Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 Chapter 1

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Holiday at Valencia



A city that ranked next to even the capital Madrid and Barcelona in Spain.

That was Valencia. It was the provincial capital of Valencia Province that was facing Mediterranean Sea. It was a harbor that was prominent even in Europe.

It was a city of sea with the Southern Europe's sun shining radiantly.

And then right now it was early afternoon in Valencia with clear autumnal weather.

「For Japanese person like me, the first thing that I thought was 『The home of Valencia's orange!』 though.」

Toba Rioan who came from Nara prefecture in Kansai region muttered so.

「It's the first time I learned that the rice's production output here is number one in Spain.」

Riona was in a restaurant at Valencia right now.

In addition it was a restaurant that provided local cuisine and hometown ingredient. A lot of plates were placed in front of her. Two men were sitting on the other side of the table.

One of the men, Julio Blandelli said.

「After all there are also people who said that Paella isn't Spain dish, it's Valencia dish.」

「There will be outrageously big paddy field if you go to the outskirt you know?」

This was Rokuhara Ren's comment. They were in the middle of lunch right now.

The menu was the authentic Valencia-style Paella that "didn't use seafood and use stock from meat", a massive steak of black Iberian pig, cold tomato soup, salad dressed with tuna ham and pickled sardine, roasted pumpkin, etc.

A whole day after Toba Riona and Rokuhara Ren returned from "other world"──.

Sanctuary Troia.

They went to the world of Trojan War which was a big event that was prominent even in Greek mythology, and they changed the conclusion of 『Greece army won and Troia city was destroyed』 that world should receive.

One could come and go from this earth surface and the mythological world through a singularity point called space distortion.

When the two of them returned back, the connecting point they used was linked to Sicily Island of Mediterranean Sea.

The distance between the southern island of Italia until the Valencia at eastern Spain was around 1200 km. There Julio made a suggestion.

『You can take a vacation here before returning to Japan. We will take responsibility to entertain you during that time no matter how long it takes, whether it's several days or several weeks.』

Thus, Riona stopped by at Valencia.

Also, Ren and Riona traveled throughout countries with 『supernatural route』 that didn't pass through the customs, but Julio took care of all the troublesome procedures that usually accompanied such thing.

Or more accurately it wasn't him, but the magic association Campiones where he was serving as the leader that did it──.

He came from a preeminent noble family in Europe that used this Valencia as a base, and the founder of his family was a 『demon king』 that was feared as someone who killed even god.

And then right now, a new demon king was reigning over the association Campiones.

「Is there any place Riona want to go to?」

The new demon king, Rokuhara Ren cheerfully asked.

「Julio is really busy but, I'm fundamentally someone with a lot of free time, so I can accompany you as much as you like. If you like I can also call at my friend in Valenciaover here and ask them to take you sightseeing.」

in Valenciaover hereover here

「Free time──Rokuhara-san, didn't you say before?」

Riona recalled her encounter with this carefree youth.

If she remembered correctly, his profile when he talked about himself at that time was──

「Something like you being an overseas student at Spain. Don't you need to go to class or something?」


「I'll explain. In the first place Ren came here using tourist visa you see. When he was accepted into the association Campiones, I made some arrangement to renew his visa into student visa. It's to make it easier for him to stay here for a long period. But, Rokuhara Ren who is also a godslayer can learn language extremely quickly──」

Julio was talking indifferently beside the person in question who was laughing.

「The truth is he was enrolled in a language school in order to learn Spain language……there is really no need for him to enroll there. And so this guy is wandering aimlessly all over the place in his free time.」

「Well, we also don't know when Campiones' job will come.」

Ren smiled cheerfully and gave a thumb up.

「So I guess it's like I'm in standby just in case a work came?」

「It's an astonishing story that the demon king-sama's activity is like 『an unpopular celebrity who will sometimes receive job offer』……」

Riona nodded half in exasperation and half in admiration.

By the way considering that she was in the middle of vacation, she finally took off the uniform blazer that she was wearing all the time in Japan until Troia. Now she was wearing a knitted dress. She combined it with checkered scarf, black leggings, and a knitted hat with brim attached.

Ren was wearing a long sleeved T-shirt and a jacket.

Julio was dressed in a white shirt, black jacket, and slacks.

By the way, Achilles's shield that they obtained in Troia──was gone. It seemed it was impossible to bring an item with strong divinity back to earth.

In any case Riona asked her "goshujin-sama".

「Then, Rokuhara-san came to Europe for sightseeing?」

「There is also that but, that's not all. At that time, a friend in Tokyo who worked as cook said that he wanted to study cooking in Spain but felt uneasy living abroad, so I said 『Then I'll live together with you for a while there』──」

「You were sticking with him!?」

「Yep. But my friend became homesick after four or five days and returned back. I thought 『I already came here so…』 and left behind here by myself. Then I met Stella.」

「So whether it's now or in the past you always live by leaving everything to chance like this……」

It was the inside story of going to Europe that was just too light. However, it was actually really "like" Rokuhara Ren to do that.

Riona changed the topic after understanding that.

「In that case it looks like I don't need to be reserved. Of course I can also sightsee by myself but, it's this occasion. I'll have you accompany me for a bit.」

「Sure thing. Where are you going?」

「I want to cover orange related sightseeing following the basic of having vacation in Valencia. Let's also go to eat churros and ice cream after this. And then we will cool down at the central market, look around the historic landmark of the Middle Ages, the art museum, the museum, the aquarium……ah, that's right. I also want to go to a bullring, and flamenco show is also indispensable. Also the sea. I'm already here so I want to go out to Mediterranean sea and have my fill of marine leisure with a bang. And then perhaps going all the way until Gibraltar Strait to see Hercules's pillar……」

「I don't mind at all to arrange for all of that just so you know.」

Julio cut in.

「Is that alright? If you intend to have a full course vacation like that, then I think you should stay here for around a month you know?」

「That's just what I want. Let's absolutely go with that.」

「Roger. But I'll say this first, Japan's Institute of Divinities──your superior has requested us to 『make Toba Riona return back here quickly』.」

「Of course they will……. That kind of instruction also came to my phone after all.」

Riona rested her chin on her hand with a fed up look. She stared outside the window.

It was a townscape that was overflowing with the atmosphere of Southern Europe, which was completely different from the "familiar" urban area like Kyoto or Kobe, or her birthplace the mountainous region of Nara.

There were a lot of building made from stone that were built at the Middle Ages era.

And yet the number of creative modern construction and building also wasn't few. They were naturally melting together inside the traditional city. The race of people coming and going was also carried.

