Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 2

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Tonde Nara

(TN: Seems to be a reference to an old manga named Tonde Saitama)



「What unbelievable speed……」

Cassandra, sitting near the window inside Shinkansen she was gazing "outside" with sparkling eyes.

The princess of Troia had also finished experiencing airplane when she came to Japan. She had also boarded car and train several times. But, it seemed this time she was moved even more than before.

Surely it was before the scenery that was scrolling to the side with great speed.

Cassandra said to Ren who sat right beside her on the aisle seat.

「Ren-sama. This vehicle is also operated by human hand isn't it?」

「Yep. The driver's seat is at the front cart.」

「Is that so……. I wish to ask as reference but, how much the authority of us royalty of Troia is respected in this Japan……?」


Cassandra asked timidly. She was looking down with an embarrassed look.

Ren was troubled at how to answer. The princess continued speaking.

「No. I'm fully aware that this isn't my native country and also how this isn't a territory of my family. Even so if Ren-sama can kindly answer this selfish question of mine…….」

The daughter of a royal family lifted her face and turned her sparkling eyes toward the front cart.

Then, sitting right in front of Ren──on one side of the rotated seat for two people, Riona said 「Could it be」.

「Princess Cassandra, do you want to try entering Shinkansen's driver room?」

「Exactly as you said. And then, if it's possible then I want to try using this hand──to drive this vehicle that is like lightning no matter what!」

「A, a princess driving on her own?」

「Yes! This world is filled with vehicles that are unlike horse or chariot──they're all amazing vehicles. I can't hold back anymore!」

Cassandra finally exposed the inside of her heart passionately.

「No matter what kind of vehicle it is, controlling it with your own hand is the greatest pleasure!」

「Hahaha. I see now.」

Now that she mentioned it, Cassandra was also an expert of horse riding.

Ren laughed from learning the feeling of the princess.

「Then, let's have you try from scooter and car first soon. If it goes well, we will step up to train and plane after that!」

「Rokuhara-san, by try you mean-」

Riona questioned Ren who was making a positive statement.

「You wish to enroll her to the driving training institute with the arrangement like when making her a passport?」

Cassandra was of course an "other worlder".

She didn't have any earth identification. However, Ren and his group belong to the magic association Campiones that was old-established even in Europe.

And then Ren spoke carefreely this time too.

「It's alright. Even without going that far, I'm a friend with a landowner of really vast land. We will manage if I ask him to allow us to practice driving there.」

「My! I'm looking forward to it!」

「You're relying on others to fulfill your objectives like usual. As expected from you goshujin-sama.」

Riona spoke in sarcasm before staring at the train window from her aisle seat.

Shinkansen of Tokaido route that was heading from Tokyo to the west. Currently they were passing through Kanagawa area. They would approach Odawara and Atami soon.

「Well, it's great that Princess Cassandra is pleased with various things in Japan. Though personally I cannot come to like this Shinkansen at all……」

「Why is that?」

「Could it be Riona, you have vehicle sickness?」

「No. I only hate the Tokaido route. I don't have any like or dislike to the Shinkansen itself.」


Ren and Cassandra couldn't digest what she was trying to say and looked puzzled.

But, there was a person who laughed melodiously here. Actually──『a fourth person』 was also sitting on their seating place.

「Ahahahaha. Riona, you're still bothered by that matter?」

「Shut up Maki-san. It's an extremely important problem for me and people of Nara.」

Riona glared at her side with a face like she had bitten a sour grape.

At the second seat of the seat opposing Ren and Cassandra's side, a woman at the middle of her twenties was sitting near the window.

This morning, this acquaintance of Riona unexpectedly showed up in front of Ren and others at Tokyo Station──.

The girl who introduced herself as Seishuuin Maki was dressed casually.

With a clothing combination of beige coat, white shirt, and khaki wide pants, she didn't look like she was in the court service of a stiff workplace. Her atmosphere was also lenient and cheerful, rather she seemed closer to be a type of person like Rokuhara Ren.

She had short hair that didn't look cared for. She was wearing glasses with red frame.

And then, Seishuuin Maki made this kind of greeting to Ren and co.

『Nice to meet you everyone. Riona too, long time no see. I'm Seishuuin who came from the Institution of Divinities. I have position as Riona's superior and supervisor, let's get along.』

『I'm also her watcher assigned by the headquarter of Institution of Divinities.』

『You see~. I got instructed to drag Riona to the headquarters right away.』

『Also, I'm the one cleaning up the dispute last night──and also the one sent to apologize. It seemed that the Kumano group was doing as they pleased and caused some annoyance so……』

Like that right now, the "messenger from Institution of Divinities" Seishuuin Maki was cackling.

「Riona you see, she is sulking since long ago because Tokaido Shinkanse doesn't make any stop in Nara prefecture. Even though it's stopping at Tokyo and Osaka nearby, she said.」

「It's not a laughing matter. This is a reasonable anger!」

Riona heatedly argued.

「Whether it's Kyoto, Osaka, or Nara, all of them are in the same level at the aspect that they are『the greatest capital and the center of the country in the past』, and yet it's only Nara that is receiving an unreasonable discrimination!」

Toba Riona displayed an unexpected love for her hometown.

Come to think of it, she said it before this. That 『If I cut off my ties with the land of gods Japan, I might grow weaker spiritually』.

In that case, her ties with the hometown where she was born and raised in might be even stronger──.

「Ah, that's right.」

Ren recalled something and stared at Seishuuin Maki.

「Julio told me. He also has acquaintance in Japan, and if I remember right her name is Seishuuin-san.」

「Right on. You aren't wrong that it's me, Rokuhara-kun.」

Riona's superior was unreserved to the end.

「Julio's house and my Seishuuin house associated since the period of Meiji. Seishuuin is also an old house of sorcery similar like that guy.」

「Certainly, Julio is awfully knowledgeable about Japan.」

「Right? After all that guy had been an intelligent eccentric since the past. …….By the way, I'm also acquainted with this Riona since our childhood. We are cousins.」

「Oh my! Seishuuin-sama and Riona-sama are relatives then.」

Cassandra was surprised before nodding.

「Now that you mention it, the two of you have similar looks.」

「The little brother of my father left Seishuuin house and married into Toba house at Katsuragi. Us Seishuuin and Toba are both from the lineage of magic with long history but, to think that──an outstanding talent like Riona will come from there, it's something completely unthinkable. Our parents were all astonished it seemed.」

Seishuuin Makin smiled wryly here.

