Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 5

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - To Nara……



The curtain of night was chasing away the remaining setting sun.

The minitruck of Ren and co drove wildly straight to the east from Osaka Castle Park and arrived until a mountain's foot.

「Isn't this Ikoma Mountain?」

「That's a familiar name. It's the sacred mountain at Riona and Fumika's home town.」

Ren and Julio whispered to each other on the minitruck's cargo bed.

On the other hand, the second daughter of the local sisters spoke strongly.

「Yosh──. Cross this mountain and rush to where I am!」

Toba Fumika wasn't a type who was overflowing with dominating aura by any means.

However right now her voice and expression were gallant or perhaps even haughty. Her way of speaking was also domineering. Rather she was closer to her big sister Riona right now.

Fumika's eyes were still shining blue even now. Ren asked.

「By the way you are……who? It's fine to consider you not as Fumika-chan, but as 『the person inside』 who is possessing this girl right?」

「So you realized, godslayer.」

『Fumika』 grinned fearlessly which was "unlike" her.

「Well, my introduction will be for later. I'll introduce myself directly to you. Right now let's just say that I'm a noble who far surpassed your imagination.」

「Hee. I'm looking forward to it.」

It seemed to be a ghost with really strong self-assertion. Ren smiled.

Stella who was on his shoulder before this had disappeared. Riona was still lying down on the cargo bed. Cassandra was continuing her furiously vigorous driving on the driver's seat.

Troia's princess glanced at the rearview mirror and her well shaped eyebrows frowned.

「I can't shake it off at all-. How vexing!」

「It's true. Those guys too are persistent huh.」

There was a group pursuing the minitruck that was driving in a speed of more than 100 km/hour from behind.

Although they had shaken off the kaiju Yamata no Orochi, Yomotsu Shikome──the female zombies boasting agility like lightning were running at full speed on the public road.

Furthermore, it was the formation of a large group with several hundreds of them!

They were mostly moving only their feet without swinging their hands. They were running rather than flying. Their running form was like ninja in manga or anime.

There was only a distance of 40 or 50 meter between the minitruck and zombie group.

「It remind me of bicycle race when seeing that.」

Julio who came from Europe that was the center of cycle sports said that.

「Like Tour de France or Giro d'Italia. At present we're the group taking the lead escaping from the pursuit of the large group behind.」

「Hahaha. In that case we mustn't get caught.」

It was a development that often happened at road race. However, it was an accurate conjecture.

Ren turned his gaze toward the possessed 『Fuymika』 once more.

「By the way, we were expressly invited so we gratefully accepted but……is it alright for those zombies to come along too?」

「Fuh. No need for worry, I'll chase them away around here.」

The mysterious ghost boasted boldly with Fumika's face.

「I made the souls I borrowed from the ascetic just around here!」

The mountain pass to cross Ikoma Mountain from the direction of Osaka.

It was a perilous pass with continuous excessively meandering road. However, the minitruck finally climbed until near the summit.

There was a very retro looking amusement park visible at some distance away.

It wasn't a big park by all means. The buildings and attractions were all old. It was clear to see even within the evening darkness.

And then──two huge bodies rushed out from the amusement park.

Both of the bodies had height around eight meters. Their strange appearance dumbfounded Ren.

「Eh……? Isn't that, ogre!?」

Rokuhara Ren had encountered various divine mystery and apparition until now.

He was already used from a long time ago against that kind of creature. But, this time he felt shocked after so long. He witnessed not something related with foreign mythology──but a well-known monster of Japanese mythology, ogre. His feeling when he was a normal human was resurrected.

A red ogre and blue ogre with two horns growing from their head.

Two ogres appeared at Ikoma Mountain and got between the minitruck and Yomotsu Shikomes.

One ogre had a body that was colored completely red. A loincloth was wrapped around his sturdy naked body and he was holding an iron axe.

The other ogre was blue all over. Furthermore she had female body. She was wearing a kimono without sleeves like a vest and a loincloth. She was holding a large flagon made from iron in one hand.

──The red ogre largely opened his mouth and blew out scorching conflagration.

──The blue ogre unleashed intense water current from the iron flagon she was holding with both hands.

Around two or three hundred Yomotsu Shikomes gathered as group, dashing through Ikoma's mountain pass. But, the terrific torrent of flame and water swallowed them.

Half of the female monsters were burning in crackling flames, while the other half were crushed by water pressure.

「Oh my. That's splendid!」

Cassandra watched the sweeping victory through the rearview mirror and praised.

She stepped on the brake and slowly decelerated. Finally the minitruck came to a stop. On the cargo bed, Fumika who was possessed by the ghost chuckled.

「Kukukuku. Zenki and Goki who I borrowed from the ascetic of Ikoma……. They're really useful. Have you seen the real strength of our Yamato, godslayer?」


Ren tilted his head. The weak voice of his fiancée became his salvation.

「The great and splendid land of Yamato……in other words, that's the ancient way to call Nara.」


Riona who recovered her consciousness somehow lifted up her upper body.


Ren and co finally welcomed the night at Ikoma Mountain's top.

There also wasn't any sign of further pursuit from Yomotsu Shikome, so they used the minitruck to return to the retro amusement park they passed by before this and took a break there.

It must be the effect of the great zombie outbreak. There wasn't any sign of people at all in the amusement park.

But, fortunately the outside lights along the road were on, so it wasn't a total darkness.

The group got down from the minitruck under that dim light. Fumika who was still being possessed by ghost suddenly talked haughtily.

「I shall introduce myself once more. I am Umayado no Ooji.」

「Hou, the imperial prince of the country of rising sun.」

「So you're a royalty of the country of Japan. I am Cassandra of Troia. Fufufufu, I've been planning to someday make my visit to the royalty of this country!」

Julio easily nodded while Cassandra was cheerfully rejoicing.

In contrast, the modern Japanese duo exchanged glances.

「It feels like I heard an amazing name just now……」

「Me too. In other words, you're Shotoku Taishi then……」(TN: Shotoku here means imperial virtue/heavenly virtue, while Taishi means crown prince)

「Fuh. That's the posthumous name that the common people devoted to me after my death. Certainly that name is worthy for my virtue and authority. It's understandable that they would wish to worship and revere me. All of you can also kneel and chant my name anytime you wish for spiritual support for your heart.」

For a nobleman who was sacred and overflowing with virtue, he was a person with great confidence and really high-handed attitude.

Riona seemed to want to say something. Most likely she was harboring a doubt 『This person might be a fraud』. However, come to think of it──Ren recalled.

(……Is this the work of Stella's Circle of Friendship?)

「Your highness was really loved by your people.」

On the other hand, Cassandra praised the prince with seriousness that seemed to come from her heart.

