Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 epilogue

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 1 epilogue




Dawn arrived at Troia.

The world was dyed in rose color by the light of the rising sun.

The city and the surrounding as far as the eye could see were petrified by the power of a divine tool called Gorgoneion. But right now, the petrified human, animal, vegetation and the rest were completely returned to normal.

Ren and Riona were outside the city.

They were on the sandy beach that became the landing point of Greece army last night.

Ren stared at the ocean, then he stared at Troia that was towering above the hill at the opposite side. He nodded in satisfaction of their accomplishment and praised his lovely partner.

「Riona, you're really amazing. Everything has returned to normal.」

「That's because Athena is gone from this place, so the curse can be lifted easily. Of course, onmyouji who can do that is only me or Abe no Seimei, and perhaps Ashiya Doman at best……only practitioner at the class of demigod can do this.」

Perhaps because of the aftertaste of mission accomplished, Riona's frivolous talk also sounded like she was delighted.

Just a little while ago, she threw a talisman to above Troia and applied the secret technique of Disaster Exorcism to the whole city. As the result, the people, things, and everything else that turned into stone returned to normal. It was a miracle that was possible due to her onmyouji skill. However.

Riona didn't apply the effect to Greece allied army.

She ordered to the twelve divine generals, "the shikigamis that they eyes couldn't see" to bring the Greece soldiers that became stone statue──until their warships. The shikigamis finished the transport work in one, two hours using their exceptional diligence and physical strength.

And then, the ships sailed out along with the sunrise.

The ships rode the waves that Riona's technique created. The fleet that was boarded by the petrified Greece soldiers was set adrift toward the open sea.

What would happen to their journey from here on? Only god would know.

「Riona, we should leave too.」

「Yes. The space distortion that is connected to the surface world……I'm also sensing that it's starting to shrink bit by bit. It will completely vanish sooner or later. We have to withdraw now while we can.」

「It will be nice if there is still time to say goodbye to Cassandra at least.」

The goddess of beauty and Love Stella=Aphrodite had assimilated with Ren since a long time ago.

That was why, they could return right away. And then they had to do so before the 『gate』 of space-time that was the space distortion vanished.


Princess Cassandra was also at the sandy beach.

However she was watching Rokuhara Ren and Toba Riona from slight distance away.

The man and woman from foreign country──no, from another world looked at the sea absentmindedly while basking in the afterglow of victory.

But, Cassandra was looking at a completely different thing.

She was having a vision of the future slightly ahead from now with the spiritual power that was granted to her from sun god Apollo.

「A new journey. A new sanctuary. And then a new──enemy. Standing on the way of Ren-sama, is a terrifying wolf……. The king of demonic wolf who murdered even god……」

The severity of that battle, the fierceness would be unimaginable.

What should she do? She asked that question to herself, then Princess Cassandra discovered an answer and made a big nod.



『……The space distortion in Kobe is somehow vanishing.』

From the speaker of car navigation system that was connected to a smartphone.

A native Japanese language, furthermore it was with the bright voice of a woman was flowing from there.

『Thank you Julio. It's thanks to the agent that you dispatched here. Well, it's also thanks to our Riona accompanying him though.』

「I'm thankful from the bottom of my heart for the cooperation of all of you, the Institute of Divinities of Japan.」

Julio Blandelli answered with the same Japanese to the other party.

He was driving a car under raining sky. He had just arrived at Barcelona Airport from Sicily Island around two hours ago. From there he personally drove a car that his subordinates prepared for him and returned until his hometown Valencia.

The big city at the coast of Mediterranean Sea that was also a provincial capital located in the eastern part of Spain──.

Right now Julio was in the middle of driving in that Valencia.

By the way, a heavy rain was continuously pouring down in almost the whole area of Southern Europe since yesterday morning. It was said that the East Asia area with Japan at the center was also experiencing the same thing.

Storm blew violently, the sea was also stormy, and large waves were surging incessantly.

The cause of such stormy weather was naturally Sanctuary Troia. But the wind and rain finally weakened since around six hours ago.

『The situation at Sicily is also alright isn't it?』

「Yes. The space distortion there is also already starting to shrink. Most likely it will vanish completely within six hours. That's the prediction of my spiritual sight user. The distortion point connected to Troia at Indonesia still exist, but I'm telling someone to check the situation there too right now.」

『Which distortion point Riona and your agent will come out from I wonder?』

「Who knows. Well, if they escaped from the Sicily's distortion, our association will take responsibility to welcome them. We will show appreciation to their hard work in their journey.」

『That's right Julio. Don't try to scout that girl amidst the turmoil okay?』

「……I'm sorry but your voice isn't clear just now. I'll call you again later.」

『Ah, wait-. You're trying to dodge the talk when I hit the bull's eye──』

He softly touched the touch panel of the smartphone and then went until his destination.