「By the way Rokuhara-kun. I talked with Julio the other day at phone and heard something strange.」

「What thing?」

「The space distortion phenomenon that is spreading throughout the world right now──the trump card in order to resolve it is you, Rokuhara Ren. He said something like that.」

Seishuuin Maki didn't even pay attention to the casual tone of the man below her age and spoke candidly.

Ren instinctually felt that she might be someone he could get along with while opening his mouth to answer. It was then.

「I will explain in detail about that matter later. More importantly Maki-san, I'll declare one thing right now.」

Riona smoothly cut in and she exchanged a glance.

Ren immediately reached out with his hand and took the hand of his reliable partner.

「Actually the two of us──」

「We are engaged♪ I will broach the topic to my parents and other relatives of Toba. Maki-san, please handle the Seishuuin house with a nice excuse.」

「I, I'm also begging you, Maki-sama!」

The two took each other's hand, smiled, and spoke in harmony.

The flustered Cassandra also put in her words for them. When it came to the topic about Ren and Riona's engagement, the princess of Troia would always become panicked like this.

On the other hand, having the sudden engagement declaration thrust toward her like this──

「You who not only are blind toward romance but only recognize all men as nothing more than stage prop and who live with the doctrine of myself first are engaged? Even though perhaps you still haven't even had your first love? Lies. It's physically impossible. This is going against the law of the universe.」

Seishuuin Maki was dumbfounded and blurted out really rude things.


The number of words that Seishuuin Maki spoke became few due to shock and bewilderment.

But, even so the Shinkansen kept moving. After arriving at Kyoto station, they got into a limousine that came to pick them up and traveled until Arashiyama at the outskirt.

And then, they passed through the temple gate of a building that looked like an old temple with long history──

「The, then, Rokuhara-kun and Cassandra-chan can wait here. I and Riona will meet with the elders at the other side……」

Ren and Cassandra were shown into a certain Japanese-style room.

And then, the cousin who was still under shock and Riona walked through a corridor with wooden floor, heading toward the depth of the building.

「So this is the headquarters of the Institution of Divinities.」

「It's my first time inside this kind of tasteful mansion! How mysterious. I can't believe that just wood and paper can be created to have this kind of solemn appearance!」

「It makes you want to look around for a bit isn't it?」

「Yes-. Let us look around!」

The Japanese and Troia person whose curiosity was simulated nodded to each other.

They were told to wait, but it wasn't like they had someone watching them or locked inside.



「Toba-kun, you were really taking your time to go home aren't you.」

One of the directors of Institution of Divinities spoke with a pigheaded tone.

「I understand your circumstance of arriving in Italia when returning from Sanctuary Troia. But, why did you stay for long at Spain after that?」

「That's right. Furthermore, you even ignored the return order from us.」

Even another directors were giving criticism.

But, Riona wasn't particularly agitated and replied easily.

「I heard that there was no emergency situation that needed me occurring in Japan. Since that was the case, I judged that I should slowly recover from my fatigue that was the result of preventing the destruction of Troia and stayed over there.」

They were in a spacious Japanese style room that could be used even for a banquet for dozens of people.

The old or past middle-aged male directors were sitting with their back facing the wall of this room. Their number was less than 10. There were some of them who were wearing business suit, but the majority was wearing Japanese clothes.

The majority of the directors were sitting cross-legged.

Riona who was facing them was sitting in proper seiza posture.

However, her expression and wording were insolent to the end. Also, without even looking Seishuuin Maki who was sitting diagonally behind her was clearly making an expression that said 『good grief』──.

The old directors were all making face that contained dissatisfaction somewhere inside.

「However it shouldn't be your role to make such decision!」

「Certainly you might be the host of Yatagarasu. But in the end Toba house is still a member of the Institution of Divinities. It will be your family and relatives who will pay the price of your conceit you know?」

The dissatisfaction and intimidation toward Toba Riona spilled out.

But Riona didn't care. Until now Riona would give a bit more thoughtfulness to let the old people kept their honor at this kind of time.

It was because grudge would remain if she had an all-out confrontation with them, and on top of that it would tire her pointlessly.

However this time she had consulted with Julio and decided──.

『In consideration for the future, I want to snap their heart completely into two.』

The leader of Campiones association told her before she returned back to Japan.

『What I want to first ask from Riona is to take the role to read loudly the speech of duel. In accordance with the style of our Blandelli house, do it elegantly and provocatively. But despite all that don't speak any ill will clearly, present it to the old men beautifully wrapped in a feeling of reluctance──』

『……In other words you're telling me to pick a fight with hypocritical courtesy to them?』

『That's an inelegant phrase, but it's something like that. As you know, we will have our demon king to settle everything at the end. You just fan up the old men's hostility as you please.』

The plan had been given the stamp of approval by the strategist, so Riona spoke without reservation.

「I also prevented the destruction of Sanctuary Midgard at Spain.」

She didn't only use words, but also glared at the old men with her gaze.

「The mythological worlds connected with this earth──in the slightest chance that destruction occurred to them, it will also affect our world gravely……. It's a hypothesis that has been advocated since some time ago. I was convinced that the theory is correct throughout my mission in Troia. I have also submitted the report regarding that but, have everyone take a look at it?」

Astonishingly, a part of the directors casually averted their gaze.

The document that Riona sent through internet during her stay in Valencia. Perhaps they only listened about the summary from her supervisor Maki at best. But, surely they weren't reading the document directly.

Although, it seemed there was also someone who wasn't like that.

「Well, certainly, the report is quite persuasive. However, Toba-kun.」

A director with a stern face said.

「The destruction of mythological world will have an impact at our earth──. In the first place there is no data that can become its basis. Besides, there is a definitely strange point in your report you know?」

「What could that be I wonder?」

「It seemed that you interfered with the Trojan War and confronted the chief god Zeus, the sea god Poseidon, and even Athena. Even if you are the reincarnation of Yatagarasu, confronting gods of their level and protected the city of Troia till the end──there is no way you can do something like that!」

「I've also written in the report regarding that.」

Riona smiled coldly with the haughtiness of a queen.

「It was only possible because of the assistance of Rokuhara Ren, the Japanese person who was dispatched by Campiones association.」

「Is that man──a practicioner so skilled that he can make a mission that is difficult even for you Toba Riona to succeed? We the Institution of Divinities possess the data of all magicians and people with spiritual power from every school and clan that encompass the whole Japan. But the name or family of a person called Rokuhara Ren isn't written in it.」

「But of course. After all far from being a magician, that person isn't even related with our business circles.」

Riona intentionally didn't write about the information of godslayer in her report.

In order to use it later as explosive to set out a great explosion or perhaps leaving it to be accidentally discharged.