「Because I kept making nothing but ominous prophecy, I was really hated by my people. I truly envy you!」

「Ha, ha, ha, ha」

The ghost possessing Fumika, Shotoku Taishi (?) laughed loudly.

「Don't worry yourself, princess of foreign country. A brilliant talent like me is born only every two thousand years, or perhaps not even then. There is no need to shed tears that you're unable to be like this Uyamado.」

「……If he is the real deal, then he was unexpectedly an amusing person wasn't he……」

「……The face that was printed on the past bill looked really serious though……」

Riona and Ren were whispering to each other. It was then.

Perhaps because of the loud laughter, Fumika's body and the spirit were separated.

Right beside the girl middle school student──a slim young man suddenly appeared. He had terribly slender features that looked androgynous. And then his body was faintly transparent.

He was a transient looking handsome young man that might look similar or not with the portrait at the old 10,000 yen bill.

He was wearing a hou with orange color traditionally worn by the crown prince that looked like morning sun. He was also wearing a traditional cap of the same color and white slim hakama. A straight sword and its sheath were hanging on his waist.

The ghost possessed an aesthetic impression coupled with his exotic ancient garment.

And then Fumika was──

「Onee-chan, sorry. I caught the eyes of strange people……」

She apologized shamefully.

Ren noticed. There was one more ghost behind Fumika.

It was a short old man wearing white Japanese clothes. It was a vestment of Shugendo. There was a binding kasaya from his neck and leggings from his knees below.

Under the old man there were also dwarves the size of a palm──no, they were two small ogres.

They were the red ogre and blue ogre that saved Ren and co just now.



Osaka Castle once was called the famous castle of the whole country.

But, the number of years its keep could be seen wasn't long by all means.

The castle that was built by its first master, Toyotomi Hideyoshi was burning at the summer campaign of the siege of Osaka (1615 CE) together with the fate of Toyoyomi Clan. Later on Tokugawa Clan rebuilt the castle, but it was also burned down by a lightning strike.

The castle wouldn't hold for forty years every time it was completed and it would be lost.

However, the keep that was rebuilt at the early days of Showa Era──stayed safe for more than eighty years and "flourished" as Osaka's symbol.


And then right now an eight headed and eight tailed snake was coiling around the keep.

It was Yamata no Orochi. It winded around the famous castle of the whole country with its huge body as though the castle belonged to it. It seemed the snake was pleased with the building.

*Shuuu, shuuu*, air was breathed out from each nostrils of the eight heads.

And then, at the roof of Osaka Castle's keep.

「Hohohoho. My children, multiply. Fill. In order to bury this country with the people of underworld. The beast standing in my way──」

The lovely queen of the realm of the dead, Izanami was singing the words of power of creation.

「In order to corner that cursed godslayer and consign him to oblivion. And above all else to reap my husband's……that person's people without leaving even a single one alive, in order to eradicate them all.」

Osaka Castle Park──corpses were clamoring inside the vast ground there.

One, and then one more Yomotsu Shikome crawled out from underground. As if buried corpses were being resurrected still in their rotten body.

Yokotsu Shikomes that were gathered inside the park were already numbering more than ten thousand.

They were wailing from their mouths with voice that resembled weeping.

……Kunishimemashishi kakasama, himemikosama ja……

……Kunishimemashishi kakasama, himemikosama ja……

……Kunishimemashishi kakasama, himemikosama ja……

It was cheers. Honorable mother who occupy the country, the majestic imperial queen──. The females were directing gaze of adoration toward the goddess standing on the roof of the keep with blank eyes.

The great goddess Izanami was a mother and a queen for the Yomotsu Shikomes.

And then, all of them were waiting in anticipation. For all of them to rush out all at once and devoured the flesh and blood of the living crowding outside the castle to their heart's content. They were waiting for the moment that order was given.

But Izanami was laughing loudly and elegantly on the roof of the keep.

「Hohohoho. My daughters, wait for a little bit more for now. I'm recovering right now from the wound that accursed godslayer dealt on me. It won't be too late to start for the advance of the army after that.」

Right now was night. The curtain of night was covering the heaven and earth.

The people of the underworld were squirming. It was the suitable time for them to go in rampancy. But, the morning sun would rise after several more hours──.

And yet, Izanami threw her voice to the ground like a loving mother.

「Rest assured, my children. The spirit of sun won't illuminate this country for the second time. I──the great god of underworld promise you so. Wait for the time to come with a tranquil heart!」

And then, a white heron was flying through the night sky.

It was looking down at Osaka Castle that looked completely out of this world right now. That was the shikigami that Japan's Institution of Divinities sent out.


「That's the situation at Osaka Castle right now.」

Headquarter of Institution of Divinities──.

One of the supervisors, Seishuuin Maki finished reporting.

The photos lined up on the room's tatami were the sight that was seen by the shikigamis and projected using Spirit Photography technique. They were prepared in order to show the situation to the person in charge of this organization on paper, the Head Kannagi.

After Takatsukasa Hinako looked at the photos in general and heard Maki's report, she sighed.

「Is this going to become an unprecedented national disaster?」

「Well of course. But, right now the information control is going well. Thanks to that the people aren't panicking. They're hiding inside their own house, workplace, or the evacuation shelter──」

「They are waiting with bated breath.」


Although it was only on paper she was the top of the organization. Maki answered her with a casual tone.

Her composure came from how she was a daughter of Seishuuin, a famous name in magic world. Actually, she was a young lady who had associated with the noble princess shrine maiden since her childhood as though they were relative.

And above all else, whether for good of for bad she had a non humble personality.

However right now Maki was reporting the situation with a grave expression.

「If there is a silver lining from this……space distortions has appeared often in this one year. Thanks to the repeated disaster respond, the arrangement toward the mass media could be finished swiftly. The civilians also became completely aware of what action to take at emergency situation. But」

This time it was Maki who sighed.

「If the zombies gushing out from Osaka Castle come out, it won't matter anymore. It will be the end for the whole Kansai area. The destruction of Japan also won't be that far at the future……」

「Then, our only hope is as expected」

「The fiancée that Riona and Julio bring from who know where──the godslayer-sama, everything will rest on his shoulders. If that fella can turn the table of the goddess and army of the underworld , then we might still have a sliver of hope to survive.」

「Right right, about that Riona-san」

Hinako-sama clapped her hands together.

「What happened to her after that? You were able to connect to her phone right?」

「Yes. They escaped until the border of Osaka and Nara, Ikoma Mountain where they're rallying themselves right now. She also said that a local old boy of Nara also came to help out.」

「Old boy, what does she mean by that?」

Hinako-sama was puzzled by Maki's explanation.