It also possessed a harbor, making it an amazingly open city──such thing was reflected on Riona's eyes.

That was why, she unconsciously grumbled.

「Perhaps because I enjoyed a long freedom at Sanctuary Troia……honestly, returning back to Japan feels bothersome. Over there is all sorts of annoying.」


Julio's eyes sparkled with deep interest.


Toba Riona was the most prominent onmyouji in Japan. She was a reincarnation of a god.

She was the incarnation of the sacred bird Yatagarasu. The one that once guided Emperor Jinmu. She was closer to a god rather than human, an existence that could be called as demigod already──.

However at the same time, she also possessed the limit as human.

「After all, I can't release all my potential by myself in the end.」

Riona shrugged.

In Kobe she made the prefectural governor as her "goshujin-sama", while in Troia it was Rokuhara Ren who took the role.

Without their permission 『Carry out my command with great haste』, Toba Riona was unable to display the real ability of Yatagarasu.

「It's necessary for me to get involved with other people, on top of that I also cannot really do as I please. Besides……my fellow coworker whose ability cannot match me and the old people in possession of the vested interests used 『the logic of political power – majority vote - organization』 as shield and attempt to limit my activity. Look」

Riona spoke toward Ren who was also Japanese like her.

「You know aren't you? A case when a trainer of professional sumo wrestling got his pupil beaten up by a yokozuna and when he criticized it, the board of directors and the yokozuna council lashed back saying 『Why aren't you covering this up!』 to the victim instead. The detail is different but, I once experienced something similar like that.」

「Riona also has it hard huh.」

Rokuhara Ren spoke earnestly. Riona didn't deny that.

「There are a lot of people in the Institute of Divinities that are casebook example of problem maker elderly, so it's really troublesome there. My direct superior is an upright person so it helps though.」

「Then Riona. I have a suggestion for you.」

Julio suddenly spoke. Riona went 「?」 and tilted her head.

Valencia Cathedral──.

This conversation happened in a Catholic consecrated ground that was built in the center of the city.

After the lunch at a restaurant, they came here as the first part of the vacation. Rokuhara Ren and Julio Blandelli were walking at Riona's sides.

As expected, it was this place that should be called as Valencia's symbol.

A cathedral that was built at the 13th century. Amazingly after that, reconstruction and addition to its building were repeatedly done until the 18th century. That was why it was fundamentally a gothic architecture, but various techniques like baroque or Romanesque could be seen everywhere in it.


Riona asked while observing the building among the other tourists.

「What is this suggestion of yours Julio?」

「You can transfer to our Campiones association without telling them. Our association's principle is to be a gathering of elite few. Our upper echelons consisted of only people with rational thinking. And the commander-in-chief who bring them together, well, I can proudly say that he is surely not a fool by all means.」

「So the commander-in-chief from a noted family is personally scouting me……」

「From our position, you're an outstanding talent that we desperately "want". It's foolish to irritate someone like you with stupid human relations. And above all else, you're the best partner one can ask for the demon king Rokuhara Ren.」

Julio asserted powerfully.

「The association Campiones will promise you the best treatment and work that is worth doing.」

「That's nice Julio. That's a wonderful suggestion.」

The noble youth who was born in Southern Europe spoke that matter-of-factly. Beside him the godslaying demon king grinned broadly.

Riona sighed after receiving the unexpected invitation.

「Honestly, I'm tempted but, it's no good.」


「My true nature is Yatagarasu……a divine spirit of ancient Japan. It's not really a problem if I'm just stretching my wings abroad like this, but an act of severing my regional bond and spiritual bond with the land of the gods Japan──I think that perhaps, it will bring a negative effect to my identity.」

「? What do you mean, Riona?」

「More specifically I expected that I'll become mentally unstable, my physical condition turn bad, and my spiritual strength decline.」

「I see. It's a worry exactly because you're a divine spirit with strong bond to the land of Japan.」

Ren's eyes turned round while Julio showed an understanding with his sharp mind.

However, the noble youth who inherited Latino blood suddenly muttered this.

「Now then. A way to keep Toba Riona affiliated to Japan while solving her chained up situation and what's more in a way that will bring benefit to Campiones association──does it exist or not……」

「Oh. Julio, he is doing it again.」

「He suddenly stopped walking, what's the matter with that?」

「Should it call it as him thinking or scheming? Julio is really good at this kind of thing.」

Julio already didn't even pay any attention anymore to the two Japanese with him. He stared at empty air and submerged himself into his thought. Riona was surprised seeing that, while Ren was smiling carefreely.



「Sorry, I've made you wait. This way.」

After  deeply thinking for two minutes, Julio resumed being a guide calmly.

Riona and Ren followed him and entered inside the chapel of Valencia Cathedral.

Windows with stained glass. The statue of the crucified Jesus Christ. And then the 『chalice』made from black agate that was stored in a showcase at the deepest area.

Riona opened her eyes wide.

「Is this the holy relic that has been passed down in Valencia……」

「Yeah. Before Christ was crucified, this chalice was used in the last supper. Similar articles existed throughout the world, but it's only this chalice that is considered an article made in the first century Syria or Palestine from the result of scientific appraisal.」

Julio spoke until that point and made a cruel cold smile.

「Of course, just that doesn't guarantee that it's the "real thing".」

「That's right Julio. Before, you showed me "the other chalice" at this place's basement right? How about you show it to Riona too?」

「Yeah. Certainly that might be good.」

The eldest son of Blandelli House grinned at Rokuhara Ren's words.


After that they secretly passed through a hidden door and hidden passage (!)──

Riona was guided to the basement of Valencia Cathedral. Any kind of guide book wouldn't have any information that there was this kind of space right under the famous tourist attraction.

Most likely it was constructed and maintained under extreme secrecy behind the scene. Riona said a praise.

「A secret underground chapel, it's really outrageous……」

「You're the first person other than people related to Campiones association to enter here.」

The guide Julio said.

Brick walls surrounded the four directions. It was a vast basement.

There was no floor underneath, but a surface of naked soil.

There was a mass of rock with faint pink color lying down. In Riona's eyes, it looked like a cow or a plump female sprawling down for some reason──.

「This is not just a rock isn't it?」

Extraordinary divine atmosphere and mystical force were leaking out from the faint pink mass of rock.

Julio spoke to Riona who sensed that.

「Correct. Most likely it's a god's……corpse that died a violent death more than a thousand years ago. Just like how human died and turned into white bone, a god's corpse also changed shape into rock. Unlike mere human bones, this holy relic is containing a tremendous mystical force.」

「Certainly, it's just as you say……」

The god's corpse was still a part of god even in death like this.

