Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 afterword

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 2 afterword



Everyone, it's been a long time.

This is Takedzuki Jou.

The second volume of Shiniki no Campiones are safely published three months after the first volume.

This too is thanks to the patronage of everyone and BUNBUN-san who properly finished the illustration despite me making him waiting everytime and his busy schedule.

I express my thanks here.


When it came to the theme of second volume, it's Norse mythology.

It's a colossus with number one influence in regard to tickling the chuuni heart even among the numerous myths.

This time I too faced the Norse mythology after so long,

「The character and setting's aren't halfbaked huh!」

I reconfirmed that once more.

Whether it's Odin or Thor, I don't even need to particularly "exaggerate" their character. Just writing them exactly like in their myth and they are already complete as character.

On top of that Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods has delicious enemy characters coming out in heaps.

Hyrm, Fenrir, Jormundgand.

The fire giant Surtr, Levateinn that in Japan became more famous as AS's name instead (This is a magic sword of Norse mythology), etc.

I had it really easy at the aspect of building character and setting (lol).

This time I occasionally wrote the world commentary within the story.

Thought like 『I saw something like this in Game of Thrones!』 or 『This is done at Lord of the Ring!』 came a lot.

Also, middle country=Middle Earth=Midgard in the tale of ring perhaps doesn't even need to be said anymore.

I write the glossary about Norse Mythology at Takedzuki Jou's Twitter this time too.

Those who are interested please peruse it.


Now then.

Presently the next volume is planned to be a return to Japan once more.

The stage most likely will be Kansai region. It seems that it will be a story completely about our main character and his fiancée.

I have the feeling that it will become a story in the direction of Nara and Asuka rather than Kyoto.

Actually I've been thinking to try using the region there as theme since some time ago.

……Well, perhaps I'll suddenly have a change of heart and settle down with Wakayama or even outside Japan altogether though…….

I'll be glad if we can meet again at the third volume.