「So in the end, the Circle of Friendship that I asked Stella to activate worked?」

「Yes. Because that death god woman called Izanami something came out to the surface, the dead are also becoming animated.」

Stella who materialized herself once more answered Ren's question.

「Thanks to that ghosts related to the bird girl and her little sister──to their clan came here. Not god with good compatibility with me. Well, there is no way there will be a friend of Aphrodite this far in the east, so it's understandable really.」

「That's a big help. We're lucky.」

「It's not fortune. Ren isn't connected to just me, you're also bonded with that bird girl through a sacred contract, being on──or something, so it's only natural that the ties from there can be used.」

In the middle Stella was mumbling her words unintelligibly. But Ren immediately noticed.

「Aa, you mean we're one in body and soul.」

「Wha, what's your intention, why are you using those words for that girl too!?」

Putting aside the argument with his small partner──.

Ren and co went down from Ikoma Mountain and moved to Ikoma City of Nara Prefecture.

They went to Riona's home. However, the parents of Toba family were away from home.

At the afternoon, most of the Japanese zombies that were overflowing in Kansai region were eradicated by the power of Riona who transformed to Yatagarasu. But, a part of them were still alive and roamed everywhere. The parents of Toba sisters were also called in order to "hunt" those survivors.

Although they were easygoing and eccentric husband and wife, they were still people involved with the Institution of Divinities.

And then a 『social gathering』 was held in the garden of the mansion that wasn't attended by the owner. The sisters of Toba House along with Umayado no Ouji as well as "one more person" formed a circle and talked.

「……Toba is a family of onmyouji that is descended from Kamo clan.」

Riona stated while staring at the ghost of old man wearing the vestment of Shugendou.

「As fellow descendant of Kamo clan, the great Shugendou practitioner of Heian era, En no Gyoja came to help us……it's alright for me to think of it like that isn't it?」

「Yes. It's just as you say, Onee-chan.」

Fumika watched the old ascetic 『lip-syncing』 and acted as his interpreter.

His name was En no Otsunu. The great Shugendo practitioner who was also called En no Gyoja seemed unable to have his voice got heard by the living people. He was a ghost as expected.

However the girl who had disposition as spirit medium wasn't limited to that──

Fumika who temporarily became an interpreter explained the lip-syncing further.

「Because Gyoja-sama's home town is also Ikoma Mountain like us, it's also the reason why he appeared here he said.」

「That's really great. When speaking about En no Otsunu who had the fierce god children Zenki and Goki as his shikigami, he is a big name who rivaled Kukai or Abe no Seimei in occult battle manga. In X-Men he would be like a great senior at the level of Cable or Professor X. We'll happily welcome him to our team but……」

Glance. Riona looked at the ghost of Umayado no Ouji.

「When it come to story relating the ancestor, I've the feeling that Kamo clan and Shotoku Taishi has the worst compatibility.」

「Hou? Why is that, Yatagarasu's reincarnation?」

The ghost of Umayado no Ouji spoke firmly to them.

His voice could be heard clearly even to the ear of Ren, Cassandra, and Julio.

Because his fame was an order of magnitude higher than En no Gyoja at the modern world, his 『status as ghost』 was also far higher. It seemed that this was the effect of that.

Umayado no Ouji spoke with a beautiful voice that was sutiable with his noble and androgynous appearance.

「Certainly when I was alive I joined hand with Soga clan and destroyed the Mononobe clan which was the ancestor of your Kamo clan. But didn't that something that happened more than 1400 years in the past already?」

「So you completely understand!」

「Ha, ha, ha, ha. Never mind about the trivial past.」

Umayado no Ouji laughed elegantly and magnanimously. He hid his mouth with the sleeve of his robe.

「You see, I wish to notify the people of the present world in this chance.」

「What is it?」

「Yamato is a great and splendid land. That expression is also referring to how the country was turning out a great number of capable people excelling in virtue and spiritual power who left their name in history. For example people like me or the ascetic over there.」

Riona sighed at Umayado no Ouji's confident manner.

「Is that something that you speak about yourself……」

「Try thinking about it. At Yamashiro region──the capital that is called Kyoto today, if you speak about people of great ability with excellent spiritual power who originated from there, at best you will only find Sugawara no Michizane or Abe no Seimei, isn't that right?」

「Aaa……certainly that might be true.」

Riona was taken aback when the prince pointed that out.

「Like High Monk Saichou, he isn't so bad as a scholar, but his mystical power as Mikkyo monk is questionable. Even though Kyoto's Hiei Mountain was his home, he originated from Shiga. Kukai-san who is Kobo Daishi originated from Shikoku and moved to Wakayama's Koya Mountain. He was in Kyoto only for a very little part of his life. In the first place if you also consider the birthplace, then even Lord Michizane of Tenmangu shrine actually also originated from Nara……」

「The petty official Seimei was born around Naniwa wasn't it?」

「Yes, indeed. Settsu region's Abeno village……he originated from Osaka. Actually that person too claimed that he was related with Kamo clan, but that pedigree is perhaps a fabrication.」

Riona spoke with vigor right now.

「In the first place Abe no Seimei is a person with very dubious background!」

「I see. Well, anyway that is my thought. Do you understand?」

「Yes! This is an unprecedented national disaster, we should forget about love and hate of the past at this moment!」

「Onee-chan. Gyoja-sama said 『Poor though it be, I too shall give my all with this limited ability of mine. We shall make the lot of the imperial capital about our virtue and influence』. He said 『Even now I haven't forgotten the exile to Izu』, it looks like he is quite angry.」

「Now that you mentioned it, En no Gyoja also had quarrel with the imperial court of Kyoto……」

The sisters and two ghosts were getting heated up at Toba house's garden.

Ren and others were sitting on the open veranda while watching them. The princess of Troia royalty smiled in front of the circle of ancient Japan's sage and sorcerer.

「Fufufufu. Riona-sama, she really hit it off with Uyamado no Ouji.」

「That's because the two of them seems to be similar people.」

Julio also nodded with an admiring expression.

「Someone with aspiration, extensive knowledge, and also wisdom and greatness. They are young people who is a cut above the rest, with great confidence, and also many enemies……. The two of them are similar people, so it would be difficult to predict whether they will harbor enmity against each other or hit it off, but it looks like this time thing is progressing well.」

「Yes. It's truly great♪」

「Well, perhaps it'll be only while their interests are lined up, but that's enough for now.」

On the other hand, Rokuhara Ren was secretly harboring a concern.

He had the Contract of Wings between him and Riona. Through that it was also conveyed to him just how tense she was and how she was behaving energetically.

And then, there was someone who was fixing a glare at Ren who was like that.