It was a western-style mansion that looked old. Several century must had passed since it was built.

There was no one around. It was only old without any historical value worth mentioning. It was a place that tourist also wouldn't visit. The place was also not opened to public.

And then above all else, a powerful 『guard』 was placed in this place.

As soon as Julio entered the ground, "an existence that was only voice" whispered into his ear.

『So you've arrived, descendant of my king.』

「A sanctuary has just been resolved. I want to check the situation with the Doomsday ClockWatch of Destruction Premonition.」

Doomsday ClockWatch of Destruction PremonitionWatch of Destruction Premonition

『Very well. You can enter.』

It was the voice of a female. And then, the voice was extremely dignified.

If this beautiful voice was accompanied by a real body, the person who heard this voice would surely expect an appearance that was worthy to be called as "a beauty in man's clothing"──.

The protector had given her permission, so Julio walked forward without reservation.

Within the mansion's ground there was a two-storied building that was the main building in the shape of a western mansion, then there were three large buildings and a small chapel that were separated from the main building. Julio entered the last building.

Inside the chapel that was decorated with colorful stained glass──

Was empty. There wasn't almost any object placed inside.

However, there was a pedestal at the center of the floor that was covered with tiles. A classic round mechanical clock with diameter of 3 meter was placed on it.

The golden short hand and long hand were pointing at Roman numerals, notifying the time.

「The time right now is 22:55……. Yesterday, before Ren returned to Sanctuary Troia, the time was 23:15. The time winded back by twenty minutes.」

『If I'm not wrong, it will be bad if the hands pointed to 00:00 right?』

The dignified voice asked. Julio nodded.

「Yeah. The time of demise will begin, the rage and lamentation of gods will whirl in the world──」

Right after he muttered, the long hand moved with a clack.

Time moved forward by a minute. Julio sighed. The arrival of destruction still hadn't been halted, it was in the middle of progressing bit by bit…….

『Be careful, king's descendant. An uninvited guest.』

「? We'll just need to drive them away like usual. That's your role.」

『It's a troublesome man. It will be hard to face him without exerting my full strength. But, it'll also be a waste to pointlessly use the Holy Grail here……. Deal with him skillfully.』

「Don't tell me a god manifested?」

『No. Doesn't matter, if it's you then you will immediately see through his true identity.』

It was right at that instant. He felt an abnormal presence behind him.

Julio shuddered and turned around. His body had several protection magic applied on it as befitting of a high ranked magician. He made those magic to observe the presence.

It felt like a wild beast had sneaked up on him──it was a wild presence with killing intent.


Such image surfaced in Julio's mind for an instant.

But it was a "human" who came here.

He was still young. He must be at the middle of his twenty. He was a Caucasian with a silver hair that was cut short. However, the hair around the top of his head was wildly standing on end.

And then, despite his hairstyle, his face could be said to be intellectual.

He was wearing a nicely tailored dark grey business suit. His eye glint was extremely sharp.

「Hou. So that thing is the so called clock of doom.」

The voice of the youth who came from behind was heavy. It was filled with grandeur that didn't suit his youthfulness.

「I see. Certainly there is worth in taking a look at it. And then, it doesn't look like it has more value than that. You magician there, is this thing under your management?」

「Yes──but, let me ask you yourself who asked me that, who are you?」

「That's an insolent question. Well, I'll forgive you. And then, if the time comes that I learn you have the worth, then I'll introduce myself to you once again at that time.」

'Kukuku', the silver haired youth snickered and his emerald colored eyes stared at Julio.

If pushed to say what kind of body this person had, then it had to be said he was someone slender. However, the wave of 『strength』 that was emitted from inside him──was honestly overpowering.

Julio recalled the time when he confronted a god in the past. But, this man had no sublimity that was unique to gods. He came to an unbelievable realization.

Could this man be "the same" like that overly carefree Japanese youth──? Julio groaned.

「So there is a second one……?」

「Second? Aah, you mean that brat loitering around this neighborhood? I too have heard the rumor. However, there is a mistake in your perception.」

The youth's eyes that gave the impression of a wolf or tiger──his eyes of carnivore were narrowed.

「Rather than the second, you should count me as the first, magician.」

The godslaying 『beast』 twisted his lips into a deep smile and declared so.

Then he turned his back on Julio and left from before him. The aloof wolf calmly walked away, overlooking the pitiful herbivore. This situation was similar to that.

Julio was convinced. If he approached that back with a malicious intention──

「I'll immediately get bitten to death……」

『You're clever, dear child. As to be expected from Julio Blandelli.』

Julio was praised by the unseen protector while he sighed once more.

Because he was able to feel sure that hardship was still waiting in the future of their association Campiones and Rokuhara Ren.