By the way, she had also already written the report about the 『second』 who she encountered at Midgard and the detail of Ragnarok. She was only waiting for the time to present it──.

「Then, does he possess some kind of spiritual ability from his birth? Just like you or your little sister?」

「No. He doesn't have that kind of power at the slightest.」

Even when she was hounded with question, Riona gave them the slip 『elegantly and provocatively』.

「He is a person with amazingly high physical ability and quick witted but, well, his birth and growth were completely that of a normal human. ……Ah, that's right. This is a private matter so I didn't write it in the report, but Rokuhara-san and I am engaged just to let you know.」


「Don't speak nonsense!? You who are descended from Toba and Seishuuin mixing your blood with an ordinary person of doubtful origin, that's not something that can be allowed!」

The directors were becoming heated up all at once. Their reaction was just as planned.

It was considered that blood had a great part in the talent to manipulate magic and sorcery. The possibility of an outstanding talent being born from a family who wasn't from that field wasn't zero, but it was still startlingly low.

『Combining』 bloodline that was related with mystique from both father and mother's sides was──desirable.

That was why the Institutes of Divinities frequently interfered with the marriage of sorcery clan and high ranked practicioner. They would say things like you should cancel that marriage, you should divorce from now on, etc.

It was an old-fashioned organization that was unbecoming for a modern nation of the 21st century.


And then just as expected from a long time ago, the old directors were absurdly and inhumanely enraged in regard to the marriage of Toba Riona with their ulterior motive showing──.

Riona was glaring fixedly at the faces of the clamoring old men.

Then unexpectedly one director cleared his throat.

「Everyone, let's take a slight break. Pardon me.」

He stood up from his seat and exited the room. Several directors followed after him.

The verbal attacks toward her were quickly suspended. Riona muttered with a small voice.

「……I thougth they would nag at me more insistently.」

「……Riona. You didn't notice?」

Her cousin behind her whispered the answer to her.

A supervisor appointed by the headquarter of Institution of Divinities who supervised Toba Riona, Seishuuin Maki──. When Riona turned around, Maki was staring at her with an admiring gaze.

「……Those eyes. Since when the seal of your ability was undone!?」


Riona's eyes were shining blue without her noticing it.

A resplendence like sapphire was dwelling in her eyes. It was the proof that Toba Riona──had her full might as the golden sacred bird Yatagarasu liberated after obtaining permission from her master.

Just like when she was with the prefectural governor of Hyogo in Kobe her temporary master.

But, it wasn't like she was given permission from Rokuhara Ren at this time.

Since she exchanged the Contract of Wings with him, Riona became able to liberate her own ability freely even without especially receiving permission. He was a goshujin-sama with a lot of flaws, but a petty person who feared rebellion from his retainer and thus he limited their ability──he was not.

「It seems that my eyes are too radiant for the elderly isn't it.」

「Your intensity since you started picking a fight was amazing. Honestly, even I who had known you for long was also overwhelmed……. Surely the director gramps also felt the same……」

「Fufu-. Then let's slowly drive them to the corner today without any hurry.」

Riona smiled in satisfaction.

The commander-in-chief of Campiones association, Julio Blandelli.

He had business so his departure was delayed, but he was scheduled to arrive in Japan too tonight. After that was to observe when to play the trump card called 《godslayer Rokuhara Ren》.


Now then, as for Rokuhara Ren who took Cassandra with him and left the waiting room.

The headquarters of the Institutes of Divinities was in the end an old temple, so it wasn't a novel place by all means.

Of course, the profound and solemn atmosphere, the well maintained traditional Japanese garden and the like were magnificent. They were worth seeing. Even the Troia princess Cassandra who was accompanying him.

「It's my first time seeing this kind of place!」

Her eyes shined many times in excitement.

However, Ren went to Kyoto both when he was at middle school and high school for his school trip.

The memories of those trips were still fresh in his mind, following that he was unable to feel moved with a superficial temple──. But there was no other place to see at this Institutes of Divinities.

「Hey Cassandra. Don't you feel a bit ticklish when staying in this room?」

「It must be the magic of security that is applied here. It grants the curse of death to the person stepping inside. I believe it's a spell to stop the heart.」

「Oh. The wall over here, there is something like a ghost at the corner……」

「Ren-sama. Surely it's the guardian spirit here.」

Cassandra gave detailed explanation to the surprised Rokuhara Ren.

As expected from a former priestess and prophet of a mythological world. She could even perceive the sorcery of foreign country Japan with a glance.

However, the two of them didn't have any air of nervousness at all.

「Ahahaha. My hand got stung just from touching the door.」

「It must be a sorcery of sealing without a doubt. Surely it's a preparation to hit the intruder with electricity and burn them to death.

「Hmm. This stinging sensation, it feels really pleasant though.」

「Then, allow me too……oh my, it's true! Fufufufu, it's a pleasant stimulation!」

No matter what kind of protection magic, it didn't bring any harm to the two of them.

It went without saying for the godslayer Rokuhara Ren. And then, Cassandra who was a royalty from legend was also endowed with extremely powerful resistance against magic.

Thus, there wasn't anything bad occurring to them.

The two of them were carefreely inspecting the building. It was an interesting experience in itself but,

「It's gradually becoming a nuisance.」

「Yes. Besides it's mysterious. If this is the place that governs over the country's sorcery, then it will be better to strengthen the protection here to be more solid……」

「As expected, there isn't that many people at Riona's level, perhaps.」

Ren felt the greatness of his fiancée once more while exchanging nod with Cassandra.

「This attraction, perhaps it'll be better if there isn't any more of it soon.」

「I'm feeling the same Ren-sama.」

The two of them displayed a feeling dissatisfaction. It was then.

*Prang!* It felt like "something" brittle like a glass was smashed up.

Since then they weren't obstructed by any kind of magical defense anymore and they became able to loiter leisurely inside the wooden structure.

「Suddenly it became smooth.」

「It because Ren-sama thought『it's better if there isn't anymore of it』.」

「Eh? Just because of that?」

「Yes. Any godslayer possess a body that is difficult to be affected by mystical force or magic. Not only their body deflect back the hex that come down on them──it's so strong that it can even negate any inconvenient spell that exist nearby.」


When Cassandra pointed that out, Ren remembered.

「That's right. When I was dragged into the sea by that uncle Poseidon too, I was able to escape by doing something like that.」

「It's possible to do that even against the authority of god.」

The former priestess who served the sun god Apollo in the past said that solemnly.