Someone sitting right beside him on the open veranda──his partner, the small goddess of beauty and love Stella.



Late at night──.

Rokuhara Ren and his companions stayed the night at Toba house and went to bed.

However, there was someone who went out of their futon late at night with rustling sound, crossed the wooden corridor with stealthy steps, and secretly visited a room some distance away.

The person kneeled in front of the sliding screen, and opened it without making any sound.

Immediately the person sneaked inside by walking on his knees toward the girl──then Ren called out.


「!? Why are you awake, Rokuhara-san!?」

The sleepwear of the dumbfounded Riona was a plain white kimono.

Come to think of it, she was born in an old family that inherited the secret techniques of ancient Japan. It was only natural that she was also accustomed with wearing kimono.

Ren nodded at his fiancee's unexpected side. On the other hand, Riona was flustered.

「Even though this is an emergency situation, what are you doing here this late at night-? Rokuhara-san is the most important key person. Taking rest is also within your job description!」

「I've to return those exact words back at you.」

「I, it can't be helped for me. There're things that I have to do at night.」

「Like attacking me at my sleep?」


Riona weakly fell prostate at Ren hitting the nail on the head.

She buried her face and slender limbs on the laid out futon. Perhaps she didn't want to show her expression right now from embarrassment.

By the way Ren didn't even lie down on the futon and kept waiting while standing.

「You see, I'm concerned.」

The kimono sleeves of Riona who was falling prostrate were lifted up.

The bandage wrapped around her upper left arm could be seen. It was the wound that she got from the battle at the evening.

「The damage from before this is still remaining right, Riona?」

「Healing magic has been applied, so that kind of scratch is completely healed. There shouldn't be any problem even if the bandage is taken off anytime.」

「But, your magic power thingie is mostly like running out of gas.」


「From the wound that was dealt by the snake kaiju before this, I felt──like that kind of magic power fuel was mostly flowing out. Remember. I'm one in body and soul with Riona, so I seem to understand.」

「A pointlessly sharp goshujin-sama is also troubling isn't it……」

Riona was still burying her face onto the futon.

However, the moment Ren sat down beside her, she reached out with her right hand. She touched the lap of Ren who was sitting cross-legged while spitting out her words mumblingly into the futon.

「When it become an emergency situation like this, as expected my own power tend to become insufficient. After all I'm the retainer of the godslayer Rokuhara Ren──. If I'm not granted the source of spiritual power that can possibly oppose a god from goshujin-sama, I won't be able to interfere with a battle of legendary level……」


「At that kind of time my contract with Rokuhara-san will rapidly send me power. But in exchange, my beast mode will be activated and drive me into rampage……」

「That seems to be the case.」

It was a conversation between Riona who was lying on the futon and Ren who was sitting on the same futon.

However, despite the words that were formed indifferently, a ghastliness like killing intent was flickering and oozing from the back of his kimono wearing partner──.

「It's making me wanting it no matter what……」

「I'll happily accept the trouble.」

*Gaba-*. Riona lifted her body in a flash, and then──

When Ren noticed, he was already pushed down.

It was a roughness like a carnivore. In addition the kimono wearing Riona bent over Rokuhara Ren and gazed at her master's face like a female panther.

Glimpse of the valley of her breast could be seen from her messy kimono's collar. It was terribly captivating.

「I have to be an even stronger existence. Can I receive a power as queen that will allow me to oppose even Goddess Izanami?」

「Of course. You can take as much as you like.」

「That's an ideal response, goshujin-sama.」

It was only her words that were like servant, but her expression and tone were completely that of a queen.

Riona's eyes were tinged with bewitching blue radiance right now. She was staring at Rokuhara Ren like a prey. Her gaze was filled to the brim with hunger, desire, and pride.

She caressed Ren's cheek, patted his hand and chest, to be connected with him.

The magic power and great presence of godslaying beast that were dwelling inside his body and heart, those kinds of abstract things were flowing into Toba Riona too. They were shared.

Riona who pinned down her master stayed on top of him and pushed her thin body on Ren.

The two's bodies were glued on each other. The sensation of the girl's body that was soft and alluring despite her slenderness was completely conveyed to Rokuhara Ren──their point of contact increased.

The things that were flowing into the reincarnation of Yatagarasu were increasing further.


When he noticed Riona brought her face closer and plugged Ren's lips.

When Ren also let out his tongue and responded to her, the girl who possessed the soul of queen also stretched her tongue awkwardly and welcomed Ren──the connection between the two became even deeper and intense.

Their lips parted. Riona was looking down of Ren's face once more.

Inside the girl's blue eyes, he detected the ardent soul of female phoenix──it was then.

「Enough already with that, bird girl……」

「!? Why is Stella here!?」

「──Ah, that's right. I forgot to ask her to go somewhere else today.」

Without them noticing, the mini goddess-sama appeared beside the futon.

Riona was shocked, and Ren also noticed his blunder. Stella aka the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite faced the two and exposed her anger.

「I've known that this things has always been happening night after night-. To dare to barge into even the bedroom of this me, there's a limit even in being insolent! This is a good chance for you to learn how much you ought to respect a god, so I'll slowly discipli──」


Riona who lifted up her body from above Ren called a charm──

And threw it along with a short voice. The charm cut through the air and stuck on Stella's forehead. The charm was painted with onmyoudou's spell passage and the symbol of pentagram.

Stella's whole body jerked and turned stiff. She couldn't even twitch.

She fell into complete paralysis with a large charm as tall as her stuck on her body.

「Even if you're formerly a goddess, the current Stella is too fragmentary of an existence……」

Riona boasted with her two eyes shining in sapphire color.

「If you attempt to seriously apply a spell on me in this full power state, as you can see─」

「Do……don't flatter yourself, bird girl!」

Stella's mini sized body that was 30 cm tall was starting to tremble.

Like that she slowly but steadily moved both her hands. With a shredding sound she was trying to tear away the charm of binding from her body. Tremble. Tremble.

She was only trembling and her hands' movement stopped in the middle.

「Don't force yourself. There is no way you can resist my spell's power.」

「……Ho, how dare you make light of me, you'll regret that! Know that the goddess of Cyprus won't be beaten by any means in the bedroom!」

「Eh? Stella, kun──!?」

Ren also lifted his body. It was then a miracle occurred.

Stella's body that was like a doll until now suddenly enlarged.

However, although she enlarged, her body height was still less than 160 cm. She was smaller than even Riona. She was also slender. But the goddess's body style was glamorous.

Her childlike beautiful face was still the same like before.

However now Stella's chest was heavily laden with ripe breasts to an unbalanced degree with the youthfulness of her face, the line of her waist until her butt was also splendidly tight and voluptuous. It was truly a sexy dynamite body shape.

