraway look and talked in nostalgia.

On the other hand, Rokuhara Ren's chest was attacked by a pain as though he was stabbed but──it wasn't only in his lung, the pain was gradually tearing until his heart.

It was suffocating. His cardiopulmonary function was falling and he couldn't breathe well. He was lacking oxygen.

'Haa, haa, haa.' Ren was starting to feel anxious while running out of breath.

In contrast Zeus was grinning joyfully.

「And then the goddess Nemesis is also a master of escape. It's understandable. As a goddess of retribution who accomplish justice, she often got unjustified resentment directed to her. It was necessary for her to slip through danger.」

「She also escaped with all her might when Zeus-san tried to seduce her wasn't it……?」

「I guess such thing happened once. Well, it's a story of the past. It doesn't bother me at all.」

「I think the side who got sexually harassed would speak differently though……. But Zeus-san, why are you telling me this……?」

「No, it's nothing. It's because you're looking to be greatly in pain.」

Ren couldn't endure the pain in his heart and lung and his hand finally pressed on his chest──

Zeus grinned and spoke really cruelly.

「What will happen to you if I wait like this? I'm thinking to ascertain it.」

「You've a nasty personality……」

「What, if I attack, then it might get deflected to me by the authority of retribution. In that case, I'll wait for you to weaken by yourself. Consider it as being wise.」

Ren smiled bitterly hearing Zeus's determined calculation.

「If you said such thing, then I too need to reach my hand toward my stockpile.」

「How? What do you mean?」

「The authority of me and Nemesis-san, it doesn't only deflected back the attack when we get attacked. Actually we can also save it for later use……」


Ren glued his right hand's index finger and middle finger together in front of the surprised Zeus.

RetributionNemesis, activate. He also chanted the spell for that.


「The phenomenon of future has its cause in the past. O fate, embody the entanglement of karma.」

「──Ajax, the Lesser!?」

A silhouette appeared in front of the astounded Zeus.

A hero of Greece's allied army, Ajax the Lesser. The fierce warrior that endangered Rokuhara Ren as well as Cassandra with his long sword a few hours ago. This was a transparent phantom of him.

But, the phantom of Ajax the Lesser was──

Wearing a jet black mask on his face.

The masked phantom diagonally swung down its long sword sharply. It was exactly the same movement when he mercilessly cut down the graceful princess Cassandra!


The sky god Zeus immediately manifested a wooden staff in his hand.

Using that he splendidly brushed away Ajax the Lesser's slash. His skill that dealt with a bronze sword without hesitation using a wooden staff showed how he was also a veteran hero.

However, Ren had also finished predicting that much since a long time ago──.

「──I wish for the judgment of justice to be carried!」

Ren kept the two fingers of his right hand glued on each other and wrung out his magic power.

In this instant, the figure of Ajax the Lesser changed further. Into a maiden with fluttering long ice blue hair whose face that should be a peerless beauty hidden by a black mask!

She wore a crimson dress and pure white wings growing on her back.

「Oo, Nemesis!」

Zeus's eyes snapped wide open and he yelled.

Yes. It was the figure of Goddess Nemesis who also descended on earth before this.

『Nemesis's avatar』 that was materialized only at this time only to use the god's authority was still holding Ajax the Lesser's long sword in her right hand.

And then, from her left hand──a peerlessly strong lightning attack was fired.


Zeus writhed in agony. He got hit by the lightning from Nemesis right from the front.

This was exactly the same lightning that he fired at Rokuhara Ren at the beginning just a while ago.

「Demonstrate the connection of karma, Nemesis!」

Ren chanted further.

The goddess of revenge that was wearing a mask and crimson garment swung her sword two more times. The movement was exactly the same like when Ajax the Lesser defeated Rokuhara Ren several hours ago.

Zeus immediately thrust forward his wooden staff while saying 「Damn you!」.

This staff was embedded with various gems like ruby, sapphire, onyx, and the like all over it.

It must be a treasure that was the proof of king that proved the rank of the god king. The long sword that Nemesis swung splendidly smashed the sky god's royal staff.

The gems were scattered and emitted sparkling radiance like falling stars.

And then, Ren yelled at this moment.

「That's enough, Nemesis!」

The masked goddess suddenly vanished.

At the same time, a golden sacred bird was flying from far beyond──.


The spirit of sun with three feet Yatagarasu, the transformed figure of Toba Riona.