「To say nothing of mere charm that human applied, it's like a cotton being blown by wind. As expected from Ren-sama, you're truly a warrior who slain the gods.」

「Stop that Cassandra. Don't strangely lionize the like of me like that.」

「Fufufu. But, I'm only saying the truth.」

The two of them were having friendly chat genially.

Their surrounding was gradually getting noisy. While they were touring the headquarter of Institutes of Divinities, they didn't encounter anyone whether it was in the corridor or inside the rooms. It was a place that was filled with only tranquil space. But suddenly several people came running with noisy footsteps from deeper inside──

「The barriers of the headquarter are all down!」

「Don't tell me it's an attack from outside!?」

「Impossible. Who in the world will attack the headquarter of the Institutes of Divinities of all place!?」

They must be the "staffs" of the Institutes of Divinities.

People wearing Japanese clothes that looked like Shinto priest, people with attire of monk, and then people dressed in business suit. More than ten of them were going around here and there in great panic.

It seemed they were checking the protection magic that was applied inside the temple.

And then naturally one of them were looking questioningly at Ren and Cassandra who were "outsiders" with gaze of suspicion. He approached them.

「I want to ask you two several questions──」

「Wait a second. Those two are my guests.」

A voice stopped him just before the two of them were interrogated.

Looking closer, an old woman with small stature was also approaching this way. She was dressed in kimono. Her elegant light purple kimono was matched with a kimono sash in beige color.

The old lady spoke cheerfully.

「This young gentleman you see, he is the son of my second cousin. The young lady there is……the daughter of my second cousin. This place is big, so they got completely lost.」

「The, then they're Hinako-sama's relatives……?」

The staffs were obviously suspecting them. Putting aside Ren, calling even Cassandra who had silver hair and green eyes as relative was suspicious as expected. However.

「Yes. That's right. That's why it's alright isn't it?」

The old lady smiled brightly like a child and forcefully dodged the question.

She was a woman with upright refinement and beauty that was suitable for her age.

Surely she was a beauty who made anyone to turn around toward her in the past──. Ren was convinced of that, while Cassandra was looking puzzled. The old lady mischievously winked at the two of them.

「Come come. Both of you, please come to my room quickly. I'll prepare some tea and sweets right away!」



「In the end……」

Riona spoke inside a rented car with driver.

「Thanks to the commotion that Rokuhara-san caused, the meeting today got discontinued.」

「Did I do a slightly bad thing I wonder?」

「It's not a problem at all. It was called a meeting but that was only the pretext, in reality it was only a gathering to bully me.」

Unlike Ren who was feeling a bit sympathetic, Riona was looking pleased.

It was evening. They headed south from Kyoto prefecture's Arashiyama toward the direction of Nara.

Ren was sitting on the assistant driver's seat. Cassandra and Riona were sitting at the back seat. By the way the driver who was holding the wheel actually had a "charm" stuck on his uniform's abdomen.

And then, the princess of Troia timidly asked.

「Riona-sama. If it's alright, then please allow me to try driving too……」

「I respect the princess's attitude that ready to take challenge, but let's refrain from driving on the public road without any training beforehand. Please leave the driving to my shikigami for today.

「My. That's truly unfortunate.」

The mister driver who looked like human from the side was actually a shikigami that was produced by the onmyouji Toba Riona. Yes. Previously Ren's fiancée had shown how she changed even a military helicopter into her servant that was able to drive automatically by inserting a formula into it.

Riona spoke while the car was heading to her home town Nara with the power of onmyouji.

「And after that Rokuhara-san and Princess Cassandra were together with Hinako-sama?」

「Ah, that person. Certainly she was called by that name.」

「Does Riona-sama also know her?」

「No, it will be bad if I don't know her. After all she is someone who is the equivalent of the boss of the Institution of Divinities. Her position is like Julio in Campiones.」

「Hee, that's surprising!」

「Yes-. She was a really kind grandmother. She prepared a lot of sweet confections, I would never think that she is the leader of the people who are treating Riona-sama coldly!」

「She didn't introduce herself as a big shot to us.」

「Although I called her the boss but it's only outwardly, just in name. She doesn't hold any real power.」

Riona shrugged.

「Takatsukasa Hinako-sama. She is a princess from a really esteemed bloodline. She has carried out the role of《princess shrine maiden》 for many years.」

「What is princess shrine maiden?」

「Only a maiden who was born from a clan of sorcery with pedigree, furthermore one who was born with excellent spiritual power can be entrusted with that duty. She is a special shrine maiden who spiritually safeguarded the whole Japan. If I remember correctly there is only five or six of them in total within the whole country……」

Ren was impressed hearing that explanation.

「So she is an amazing person huh.」

「Yes. In the past I was also asked to take the post, but it's not in my character to be something like a shrine maiden so I refused. In exchange the offer came to my little sister though.」

「My. So Riona-sama has a little sister!?」

「I actually have one. My little sister, it might be biased for me as her big sister to say it but, she has a slightly interesting ability. But her personality is like that, so she isn't suited to be shrine maiden just as I thought.」

「What kind of girl she is?」

「You'll understand if you meet her. We'll arrive at Toba family's home soon.」

The girl who would become his sister-in-law one day. Riona told Ren who was getting interested.


They arrived at Nara prefecture's Ikoma city after driving for around an hour from Arashiyama.

For a commuter town that was near to Kyoto and Osaka, it was blessed by nature and had a lot of greenery. Living here also wouldn't be inconvenient if they used car for daily shopping.

And then, the house of Riona that was also the great landowner here was vast.

It was a Japanese mansion where several families could live together in it. Family and followers also often came uninvited, so this size was necessary.

They could see the sacred mountain Ikoma Mountain from the courtyard.

Located at the prefectural border of Nara and Osaka, from time immemorial it became a stage of myth.

The mountain was the stronghold of Nagasunehiko who was hostile toward Emperor Jinmu aka Kamuyamato Iwarebiko, as well as the founder of Shugendo, En no Gyouja aka En no Ozunu.

Riona spoke frankly inside a Japanese-style room of this splendid mansion.

「And so Tou-san, Kaa-san. Just as I reported in the phone, this person is my fiancée Rokuhara Ren-san. He doesn't come from a lineage of sorcery, but he is affiliated with Europe's association so there won't be any problem to have business talk with him. And then this person is Cassandra. I will talk about the detail little by little but, she is a princess who I brought here from a mythological world and an otherworlder. The two of them will stay for a while in our house.」

Her speech was a really smooth one.

The information report was done around a rosewood table. Rokuhara Ren, Riona, and Cassandra were sitting side by side, while the parents were sitting in front of them.

The mother, Toba Yutori muttered in a daze.