The enlarged Stella easily tossed away the charm and smiled seductively.

「Fufuh. As you can see, this is what happens when I get serious. I've been thinking about it from a long time ago but, bird girl……aren't you too thin? You're only bone and skin.」


「It seems that your little sister has it far better at that kind of development.」

「What're you saying! Fumika is gaining too much weight because of her lack of exercise-. Though she slimmed down a bit since she recently started doing road bike because of her fujoshi taste! Frankly speaking, my body style should be the ideal style for a girl you know!?」

Riona insisted even while feeling flustered.

Those words were persuasive when they were said by her who had slender body style like a model.

However, Stella sneered "chuckle" as though looking down on her and folded her arms in order to emphasize her busts.

Her two arms intentionally lifted up her voluptuous breasts.

「Fufufufu. Don't you think that a woman's honor is to be loved by the gentlemen?」

「Don't say such stupid things. That kind of old-fashioned sense of value might work at ancient Greece, but it won't pass in this 21st century!」


「Oh, I wonder which one of us is the stupid one? You see, a man is someone who you lead by the nose.」

Stella=Aphrodite chuckled with ridiculing sneer.

「You don't even need to cry and cling on them. Those bunches are all great idiot without exception. If I flirt with them just for a bit, they will immediately show a lewd look and kneel before me you know? Oo Aphrodite, bestow me your affection, they'll say!」

Stella said that while pushing down Riona in a flash.

「Bird girl……I wonder if you'll be able to resist the pleasure that Aphrodite grants you?」

「Wa, wait Stella! What in the world do you intend to──nn, ah!?」


Stella pushed her lips on Riona's neck while smiling.

「Hey bird girl, did you notice? I and Ren are one in body and soul. You and Ren are also one in body and soul. In other words, I and you are sharing a common destiny through Ren.」


「And, Toba Riona who obtain fulfillment in her heart and body by being in touch with Rokuhara Ren──is naturally able to taste the same enjoyment from being in contact with Aphrodite too……」

「Nn──! Ple, please stop, Ste……aah!?」

「Ufufu. Like this even a cheeky girl like you is a cute little thing.」

「A, ah. Sto, stop──Stella……」

「Relax your body. Your heart and body are recovering most of their strength by being in touch with me, and it doesn't stop with that, your reserve should be increasing even more than before with this.」


「Riona. It's just as Stella said. It's better that you rest for a bit.」



At the timing when Riona's eyes were hazy and she entered a dreamy state of mind.

Ren nonchalantly intervened. He caressed the cheek of his ecstatic fiancée, his tongue crawled on her earlobe, and he whispered to her.


Riona desperately pressed her lips together so that her voice wouldn't leak.

Then, Stella also sweetly bit at the ear on the opposite side of Ren's caress and whispered this.

「Right now you just restore your energy. Leave your body to me and Ren, as though you're entrusting your body to the flow of honey and mil. Everything will be fine like that, bird girl……」


Riona leaked out her sigh and gasp, then her body was suddenly drained of strength.

She started breathing peacefully and fell asleep. The tension of her heart and body was finally loosened from the pleasure that Stella granted her. This was the proof of that.

Ren stared at the satisfied sleeping face of his fiancée and smiled.

「With this the nuisance is gone.」


His small partner whose size now became suitable for Ren stared still at him.

Passion, eagerness, and then a faint sorrow were dwelling in her eyes.

「What do you think Ren? My appearance has become really close to the original me, the goddess Aphrodite.」

「Looks like it. You look really lovely.」

「I had said it to you before this too but……. I don't mind to especially allow you to do whatever you like to me.」

Stella=Aphrodite smiled alluringly.

Beauty and charm that would fascinate every man (and sometimes even woman), making them her prisoner. Her stretching out arms and legs were plump while also slender like willow.

The existence who was the ultimate form of 『woman』 in a sense──was tempting Ren.

「Even Rokuhara Ren also has desire at least isn't it? After all you aren't tree or rock.」

「That's true. Though, I also told you before already.」

Ren smiled wryly and said.

「I'll refrain from going out with other person's wife.」

「Oh? My husband is nowhere except in the world of mythology across time and fate faraway you know? More importantly than that──」

Stella quietly sidled up to him above the futon.

She leaned on Ren and glued her wonderful limbs on him. The scene of perfume rising from her blonde hair tickled his nose. It was sweet-smelling.

Stella began to fondle with Ren's chest using her slender index finger.

「It's really not like Ren to seriously be bothered about that kind of thing.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. You're an outrageous and unprecedented godslaying beast after all……」

Stella said while her lips moved closer.

She was shorter than him. Naturally the kiss was approaching from below. And then, Ren also moved to meet it──in the middle of that.

*Shuuuuuuu* A sound like air leaking out from a balloon came out.


The goddess of beauty and love, her body was gradually deflating.

She returned back to the height of 30 cm──her usual doll size.

「As I thought, you cannot keep that size for long, Stella.」

「A, after getting this far, just when it's getting good~!」

Stella was vexed while returning to her minimum goddess body.

Also, she was totally exhausted from her enlargement. She fell prostrate immediately on the futon along with Riona and started to breath peacefully in sleep. Ren smiled wryly.

「This time was a bit……dangerous there.」

As expected from the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite.

In his competition with her, he couldn't always able to handle her with composure.



It seemed she had fallen asleep for around two hours.

Riona checked the time with the clock on the wall. She was on a futon in the detached room of her house. The sliding door was opened and the night sky was visible even from inside the room.

Thick cloud was covering the dark sky. There was no gap in the cloud at all.

And then, her "goshujin-sama" was sitting on the open veranda.

「Did you wake up, Riona?」

「Ye, yes. About just now, how should I say it, I've shown something unsightly……」

It was really rare that Riona was speaking incoherently.

The collar of her kimono was out of place and the valley of her breast could be seen. She fixed that in panic. Rokuhara Ren lightly smiled in front of such Riona.

「Yep. Your battle with Stella was really amazing.」

「I, is that so……」

*Glance*. When she looked at her side, Stella was sleeping peacefully on the same futon.

Her body was as big as figurine as usual. What happened after she was unconscious? When Riona was going to ask.


The goshujin-sama nodded and started talking.

「Looks like Riona too is alright already, so let's go right away.」

「Where, to?」

「To where Izanami-san is. Is she still in Osaka Castle I wonder?」

「So we will take initiative to go out in offense!」

Riona guessed the meaning of Ren's statement and tensed her expression.