Rokuhara Ren who came out from the palace onto Olympus's summit was grabbed by one of Yatagarasu's foot, taking him away to the sky.

「You're running away, human!?」

「That's the one move that is even more useful than the Thirty Six Stratagems after all, what am I going to do here other than running away!?」

Zeus yelled in astonishment. Ren calmly boasted at him from the sky. Together with the large golden sacred bird, he aimed toward beyond the sky while──.



After Rokuhara Ren marched into Olympus.

Riona ordered a shikigami in the shape of "white mouse" to infiltrate into the palace.

She shared her sight and hearing with this familiar and observed the whole thing that happened in the audience hall where the twelve gods of Olympus gathered while heading there to retrieve her goshujin-sama.

Thus, Japan's sacred bird rushed through the sky of the sanctuary.

With a large body that had a wing span over twenty meter, she grabbed Rokuhara Ren with one of her three legs. Riona soared powerfully in the sky.

On the other hand, the multiple shikigami that she left near the summit of Olympus mountain──

Sent her report through telepathy. Riona=Yatagarasu thought.

「They sent pursuer as expected……」

The other side also had a lot of 『flying people』, including the winged goddess of victory Nike.

She was at disadvantage in this game of tag with how outnumbered she was.

That was why Riona──had decided her escape destination from the beginning. When she ordered her shikigami to scout Sanctuary Troia, she also made them checked the location.

「That's it!」

The space distortion point that was nearest to Olympus Mountain.

It was right in the middle of a plain, a vortex of light that manifested all alone. The assembly of countless light that also looked similar with M78 nebula.

Riona=Yatagarasu charged into it without hesitation.

Returning to earth temporarily to rally themselves there. That was the best plan for them.


Similar like when they came through before this, they were passing through a space that looked like kaleidoscope.

Sanctuary Troia was still afternoon. It should be around the time where there was still a bit more time before the sun started setting.

However now the sacred bird who guided Emperor Jinmu was flying in night sky.

However, the light of city was spreading on her path. Different from Troia where they couldn't expect any night view, electricity and lighting existed at this side.

The tranquility of the night's darkness was ruined by the artificial light. It dyed the night in earthly affairs.

And then, there was a dark sea underneath.

There was a coastal city a few kilometers ahead. Riona was watching the light from it.

「There is no doubt, that this isn't Japan……」

The city's light was spreading only along the coast. It didn't look like a metropolis at all.

There were a lot of buildings made from brick. There was also a theater of ancient Greece──that had become a ruin through the passage of time. She also caught sight of Middle Age Europe's buildings like church or cathedral.

(Hey Riona)

The "luggage" that she took inside her body seemed to be talking.

Surely the intense pain attacking his heart and lung had finally settled down.

(This place might be Sicily Island. It's near Messina Strait I think? Julio showed me the photo before I returned to Japan. He said there is also a space distortion that is connected with Sanctuary Troia here.)

Rokuhara Ren's carefree voice was audible to her ear.

However, for some reason Riona didn't feel like replying to him.


「It's good to have you back, Ren.」

There was a group that sent them telepathy from a sandy beach.

When Riona=Yatagarasu descended at their position, one of them spoke as their representative. He was a young man who still at his early twenty with graceful look.

「And you too, Japan's onmyouji-dono. Toba Riona, I have heard about you since before. That there is a magician of patron saint class in the land of the rising sun at the extremity of the east, and she is the incarnation of a sacred bird that is comparable to the immortal phoenix. It seems that the rumor isn't a mistake.」

「I also know about you, Julio.」

Riona called the other party's first name before he introduced his name.

When she returned from her large form of a golden sacred bird into the form of a maiden, everyone who was present on the beach completely witnessed her transformation.

Everyone was related to magic, so she thought that they wouldn't mind.

「The young commander-in-chief of the Campiones association which is a prestigious organization even in Europe's world of magic. A youth whose ancestor is Caesar Blandelli who was called the demon king……」

He was a young prodigy and a young noble of the world of magic. She also knew his face from the photo of his data biography.

Black hair and black eyes. His graceful handsome face looked somewhat exotic. He looked intellectual as well as elegant. It seemed he was residing in Valencia of Spain due to his association's headquarter, but the root of his family was Italia if she remembered correctly.

But, it seemed that he was really far from the image of the jovial Latin people.

Julio didn't even smile until now. He was staring at Riona with strong gaze and said this.

