Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 6

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Osaka Castle of Winds and Clouds



The mother of country creation Izanami met an unforeseen death and went to the underworld.

The husband Izanagi who sought his dead wife visited the realm of the dead, yet he saw the rotting appearance of his wife and ran away in full speed.

He somehow returned back to the surface and purified himself with the flow of river.

「What a dirty country I've visited just now. I have to cleanse my body……」 He said.

Three gods were born from the cleaned face of the father Izanagi.

First from his left eye, the goddess of sun and also the founder of the empire Amaterasu Oomikami was born. From his right eye Tsukuyomi no Mikoto was born. And then born from his nose was Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto──.

These three gods were referred as the three precious children.

However, the youngest son Susanoo was a problem child.

He had a splendid physique, but his heart was still childish. He was wailing asking for his mother.

「I want──to go to the underworld where mother is! That's why I'm crying!」

It was said that Susanoo cried with his whole body and soul.

Because of that verdant mountain with luxuriate plants withered, river and sea also dried, evil gods filled the world with noisy sounds like the buzzing of flies. Every kind of calamity occurred.

Even after that Susanoo's violent conduct didn't settle down and he immersed himself in outrages.

He destroyed paddy field, scattered excrement everywhere, throwing horse's corpse to a weaving hall.

His big sister Amaterasu Oomikami grieved and moaned and shut herself inside that Ama no Iwato.

And then, Susanoo himself got banished from the country of the gods Takamagahara and ended up wandering the surface world.

Bluntly speaking, he was a god that was a preposterous nuisance for others.

But, perhaps his days of roaming alone was making him to grow up──.

He arrived at a village that was tormented by the terrifying Yamata no Orochi, fought the monster due to his kindness, and splendidly triumphed.

From the corpse of the great snake that Susanoo defeated, he discovered a single long sword.

This was none other than the sacred sword Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Susanoo offered the sacred sword to his big sister Amaterasu and regretted his past mistake. Since then, he became a king who ruled over the country of Izumo on the surface world──.


(And that is the simple lecture regarding Susanoo. Rokuhara-san!)

「So that big bro over there has serious mother complex huh.」

(I'm feeling exactly the same but, even still he is the major hero number one in Japanese mythology.)

「And, that god has descended right now.」

Rokuhara Ren who was slower than Riona who was flying in the sky by around ten minutes finally arrived.

The Osaka Castle Park that had been reduced into a burnt field──.

Only the stone wall and the inner-outer moats of Osaka Castle that were barely keeping their original shape. But the forest and also the historical buildings were turned into ash altogether.

Even the several tens of thousands of Yokotsu Shikome packed in this place were burned, leaving no trace behind.

There were still live coals smoldering here and there, the heat of the burned land was transmitted through the sneaker soles.

And then the enemy that ought to be defeated──Yamato no Orochi was also already gone.

In exchange the one waiting for him at the burnt field was a young man whose appearance could be seen often in books like history educational manga 『Ancient Japan Compilation』 and so on.

「So you're the godslaying beast.」

The youthful god who seemed to be Susanoo was grinning fiercely.

The structure of his face itself was handsome, but it clearly displayed his wild and masculine temperament.

「I will never forgive your violence toward my mother. I will hack you into pieces no matter what!」

His divine name was Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto. The wind was also becoming stronger in respond to his gruffness.

Ren looked at the impressive large long sword he was holding while grumbling.

「It's surprising that the opponent got suddenly changed.」

(This development isn't that unusual if this is weekly serialized battle manga you know, goshujin-sama.)

Riona sent her thought to him.

(Thinking like that, Yamato no Orochi is a major monster in the strongest class even within Japanese mythology. But it doesn't have any blood or spiritual relationship with Izanami. There's no way they will have good compatibility. That's why she used it……as sacrifice to summon her son Susanoo to be her allied deity.)

「So that's the trick.」

(Unlike Yamato no Orochi, if it's the duo of Susanoo and Goddess Izanami parent-son……it won't be 1+1=2, the result might bloat up to 5 or even 10.)