「I'll prepare in hurry. But, is it okay Rokuhara-san? You shouldn't have any stock of Retributive Justice in hand right now isn't it?」

「You're right. But I want to attack the enemy while she still hasn't recovered.」

Rokuhara Ren wasn't a strategist by any means.

That was the role of Julio and Riona. But, as expected he was a godslaying beast. Perhaps his sense of smell was sniffing the critical moment. He went out for a big gamble with surprising ease.

Light and bold──. That was Riona's master and her future husband.

She didn't hate that side of him.

Riona smiled fearlessly and completely switched her feeling.


Thus the minitruck cut through the night breeze and ran toward Osaka.

「Our destination is the castle yesterday, is that correct?」

「Yep. When Riona checked with the people of Institution of Divinities, they said that Izanami-san hasn't moved from there. But she is increasing her zombie army by really a lot, and right now she already gathers more than twenty thousand.」

The conversation happened on the minitruck's driver seat and assistant driver seat.

Cassandra was holding the wheel with complete familiarity. She declared gallantly at Ren who was at her side to show the way.

「Then, we'll have to arrive at the battlefield even by a second faster!」

「You really get it, Cassandra. I'll leave it in your hand!」

「Please leave it to me!」

Ren gave a thumb up with a smile. Cassandra drove the minitruck with a speed in the range of 100 km/hour.

The car was running parallel with Hanshin highway that was blockaded. There wasn't even a single car coming from the opposite direction. It was like a reserved circuit for them. The vehicle's speed was steadily increasing.

「Aa this can't do, what to do!」

Cassandra was making a troubled face while rapidly accelerating.

However, it wasn't because some kind of trouble was appearing.

「Now I wish to bring one or two of this kind of chariot back to Troia!」

「Let's try pleading at the uncles of Institution of Divinities later. If I win, I'll ask them to prepare one with speed as high as possible as bonus.」

「Really? I'm very happy!」

Unlike the easygoing situation inside the vehicle, the cargo bed of the minitruck was really harsh.

Julio put up a magic barrier to protect the cargo bed from wind pressure above a certain limit. Even so, it didn't mean that it was completely calm there.

They were exposed to considerably strong wind, furthermore the air of the night was chilly.

Fumika who had the weakest mental was complaining.

「Uuuuu. Onee-chan, do I really have to come too? In the first place, I want to get down from this carrr. It's cold, scary……」

「Naturally. It will be troubling without you taking care of Nara's ghost armyold boys.」

ghost armyold boysold boys

Riona completely ignored her little sister's pleading.

Also, beside them Julio didn't even pay them any attention.

The Latino young noble who was the commander-in-chief of magical association Campiones was glaring at the sky. It was a night sky that was filled with dark cloud. He also checked his wristwatch.

「It's past 6 AM……it's already morning.」

Julio's voice was bitter.

「It'll be time for the morning sun to rise soon. But, there isn't any sign of that. Is this too also the influence of the appearance of the goddess of underworld?」

「It must be the case.」

Umayado no Ouji's ghost nodded with seriousness.

「Our spiritual sense is telling us. As long as that goddess isn't removed, the sun won't rise no matter what.」

「Stealing the sunlight from the surface world──. So "a common phenomenon" for the end of the world is also starting here. What a headache.」

Julio spat out uneasily. On the other hand Riona stated.

「Just now you mentioned about spiritual sense nonchalantly but, does Umayado no Ouji has that kind of power?」

「What're you saying? The information regarding my strength is also circulated even at this era right? The Toyoto Mimi, to know things before it happen.」

「The story about how you listened to the talk of eighteen people at once and predicted the future, all of that is true?」


「Then, even the anecdote of you riding a divine horse and flew in the sky is also……?」

「How can the imperial prince with heavenly virtue is unable to even do a performance of that level?」

Riona pressed her forehead hearing what the legendary eminent figure telling her that in exasperation.

Able to predict the future, the reincarnation of a high priest of the ancient time, etc. There existed a great number of unrealistic legends about Shotoku Taishi.

「As expected from the "chosen person" who was born at the stable, your status is at different level……」

「That's amazing Onee-chan. He's exactly like 『The Ruler of The Place of Sunrise』 by Yamagishi Ryoko-sensei!」

The sisters including Fumika too were greatly impressed.

Umayado no Ouji. There were various opinions about the origin of that name.

It was because he was born in front of an umaya which meant stable. Or because he was born in a land that would become Umayado. Or it was because Nestorianism──Christianity of Nestorius faction that was propagated from Roma Empire to Tang Dynasty had an anecdote 『The son of god was born in a stable』 which got spread to Japan, which then became the basis of Shotoku Taishi's legend…….

But, Riona knew about the hypothesis that was more abundant with persuasiveness.

「The king of heroes and the saint were born in a livestock pen──. This kind of legend existed at the east and west of Eurasian continent. The son of god Jesus. The founder of Goguryeo Kingdom Jumong who was discarded in a stable and pigsty when he was a baby. The ritual that depicted the birth of god of madness Dionysius was carried out in a cattle barn. All those were most likely the vestiges of totem faith that worshipped 『animal』 as god.」

「Sometimes Onee-chan will say things like our father.」

「Well, anyway. That's just how magnificent my strength is.」

Perhaps because it was a talk that was lionizing him, Umayado no Ouji was listening with satisfaction, but.

He suddenly cut into Riona's long-winded speech.

「I shall lend something to you who are Yatagarasu. It's not only because of our relationship as someone of the same hometown. As an imperial family member I have the duty to protect Japan.」

「Ah. Gyouja-sama also said that he will lend the ogres!」

Fumika interpreted the lip-syncing from En no Gyouja's ghost.

Riona turned her gaze to the direction the minitruck was advancing to.

They were already within Osaka. Several kilometers ahead she could see the group of high-rise buildings and the keep of Osaka Castle──. They would arrive at the battlefield before long.

With this many supporters gathered at their side, the same development like before wouldn't happen.

Riona took a deep breath 'fuuuu'.

「──I'll be going.」

The next moment, Riona's body and heart dashed toward the dark sky.

She transformed into the golden sacred bird Yatagarasu. The three legged bird that guided the empire founder in the past. Even against the darkness of the end, she spread her golden wings and illuminated the ground with her radiant majestic figure.

「Twelve divine generals, come to me!」

The twelve shikigamis serving Riona manifested and flew together with Yatagarasu.

They manifested as spirit of flame like usual. But, this time it didn't stop there.

The twelve divine generals creating a circle of blazing flame around Yatagarsu──there were two ogres inside that circle. At one side was a red ogre carrying an iron axe. The other one was a blue ogre carrying a water jug.

They were Zenki Gigaku and Goki Giken that En no Gyouja entrusted to her.

And then Umayado no Ouji also chanted words of power.