「It's appreciated that you know about my background. Then, allow me to also call you Riona. I wish to cooperate with you from here on.」

「I agree, Julio.」

「Wait, wait. Even though you're still calling me in a stand-offish way until now, and yet why are you calling Julio without any honorific right away?」

「……When in Rome do as the Roman do. It's a different case than with Rokuhara-san who is Japanese.」

Her goshujin-sama talked to her playfully──she hesitated for a moment of how to respond to him before she decided to talk indifferently for the time being.

「Please be quiet for a bit. This is a talk between specialists.」

「Roger. It can't be helped then.」

「And so Julio. Will there be any problem if I consider that the people who are with you are members of the Campiones association?」

Hearing Riona's question, the young noble asserted 「Yes」.

Around ten men and women were standing behind Julio Blandelli.

Around half of them were Caucasian, while the rest had scattered nationality. However everyone had the peculiarity──the atmosphere, or style of someone who had mastered some kind of field to the limit.

They must be the "expert class practicionerMaestro" that the Campiones association employed.

expert class practicionerMaestroMaestro

There were also several faces that Riona recalled seeing in photo and the like.

There was user of binding technique, user of spirit vision technique, user of transformation technique, user of shooting technique, and user of barrier technique who should be acknowledged as the top class of Europe.

(If my memory isn't wrong, I think he is "The Illusionist" Aimar, "Baby Face" David, "The Flea User" Lopez, "The Gatekeeper of Rat", "Clock User", "Stone Gate of Basque"──or something……)

Riona secretly searched her memory of their name and their alias.

Also, there wasn't any sign of people in this beach other than them.

Even though the golden Yatagarasu just descended from the night sky like in kaiju movie.

Undoubtedly the Campiones association had made arrangement magically and socially so that curious onlookers wouldn't unnecessarily approach…….

The leader of the organization Julio said.

「Our spirit vision user obtained the vision that said 『Tonight, an abnormality will occur at Sicily's space distortion』, so I summoned the nearby members in emergency. I don't know whether it will be a triumphal return or a flight in defeat, but I was harboring hope that the king of our association might return.」


Riona tilted her head, wondering if she misheard.

「Just now, did you said something about 『the king's return』?」

「I said it. Well, after traveling together with that person for so long, it can't be helped if you think that it's unbelievable. But this man, Rokuhara Ren is the one and only──king who our Campiones association reveres. He is none other than the devil king who should reign over all magicians on earth……that is what we believe.」

Julio kneeled on the beach as soon as he said that.

The maestros standing behind him also kneeled simultaneously.

The one they bowed their head to wasn't Toba Riona, but the Japanese and the godslayer smiling carefreely and frivolously beside her.

Julio spoke toward Rokuhara Ren.

「My king, I'm delighted from the bottom of my heart with your safe return. I believe that your majesty must be tired from the expedition and deathly struggle in the world of mythology. Tonight all of us the followers of your majesty will serve you with everything we have for the recovery of your wound and strength──」

「That kind of treatment is making my back feel itchy so really, just stop it please.」

Rokuhara Ren spoke in discomfort hearing the words that were addressed for a king.

「I can feel more at ease if you talk to me like usual.」

「Understood. Then, I'll return to my usual attitude from here. Ren, I'll listen carefully to your report later, right now I want to ask just this one question straight away. That girl who isn't Toba Riona or Stella……who in the world is she?」

Julio Blandelli stared at the beautiful girl who had been staying silent all this time.

The silver haired beautiful princess, the cursed prophet of Troia.

Princess Cassandra who was brought by Riona along with the Japanese born godslayer──.

She was surprised by the earth that she visited for the first time and by the conversation of the earth dwellers. All this time she had been opening her eyes wide while looking around restlessly.



The place that Riona and others arrived at was a small coastal city called Taormina.

It was also called a western movie filming land with diving theme. But, the season was autumn. Even the beautiful sea was off season right now.

There was no stifling feeling that was common in a big city at this coastal city where autumn breeze was blowing.

Furthermore the "lodging house" that Campiones association provided was an extravagant villa of a high class resort area. It was very spacious.

And then──at the vast living room of the villa.

A strange act with Rokuhara Ren in the middle was currently going on.

Even though it was late at night, a banquet was being held with food for party that they ordered from a catering somewhere and a large amount of alcohol were placed on the table.

And then magicians were coming in front of Ren by turns.