「No way, Riona-chan……. To decide an engagement without even consulting us, there is a limit even in being absurd……」(TN: She is speaking in local accent in the raw)

She had slim body style that was similar with her daughter Riona.

But, she appeared to have gentle personality and soft expression. The mother spoke.

「It's not just your father and mother-. When it come to the marriage of Riona-chan who is the head of onmyoudou Toba clan, we have to talk it out ca~refully with everyone of the clan and the Institution of Divinities. We don't know what kind of complains they will bring up at the future like this-」

「It's fine, regarding the Institution of Divinities I'll talk directly with them.」

Riona brushed aside her mother's objection.

「The annoying elders of Toba clan has been under my control since a long time ago. Since I succeeded the family headship at thirteen, I showed them the difference in caliber at every opportunity, won them over, and tamed them. If there is still elder who want to say something even then, I'll shut them up with force. No problem.」

「Is that so? Well if Riona-chan say that, then that might be the case……」

At the beginning the mother was the leader who managed the Toba clan.

Sometimes the father who married into the family would substitute for that role.

But, putting aside the parents' mystical force, they had a personality that was extremely detached from the worldly sense.

Riona who was like a selfish queen but blessed with talent and also overflowing with ambition should become the young head──. When she answered the expectation of her surrounding, the new leader was born.

And then just as expected, the mother was easily convinced even toward the sudden engagement.

Then what about the father──Toba Fumihiko?

「Riona. Since the time your mother turned over the headship to you, father thought that you are already an adult. If this is something that you decided, then I won't say anything. You can go forth through the path that you believe in.」

The father who was thin and wearing glasses, Fumihiko spoke with an air like an understanding parent.

However, the father also added something like this.

「But more importantly. Father recently thought of a new idea called 『Yamataikoku was at north-east Iwate』. I want to finish writing it this year, so can you help me with sorting the data?」

「Tou-san. If you don't hold back with your suspicious work, you will get expulsed from the scientific society soon you know?」

He was more or less a young man who was born from Seishuuin house that was a noted family of sorcery in Japan.

But, he had no intention to make use of the techniques he learned, left his parents' house in Chichibu, and married into this family.

Currently he was taking a teaching job in an university at Kyoto, while on the side he was secretly pouring his effort in a work as writer that was writing absurd historical story with suspicious authenticity……..

Anyway Riona finished her report to her parents.

「And so, my parents are alright with it.」

「Hahaha. It's great that your father and mother seem like people who I can get along with. I'm Rokuhara Ren. Please treat me well from now on.」

「Not at all, we should be the one saying that. To think that Riona-chan is able to get boyfriend like this.」

「Riona was strict toward boys since the past after all……. In kindergarten she would say 『Become horse for me to get on』. At the elementary school she said 『If you're going to apologize then kneel down and pay me back a hundred times』. At the middle school she finally went 『Heaven and earth are centered around me』……」

「So she is already acting like a queen since she was that small?」

「Yep. She doesn't resemble me or her mother. By the way Rokuhara-kun. The idea of 『The stage of King Arthur legend was at the northeast of Japan』 that I have been visioning for so many years, what do you think? I think that the idea is really good though……」

「That seems like an interesting story. Please let me hear about it if you like.」

「Eh, is that alright? Then right away. No, the start of it was from 『Tsugaru Soto Sangunshi』. Do you know, frankly speaking it's a really dubious history book see……」

Her fiancée goshujin-sama knew how to go with the flow just as expected.

He would become friend with strange right away and then casually "begged" them for things. The origin of that special skill which was his slickness was demonstrated fully, He was easily starting to hit it off with her parents.

Princess Cassandra gave that a sidelong glance and muttered.

「Excuse me, Riona-sama. If I'm not mistaken, you also have a little sister aren't you?」

「I'm calling her right now. ……Shikigami, come to me.」

Riona folded a Japanese paper into human shape on the table.

*Hyoko-*. The improvised paper doll stood straight on two legs.

「Go to where Fumika is and tell her this, 『If you don't come to Onee-sama's place right away, then I won't give you the new work I procured in Ikebukuro』.」

「Riona, you also went to Ikebukuro at Tokyo?」

「Yes. I went for a bit while you two were at Skytree.」

「What kind of place this area called Ikebukuro is?」

「The road that girl liked is there. The road where the depraved maiden gathered……」

The room's paper sliding door was opened.

The paper human doll was walking with bobbing footsteps to outside.

They waited for several minutes. *Bata bata bata*. The sound of running footsteps could be heard from the corridor with wooden floor.

「O, Onee-chan, welcome back……. Tho, those people are guests……?」

She was the second daughter of Toba House, Fumika.

Her black hair was grown until her shoulder. She was fifteen years old. She was wearing a middle school uniform.

She didn't enter the room. She was hiding in the shadow of the half opened paper sliding door while peeking at their way.

She was extremely shy toward strangers, so to speak she had difficulty in communication.

In addition she was culturally corrupted, a rotten maiden who loved overripeness more than anything──. She should also have a path to make use of her beauty that was inherited from her mother and Riona, but at this rate her best bet might be in being 『princess of otaku circle』…….

Anyhow, Riona spoke to her little sister.

「This is my fiancée, and a friend. Greet them.」

「Eh!? Onee-chan whose romance qualities are zero is engaged!? Lies, if that's true then, the last day of earth will soon arrive!」

The little sister Fumika was astounded and blurted out.

It wasn't a joke or frivolous talk, but a comment that appeared to be the feeling at the bottom of her heart.



That night, the dinner of Toba House was a feast.

The main dish was Asuka hot pot. It was a famous hot pot cooking using milk and chicken bone as the soup stock. It used local vegetables and meat of Yamato local chicken. In addition, there was also karaage using the same chicken meat.

Beef shigureni using Yamato beef, vegetables pickled in sake lees as entremets, etc. Colorful local cuisines were served.

It was Ren's fiancée who requested them.

「Yep. The kakinoha sushi that I eat after so long is really delicious.」

「But Riona-chan. Tonight we also have the 『Elegant boiled tofu set』 bought from Kyoto's Takashiroya and Hanaore's mackerel sushi you know?」

「Father like the mackerel sushi.」

「This is the celebratory dinner for your daughter who returned from abroad after so long, furthermore it's also a betrothal celebration! Please don't serve something like Kyoto's specialty in this occasion!」

「But, Onee-chan's school is also at Kyoto……」

「My place of work is also there.」

「I enrolled at Kyoto reluctantly in order to be able to do my work for the Institution of Divinities and my studies at the same time. I didn't choose Kyoto because I liked it. So to speak it was a bitter choice. I've told all of you so many times.」

「Ren-sama. Kyoto was the city we visited before this wasn't it?」

Cassandra was delightfully watching over the family conversation while asking.