「I humbly wish to the four heavenly kings. Allow me sure victory against the enemy opposing me. Daitzura Taten, Birurokushi Yaten, Biruhakushi Yaten, Bishamonten──come Namu Shitennou!」

In respond to that, armored warriors appeared in the sky.

They joined the rank of the twelve divine generals that were forming a circle of flame and Zenki and Goki together with Yatagarasu. It was a group of four. Even ordinary people would remember seeing them somehow before from Buddhist picture or statue.

Even Rokuhara Ren who was poorly informed in regard to that kind of knowledge gasped in realization.

「Those gods, what are they again!?」

「Spirits related to a historical god of war──that's what I'm seeing from them!」

Cassandra saw through the four new summons. Behind her, Umayado no Ouji on the minitruck's cargo bed smiled with a sigh.

「They aren't gods. They're devas. I prayed to the miraculous four heavenly kings and borrowed their resemblance as Gohou DoujiDharma-protecting children. I'll entrust them to you, Yatagarasu!」

Gohou DoujiDharma-protecting childrenDharma-protecting children

When Shotoku Taishi aka Uyamado Ouji was sixteen years old.

The imperial court was promoting reception of Buddhist. The Mononobe clan that was advocating rejection of Buddhism plotted to overthrow the emperor.

The imperial court army that was led by the imperial prince and Soga no Umako was defeated until three times by Mononobe clan. In that pinch, Umayado no Ouji prayed to Buddha.

──If I'm granted victory, I shall erect a temple tower for the sake of the four heavenly kings.

And then, the prince's army defeated Mononobe clan and he erected Shitennou Temple that was remaining even now in Tennoji Ward of Osaka City. It was a famous temple that matched Houryuu Temple.


「I will borrow them gratefully, your highness!」

Yatagarasu flew toward Osaka Castle. The will inside the bird, Riona yelled.

She was accompanied not only by the twelve divine generals and Zenki and Goki.

The four divine spirits in the form of warriors──Bishamonten, Jikokuten, Koumokuten, and Zouchouten were also with her.

The four of them were armored and intimidated the enemy with their angry look. They had matching hairstyle of their hair being bundled at the top of their head, but it was only Jikokuten who was wearing a helmet.

The weapons in their hand were spear, treasured sword, axe, and halberd. They were indeed the four heavenly kings.

Although, in the end they were only borrowed image. Their essence in the end was Gohou Douji dispatched from the four heavenly kings──in the onmyoudou term they were shikigamis.

However, they were summoned here from the saint Shotoku Taishi praying to the four heavenly kings.

「It's a peeve to acknowledge it but, honestly I feel that they are superior than even my twelve divine generals……!」

Riona was heading to Osaka Castle as great phoenix that was shining golden.

The length of Yatagarasu's wings that were gallantly spread out fully was longer than twenty meter.

Around her were twelve divine generals moving in circle around her as flame spirits, Zenki and Goki, and then the four heavenly kings. Every one of them was also similarly huge in size.

The golden phoenix was flying with eighteen retainers surrounding her.

It was a battle formation that looked like a mandala with Yatagarasu at the center.

「This time I won't be defeated even with Yamato no Orochi as my opponent. I can also rampage as I please without feeling concerned of any human casualty. Just in case……」

Osaka Castle where Goddess Izanami and that Yamato no Orochi were encamped.

It was located at the center of Osaka Prefecture. The location was an office complex that was crowded with high-rise buildings. The character of the place was how the number of people going there to work numbered more than the people living there.

Even yesterday when there was a great outbreak of Japanese zombies, the place was bustling with a great number of people.

There should be a lot of people who failed to evacuate in the emergency. But, since yesterday the police force and JSDF were working hard through the night to announce and guide the evacuation.

Perhaps thanks to that Osaka's business district that was spreading below her──

Was completely empty from human as though its daily hustle and bustle were just a lie. It was like an abandoned city. Even Riona's spiritual sense could only feel very few human presences.

Riona sympathized inside Yatagarasu.

「……It should be fine even if they leave everything to me and goshujin-sama after things has come this far.」

The combat group of JGSDF was deployed to surround Osaka Castle Park.

The infantry (in other words foot soldiers) company of JGSDF was on standby everywhere at the buildings and asphalt roadway.

And then──at Naniwa no Miyaato Park that was almost adjacent with Osaka Castle and possessed wide enough area.

Here, armored corps that consisted from battle tank Type 10 Hitomaru, mobile combat vehicle, self-propulsion howitzer, and in addition a weapon that could be called as JSDF's treasure, the self-propelled multiple mounting rocket ordnance (in short a trailer truck that was loaded with missile pods), and so on seemed to be gathered from everywhere in Kansai. This armored corps and artillery corps were positioned here.

Most likely they had already finished preparing the combat helicopter too.

When space distortion appeared at Kobe before this, the JSDF was also dispatched in respond against the disaster.

Riona who belonged to the Institution of Divinities sometimes would also cooperate with them in the fight against disaster and monster of sanctuary. However, this time the scale was different.

The surface corps below──the ki that their body and heart emitted was really weak.

Fear, terror, nervousness, anxiety. She could only feel that kind of things from them.

「This time it's obviously like a scene of great battle against kaiju, so it can't be helped. I wish they will immediately retreat to safe area when it get dangerous……」

Osaka Castle Park was already just a stone's throw ahead. From here she would concentrate to the battle.

The great kaiju with eight heads and eight tails coiling around the keep, Yamato no Orochi.

And even more important than it was above the roof, where the queen of underworld Izanami was waiting──.


A telepathy from goshujin-sama was transmitted to her.

(We're already at this pahse. Right now do it just like I planned.)

「……Are you serious, Rokuhara-san?」

(It's fine. Now that things has reached this stage there is no way I can finish this safely. Rather than fighting while paying attention to every single little things, taking care of everything right from the start with a bang will be──)

「Certainly that will be refreshing……that might be good. Understood!」

Yatagarasu=Riona smiled with a queen's boldness.

Later even if there was any complaints, she would shut out all of them──!

「This lowly self wish to reverently state in the presence of Sume-Mikami……by the means of the burning flame and my malediction, purify and exorcise!」

The words of power of fire and sun surged out from the beak of Yatagarasu.

Instantly, the shikigamis twelve divine generals who transformed into spirit of fire charged toward the great enemy Yamato no Orochi and──the keep of Osaka Castle that was coiled around by that kaiju!


Whirling flame and shockwave ran wild.

The keep that somehow survived even the air raid at the Pacific War was swallowed by crimson flame and got blown away everywhere by explosions and impacts.

And then, this flame blast spread out until the whole Osaka Castle Park──

It became a gigantic half-spherical dome that annihilated everything it swallowed!