「How admirable that you're able to return alive, our king.」

「First is one glass, drink this.」

「Oops. Before that drink up this wine from me first.」

「Unthinkable. In respect of our king, I think the glass that I offer is the one that has to be emptied first.」

「Well, anyway. Cheers for the demon king-sama who failed to die this time too!」

In front of Ren a lot of glasses that were filled with drink from wine until soft drink were placed. The maestros of Campiones association who brought them were laughing with wide grin, and they finally yelled 『cheers』 and began a cheerful merrymaking.

Rokuhara Ren who was more or less the main actor here laughed 「ahaha」 really carefreely.

「I'm also happy to be able to meet with everyone again. I'll also toast to all of you strange people who is calling someone like me a king!」

Should it be said that he was in his own pace as usual, or should it be said that he was someone who was unexpectedly broad hearted?

Even when he was placed at the center of the place as a 『king』 and got surrounded by maestros who were a gathering of ruffian although they were exchanging jokes, Ren wasn't timid at all and acted naturally.

Rokuhara Ren took a glass that was filled with golden colored carbonated drinks and lifted it high.

The magicians also lifted their glass and cheered at the 『king's speech』.

On the other hand, Cassandra was suddenly apologizing beside Ren.

「My deepest apologies, Ren-sama! I have done something really rude!」

「Eh, no way. Why do you think so?」

The princess of world of mythology spoke further toward the wide-eyed "godslayer".

「I've never noticed that Ren-sama is a person who has this kind of worship offered to you as a king of a country. And I myself dared to think something like 『he is like my Onii-sama』 about Ren-sama……」

「Hahahaha. For me rather than being suddenly called as king like this」

Rokuhara Ren spoke similingly.

「Being called 『Onii-sama』 by Cassandra is 100 times happier.」

「The, there is no way that's true-」

「I'm being honest. Besides, recently I often got called as king or demon king but, I don't even remember being something like that. Even if old grandpa or uncle who is half century older than me is acting humble to me, it just made me felt uncomfortable instead……」

Rokuhara Ren said that and stared at his "retainers" who were slightly getting carried away.

「If I'm going to get treated like a king, then this kind of atmosphere is just right.」

The magicians of Campiones association all laughed.

The people in this business world whether they were western or eastern were mostly unsociable but──

At a corner of that villa's living room that was too spacious, Toba Riona was staring at the going on from start to finish. She murmured to herself.

「Rokuhara-san is really fitting in……」

「For better or worse, he has a personality that don't provoke other people's wariness after all.」

The one who answered her was Julio Blandelli beside Riona.

He also become a wallflower who observed the "demon king and his followers".

「In addition, when it came to the man who murdered a god and stole their authority, even the guys of our association can't help but to recognize him.」

「So, there is really no doubt that his strength originated from god?」

「That's an unthinkable statement coming from the second coming of Abe no Seimei and the incarnation of the bird of fire. If the rumor about you is right, than Toba Riona should be the one able to understand that guy's true nature more than anyone……」

「……You will get hated if you carelessly show off your astute perception you know, Julio.」

「Pardon me.」

「This is a good time to change the topic. Rokuhara Ren-san's authority of retribution. The true essence of that authority is『being able to deflect back the attack toward him at the timing that he like』 isn't it? His running away become fast is just an additional gain instead.」

「Correct. It seems that "clearly seeing" the opponent's attack is important. As long as he can do that, he can cut through predicament without any damage and save up the power of retribution like a mirage.」

「And then it can also protect a designated someone, not just himself……」

「Yeah. It's a divine protection that can only be used once before running out. Using it won't result in anything good, so I warned him to not use it if it's not a situation that will give him a really big gain, but」

Julio shrugged his shoulder. Ahead of his gaze there was Princess Cassandra.

The reason how she survived being cut down by Ajax the Lesser. It was the『divine protection of retribution』 from Rokuhara Ren. Riona murmured.

「Perhaps Rokuhara-san has forgotten that warning……」

「He is completely not paying attention to my warning.」

Beside Rokuhara Ren, Cassandra was trying a glass of champagne.

It seemed that a drink filled with carbonate was unusual to her. They could see her reaching out to a glass that was put in front of Ren following her curiosity.

She copied the magicians who were gulping down their glasses repeatedly and emptied her glass in one go.

Princess Cassandra's beautiful face immediately turned bright red in drunkenness──. Rokuhara Ren was flustered trying to nurse the beautiful princess whose awareness was dim.