「It was a place with beautiful appearance.」

「Yep. Looks like Riona hate it for some reason though. I too had gone there twice for my school trips.」

「There is a deep reason behind it, Princess Cassandra……. Then let me ask Rokuhara-san. Have you ever travel to Nara before?」

「Hmmm, never I think.」

Ren searched his memory and answered.

「At my school, when we got to choose whether to go to Kyoto or Nara for the school trip, I was fine with going to Nara, but the people at my group all said they prefer Kyoto.」

「It's that, the root of all evils!」

*Bam-*. Riona struck the rosewood table and strongly appealed.

「The tendency for people to think that Kyoto is the only ancient city──it certainly exist! Even Nara has Todaiji Temple in it, it also has Houryuu Temple. There is even Yakushi Temple, and also Koufuku Temple!」

'There are only temples huh.' Although Ren thought that, he very carefully didn't mention it out loud.

His instinct was working. Perhaps saying that would be no good.

「In addition, when Nara's tourism association created a commercial for advertising, people who watched it will make unenlightened comments like 『Ain't this a plagiarism of Kyoto tourism』 or 『Eh, this isn't commercial for Kyoto?』 and the like! Especially people at Kanto region!」

「Aaah. I might have seen that commercial before.」

Ren nodded. There Riona's father Mr. Fumihiko started talking.

「By the way Rokuhara-kun, do you want to go to my study after this? I want you to read the draft of 『Japan's capital in Jomon period was Mt. Fuji』 that I'm writing right now. If Cassandra-san like you can come too.」

「Hee, that sounds interesting!」

「If Ren-sama is going, then I'll also come along!」

「Wait a second Tou-san, please don't interrupt my talk.」

Like this the dining table of Toba House was lively.

It was Riona who talked the most. Next was the father (however, a lot of the time he would divert the topic to a completely different direction). The mother Yutori-san would smile gently while making interjection sometimes.

And then──Ren glanced at the girl who was the youngest here.

Their gazes met, so he smiled with a friendly look.

Seeing that, Toba Fumika immediately looked down in panic. When she did that, because her front hair was long her eyes were hidden. Certainly, she had fear of strangers.

She was dainty with well-featured face like Riona, but she seemed to be really timid.


「In the end, Fumika-chan didn't talk even once.」

「I think it'll be hard to connect with that girl even with Rokuhara-san's communication power.」

Riona commented at Ren's muttering.

As to be expected from the great landowner, the garden of Toba House was vast and had nice display on top of it. The trees that were thoroughly cared for were growing well like an orchard from somewhere. The two of them were alone at a corner of the garden.

It was late at night past midnight. The other residents of the house should have fallen asleep already since a long time ago.

「Well, there is no point in getting impatient when dealing with that kind of girl.」

Ren made a thumb up at his fiancée.

「She is my future little sister, so I'm going to slowly get to know her.」

「It will help if Rokuhara-san can do so. Even so──」

Suddenly Riona averted her gaze.

She looked up to the majestic appearance of Ikoma Mountain from the garden.

「Perhaps because of my return……the spirits of the deceased at the mountain are getting noisy.」

「Spirits of the deceased? What's that?」

「Like evil spirits of river and mountain, tree spirit, crude spirit, ghost. That kind of things. My, Toba Riona's true nature is "spirit of sun" after all. My status is like the boss of that kind of bunch.」

「So they're happy because their boss came back?」

「Exactly like that. Well, let's just ignore them. They will only make human with sharp spiritual sense feel anxious at best, there shouldn't be almost any real harm from it.」

Almost. Then, what kind of exception case there was?

However, Ren noticed. Before he knew it Riona was staring still at him. Her eyes were like a hunter who was targeting a prey.

Ren smiled at his partner of betrothal that was formed from profit and loss calculation.

「Could it be Riona, you're feeling the usual?」

「Eh!? Ple, please don't misunderstand. It's not like I want Rokuhara-san's power or anything.」

「Ah, as I thougth.」

「I, I told you that's not it!」

「Yep. But, that means yes isn't it?」


Riona turned bright red and fell silent. She averted her eyes.

It seemed it was just as he imagined. The Contract of Wings they exchanged at Sanctuary Midgard. Since then, Riona sometimes would be driven by an impulse to forcefully plunder the power of her "goshujin-sama" and attacked him at night──.

Surely this night she was also like that. Ren spoke cheerfully.

「How about we hug if you like? Perhaps Riona's feeling will also settle down with that.」

「Thi, this is my house! My parents and little sister are also here, so I can't do something like that!」

「Surely everyone is sleeping. No one will see.」

「……That's, well, that's true but」

Riona who was usually acting like a queen. However right now there was shame in her eyes.

And then, she slowly got closer while shuffling her feet bit by bit toward Rokuhara Ren──.

「I, I'll say this first but, it'll be just a hug.」

「Of course.」

「I won't tolerate taking any advantage during the confusion to do "anything else" like the other day. We'll only hug each other tightly, so……」

Riona muttered that while closing the distance.

But, her moist eyes were filled with passionate light. It even looked like she was going into a rampage──at that time.

*BUooooooooooN-!* An exhaust sound came into haering.

Even though it was night, the sound came from inside the ground of Toba House──from the garage.

「!? It's Fumika, surely!」

「That girl? Why!?」

Riona gasped and started running. Ren also followed right behind her.

Like a house at countryside, the garage had two cars inside it. One car was an unfashionable white sedan that really looked like a family car. The second car was a red compact car, made in abroad──it was a stylishly designed and most likely it was made in Italia.

And then, the red car suddenly took off!

At that timing the car almost run over Ren and Riona to death when they came running there!

「Riona, watch out!」


*DON!* Rokuhara Ren strongly pushed away his fiancée.

Riona weighed lightly with her slimness. She was able to get away from the car's course with that.

But, Ren was still on the course of the rampaging car. And then it was certainly Fumika who was on the driver's seat. She performed a terrific start dash with driving skill that was unthinkable from a middle school student──.

……Ren used Nemesis's authority.

Compared to the gods and heroes he faced until now, the car was like a slowpoke.

Ren jumped away with composure and lightly dodged the charging car. If this authority was in activation, then even any kind of super speed could be easily seen through!


Ren lightly jumped and he didn't just dodge the car.

Toba Fumika was holding the wheel with a blank look──he ascertained her figure, in addition within an instant he was also grasping that all the windows of the car were fully opened.