The mass of rock could also be said as an embodiment of miracle. Riona noticed that on the ground under it there was a complicated and mysterious magic square carved. Most likely it was an opus of Europe sorcery──.

「Our association extracted out that power and adjusted it so that it can be used for ritual magic.」

「You extracted mystical force from a god's corpse!?」

Riona was shocked. Julio continued further.

「Yeah. In other words it's a pool of mystical force that boasted an immense scale. This is the trump card of Campiones association. We called it 《Holy Grail》 with feeling of reverence. ……Well, it's an equipment in order to use the secret ritual that is our trump card, so we also cannot really abuse its use.」

「I think this Holy Grail won't dry up no matter what kind of grand ritual it is used for.」

「That's not true. After all this thing is a mechanism that supposedly is for 『showdown against god』 after all.」


The European magician talked about sorcery, and the Japan's onmyouji comprehended it right away.

It was an inexplicable chance meeting between sage of the west and the east. But, even though his knowledge in this matter was nonexistent, the existence that was more extraordinary than anyone, Rokuhara Ren grinned broadly.

「Julio. From how you talk, have you found the answer perhaps?」

Ren made a know-it-all face just like an assistant of a famous detective.

「The thing that you were thinking before. The best method to solve Riona's trouble.」

「You're perceptive Ren. Yeah, if you and Riona can conduct yourself exactly like I planned, then her problem can be solved nicely.」

「Is that true? But, why is it not just me, and Rokuhara Ren is also involved in that──?」

「It's simple. I only thought that it will be fine if both of you carried out a "political marriage".」


Riona was speechless at Julio's words.


「In short, we only need to strengthen Toba Riona's position and influence.」

They returned to the surface, left the cathedral, and entered a nearby bar.

Café that doubled as bar could be found everywhere in Southern Europe. Julio suddenly started to talk about his plan at a terrace seat of such place.

「As expected the fastest way is to prepare a powerful backer. Ren came in there. His popularity world-wide is still not that great, but if you're together with this man then even Japan's Institute of Divinities will understand right away. That even if all the magician on earth joined forces, they still wouldn't be a match against Rokuhara Ren──」

「He is a human who usurped a god's authority after all……」

Riona also admitted it with an exasperated tone.

「Well, if there is a chance to show Rokuhara-san's authority in Japan, then various dispute will occur there. But at the end I think everyone will say『It's the sudden emergence of demon king who murdered even god!』 in recognition and prostrate themselves. But, is there any need for me to become his wife? It will be fine if he simply become my guardian or goshujin-sama……」

「No, that won't be enough.」

Julio promptly denied it.

「If you're just his vassal, there will be an opening that can be taken advantage of. Those who want to control Toba Riona can just toady to the demon king who is above her and receive the king's favor. But, if you place yourself as the queen, then the room to do such thing will be nearly nonexistent.」


「Of course, it's the norm of a royal court that mistress other than the queen can appear. However, even if that happen a queen will still be a queen. The authority will still be secured in her hand. Well, there will be a risk of assassination, but you are『Toba Riona』. It will be no trouble to protect yourself right?」

「And, for the compensation, I'll have to cooperate fully with all of you……?」

「Yeah. For the sake of Campiones association and our demon king Rokuhara Ren. Don't you think that it's a perfect plan?」

「I have a big objection at the point that my marriage partner will be Rokuhara-san!」

Riona pointed at her "future husband candidate" and roared.

Beside Julio Blandelli, Rokuhara Ren was drinking sangria with a carefree face. Even though it was this kind of topic!

「Even though this guy look like this, Ren is a popular man among the ladies.」

Julio replied with a baffled look.

He was a Latino handsome man. He possessed both intellect and refined elegance. He even possessed manly sex appeal from the exotic atmosphere that his black hair and black eyes brought out.

And then, even as a magician and also as an organization leader he was super excellent. However.

This noble youth, could it be that he was 『an eccentric that is real hopeless』 when it came to emotion……?

「I can believe that there might be those who like someone like Rokuhara-san, but he isn't my type-. And then!」

Minced dry-cured ham, cut omelet, squid fritto, etc.

Riona turned her eyes to the "goshujin-sama" who was snacking on "small dish cuisinetapas".

small dish cuisinetapastapas

「Please don't act like this is other people's matter when this topic also concerned you. Are you okay that an outrageous talk like political marriage is progressing on its own like this without your involvement?」

「It's a plan that Julio recommended, so I think that it's acceptable enough.」

「Isn't that right? Obviously you also don't wan──eh?」

Riona didn't believe her ear, thinking if she might have misheard it. But Rokuhara Ren lightly smiled.

「This is the most convenient way both for you and also for me. Then, even that kind of foul play is acceptable isn't it? It's what they call the end justifies the mean.」

Perhaps it should be said, as expected from the demon king who killed a god. Common sense simply didn't apply to him.

Young man Rokuhara calmly made an outrageous remark.

「Besides it's a "political marriage" right? In that case even if we only pretend as married couple at the surface while searching for our respective true partner at another place should be alright. Sham marriage or contract marriage that is only on paper frequently happen.」

「Thi, this isn't 『Nigehaji』, is something like this normal in reality!?」(TN: Ask google-sensei about Nigehaji if you're interested. Seems like it's a drama in Japan)

Riona spontaneously questioned.

It was a conduct that was unbecoming for a 『god's incarnation』 who possessed extensive knowledge and arrogance.

And then Rokuhara Ren smiled seeing Riona bewildered and losing her head. His expression was unusually befitting as an older senior and overflowing with broad-mindedness.

「Even my friends, the gay Tatsuaki-san and the lesbian Yumi-san married each other you know? After all that way is more convenient for both of them. Of course, there is no love between the two of them. To the end they're simply close friend and partner. But, if that way make it easier for them to live then isn't it fine?」

「I, is that fine……?」

「Yep. As long as Riona agree with it, then I also don't have any problem at my end. Let's do our best overcoming the adversities of society and the danger of the world together!」

It was a cheer from the extremely flippant "goshujin-sama".



Toba Riona's stay in Valencia began.

The Campiones association prepared a room in a high class hotel for her.

And then, Rokuhara Ren was also a member of the association. As the "newcomer and demon king-sama", he worked hard to escort Riona.

Of course, Ren also had his own private life.

He returned back to Valencia through Japan and Troia. He also made effort to clean up his lodging room that was left alone for several weeks, met up with the friends he made in Spain, and so on. And then.