「Then we better make it a one-on-one fight multiplied by two. I'll take on that big bro over there.」

Ren immediately decided.

「Riona, you go search for the hiding Izanami-san. I want you to take care of that.」

(Roger. But, I won't mind at all even if you defeat the one I'm in charge of too. Rokuhara-san is my goshujin-sama and also a godslayer after all!)

「That's certainly true. I'll handle it carefully──」

The moment Ren was speaking his assurance, Susanoo charged forward like lightning!



The long sword that was swung horizontally was avoided by Ren with a back step.

The escaping feet of Goddess Nemesis was activated. Susanoo's sword stroke that could strike down even a swallow dancing in the sky moved in slow motion for Ren.

Susanoo who showed a charge that was like ferocious tiger clicked his tongue.

「You bastard, are you the same kind with rabbit or mouse? Looks like your specialty is moving around restlessly.」

「Yep, correct. Susanoo-san's movement is also really good just now──oh!」

Another slash came while he was talking.

But, Ren easily dodged Susanoo's slash and he smiled bitterly.

「Won't it be fine if we have a little bit of talk at least?」

「Shut your trap boy!」

*Buun, buun, buun!*

Susanoo charged toward Ren and swung Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi three times.

It felt like just the wind from the swing could sever the neck. That speed was exactly like a gale. But, there was no way it could overtake Nemesis's swift feet.

Ren instantly circled toward Susanoo's back.

He immediately tried to unleash the Retributive Justice. Just like how he hit this god's mother.

「The goddess of revenge shall hand down the divine punishment. Judgment of justice──」


The instant Ren was chanting the words of power, fighting spirit was unleashed from Susanoo's whole body!

The fighting spirit became a flow of air and changed into a fierce gust of wind. It was a strong wind that blew away Rokuhara Ren's body greatly.


Ren was sent flying for more than ten meters. He fell on his back.

The impact and the strong blow from the gust just now hurt the front and the back of his body greatly.

Furthermore, unnoticed Susanoo had turned a fierce look toward Rokuhara Ren who was unbalanced and swung Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to the side in a big arc.

Even though the blade of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Ren's body were separated by more than ten meter!

Susanoo chanted.

「This is, a divine sword!」

Silver flash was unleashed from the tip of the sacred sword that drew a straight line horizontally.

While it was a light that had no physical attribute, it was a "blade of light" that severed everything on earth. And then with a length that would reach even Rokuhara Ren who was far in front with room to spare──

「That's dangerous!」

Ren immediately jumped above.

The "blade of light" mowed the space where he was standing 0,2 second ago. Rokuhara Ren's body was already jumping until the height of three or four-storied building. He somehow managed to dodge.

However, Susanoo grinned.

「I declare to the one named Kusanagi no Tsurugi! Although you are not a sword that I ought to use──right now I shall borrow you for the sake of mother!」

Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi was swung from above along with the words of power of sword.

The "blade of light" surged once more. This time it became an extra large blade that was swung down from the sky to the ground. It attacked from above at Rokuhara Ren who was still in the air from his jump!

「That's like a beam rifle from Gundam huh……」

Ren muttered while twisting his body midair.

He didn't just jump high. It was "a kind of flight" using the escaping feet of Goddess Nemesis. And then the posture control from his innate reflexes was also helping his movement.

As the result, he was sliding to the side at midair like a winged angel!

He splendidly dodged the "blade of light" descending from above.

「Hou! You're quick as expected, godslayer!」

「Thanks for the praise. Big bro yourself, the way you attack is nastier than I expected.」

The conversation between Susanoo who was holding Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Ren who landed on the ground.

If someone without wing jumped high, normally they wouldn't be able to correct their trajectory midair. Susanoo intended to take advantage of that.

Although, Ren himself was also taken by surprise.

He expected that Susanoo was a foolhardy fighter from looking at his coarse look.

