Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 epilogue

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 epilogue



Ragnarok's plot changed.

The lightning god Thor obtained the assistance of his little brother Vidar. Although he was unable to defeat the world snake Jormundgand, the snake was pushed back into the sea once more.

Spurred by the momentum, the siblings went to the rainbow bridge Bifrost.

They encouraged the valkyries and einherjars, and sunk the ship of death Nalgfar with lightning god's hammer Mjolnir. The ship of evil god Loki and the flame giant Muspel clan took flight to beyond the sea.

And then, the handsome god Freyr who was wielding a deer's horn and the chief god Odin.

The young and old two gods brought down the flame giant Surtr at the end of a hard battle.

However, the flame sword the giant used vanished before they noticed. Even using Odin's one eye, its whereabouts was unknown──.



Odin stared at the west sky that was dyed by evening glow and said.

He was beside the crater that was gouged at the site of Valhalla Palace. He looked like a wizard as usual with his grey robe and wide brimmed hat.

「Ragnarok might occur again one day. A new ship of death will be constructed and at the dawn when the one who inherit the sword of flame appear……」

「The Ragnarok this time is like the short version isn't it.」

Riona nodded and said.

「It occur when winter continue for three years and the heart of the people decayed completely. That is the original Ragnarok. With the giants and monsters not destroyed, the bud of the reoccurrence certainly exist.」

「But, it's fine. For now we have stave it off today anyway.」

Unlike the wise people, Ren was smiling carefreely.

「There is the saying that tomorrow will take care of itself. You can just worry when it looks like the next end of the world is going to happen.」

「It's exactly as you say, godslayer!」

The one who heartily agreed was the hot blooded man, lightning god Thor.

「Tonight we're treating ourselves to a party as the celebration of victory! What, even with Valhalla Palace gone, we can just lit fire at the empty lot there and grill meat!」

「That's nice idea.」

Two fellow simpleminded people. Ren gave a thumb up at the lightning god's idea. But,

「No. It's better if you all doesn't stay for long in this land.」

Odin shook his head prudently.

「The influence given by godslayer's existence to this sanctuary won't be small by all means you know?」

「That's so, isn't it. We don't know when the space distortion connecting earth and this sanctuary will return to normal. Beside Rokuhara-san」

Riona sent him a meaningful gaze.

The girl who became his matchless partner right now used "that word".

「We don't really have──that much time you know? With how close the day of destruction is, we cannot relax too much right?」

「Hahaha, roger.」

Ren didn't object and replied lightly.

It seemed the memory of doom's day that Rokuhara Ren and Julio Blandelli encountered had been transmitted fully to Riona…….

Thus, Ren and others boarded the goat chariot that their ally Thor drove.

They descended from the heavens Asgard to the lower world and arrived at the "departure point".

It was the space distortion that they used to teleport from Spain's Murcia Province to here around a week ago at Sanctuary Midgard's time.

Ren and others leaped into the brilliant light that was like nebula.

The good fellow Thor sent his words to them from behind.

「Farewell my travelling comrades. Our temporary comrade in arms, a man who should be our irreconcilable enemy and his companions. I hope that even if we are reunited once more one day, it will still be as friend!」

It was a parting that was the complete opposite with the godslaying marquis.


And then, there was the starry sky of earth above Rokuhara Ren.

The sight of the constellation here was really different from the sanctuary of Norse mythology. It was the night sky of South Europe's Spain that they saw at a rocky place of Murcia Province that was facing Mediterranean Sea.

The sea breeze was chilly. However, it was completely warm compared to Ragnarok's snowy wind.

「For now Rokuhara-san」

The first thing Riona said was,

「In a few days I'll return to Japan, announce our engagement and──take care the procedure for loan deal. Rokuhara-san too, please come together with me.」

「I don't mind but, by loan deal you mean?」

「Rather than going to Rokuhara-san's place from Japan each time there is something, staying together until everything is settled is more reasonable. I think staying as a member of Japan's Institute of Divinities while temporarily transferring or getting loaned to Campiones Association will be better.」

「Yosh. Let's go with that.」

Ren grinned at his fiancée's suggestion.

「Then, perhaps I'll call Stella now and ask her to take out the phone. I have to make a call to Julio.」

「Then Ren-sama. What should I do with myself?」

「Let's see, Cassandra is──」

Ren tilted his head when he was about to answer.

He stared at the beautiful princess from Troia who wasn't him or his fiancée.

That was right. It became natural to be together with her that he didn't think of it as specially problematic even when she was with them going back to earth and going with the flow…….

「I completely forget to send back Princess Cassandra to Troia……」

Riona also muttered with a face that said 『Darn it!』.

Come to think of it Cassandra was awfully silent since the battle was settled.

Could it be──she was purposefully shutting her mouth so that Ren and others wouldn't put the princess's existence in their mind.

Cassandra herself was gracefully smiling with a vaguely mischievous look.


「The time of doom's prophecy is at eleven o'clock huh……」

Julio Blandelli muttered.

The western mansion at the outskirt of Valencia. He was staring at the Doomsday Clock that was hidden in the chapel here.

「The hands rotated until 23:30 after the two godslayers entered Sanctuary Midgard. It somehow turned back now……」

The destruction of this world would begin when the clock showed the time of 00:00.

And then, that time was steadily getting closer bit by bit. Julio keenly felt it and felt a bit melancholic. But.

「The possibility that Ren will come back safely exist seeing that the time until destruction has moved back by thirty minutes.」

He took out a smartphone from his jacket's pocket.

He called the number of the phone that he entrusted to Rokuhara Ren's partner, Stella.

He didn't have the easygoing personality that could convince himself to leave the matter of tomorrow for tomorrow. But, he also wouldn't be able to spend his daily life if he didn't shelve away this overly grave problem to a certain degree.


At the time Julio started to call.

The existence who he called as the White Queen──was at the center of Valencia.

The cathedral. The Miguelete tower was the highest structure within it. It seemed that this name was derived from Archangel Michael in Valencia language.

The White Queen who was armed like usual climbed to the tower's roof.

A long sword hanged on her waist. She was clad in a masked helmet, chainmail, and a mantel as the finishing touch.

「Now then. What kind of disturbance will occur next with the entrance of the new godslayer……」

The queen took off her mask and looked up to the night sky.

Her honey colored short hair was also gallant. The female knight's beautiful face became exposed.