「Rokuhara-san's room is unexpectedly cramped.」

Riona looked around inside the room and said that.

She came to Ren's place at the third day of her stay in Valencia.

It wasn't like there was any erotic reason why she came here. They had promise of having lunch together.

Speaking in Japanese term, this was a cramped one person room.

If compared to around Asagaya in Tokyo, this room would be the same like an old and compact apartment with rent of 60,000 yen. There was also a shared kitchen for several lodgers outside the room.

「At first Julio prepared a more splendid room for me though.」

「Of course he would……. Rokuhara-san is the demon king-sama who is worshipped by Campiones association after all.」

「But it was too spacious and I couldn't calm down. That was why I started to freeload in Julio's room. But the friends that I made here frequently came to play, so he got angry.」

「That person seems like someone sensitive isn't he?」

「Hahaha. Because of that I looked for a boarding house where I can party and drink without reservation and stayed here. There are also a lot of overseas students here, and there is also the landlord-san's family. I can speak with a lot of people so it's fun.」

Ren grinned at Riona who sat down on a chair for guest.

At the beginning Rokuhara Ren was 『penniless and powerless』. He only had the minimum necessary household goods. His room had extremely few things in the style of a minimalist.

「A room that doesn't even have television feels too extreme though……」

「It's fine. Yan-san from China who lives next door has one. Yan-san loves American movie and anime you see. Sometimes we watch TV together while getting really heated up.」

「So Rokuhara-san is also practicing counting on other people's items at your everyday life too.」

Riona muttered seriously.

She must be remembering the authority Friendship Circle of Rokuhara Ren and Stella. Then suddenly the voice of a girl who was very young and yet lovely resounded in agreement.

「You've noticed a good thing, bird girl.」

Unnoticed the "Star of the SeaMaris Stella" Aphrodite had appeared behind Ren.

Star of the SeaMaris StellaMaris Stella

Nickname Stella. She had a doll size with her 30 cm height.

While she looked childish, her proportion had proper undulation. Her body was wrapped in white goddess's garment. Her golden hair that was tied into twintail displayed her brilliance.

「It won't be so bad if it's a present of extravagant goods from divine being like me」

Stella complained vigorously.

「But when it come to Ren, he would pester to borrow something from commoner without even definite lineage. What a really unprincipled act!」

「But Stella. In the first place there isn't any god on earthover here you know?」

on earthover hereover here

「In that case you should just endure it-. And yet when it comes to Ren, he will butter up strange girls so that they will show sympathy to him──look!」

Suddenly Stella vanished. In the next instant, she appeared on the table in a flash.

She was able to teleport if it was a short distance. And then, Stella pointed at the letter that was placed in front of her with an indignation that she couldn't clear away.

「This too is a letter from a woman that Ren buttered up. Hmph. It's pungently smell of vulgar passions which is really befitting of a commoner with lowly origin.」

「A letter addressed to Rokuhara-san……?」

Riona stared at the letter that was placed on the table.

On the address column, it was written with 『To Ren-kun♡』 with rounded Japanese character.

「Was it sent here from Japan?」

「No. It came from Spain too. From Seville I think?」

Riona pondered after Ren said that. She was in the middle of checking the map in her head.

Seville was the provincial capital of Andalusia province. It seemed that it became well-known from an opera called 『Andalusia's Barber』 or something.

「It's Takako-san who I became friend with after coming to Spain. She is a Japanese woman who came here to study Flamenco. It seems that she came to this room while I was away. She waited for several hours, but I didn't come home so she only handed a letter to Yan-san──」

「He, hee. She was waiting for several hours in front of Rokuhara-san's room……」

「Ah. Just so you know, we don't have any 『deep relation』 you know? Takako-san sometimees would give that kind of atmosphere but, well, should I say that right now I'm not really feeling like it.」


Riona seemed to harbor an unjust suspicion to him, so Ren gave additional explanation.

The seventeen years old genius onmyouji who should be wiser than her age indicated went 『Gyoh!』. And then Stella sighed on the table.

「Bird girl, it seems you too finally noticed Ren's troublesomeness……」


Several dozen minutes later──they headed to a bar at the neighborhood and had lunch.

Ren spoke to the girl accompanying him there.

「But Riona. Receiving a woman's advance is unexpectedly full of trouble you know?」

The standard dish of Spain, potato filled omelet.

In addition there was roast pork, fried octopus, croquette filled with dried cod, etc.

Any of them filled the plates in heap. And of course they were all handmade. Ren talked while tasting that.

「Even the Takako-san I mentioned before. The true motive at the bottom of her heart is to quickly divert her loneliness from living in unfamiliar foreign country by using me who can speak Japanese with her. Of course, responding to her feeling so that we can console each other for a short period of time might be also alright, but」

「Rokuhara-san said that right now you aren't feeling like it……」

Riona glared at him from the other side of the table with a fixed gaze.

「From that wording, it means that Rokuhara-san has quite a lot of experience receiving woman's advances aren't you?」

「Well of course, I did it as much as anyone else.」

「Yo, you recognize it so easily!?」

「But you know, it became something serious when I did that with a married woman at my third year in high school. It was after that incident, I started thinking that from here on perhaps I should have self-restrain except when in serious relationship.」

「You were with a married woman in third year high school!?」

Riona was writhing after she thought back falteringly at what she just heard.

She seemed to receive a considerable shock. She had attractive face and figure, great confidence, and also deep individuality and charm, even so she was still inexperience in the matter related to love affair.

Ren felt that such Riona was cute. He felt like smiling.

On the other hand, the Japanese girl in question raised her voice in agitation.

「How can I do political marriage with someone who want to restrain himself in anything that isn't serious!?」

「Isn't it the reverse? It's because it's not serious I can consider "that kind of relationship" as just tool.」

「No, now that you mentioned it that's true.」

「Well, if Riona doesn't feel like doing it then I also won't force you to do it. Just think about it carefully without rushing. More importantly, this restaurant's dish is great right?」

「It's just as Rokuhara-san said, I think they're superb. But」

Riona glanced toward the kitchen.

There was the bar's owner there who was also Ren's acquaintance. She was busily cooking. Before this she got out from the kitchen and personally served the cooking on the plate.

「On top of that they're cheap. If you order drink here then the food's price will become like they're free.」

「It's a system that is kind to student. I think it's very nice. But Rokuhara-san. Compared to the other customers……isn't it just this table where the "portion" is extremely big?」

Ren nodded at Riona's question.