The gap was terribly narrow. But if he was using the agility of Goddess Nemesis, he could do it──

With a swish Ren leaped into the window of the assistant driver seat using body movements that were like a panther.

「Wha, what're you planning, Rokuhara-san!?」

His fiancée's voice yelled from outside the car.




Fumika stepped on the gas and accelerated the car.

Her eyes were blank. Expressionless. She was only staring at where the car was going. She didn't even glance at Ren who suddenly leaped into the seat beside her.

*Gouuuuuu! Gouuuuuu!*

Inside the car, wind was blowing in strongly from the opened windows.


There was no reply. Fumika was wordlessly moving the wheel and stepped on the gas.

The red Italian car was charging through the night road, it was rapidly running on one side of the highway with two traffic lanes. Before he knew it trees were growing at the roadsides. The car was lightly climbing a mountain road.

It seemed that she was planning to cross the Ikoma Mountain.

The car passed through several curves with beautiful cornering.

Sometimes the car would even perform brilliant drift that swung around the car's body that the back of the car split through the centerline of the road. Even though she wasn't at the age that could take driving license, her driving technique was amazing. Ren groaned at its magnificence.

「Fumika-chan. Could it be you were taking on mountain pass to make delivery for the tofu seller!?」

Strong wind blew in noisily from the opened windows.

Ren raised his voice so that the wind wouldn't drown it, but Fumika didn't react as expected.

She didn't even send any glance at Ren beside her. She was focusing only at the front that was illuminated by light. Just what was going on with this girl who would become his sister-in-law one day?


Toba Riona's voice suddenly came into his ear. That was right. She and Ren could communicate with their mind even at distance using the Contract of Wings.

「Just what's going on with your little sis!?」

『She is possessed. Surely it is by something among the spirits of the deceased I mentioned.』

「Eh? If I remember right you mentioned evil spirits of rivers and mountains, tree spirit, rough spirit, and what was it again?」

『It's ghost. I think that perhaps it's the soul of a street racer who died in accident from going too fast when taking on the mountain pass of Ikoma. There were many cars around here in the past that got into such accident.』

「Now that you mention it, I think I once heard from somewhere that Nara's Ikoma Mountain is a haunted place……」

『Actually there is also a lot of that kind of things here.』

「I seeee」

『And, just like how I am the reincarnation of Yatagarasu aka Kamo Taketsunumi no Mikoto──my little sister too is actually the incarnation of Tamayori Hime no Mikoto, someone with spiritual power related to Kamo clan.』

「Is that someone who is easy to get possessed by spirit?」

『Correct. Tama refer to mitama, spirit of deceased person. Than the "yori" come from the word "yoru", which mean the spirit is dwelling in that body. She is a shrine maiden who contain divine spirit in her body.』

Hearing that, Ren looked toward Fumika once more.

Hazy gaze, expression that was like a husk. However her handling on the wheel and shift lever was quick, and her whole body was wrapped in atmosphere that would only come from someone who had accumulated practices──.

She must be in a trance state due to the possession.

「Fumika-chan, is she often getting like this?」

『No. It will be a hindrance at her daily life if that's the case, so we made her to accumulate training moderately so that she become able to control her ability. We whipped up this lazy child.』


『Yes. She is fundamentally a girl who doesn't want to do any strict training. Recently she must be using the chance of my absence to watch anime or her heap of treasured video nonstop until late at night with no one to supervise her. Because her stamina is down due to her lack of sleep, she got taken over by a mere rough spirit like this!』

「Hahahaha, so she is that kind of girl.」

Ren smiled wryly and changed the subject.

「Anyway, it will be bad if we don't stop the car soon isn't it?」

『Most likely. That spirit, it most likely possess a driver running on the mountain pass and make them get into accident──it's a really unpleasant type.』

「If I'm alone then I'll somehow make it but, if Fumika-chan is together with me like this……」

Opening the door of the running car and jumped outside.

Normal people would be seriously wounded or died. However Ren had the agility of Goddess Nemesis. If he was thrown out to the ground or road, just before he collided he could activate his ability──

He would be able to easily land with the agility and speed like lightning.

However, he was unable to jump out while carrying Fumika.

Just as Riona saw through at Sanctuary Midgard, it would be a dangerous act where 『how far he jumped the future would be unpredictable』.

For now──Ren shook Fumika's right shoulder.

「Fumika-chan. Fumika-chan.」

「Eh……huh? Ro, Rokuhara-san, isn't it……?」

Fortunately Fumika returned to her senses.

Ren smiled at his sister-in-law who was staring in wonder at him.

「Yep. But, I won't mind if you call me Onii-chan you know?」

「Ye, yes, Onii-san. But why are we riding on a car──wait, KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!? Why am I driving!?」

Fumika recovered her consciousness and went into panic.

But, her limbs even now were skillfully driving the car with the movement of a skilled driver.

「It seems you are getting possessed by a bad spirit. Could it be, it's still inside Fumika-chan?」

「I, it's inside-. Ah, no good, I can't chase it out-. Wha-wha-wha-what to do, at this rate we might die from accident. If Onee-chan know this I'll be called a novice and get scoldeeed~!」

『Onee-sama already learn it since the beginning. I am really angry here……』

Fumika lamented her limbs that couldn't move freely and became half-tearful.

On the other hand, Riona whispered with a voice that was sent only to Ren.

『Rokuhara-san. I'm pursuing the car too right now. I'll exorcise the spirit as soon as I catch up, so please wait.』

「Ah it's fine. I can manage somehow by myself, I think.」


The voices from Fumika at the driver's seat and Riona were surprised.

But, there was no time to waste for explaining. Ren told the "other fellow passenger".

「Stella. I want you to lend my your power.」

「Yes yes. You got dragged into something strange aren't you, Ren.」

On the lap of Ren who was sitting at the assistant driver's seat, a small goddess with the height of 30 cm appeared.

Stella aka the goddess of love Aphrodite. He had a communion of mind with mind with her who could be said as his other self. Stella seemed to guess Ren's intention without needing explanation and nodded briskly to him.

In contrast, Fumika who was driving opened her eyes wide.

「EEEEEH!? That person, is she shikigami or fairy──no, could she be a god, or something!?」

「To actually realize that, even rotten you are still that bird girl's little sister it seems.」

「Rot──!? I, it's amazing that I was seen through so deeply like that-」

「? Well it doesn't matter. Girl, I'll recognize you as a shrine maiden of moderate capability, I shall allow you to be my frie……no, appoint you as one of my attendants. Now offer me something useful to show your gratitude.」

The belt of Stella who declared haughtily shined in rose color.