If he was someone like that, then he would be a preferable customer for Rokuhara Ren who danced like a butterfly. He would lightly jump around and toy with Susanoo as he pleased. He was hoping for that. And yet,

(Rokuhara-san. Susanoo is also a tactician who can launch sneak attack.)

Riona's telepath came.

(The anecdotes about him are fill with crude story though. Like when he subjugated Yamato no Orochi, he made the snake drunk with sake and attacked it in its sleep. He isn't a pure enemy like his appearance suggested.)

「Looks like it. He seems tougher than I imagined.」

(And then, the divine sword born from the tail of Yamata no Orochi, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi──it has another name of Kusanagi no Tsurugi.)

「Is that also an item with shady history behind it?」

(Yes. When Yamato Takeru was in a grass-covered plain that was set on fire and almost died, he used that sacred sword to weed the burning grasses and created a path of escape. It's a sword that posses various miraculous effects, but mowing down something altogether might be its signature move.)

「I see.」

Ren didn't avert his eyes from Susanoo even while listening to the advice.

There was distance of ten-odd meter between the two of them. But it was a range that within the reach of Izanami's son. He would be able to attack anytime.

Susanoo grinned with a composed look and expression like a hunter.

It was a face of someone measuring the time to attack──to go into offense. No doubt about it.

「By the way Riona. How is it going with Izanami-san?」

(I'm still unable to specify her location. It's in the middle of diligent investigation, goshujin-sama. Please beat up that Susanoo while waiting without too much expectation!)

The battle of Japanese mythology that became an irregular two versus two was still at the opening phase.



Below was the burnt field that was formerly the Osaka Castle Park.

Currently Riona was flying in the air in the huge form of Yatagarasu. She was circling around at the same spot while glaring toward the ground.

The twelve divine generals that became flame spirits and the four heavenly kings along with Zenki and Goki were standing by nearby midair.

Riona's retainers were floating in the air while lining up in a circle. They were looking even more like a mandala that was drawn in the darkness of the morning sky.

「Really, just where is Izanami vanishing into……」

Riona muttered inside Yatagarasu while sharpening her five senses and spiritual sense.

If a great goddess of that level was lurking nearby, she should be able to sense her immediately.

And yet, she was unable to sense even her presence. Not only Riona, even the supernatural sense of her eighteen retainers that were fully exerted also turned out nothing.

「Don't tell me she's leaving it all to her son and escape to far away?」

『Oo! What wretched opinion that is even coming from an enemy! To even consider that a goddess and a queen with status like mine will ever throw away my pride and strive to escape for my own life!』

Izanami's lovely voice resounded in the sky.

It seemed she was eavesdropping from somewhere. Furthermore from the speed of her reaction, she was right nearby from Riona and others as expected──.

「If you're going to act high and might proclaiming you're a queen, then please show yourself openly!」

『Hohohoho. Don't ask something so unreasonable toward a graceful weak woman like me. No matter when and where, a queen is always protected by soldiers and fortress.』

Izanami only responded to Riona with her voice while muttering.

『Even so……the scent of underworld is also drifting from you isn't it? While you're a dead person who originally should kneel before me, you don't know when to give up and went out to wander at the surface……. Now, let me return you to the place where you should belong.』

The retainers that were floating in the sky for Yatagarasu=Riona's sake──

Among them, Zenki-Goki and the four heavenly kings were suddenly blazing up through their whole body!


Riona was astonished.

The bluish white flame burned her temporarily employed retainers to turn them into ash. The red ogre carrying an iron axe, the blue ogre holding a water jug, and the four armored warriors were writhing in agony inside the flame.

*ooooooOOOOOOOOO──. ooooooOOOOOO──.*

It was the voiceless groan of people burning in flame.

There was no doubt about it. It was an attack from Goddess Izanami. However, why only them?

「Don't tell me!」

If it was just as she expected, then the helpers who remained below were also being affected right now.

Riona turned her eyes from the sky to the ground.


At the west side of Osaka Castle Park, in front of the front castle gate.

It was also in front of Osaka government's office building and prefectural police headquarter.