「That's because I get along well with the auntie. It's a service from her.」

「That lady doesn't really look like『auntie』 you know……. Despite her age her skin looks really smooth. She is in the level of Aunt May of rebooted Spiderman movie where『She is unthinkably sexy for an aunt with a nephew at high school that it won't be out of place even if she go out with Robert Downey Jr.』 you know!」

「Aah. It might be just as Riona said.」

Ren grinned broadly and spoke smoothly.

「Her husband died when she was young. It might be the effect of being a widow all this time.」

「Where did you learn that kind of personal information!?」

「I heard it from auntie herself. It was when we drank wine together inside the bar after it closed.」

「Is that strangely sincere communication skill the source of the many women's advances……」

It happened when Riona was feeling greatly impressed.

Her smartphone was playing a melody of an incoming call inside her bag. Riona didn't ignore it and immediately answered. Seeing her reaction it didn't seem to be a call from Japan.

「Yes. Yes. ……I'm also together with Rokuhara-san.」

Riona finished the talk briefly and then turned a serious face.

「Do you remember what Julio said at the day we returned from Troia? That there might be other godslayer than Rokuhara-san in this earth──that talk.」

「Ah, that talk.」

A person clad in uncommon aura appeared in front of Julio Blandelli.

He was more a wolf or tiger than human. His atmosphere was really similar like a carnivore──.

It was hard to believe it so suddenly, however, seeing that the report came from Julio there was no other choice but to believe it. For Ren it was that kind of story.

And then right now Riona told him solemnly.

「The intelligence staff of Campiones association determined the location of "that person".」


Ren felt admiration. But he soon tilted his head.

「But, there isn't any other person who has killed god other than me until now right? Is killing god something that can happen twice so rapidly?」

「It seems you have forgotten. Julio's ancestor was also a godslayer.」

「Now that you mentioned it that's true.」

「There wasn't even one godslayer from the 20th century until 21st century──. But, even that can possibly "us people related to magic" simply not knowing about it, while a godslayer was actually acting behind the scene of history──」


Riona was pondering while muttering.

「If godslayer is equal with demon king, then there is also another more possible possibility……」

「What's that?」

「Demon king is something that resurrect isn't it? Even in RPG a story like『the demon king that should have been defeated by the hero resurrected after several hundred years and reform the demon king army』 often appear──」

「Aah! I also know that kind of scenario!」

「Since the era of Dark Schneider and Hudler, demon king reincarnating is the cliché development.」

The second godslayer=ancient great demon king.

Riona who proclaimed the new theory suddenly said.

「And, it seems that person is still in Spain. This too might be some kind of fate. How about the two of us……going to see the man who might be a godslayer?」



There was a western mansion at the neighborhood in Valencia city that wasn't really bustling.

Within the mansion's ground there was the main building and three more separate buildings in addition. And then Julio Blandelli was inside a small chapel that was inconspicuously built at the garden.

A clock with diameter of three meter was placed on the pedestal before him──.

Even though it was still noon, the time the clock showed was late at night. Julio said.

「So, the time right now is 23:10.」

When this clock pointed at 00:00, a great calamity or the like would attack the world.

It was the catchphrase of the ritual tool of divine mystery Doomsday Clock. A few days ago, the clock showed the time was 22:55 right after Rokuhara Ren returned from Troia.

「The hand progressed drastically……」

『The cause is undoubtedly "that man".』

The dignified woman voice whispered into his ear.

It was the telepathy of the protector that safeguarded this clock and Blandelli family.

『O my king's descendant, be careful. While that person is a human, he turned his back on law and order. He is a monster that earnestly long for destruction and chaos. That's to say he is a demon king among demon king.』

「If possible, in order to avoid the coming destruction」

Julio muttered.

「I wish to ask that man to fight together with us too. If "one more godslayer" other than Ren join us, then the prospect of success for our reckless defiance will become slightly better.」


「What is funny?」

『Stop with the futile calculation. Godslayer is "the fools who killed even god to persist with their own will" you remember? Their unreasonableness shook the heaven and earth. If that kind of bunch meet up, then first it will become a dispute that question their strength!』

The dignified voice of the protector was filled with confidence.

『The meeting between a god and a godslayer will still be more peaceful.』

「That man looked like he can be talked with to some degree though?」

『It only looked like that. That man's true nature is a beast, furthermore it's a beast that hunger for blood and battle.』

「……Understood. The words of the 《White Queen》 have the weigh of a thousand gold. I will follow the precepts of my Blandelli family and believe you.」

『That's a good child, o dear child.』

A "knight" was standing beside Julio when he noticed.

The knight was tall, on par with the successor of Blandelli House. A chainmail covered her upper body until her waist. She was also clad in gauntlet, greaves, white helmet, and a mantel that was also white. Of course there was a long sword hanging on her waist.

However because her body was spiritual, her whole body was transparent──.

A mask was also attached on her helmet. It was a type that completely covered her face.

But, from her voluptuous chest bulge, it was obvious that she was a female knight.

「I saw the "world's end" at that time together with Ren. If it's in order to avoid that, I will do everything that I can.」

『Umu. You can also use my spear and horse without any reservation.』

The white protector strongly replied to Julio's monologue.


A blue light soared through the sky sparklingly and descended on the southeast area of Spain.

The light took off from within Valencia city. It then headed to the south in an arc, and then it landed on the coast of Murcia province that was facing Mediterranean Sea.

And, the light was carrying two travelers.

「As expected from Riona, it's fast. It should take several hours if we go by car.」

「It's not something that can be used too openly but, it can't be helped because this is an emergency situation.」

Rokuhara Ren praised his partner, while Toba Riona bragged with an unconcerned face.

The two Japanese people used the magic of travelling, flight magic which they also used to great effect in Sanctuary Troia. With that they flew all the way to here.

Riona looked around and muttered.

「Even though we are near the sea, the place feel really dry.」

「The neighboring Andalusia also feel like this. It's hot and dry.」

Even though the sea itself still wasn't visible, the ground was covered with sand.

When the wind blew, the white sand would whirl up to the air densely. There was no tall tree, only short bush and thicket could be seen sparsely. Scraggy rocks stood out in this place.

Ren asked within that scenery.

「That person is near here right? How will we search for him?」

「There are many ways so please don't worry. But, there is also something bothering me.」

Riona spoke while looking at her smartphone.

「According to the data that Julio received──there is a space distortion nearby.」

「Hee. That thing to come and go to world of mythology huh!」

「To be more accurate, it's a former space distortion. It's a point that already vanished a long time ago. From the report of Campiones's investigator who infiltrated inside, it was connected to Sanctuary Midgard.」

「Which mythological world is that?」

「It's Norse mythology.」

Riona answered right away and then she frowned.