It was Rokuhara Ren's second authority, the Circle of Friendship. Usually this was when she would pester a god for present, but this time she was facing a human. She told her to offer her something.

「U……useful thing, like what?」

Ren smiled at the bewildered Fumika.

「She mean the cause that drove you into this situation. Give that thing to me.」


Fumika still didn't know about Rokuhara Ren's authority.

However, it seemed she had become unable to care about the details under this extreme situation. The moment Ren's hand was placed on her right shoulder, she tightly closed her eyes and focused her mind.


Ren nodded.

Several sentiments were flowing into him.

A wish to pursue speed. A wish to take on the mountain. A wish to make someone else to experience the same thing like him. However, sentiments of this degree wouldn't be able to rule over Rokuhara Ren who was a godslayer.

Ren instantly subdued the spirit before immediately moving toward Fumika.

「It'll be a bit cramped, but endure it slightly!」

「I, I'm fine!」

Ren pushed Fumika toward the driver seat's door and grasped the steering wheel.

The evil spirit had nasty characteristic but it at least had splendid driving technique──that technique now belonged to Rokuhara Ren temporarily.

A sharp curve that was forming an "U" shape was coming at that timing.

The car passed the curve through an ideal track of out-in-out smoothly.

And then he slowly decreased the speed and stopped the car on the shoulder of the road──.

「Uuuu……we're saved……」

「Are you alright, Fumika-chan?」

「Ye, yes, Onii-san……」

「Wait a second, little girl! What is your intention hugging Ren amidst the confusion!?」

Stella raised the corner of her eyes on the assistant driver's seat.

Fumika who had exhausted her vigor and perseverance leaned on Ren wearily. She placed her whole weight on him. If he remembered correctly he heard that she was at the third year of her middle school. However compared to her slim big sister, the little sister had a glamorous body style that was unthinkable for a 14 or 15 years old girl.

「Oh. It seems the evil spirit has vanished.」

The sentiments running inside Ren were vanishing.

Perhaps the inside of a godslayer's body was terribly unpleasant for it. And then, Fumika powerlessly muttered while leaning on Ren.

「Thank you, everything is thanks to Onii-san……. But, what kind of person Rokuhara-san is to be able to use a god's power……?」

「It will be long to talk about that.」

A blue swallow swooped down on the car's bumper at that timing.

It was the transformed figure of Fumika's big sister. Ren decided to leave the explaining to the little sister at Riona and made a carefree smile.

It would be great if the troubles at Japan could be taken care of lightly in this manner but──.



At the dead of night.

At the eastern tip of Kii Peninsula, the coast of Shichirimihama that was facing Kumano Sea.

There was a rock cliff rising steeply here. It was a gigantic stone that was assimilated into a section of the mountain, with a height that surprisingly almost reached 50 meter. Its appearance was grand and impressive.

It was a huge rock that was worshipped since ancient time as a holy object, a vessel where god was residing.

There was also human settlement nearby. But surrounded by a deep forest and mountains, the character of a place couldn't be said as having plenty of population. Furthermore it was late at night.

People rarely came at this kind of time, but,

「Next time we will defeat Toba Riona without fail and recover our honor……. If not we won't be able to face the pioneer of Kumano's crow sect!」

「Young master!」「Young master!」「Young master!」

The gathered men were all young and numbered around twenty.

They were gathering in front of the grand wall of giant rock of the aforementioned steep cliff. In this scenery and black of night, the crow sect members were engrossing themselves into a magical ceremony while the sea breeze was hitting them.

「According to the book──」

「When Izanagi no Mikoto gave birth to the god of fire, she was burned and departed from this world.」

「Therefore, she was buried and enshrined in Arima village of the country of Kiino……」

Everyone became united and chanted with their whole body and heart.

It was the words of power of the goddess, Izanagi no Mikoto.

She was the goddess who gave birth to the country as foretold in Japanese mythology. She created the land of their mother the country of Japan, and later on she was reduced into a corrupted existence──.

「In the local customs, in order to worship the soul of this god, worship her with flower at the time of flower……」

「Also, with hand drum and flag, sing, dance, worship……」

A hard to believe change was starting.

The wall shaped huge rock with width of twenty meter and a height that was twice that was──

Floating toward the air. Slowly, slowly, the stone wall that must be weighing several thousand tons was slowly taking its time, little by little. While dropping pebbles of various sizes to the ground. Little by little, little by little…….

The distance between the ground and the huge rock that was floating high in the sky had been opened greatly until it looked like another rock of the same size could be put in between.

「The sacred treasure Thousand Pulling Stone originally was a secret stone that was born from this large rock──. In that case, if we bring out this large rock that is also a holy object, we won't lose even against Toba Riona!」

Azukai Takeru was elated with triumph while looking up at the floating huge rock.

The casters of Kumano mustered the words of power further under their leader.

「This lowly self wish to reverently state in the presence of Izanami……」

「The divine spirit of life submerging this heaven and earth」

「Now is the time to humbly present to the deifying festival──」

And then, they didn't notice.

That there was a girl watching over the ceremony from start to end from a slight distance away.


She was a goddess possessing silver hair that was similar to the radiance of moon and eyes with color of darkness.

「When I tried coming here attracted by a new sanctuary……and the scent of death, I witnessed this strange matter.」

The divine princess of Zeus. The goddess of wisdom and war Athena.

The person who possessed that divine name scornfully laughed at the foolishness of humans and pitied them.

「Does these lots not noticed? The fact that they are opening the door to the realm of the death.」

There was something that became exposed as the result of the large rock floating to the air.

It was a large hole that was gouged on the ground. The inside became a sloping road, continuing deeply, deeply, until the bottom of the earth from its appearance.

The scent of miasma leaking out from the hole felt vaguely nostalgic to Athena.

「Fufufufu. This scent is really nostalgic for us goddesses who are the daughter of the earth. Let me see, I shall survey it with one of my eyes…….」

Athena transformed into the bird of wisdom that soared through the night──an owl.

She flapped her wings and flew into the hole at the ground. Non of the humans focusing into the ceremony noticed the owl flying.

But it couldn't be helped. After all they were children of man who pitifully ought to die.

There was no way they would be able to do a blasphemy like directly seeing a goddess slipping into the darkness of the night.

「Hou, I see!」

Athena was gazing in wonderment the instant she descended to underground as an owl.

The spiritual sense of the goddess who was well versed with every kind of knowledge was coming into play and she obtained a new wisdom.

「The sanctuary stretching ahead of this hole is──called the Yomotsuhirasaka huh.」