Both of them were huge building with white base color. A minitruck was parked in front of them and "Rokuhara Ren's comrades" were watching the progress of the battle.

「It's frustrating to be unable to even give assistance in the battle against the gods as the opponent!」

Princess Cassandra rubbed her hands together while raising her voice.

「I wish to be of use for Ren-sama and Riona-sama's sake but……」

「Don't worry. If we stay in the rear like this, there will come the time when the strength of human like us will be necessary in the unexpected situation.」

Julio spoke with a tone that was too indifferent to be a remonstration.

「Pay attention to the change of situation without feeling flustered or discouraged. That's the precept of Blandelli family that has a godslayer us our ancestor, so don't you think there'll be worth in believing it?」

「My. So a family of Julio-sama was also a brethren of Ren-sama!?」

The civilians were already evacuated, so none of them couldn't be found here.

It was also the same everywhere, but due to the location that was in front of the prefectural police headquarter, sometimes there were police officers in uniform passing through. However, everyone ignored Cassandra and Julio.

They should understand from a glance that these "foreigners" weren't affiliated with the police or JSDF.

There must be some kind of notification sent from the Institution of Divinities already. It was also just right because the police right now didn't have any leeway to keep them company.

And then, the remaining members who were Japanese people──suddenly started making noise!

「Your highness, and Gyouja-sam too, what's wrong!?」

Toba Fumika was taken aback.

The ghosts beside her, Uyamado no Ouji and En no Gyouja. The imperial prince and great ascetic of Hichou-Nara period were starting to burn with bluish white flame!

But, as expected the two of them were both "big-shot".

Even with flame burning him, the old ascetic pressed his lips into a thin line and endured.

The imperial prince of the land of the rising sun was also knitting his brows and glared in annoyance to the sky. Ahead of his gaze there were the four heavenly kings that were similarly attacked by blazing flame in midair just like him.

「Tsk. So Izanami-dono has noticed that we are dead people!」

『Hohohoho. You are discerning for a human.』

Goddess Izanami's voice rang out at the dark sky.

『However, the dead should act like the dead……return back to the underworld, the territory that I am reigning over. And bring the impertinent retainers over there back with the two of you!』

「This is bad. Even us cannot go against the order of the great goddess of the underworld!」

En no Ozunu and Umayado no Ouji, the two ghosts were taken aback.

Yes──. Goddess Izanami was the queen of underworld. Even they who were people with outstanding spiritual power in the human world were unable to oppose the great goddess of underworld as long as they were a ghost.

「Call that Yatagarasu or that godslayer! Tell them to protect me and the ascetic!」

「No good! We won't make it in time like that!」

The one who objected the to Umayado no Ouji's yell was surprisingly Fumika.

The little sister of Toba Riona joined her hands in front of her well developed breasts and chanted the words of power.

「God of swiftly galloping wind, I beg you to intermediate──. Akitsu mirror, Hetsu mirror, Yakka sword, longevity stone, moving stone, death returning stone, path returning stone, shawl of snake, shawl of bee, shawl of various articles……combining the ten varieties of treasure one two three four five six seven eight nine ten furube yurayura to furube──」


Umayado no Ouji raised a voice of admiration. The old face of En no Ozunu was also surprised.

The two ghosts that were burning in bluish white flame──were getting absorbed. Into Fumika's, two bulging breasts that were unbecoming for a fifteen years old!

The praising voice of Umayado no Ouji could be heard from inside her.

『So you take us inside you and protect us with the heart and body of the living. Splendid. I shall bestow you a praise for your brilliance, Tamayori Hime!』

「Li, like this his highness and the great ascetic should be alright! It will be only for temporarily though……!」

Toba Fumika was someone with special ability as spirit medium.

If her big sister was Yatagarasu, then the little sister was Tamayori Hime no Mikoto.

In other words she was a shrine maiden that could serve as object to which god of spirit could be drawn into. This designation would often appear in myth, sometimes as the name of a goddess or the name of royalty that descended from the bloodline of god.