「The inside of Midgard is an extremely stable world. There isn't any great war happening, the twilight of the gods is also not close, it seems to be in a reasonably peaceful situation. It's also mentioned that the space distortion that appeared here started to shrink after around twenty years. But──」

「The person who seem to be my colleague came nearby here even with that.」

「Yes. Perhaps there is something in Sanctuary Midgard.」

And then more than ten minutes later.

Riona folded Japanese papers into the shape of a heron to create some shinigami. She sent more than thirty shikigami to the sky, and then following the report of one of them, Ren and Riona learned the direction they should go to.

Like that they arrived in a rocky area. The sea was right nearby.

Waves were surging one after another, hitting the rock cliff. The water splashed whitely.

The wind was also strong. The water spray mixed with the air, moistening the dry air. There──a conspicuous looking young man was standing. He looked like he was at the middle of his twenty.

He was wearing a dark grey business suit with a thin black coat above it.

「I command under the name of the god who imparted the forbidden wisdom.」

He was chanting something with a deep baritone voice.

He was a silver haired Caucasian. While his hair was trimmed shortly, the hair around the back of his head was bristling.

「O grimoire carved with abominable knowledge, come. Invoke the divine mystery just as I desire, in order to manifest a wonder.」

A huge 『book』 suddenly appeared right beside the young man.

The height of the book's spine amazingly was as high as a ten year old kid. Its thickness was also about the same as the shoulder width of a child. And then its binding was made from black leather. The book was floating in the air──.

However the young man haughtily declared in front of the supernatural book.

「I won't say it again so remember it carefully. What I sought from a tool is two things. An absolute obedience to me. And then, don't bother me pointlessly. You're just a mere book, there is no way you are telling this me to turn your page tediously right?」

It was a truly unreasonable command. However.

The huge book immediately transformed. Into a human girl──of age around twelve years old.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing frilly purple dress and black cloak, with an adorableness like a classic doll. She was wearing a black hat with wide brim on her head.

The girl who was born from a book elegantly bowed.

She faced the silver haired young man who was her master. He immediately laughed loudly.

「Hahahaha! So you transformed in order to answer my intent! Very well, I'll recognize your obedience. Next──open the closed gate to the sanctuary once more for my sake!」

「As……you wish, your excellency marquis.」

The girl who seemed to be a grimoire spirit let out a fragile voice from her adorable lips.

Next, the girl's lips started to chant 『the words of power of sorcery』 as though she was singing.

「Spell searching, finished. The spell that is deemed necessary for the present situation is the 《Resurrection of Sacrament》, is this one's thought.」

The girl paused for a beat here, then she suddenly said.

「Sorcery 《Resurrection of Sacrament》, chanting finished.」

Right after that, at the seaside rocky area where the young man who was called marquis as well as the grimoire spirit were standing──an assembly of countless lights like a nebula suddenly appeared!

Space distortion. Even Ren had recognition of it.

(Riona! Do you understand what they were doing!?)

(He ordered his familiar to use sorcery that revive a space distortion that has vanished previously, I think……)

It wasn't like there was any need for them to lower their voice.

But Ren and Riona who witnessed the decisive moment unconsciously whispered to each other with a small voice. However.

「Familiar──that interpretation is fundamentally correct.」

The young man with the alias 『marquis』 started speaking with his back still turned to Ren and Riona.

It seemed he had noticed the presence of the two Japanese since a long time ago. His hearing was like a wild beast. Ren couldn't help but felt impressed.

「But, let me add one thing. This thing in the first place is an authority that I usurped by killing an evil god that was worshipped by some heretic knights. All sorcery that exist in this world is transcribed within my grimoire which I can freely use……it's that kind of power. However, it's in my disposition to find it bothersome to flip a book's page.」

The young man turned around. He stared straight at Ren and Riona.

He wasn't glaring at them. He was, right, it was like he wasn't wary toward the two of them. In the end he was simply perceiving them as object of interest.

「I've been thinking since a long time ago to improve its convenience of use. That's why just now I tried improvising a method. I believe that it worked quite well but what do you two think?」

「Well that's, I think it worked perfectly well you know, mister.」

Ren replied smilingly while thinking.

The young man clearly said 『authority』. His wording was filled with intellect.

And yet, his gaze and his demeanor were ferocious like a wild beast. On top of that he only gave a glance at Rokuhara Ren before quickly focusing on only Rokuhara Ren.

Most likely he had seen through "Which is the godslayer?" in an instant.

Was it from his animalistic instinct, or was it due to his experience that was schooled by adversity of many battles? It was terrifying either way.

「Is mister also someone who has killed a god?」

Ren asked in order to approach the heart of the matter.

「I am Rokuhara Ren. Is it okay if I ask your name?」

「Fuh. If I'm facing a "colleague", then I have to introduce my name. Then let me tell you my family name, it's Voban.」

「Voban……Marquis Voban-sama?」

「So you heard it. Your hearing is quite sharp.」

Marquis Voban grinned broadly. He looked at Rokuhara Ren with his emerald eyes.

「It's one of my title. Well, there is no need to remember it but, use it as you like if you find it easier to call me like that. I don't care how I am called.」

「Roger. Then Voban-san, I have a suggestion for you.」

Although his outside appearance was gentlemanly, his inside seemed to be really warped──.

Ren spoke while that doubt was gradually changing into conviction.

「I wish we can become friend. And then we can face against the danger to the world.……」

'Together'. When he was about to say that,

『You mustn't Ren! You mustn't make that kind of proposal to that beast!』

Stella's yell entered his ear.

However, his lovely partner didn't show her figure like usual.

Could it be that Stella=Aphrodite was──scared of the godslaying marquis and she was hiding behind the back of Rokuhara Ren……?

「Kid. I'll tell you first, I don't feel like playing with you here. But」

Mister Voban was chuckling as though he had noticed Stella's fear.

「If you can defeat my servant and chase after me──then I won't mind to enjoy a game with you once more at that time!」


「Rokuhara-san, that!」

Riona who had been quiet all this time warned him.

Underneath Marquis Voban──from the seaside rocky area that was washed over by waves, two grey wolves sprang out. Both were big and burly that they could be mistaken as fighting bull.

The two wolves faced Ren and Riona and intimidated 『Gurururu-!』 ferociously.

「You have no way of knowing. That's why I'll introduce myself at least.」

Marquis Voban bragged with two fierce wolves obeying him.