And then, several hours passed.

There were only Riona, Princess Cassandra, Rokuhara Ren, and Julio Blandelly staying in the villa. The other magicians were leaving.

Each of the four was assigned their own bedroom. They would rest until morning──but.

Riona opened her eyes after sleeping for three hours.

It was still dawn. The sky had only begun to get bright outside the window. But perhaps she was going through "jet-lag" due to having only returned from the mythology world, she didn't feel like she could sleep longer than this.

She changed into her usual blazer and left the villa.

The location was at the coast. The sandy beach was dyed in rose color by the sunlight of the rising sun. While she was walking trudgingly on there──

「Where are you going, Riona?」

When she turned around, her temporary goshujin-sama was there. Riona glared coldly at him.

「This stalking act that is starting from dawn, you're quite the pervert Rokuhara-san.」

「I could see Riona going outside from the window, it made me want to talk to you.」

Even the cold treatment of a high school girl and a great onmyouji didn't perturb Rokuhara Ren at the slightest.

「And about that. Can I ask the reason?」

「What reason?」

「The reason why you're cold to me since yesterday.」

「That's obviously because of your insensitivity like how you intentionally came to ask me that at this late!」

「Aah. In other words you dislike how I was hiding a power of god.」

「You already understand!」

「I'm not insensitive, I'm merely not bothering with the place's atmosphere. Because I think there is also times when it's better to openly speak without reservation even thing that is hard to ask or hard to say!」

Ren carefreely made a thumb up. Riona glared with a stern gaze.

「That personality is irritating, but your statement that is full of nonsense is even more so-. What do you mean by 『I don't really have any redeeming feature』 at the start!?」

「I'm not lying. I'm a human without any particular expertise or knowledge after all.」

「I'm amazed that the person who stole god's authority and can fight even the gods in earnest can say that with a straight face……」

Riona who was tired of getting angry scowled at Ren this time with a low voice.

Then young man Rokuhara pondered with 「Hmmm」.

「It's not like the power of the gods is something that I learned through effort. I snatched them in a way that's like foul play, so as expected it shouldn't be counted as my special skill. Well yeah, when "it became like that" it was really terrible but, in the end this is something that belong to other people.」

「Tha, that is really something of good manner you're saying there……」

「My grandma was a really old fashioned and strict person. She often told me. 『Are you listening Ren, don't drink stolen water even when you're thirsty』, thing like that.」

Here Rokuhara Ren's expression turned unusually serious. He muttered solemnly.

「Nothing will be solved using violence. No matter what reason you have, the one who raised their fist first is the loser. No matter what kind of person you face, interact with them in good faith……everything is taught to me by grandma.」

「Despite that Rokuhara-san was」

Riona wasn't deceived by his seriousness and retorted calmly.

「You calculatingly took Achilles's shield, fired Apollow's arrows like there is no tomorrow, and did whatever you like in the mythology world though.」

「About that you know, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.」

The Japanese who killed even god laughed without any guilt.

「I'll respect grandma's teaching as much as possible but, I also have to face reality properly.」

When Rokuhara Ren opened his mouth, only stupid statement came out.

However, when it was time to move his body──it was an expression that she didn't want to use lightly but, sharpness that should be called as natural gift could be felt greatly from him. The person himself only stated that 『he was relatively good in physical workout』, but his physical ability wasn't at such level.

The sharpness of his movement, his sense of rhythm, his reflex, his agility that was worthy of admiration…….

Well, he was a person who didn't provoke other person's wariness and wouldn't let other be aware of that aspect of his.

However, when that exterior was torn away, the true nature of an absurd 『monster』 became exposed. Riona felt such hunch,

When push came to shove, this man would set aside even his blood relative's teaching or moral standard and fought even god.

He would friendly interact with even people of another world without being bothered by the gap of language or culture. It felt like the carefreeness of his rhythm would deceive her against her better judgment but……. Here Riona gasped.


「What's wrong Riona?」

「I, I noticed it this late. In the first place Rokuhara-san, you were talking normally with the other world people at the other side normally since the beginning weren't you-!?」

「That's right but, that's not really strange isn't it?」

The young godslayer was still carefree in response to the great onmyouji who asked in a rush.

「It was the same for Riona, and even Cassandra too. That girl, she understand the content of the talk properly when all the people around her is talking in Spain.」

「In my case it's because I can use the magic of multilingual learning, while the princess is a superhuman who descended from the bloodline of god!」

Riona immediately declared.