As a spiritual ability user who inherited that lineage, she finally displayed her true worth──

Fumika yelled at the sky where her big sister was at.

「O, Onee-chan, do something about Izanami-sama quickly-. Please!」


Princess Cassandra suddenly raised her voice too.

The first rate beautiful maiden even within Greek mythology, both her eyes within that beautiful face were shining gold. She saw the future using the spiritual power that the sun god Apollo bequeathed to her.

Cassandra stared to Yatagarasu at the sky and slowly pointed to the ground.

「Please don't ask anything and advance to here──toward the ground! Flap your wings with all your might and go forward, with a force that will smash apart that beautiful body!」


「Wait, you're telling me to suicide without even giving any reason!?」

Riona grumbled inside Yatagarasu that was circling on the sky.

「But it can't be helped. If I hear the reason, then the oracle that is finally obtained will end up useless and ignored after all!」

The prophet of tragedy Cassandra was a victim of curse.

No one would believe her even if she told them of the future. It was a curse that was inflicted on her because she rejected the courting of sun god Apollo.

However, her prediction until now was always correct.

Riona who was thoroughly aware of that──flapped her golden wings with all her strength.

She flew toward the ground. If she crashed on the burnt field below with this speed and force, even the sacred bird that boasted a huge body would be smashed up into pieces.

「Fortune telling is sometimes a hit or miss……isn't the case here, so I can only do it!」

『Oo sacred bird, you, what ferocity──!? You will break my body like that──hiiaaaAAAAAAAAAAH!』

The instant she flew to right below with the instinct of a gambler──

The land itself that was her target screamed.

Riona=Yatagarasu swooped down as though to smash her own body. The ground that was collided on by her head and beak made *gushu* sound, and collapsed.

Yatagarasu's huge body was getting swallowed into the ground like it was water.

It felt like diving into a soft swamp. Even though she should be charging toward the solid land that was supporting the keep of Osaka Castle.

「……So it's like that!」

Riona quickly realized the trick and chanted the words of power.

「Sacred flame pure and clear! Purify every kind of misfortune with the exorcism of fire!!」

Flame was lit on the whole body of Yatagarasu inside the gorund that was soft like mud.

Crimson blaze was unleashed from the large body that was shining gold. The whole surrounding that was like mud but also like soil was burned and annihilated in flame. In addition──

「Twelve divine generals, Zenki and Goki, four heavenly kings! All Shikigamis, come to me!」

All eighteen retainers who were told to wait in the air.

They all swooped down and charged into the ground. The Shikigamis who sunk underground like their master──they also emitted blazing flame from their whole body.

That red conflagration of annihilation blew away the blue flame tormenting the ogres and the four heavenly kings──

Burning. The underground of the former Osaka castle was burning in blazing flame from the inside. Riona and her retainers became nineteen flames and burned fiercely inside the ground!


Izanami's scream rose once more from the land itself.

『Damn you, how annoying that you're attempting to burn down my fortress! Monsters of fire, you can swiftly depart from this enclosure!』

A flow was created inside the soft underground, carrying Riona and her retainers to the "above".

It was like an updraft. They were then spat out *peh* to the surface. Toward the sky of Osaka Castle that became a burnt field.

And then, Yatagarasu and her subordinate army saw.

The beautiful goddess was growing from the underground, like a budding plant.

「You have acted impudently, Yatagarasu.」

Of course it was the goddess of underworld Izanami.

The graceful goddess's hand was holding a long rod of wood. Riona spoke/

「Is that Ama no Sakahoko? Or perhaps Ama no Nuhoko? Either way they're the same thing though.」

Yatagarasu spread her golden wings and flew once more.

The twelve divine generals followed behind as flame spirits and rushed toward the sky.

On the other hand, at the ground the ogres and the four heavenly kings surrounded the great goddess. The queen of underworld Izanami held up the wooden rod to protect herself desperately.

Riona=Yatagarasu talked from the sky.