「The gods called me godslayer, the humans of my native country feared me as demon king. And then, there was also time when I was called the king of the wolves. Because my first authority──is the power to summon a pack of wolves and control them as I wish.」

Marquis Voban looked at the surprised Ren while jumping backward with a light step.

That nimbleness was like a four-legged beast──it was exactly like a wolf. He leaped high and far toward the sea. He was diving backward.

However, the marquis wasn't heading toward the sea surface, but the light of space distortion──

「If you feel like it then come after me! Though I don't know if I'll have the time to play with you!」

The godslaying young man vanished into the light, leaving behind the arrogant boast.





The two wolves that were left behind by the godslayer marquis leaped vigorously to the air. They attacked Ren and Riona while howling.

Even though their body was huge like a fighting bull, they were agile like lightning. However.

「Riona, let's us both act on our own!」

「That's my intention!」

Ren said and Riona replied. In that moment the two of them were already finished dodging.

The wolves were leaping at them. But, their movement was like a slow motion in Rokuhara Ren's eyes. He activated goddess Nemesis's authority with composure.

With godspeed that exceeded a wild beast's agility, he leaped more than ten meter in an instant.

Riona also transformed into a small blue swallow and escaped to the sky, causing the wolf's fangs to bite at empty air.

「Those wolves, could it be they aren't that strong?」

「If that's the case then it will be easy, but」

After Ren muttered, the blue swallow flying beside him also spoke in respond.

However, the event didn't go as they hoped. The two grey wolves──suddenly started to grow larger!

The first and the second wolf were rapidly turning huge while standing on their hind legs.

Their front legs also stretched out and became two arms. Like that the body of the two wolves became really similar like human.

But their neck above was still wolf. Their whole body was densely covered with thick hair. It was the so called 『werewolf』 form.

「Amazing, it's werewolf monster!」

「As expected from an authority that was stolen from god, it doesn't simply summon wolf!」

Two giant werewolves appeared.


The two uncommon monsters ferociously roared at the same time. Seeing that the blue swallow also raised its voice with Toba Riona's voice.

「I will face those monsters. Rokuhara-san, do that!」

「Got it! Use your full strength as you please!」

Responding to Ren's permission, the small body of the blue swallow burned.

Crimson flame and gold radiance were emitted from her whole body. And then, the swallow incarnated into Yatagarasu while flying to the blue sky of Spain.

「Sacred flame pure and clear……. The secret words of fire and day, exorcist and purify!」

Riona who transformed into the sacred bird Yatagarasu was chanting the words of power of flame.

The large phoenix with wing length of 20 meter danced in the sky while dropping fire sparks like moth dropping scales. The giant werewolves that were only just born got bathed in it──.



As expected even the giant werewolves stopped moving at the same time and raised an agonized howl. They were glaring at the soaring gold feathered bird with bloodshot eyes.

But, the fang and claw of wolves that could only run on the ground couldn't possibly reach the firebird of the sky.

「Perhaps it will be an easy win thanks to RIona?」

It happened when Ren started to get optimistic.

From the dry seaside ground──grew wolves burblingly sprang out. Their number was around 80 in total.

They weren't monster sized, but sized the same like before which was equal to fighting bull. However, it seemed that they were agile due to their small size. They rushed toward Ren at the same time of their appearance.


「Their target is me huh!」

It was an attack of wolf pack. Ren used his authority once more.

「The goddess of revenge bring down the divine punishment to misdeed that harm life──!」

Even mankind's most agile athlete wouldn't be a match against the average wolf.

But, the escaping speed of goddess Nemesis easily overturned that logic. The fangs and claws that should tear apart Rokuhara Ren's flesh and bone only cut empty air without exception. And then.

「I wish for the judgment of justice here──」

Nemesis, activate.

The wolves that attacked Rokuhara Ren consecutively and bit at empty air were annihilated right after that.

Scar bit into their windpipe that was covered by fur, inflicting a lethal wound. The claws and fangs that should tear Ren into pieces were bounced back to the wolf pack.

*Kyaun! Kyaun! Kyaun! Kyaun!*

Pained cries were rising in succession. The number of demon wolves that were born from the ground were reduced until less than twenty in less than two minutes.

But, during this time the battle between the enlarged wolves and Yatagarasu was──

Getting reversed.


Riona=Yatagarasu faltered.

There were two giant werewolves. When one of them howled『GUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!』, the flame enveloping its body suddenly vanished.

The howling voice just now seemed to be containing the miracle of exorcism.

And then, the giant werewolf──walked toward its comrade that was being burned by Yatagarasu's flame right beside it and it swung down its arm like a sword. *Zan*. The werewolf's head was lopped off.

The severed head rotated in the air and it flew, flew strongly until it reached Yatagarasu that was far above the sky.


The giant monster wolf that had become only head went『GAH!』 at the sacred bird's wing──biting into her right wing!


Riona's scream echoed in the sky.

Her shock and pain became a scream that gushed out from Yatagarasu's beak.

And then at this instant, the giant wolf that severed its comrade's head jumped with its whole strength and rushed up to the sky like a cannon shell. It clung at the sacred bird in the sky and bit!

Into the left hand or rather the left wing of Yatagarasu.

The right wing was also still getting bitten by the wolf's head.

Now both her wings were gnawed at. The golden colored Yatagarasu was falling toward the sea.

Even during this fall the wolf's head and the giant wolf kept gnawing at the sacred bird's both wings. They showed no sign of releasing their captured prey──.


Ren yelled seeing his ally's pinch.


『Good grief! There is a limit in even being incorrigible, that godslayer!』

The guardian spirit the White Queen was laughing hard.

『A beast that belong to the earth dashed up until the sky and planted its fangs into the soaring firebird, that is an unprecedented strange occurrence!』

「Certainly, I also think that it's a situation so absurd it's ridiculous.」

Julio dispassionately commented toward the protector who was holding her stomach while laughing even now.

「Because of that the king of our association and his partner are falling into a pinch. Right now is the time where the Holy Grail and your strength should be used.」

『Umu. Leave it to me dear child.』

The two of them right now were under the blue sky.

Valencia Cathedral──. The bell tower that was built within it with a height of 50 meter was called Miguelete Tower. The tower was also the city's symbol. He climbed on its rooftop and stared at the south direction.

He could take an unbroken view of Valencia from here.

Many buildings used orange color for their roof and wall, giving the townscape a sense of unity.

Because there wasn't really any other tall building in this city which was common for an old city of Europe, this old tower was none other than the landmark of Valencia city.