「Someone who arrived at such spiritually high stage can learn even unknown language in extremely short period by sharpening their soul. They can easily achieve communication of foreign culture-. That's also the case with Rokuhara-san who is a godslayer right!?」

「Now that you mentioned it, Julio also told me the same thing.」

Ren easily nodded.

「Right after I won against Nemesis-san, I suddenly became able to understand Spain language. I thought it was strange and tried asking about it.」

「I, if only I noticed that, then I wouldn't get tricked by your suspicious personal statements-」

「Hahahaha. Riona, sometimes you're actually quite the birdbrain aren't you?」

「Kuh……! Amazing work in noticing the top secret that most humans cannot see through, even though you're just Rokuhara-san!」

Riona's face was beet red and she complained.

「What an irritating goshujin-sama!」

「Yes yes, about that Riona」

His face turned serious in a complete turnaround from his carefree mood until now.

「The promise to guide me as my exclusive guide, is that still valid?」

Riona was surprised 「!?」 at the sudden question. Rokuhara Ren talked further to her.

「I need you. I want to bring Cassandra home, I also have to change the plot of the myth of Troia's downfall. I'll have to confront Zeus and Athena and others without a doubt at the other side……. I think I'll have my hand a bit too full doing that alone.」

「But Rokuhara-san. You have your subordinates in the Campiones association.」

Riona recovered her composure. But, Ren answered seriously.

「I wonder about that. Those people are really reliable. They can use various amazing magic. But, perhaps, they aren't the right person for this job, that's my gut feeling……」

「……But I'm different?」

「Yes. This is completely my instinct but, if my fighting strength is 100, then I think the full powered Riona is around 40. But everyone in the association feels like they're only around 3 or 4 at best, and actually there are also a lot of members whose strength is even less than 1──」

「……I'll just comment, that's quite the accurate prediction.」

Toba Riona's level was exceptional, not just in Japan, but in the scale of the whole world.

Actually was there any existence that could be ranked with her within the "bundle" that was mankind──. She was thinking that all this time. However right now, a monster that was looking down on her『from above』 suddenly appeared.

For some reason she felt such situation was fascinating. She muttered.

「The performance of Rokuhara-san's scouter isn't bad.」

It was also the same with his capability to judge the ability score and aptitude of his acquaintances with surprising accuracy.

「Come to think of it, the gods called godslayer as beast. Perhaps your kind's animalistic sensitivity for that kind of thing──is really sharp.」

A smile that should be compared with a bird of prey and with a queen formed on Riona's lips.

「My interest to you is slightly welling up. It's to a degree that if you're telling me to accompany you a bit more, then I'm fine with accepting it for now.」

「If can have Riona backing me up, then I'm fine with kowtowing to you again.」

「You don't understand. Just that much isn't enough at all.」

「Then you want my absolute obedience? That's fine. I'll engrave it on my heart.」

「As always, it's only mouth that is really smooth.」

Riona completely didn't believe the declaration of obedience from the youth who murdered god.

Yes, most likely, his nature surely wasn't so『weak』 that his character would be warped just from getting worshipped as king or demon king or the like.

He always concealed his strength carefreely, cheerfully, and stubbornly.

Therefore this person……might become qualified as a monarch. Though Riona wouldn't speak such thinking out loud no matter what, she wouldn't even show it on her expression. Instead she declared coldly.

「Very well. But, goshujin-sama. The hurdle has increased greatly now that you have exposed your true identity. The kind, careful, and thorough tutorial for beginner is already finished. From here on I'll have you use this Toba Riona well with only your own strength and caliber.」

「There wasn't any tutorial or anything until now though.」

「That is only your lacking of perception. Even like this I'm a kind person.」

The two were talking on the autumn beach, early on the morning.

They were being illuminated by the dazzling morning sun. The restart of the extempore master and servant relationship was quite a setting for a dramatic stage, but,


「……The weather suddenly turned bad.」

The sky suddenly became cloudy. Not only that. Thunder was rumbling, and lightning flashed. *Drop, drop* Large rain drops were also falling.

「The same thing also happened at Kobe before.」

「The worked up emotion of the sky god Zeus crossed over the space distortion and affected earth here. I believe that the cause this time is also the same.」

Something was starting at Sanctuary Troia──?

They had to return there quickly. Ren and Riona nodded to each other.