「Did you turn the land to be muddy again with that spear to hide yourself? It's pointless so it's better to stop that. It won't work on us anymore.」


Izanami stared hatefully at Yataagarasu in the sky.

In the past at the age of god, the land of Japan was drifting in the sea like slushy mud.

Izanagi and Izanami stabbed that "mud" with a single spear as cordial husband and wife, stirred it, and formed the shape of Japan archipelago.

This spear was none other than Ama no Sakahoko. It was also called Ama no Nuhoko.

It was the divine tool of country creation. And then, it could also work in reverse. With this spear in hand the well-ordered shape could be destroyed and it should also be possible to return the shape back to the original "mud"──.

「I think that was a skillful thing that you did, but now that the trick is exposed, it won't work anymore. I will defeat you right away.」

This was where the match would be decided. Riona inside Yatagarasu yelled.

「The abrupt darkness of heaven──. The golden spirit of black kite come and the imperial bow stopped it. That black kite is shining bright, like a lightning stream……!」

The demon wolf of Ragnarok that ran in the sanctuary of Norse, Fenrir──.

Marquis Voban usurped an authority from that giant wolf. Yatagarasu used this greatest secret art of her to get into a test of strength with that authority right from the front.

Finally Riona would unleash the great law, the Great Exorcism of Golden Kite.

Yatagarasu and the twelve flame spirits obeying her──all of them started to burn bluish white. A total of thirteen flashes of light were unleashed from them.

Sun. The spirits of fire and sun. The essence of golden crow and golden kite was concentrated and formed into a bombardment!


Izanami shrieked from the burning caused by the laser bombardment of thirteen opponents.

In addition Zenki, Goki, and the four heavenly kings also fired flash of Great Exorcism of Golden Kite from their weapon that shined brightly to purify the great goddess of underworld.

But, regardless of this fierce attack.

「Damn you……damn you……I won't perish here!」

Goddess Izanami's voice of resentment was leaking out while she desperately endured inside the light.

She heightened her mystical force to the maximum and endured with all her might the anguishing pain of the light that was burning her body. She obtained a certain degree of result from that.

Izanami was bravely attempting to endure through the heat and light of purification!

「This is the decisive moment, goshujin-sama! Please grant me more power-. A level of power that can consign the queen of underworld to oblivion, send it to your servant──!」

She called herself a servant, a familiar.

However, in reality Riona insisted to her partner like a queen.



And then, receiving the telepathy from Riona──

「Now I've got to answer after receiving that kind of appeal.」

Ren grinned.

There was Susanoo in front of him swinging Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. He was trying to defeat Rokuhara Ren, sometimes by slashes that were like whirlwind, sometimes with "blade of light" that was like laser cannon. All of those cut through empty air without exception was solely thanks to the esaping feet of Goddess Nemesis.

The heroic god that was at the highest level even in Japanese mythology howled his fighting spirit like a tiger.

「You're doing nothing but running away like coward huh, godslayer!」

「Don't worry. I'll properly hit back at you hard after this.」

Ren spoke cheerfully without a single graze on him.

Right now he was completely used to Susanoo's speed and the light blade that was fired from the sacred sword. He shouldn't get hit that easily.

*Hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh!*

Susanoo unleashed four slashes of sword in a single stroke.

Furthermore the last slash was swung horizontally using the "blade of light". But, Ren dodge everything with relaxed movement like the beautiful dancing of butterfly. It was still alright. Right now it was still alright.

Actually he was harboring a worry.

This kind of rowdy person was getting heated up. His momentum was increasing the more spirited he became.

Perhaps, Rokuhara Ren and Nemesis's『escape』 would stop working before long. Before that happened he had to land a counter with all his might on the enemy.

However──Ren declared.

「Riona. Use my power as you please. You don't need to concern yourself with me!」

(Ren! You should prioritize yourself here-)

Stella=Goddess Aphrodite who was hiding inside Ren yelled.

(Rather you should sever the connection with the bird girl for a while so that your strength won't be taken away! The one that should be defeated first is this guy, this ruffian called Susanoo!)