But, of course──

There was no way he could see the battle of Ren and Riona that was going on at 200 km away from here.

Right now Julio was taking over the senses of the familiars──the herons that were created from Japanese paper by Toba Riona and currently were flying around in the sky of the battle site. He was viewing from afar the scene that was reflected in their vision.

Using the bond of divine mystery, he was also transmitting that information to the White Queen.

Julio chanted the ritual's words of power.

「O war god of the ancient spear. Receive the blessing of the Holy Grail.」

『Acknowledged. Obeying the ancient oath, this is the time for me to wield my spear.』

Beside Julio, the queen finally materialized.

Until now she existed only as a spirit body that stayed close to the descendant of Blandelli House. That was why her whole body was transparent. But right now the figure of female knight wearing chainmail, helmet, and white mantel obtained a definite physical body and achieved manifestation into this world──.

It was the result from the immense mystical force getting gpoured into the White Queen from the Holy Grail at the grand cathedral's basement.

Lightning coiled around the female knight's whole body with crackling sound.

「My spear. We will become the lightning from now. Come together with me!」

Right after the queen chanted the words of power, dark cloud suddenly gushed forth in the sky.

The cloud covered the sky above Valencia without leaving any gap. Thunder was rumbling inside the cloud, flash and sparks scattered, waiting for the time of liberation.

The clear blue sky from just now was like a lie. It was a supernatural phenomenon.

And then, a long spear suddenly appeared in the right hand of the queen.

「This throw with my full might, may it pierce the wolf's retainer!」

The queen threw the spear *BUN!*.

The spear flew through the sky and became lightning. It flew toward the south like a falling star while scattering reverberating thunder to the earth and sky.

The direction it was heading to was of course where the wolf monster  was──.



An extremely large lightning was flying along with a tremendous thunderclap.

It hit Riona=Yatagarasu who was falling to the sea. To be more accurate, it hit into the back of the giant wolf that was gnawing her left wing──.


The giant wolf easily ran out of strength from the strike of lightning attack that flew from far beyond.

Midway it turned into ash while the body of half man half wolf was falling into the sea.

On the other hand, Riona=Yatagarasu spread the wing that finally became free and caught the updraft to stop her fall somehow.

「With this curse, the blazing fire and I will purify and exorcist──!」

She slapped the flame's words of power to the wolf head that was still gnawing on her right wing.

The wolf head was already enveloped in fire from before, but with this the flame's combustion became even more fierce and its fangs were finally taken off from the golden wing.

Riona=Yatagarasu immediately spread both her wings and took distance from the wolf head.

「So Julio helped out!」

Ren was delighted. He was watching the scene from beginning to end from the ground.

It was the 『secret ritual of lightning』 that Campiones association kept in hiding as trump card. It was a miracle that was activated using the magic power pooled in the Holy Grail. It had been a long time since he saw it.

「We have this when fighting on earth so it's really helpful.」

Ren smiled, however, his face immediately returned to being serious.

At the sky above the wolf head that faced Riona=Yatagarasu howled 『GAAAAAAH!』

Then the absurd monster that was the head of a giant wolf floating in the air began to──fly smoothly.

Even though it was being fiercely burned by Yatagarasu's flame even now!

「Riona's fire isn't really effective!?」

「That magical beast, it look a bit troublesome……」

Stella suddenly threw an interjection. She appeared in a flash on Ren's left shoulder.

Perhaps she felt relieved that the godslayer who introduced himself as marquis was gone. The goddess of beauty and love who was slightly a wuss commented a bit self-importantly.

「But, well, if it's just one-on-one then I think she'll be able to manage somehow.」

「That wolf that became into head only, could it be it's really strong?」

「Of course. It's an underling that is created from a godslayer's authority. As expected the bird girl won't lose against it. But that beast, it's overly tenacious so she might have a hard time against it……」

Also, Ren was attacked by several dozen wolves until just a little while ago.

Those wolves were already gone. He annihilated them without much effort using Goddess Nemesis's authority. Seeing how they were annihilated without leaving behind corpse was just to be expected from a supernatural monster──.

In any case, Ren now had nothing to do.

In contrast Yatagarasu and the wolf head were continuing to fight in the air.

The golden sacred bird spread both her wings and began to glide. The wolf head that was burned by crimson flame while floating in the air like will-o-wisp──Yatagarasu was circling around it as though to hold it in check.

For now the damage from the bite on her wings seemed to be little.

But, she wasn't pressing her attack like before. She must be getting careful.

The wolf head was silently waiting for Yatagarasu's attack. It judged that it wouldn't not be able to keep up with the opponent in the air and it waited for the instant when the prey came rushing at it──to assault the prey at that timing.

「Can't we call a god with Stella's power to help?」

「This is earth you know? There isn't any god or anything nearby.」

「As expected huh.」

With the battlefield located in the air, he also couldn't give reinforcement with the authority of retribution.

Because there was already nothing he could do except cheering her on, Ren prayed for Riona's safety and victory while staring fixedly at the circling Yatagarasu.

「It's normally the time to pray at the goddess of victory at this kind of time but」

Even if a man who killed a god did something like that, it didn't feel like the prayer would be answered…….

The moment Ren gave up, he muttered 「Hm?」

He felt like something opened at the bottom of his heart and body. A key was inserted into a gate that was locked until now, *click*──.

Something that overflowed from there rose to the sky. Toward the sky where his sworn ally was fighting hard.



Riona who transformed into Yatagarasu suddenly felt an out of place feeling.

The spirit of sun, the golden firebird. Her body that was the most prominent sacred bird Japan was proud of──was suddenly filled with extremely intense magical power.

It was completely sudden without any advance warning at all.

In addition, a conviction of 『Now is the time that victory is mine!』 that even felt like a feeling of omnipotence welled up in her.

「With this power──!」

Riona=Yatagarasu spontaneously flapped both her wings.

She strongly flapped her right and left wings and caused a wind. The gust that was created from that brought bluish white flame that showered the formidable wolf head!

It was an attack that she immediately unleashed following her conviction of victory and the welling up fighting spirit.

And then──


The wolf head endured on no matter how much crimson flame it got showered with until now. The tenacious monster was easily burned to ash within the bluish white blaze.

It turned into ash that scattered in the air.

The blaze just now was incomparable with the fire that Riona=Yatagarasu had unleashed until now──it was blazing hot as well as filled with the miracle of exorcism.

「Just, what in the world happened……?」

Even though she obtained victory, Riona's thought was completely filled with doubt.