Whether it was the Osaka Castle's keep, the inner moat, the outer moat, the shrine, and even the surrounding park. And even the tens of thousands of Japanese zombies Yomotsu Shikomes.

And the most affected was the eight headed and eight tailed great snake monster coiling around the keep.


Yell of anguish was let out from the mouths of all its eight heads. Yamato no Orochi was writhing inside the dome of flame in anguish. The eight necks were desperately stretching up until the air inside the fire.

「I already understand your battle strength after all.」

Riona looked down at the snake monster and Osaka Castle that were going up in flames while muttering.

「There is no need for wait and see. I'm going full power right from the first round!」

In contrast with the blazing flame, Yatagarasu's eyes were observing the enemy's state calmly.

Goddess Izanami had vanished from the keep's roof without her noticing. Yamato no Orochi too, although it was in agony, it still looked well.

Yes. against that monster snake of fire and iron, blazing flame wouldn't become a decisive blow no matter what.

Riona=Yatagarasu unleashed her second attack.

「Gohou Douji of sword, to the front!」

She finally invested them. The armored warriors that looked exactly the same like the four heavenly kings.

Spear, treasured sword, axe, halberd, their weapon was all over the place. They simultaneously──charged to one of the eight heads of the burning Yamato no Orochi!

The weapons of the four heavenly kings messily hacked up the top of the head that was covered by scale.

And then, on the same head, the two ogres were also──

「Zenki and Goki too, go!」

The red Zenki swung down his iron axe. The blue Goki threw her large water jug.

At the end one of the four heavenly kings Zouchouten swung his treasured sword once more and cut off the snake head. It was the moment one of Yamato no Orochi's heads was crushed.

If this could be repeated seven more times! Riona was getting spirited inside Yatagarasu.

『Oo, how terrifying. What ominous gathering!』

The voice of Goddess Izanami resounded in the sky.

Her figure couldn't be seen. She was concealed somewhere. However, the beautiful voice of the lovely goddess was echoing boomingly at the sky that was enveloped by dark cloud.

『A graceful young woman like me is completely, completely unable to compete against them! Even the snake-dono who is my last ray of hope cannot be on the advantage right now!』

It was a grieving voice. It was an utterance of fear.

But──Riona sensed it. Within the sorrow of the mother Izanagi, there was an indescribable dreadfulness lurking inside!

And then the queen goddess of underworld yelled loudly.

『……Please listen, my child. Thy should come and rescue thy mother. Toyo Ashihara no Chiioaki no Mizuho no Kuni will be the land where my offspring shall be king!』

「Please be careful, Rokuhara-san……!」

Riona sent her telepathy and warned her master.

「After this there might be an outrageous counterattack!」

(Roger. I too will somehow find Izanami-san's location and do something about her. I'll leave Yamato no Orochi to you──)

When she was in the middle of listening to the telepathy from Rokuhara Ren.

Above the head of Yamato no Orochi who was swallowed by scorching heat, eight lightning bolts appeared.

The eight spherical lightning were emitting electrical discharge. They were the children that Goddess Izanami gave birth in the underworld, the eight lightning gods. Riona put up her guard in preparation against their interception.

As expected, the eight lightning gods brought down intense lightning bolts from the sky.

The attack wasn't sent to Yatagarasu and her eighteen retainers──

But to right below. Toward Yamato no Orochi that should be their ally. The thunderbolts from the eight lightning gods were coming down on the seven headed and eight tailed monster that was in anguish inside the flame.


Yamato no Orochi were squeezing out its pained groan from its seven mouths at the same time.

And then, a streak of light swooped down from the dark cloud covering the sky. It looked like a shooting star. That light was falling straight toward the ground.

It plunged right into the middle of the scorching flame that was tormenting Yamato no Orochi.

The next moment. Inside the flame, the giant body of the large snake was melting muddily. While melting down with red color like iron ore that was thrown into a smelting furnace.

In addition, even the flame that should be burning down Osaka Castle and its surrounding to ash──was vanishing.

Osaka Castle's site became a burnt field in an instant. In that place there was only one of Yamato no Orochi's burnt tail remaining. Though there was only several meter of its tip lying there.

「Mother, mother. Just how much I have cried, just to be able to catch a glimpse of you……」

A man fervently raised a solemn and soul-stirring voice.

It was as though he was making a speech toward the sky that was closed by darkness and the land that was turned into a burnt field.

「I came here, my heart is refreshed.」

A man leaned over the burnt field and grasped the red hot snake tail.

Right after that. The tail of Yamato no Orochi, that remains melted and vanished, leaving behind a single long sword after that.

The blade was shining silver, the long sword was stabbed on the ground.

「A divine sword that was born from Yamato no Orochi's tail!?」

Riona=Yatagarasu was dumbfounded in the sky.

If it was just like at the plot of Japanese mythology, the name of that long sword and the young man was──

「Don't tell me that man who came down from the sky is……!?」

『How wonderful that you've come, my son. Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto.』

The voice that was resounding boomingly in the darkness was filled with the love of a mother.

「My last son who I couldn't meet while I still possessed life. My gallant son. Hohohoho, you can fawn on the chest of your mother to your heart's content!」

「This son is truly grateful for your words, mother.」

The man who was called a son by Izanami was a muscular young man.

He was wearing a garment with white loose sleeves and a hakama. So to speak it was a simple clothing of just a cloth with a hole in the middle for the head. The cloth at his wrists and under his knees were tied with cord so that he could move easily. A shizuri sash was twined around his waist and a magatama was dangling from his neck as necklace.

His black hair was tied at the side of his ears into midzura style.

It was the standard outfit for the aristocrat of Kofun Period (250-538 CE)──of ancient Japan.

The long sword that he was holding was none other than Kusanagi no Tsurugi, its other name was Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi──.

「This man of Susa won't hesitate to lay down my life if it's for the sake of mother. I swear that I will protect your safety from those beasts without fail!」

It was the proud introduction of the muscular youthful god.

Hearing his words from the air, Riona who was inside Yatagarasu came to an understanding.

「As I thought he is the son of Izanagi and Izanami, the god who defeated Yamato no Orochi……」

The god's name was Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto.

The length of the long sword that was carried by his thick right hand was around 3 shaku 3 sun and 5 bu. In other words its length was nearly one meter. It was a majestic strong sword.

Its blade had gentle curve and looked similar with Japanese katana.

But, the method to manufacture a katana was found at the end of Heian Period (794-1185). Susanoo who was born in even older period shouldn't have obtained it.

Most likely it should be the sword of ancient times, warabitetou (type of iron sword with curved pommel in Nara period) that became the model of Japanese katana.