She who was one in body and soul with Ren had surely read Ren's worry.

But, here he purposefully went with a gamble. He grinned and ignored the advice. Right after that, the magic power dwelling inside the heart and body of Rokuhara Ren──was taken away entirely.

「As expected from Riona, no holding back at all!」

(Thank you very much, goshujin-sama!)

If his total amount was 100, just now 80 had been taken away all at once──

The godslaying beast that should be tough tripped over his feet. His body also staggered. There Susanoo swung down Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi diagonally with a demonic look.

「Got you now, you beast!」

*Shu-*. The blade of the sacred sword cut through the space where Ren should be at.

A single brown hair of Rokuhara Ren fluttered in the air──.

But, the owner slightly backed 50 cm away with a desperate footstep and succeeded in dodging Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi in a hair's breadth.

「Oh. That was cool just now. The way you saw through that felt really cool.」

「Damn you, jesting with me like that!」

「There's no such thing. I believe that fighting stylishly is really important. After all that shows just how much you're doing the correct movement.」

*Fuh, fuh, fuh!*

Three consecutive attacks. Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi in Susanoo's hands cut through the wind and drew closer.

Ren managed to dodge those three sword strokes with minimum movement, using a body handling that was measured in centimeter.

He dodged in a hair's breadth three times. Three pieces of hair fluttered in the air. His feet and body were still staggering, he couldn't make any big movement so this small movement was just right for him.

「Tsk. It's annoying, this continuous restless motion of yours!」

Ren continued to tide over the tough spot he was in with a hair's breadth evasion that he was daring to do for the first time while,

Ren focused his concentration to the depth of his body──the area around below his navel, and began reproducing magic power. It seemed this body part in the world of sorcery or qigong was called chakra or pit of the stomach.

It was for the sake of replenishing the magic power that was circulated to Riona.

「I wonder, how is my queen is doing now──!」

However, on the other side.

「Godslayer. You bastards, don't tell me!?」

Susanoo seemed to detect something with his animalistic instinct and got taken aback.


Thus, she obtained a lot of mystical force sent to her from "goshujin-sama"──

Riona heightened the power of the Great Exorcism of Golden Kite to unprecedented level.

「The abrupt darkness of heaven──. The golden spirit of black kite, shining bright, like a lightning stream──!」

She chanted the words of power once more too.

The whole body of Yatagarasu was emitting platinum radiance.

The twelve divine generals that were spirit of flame, Zenki-Goki, and the four heavenly kings were also emitting light. All of them were showered on Izanami on the ground.


The light of pseudo sun and the super high temperature tormented the great goddess of the realm of the dead.

Under that spotlight, the mother Izanami collapsed on the ground. Even so she desperately struggled to crawl out from under the light.

However, Riona and her retainers didn't lower their strength.

「For the sake of Rokuhara-san who placed his bet on this too, I will bring you down without fail here……!」

If she kept this up, then the mystical force she received just now would be completely used up here.

But, on the other hand. If Izanami could be defeated with this──. They were the servants of godslayer Rokuhara Ren, so to speak his sword.

If they defeated Izanami, that achievement would all go back to their master. In other words.

Riona had a conviction.

「Murdering a god and usurping their authority is what a godslayer is──. Goshujin-sama's authority should increase by one more with this!」

They should be able to count on the return profit from this risk they braved……!

And then, Riona was getting closer to win her bet.

「This is our victory-. Prepare yourself, goddess of underworld!」

『I won't let you!』

Susanoo's angry roar resounded in the sky.

『Build in Yakumo, fences within fences of Izumo, the residence for my wife──constructing fences within fences, that fences within fences! I shall protect my mother without fail!』

「Oo, my gallant son. So you're rescuing this mother of yours!」

Izanami who was prostrating on the ground eagerly reached out both her hands toward the sky.

She was being burned by the light of great purification. The great goddess would be burned to ash in just a few more seconds. Riona and her retainers had driven her to a corner to that degree. And yet.


Riona was shocked inside Yatagarasu.

Izanami's beautiful figure suddenly vanished.

……In this instant, the queen of underworld became a black shadow and soundlessly soared to the sky, from the edge of Osaka Castle Park until the center.

Izanami's shadow changed shape while flying, becoming a single comb.

A half round comb made from shaving wood by hand──. The one who grasped it at the center of the burnt field was the goddess's son Susanoo.

He wielded his divine strength for the sake of his mother even while trying to cut down Rokuhara Ren.

Susanoo put the brush that was none other than his mother on his own hair.

「Mother. Like this I will be able to protect you anytime.」

Susanoo muttered in front of the dumbfounded Rokuhara Ren.

And then──

Riona ascertained that with the eyesight of the sacred bird that could see through even a hundred ri ahead.

「I see……. Changing an important someone into a hairbrush and protect them by putting it on his hair. That's also Susanoo's authority! Just like when he changed Kushinada Hime into a brush when he fought Yamato no Orochi……!」

The eight headed and eight tailed monster demanded a sacrifice of the beautiful goddess.

The name of that princess was Kushinada Hime. Susanoo changed that woman who would later become his wife into a brush, put it on his hair, before going into the snake extermination.

「Come godslaying beast. I will turn you into the rust of my divine sword now!」

Susanoo glared at the enemy before him Rokuhara Ren and boasted.

He stabbed powerfully with the tip of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi toward his mother's enemy the godslayer. Furthermore, perhaps because of his yearning toward his mother that he was finally able to encounter and his determination to protect her no matter what,

A new change occurred to the divine sword.

The blade of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi that reached a meter in length──was dyed jet black.

It was a terribly ominous blackness. Sinister sign of ill omen could be felt just from looking at it.

And then, there was even crimson flame enveloping the black blade. That flame was flickering and swaying like a snake rearing its head. The flame snakes coiling around Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi numbered eight.

It was like a river that forked into eight branches, similar like eight heads of a large snake──

「It's always cloudy and rainy due to the great snake. That flow take shape and become river that cause the people to tremble, acquiring iron……」

With the black Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi in hand, Susanoo sang the words of power of iron.

……Jet black wind blew. The wind looked like sand. It clung densely to the whole body of Yatagarasu who was spreading her wings in the air.

「This is what Yamato no Orochi used──the wind of iron sand!」

Riona=Yatagarasu was prevented from using her wings to fly. She was falling unsteadily.

It was the same like yesterday when she was injured by the eight headed and eight tailed monstrous snake. The black iron sand clung on the shining large body of the sacred bird Yatagrasu and became a heavy binding, restricting her freedom!


The large body of Yatagarasu made a sound from the forced landing on the ground.

*Zuzazaza* The body slid on the burnt field due to the momentum before coming to a stop. It was like the belly landing of an airplane. Furthermore her transformation was dispelled.


Riona returned from the golden sacred bird back into a high school girl and collapsed.

Her body was pained everywhere. Not only that, iron sand was clinging densely all over her uniform and body. She was unable to move from the weight. Furthermore.

「This iron sand, it's sealing my technique……?」

She tried to transform into the form of agile swallow. However, she was unable to.

It might be a spiritual effect of magic sealing. This was what caused the Yatagarasu transformation to be dispelled.

「The shikigamis──」

The twelve divine generals who were turned into flame spirits had vanished when she noticed.

Zenki-Goki and the four heavenly kings that were lent by the ghosts were also the same. Well, as expected it seemed that it couldn't go as far as suppressing the authority of godslayer. The Contract of Wings was going strong but──


That contract was notifying her.

Of the danger to the "goshujin-sama" that was more than a kilometer away from here.

Her fiancée who had casually overcome many scenes of carnage until now. Right now he should be making a really tense expression at this situation.



The Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi that Susanoo was holding was clad in flame that looked really similar with Yamato no Orochi.

And then, this flame seemed to call──a black wind of iron sand here. The wind didn't only cover Yatagarasu=Riona.

Ren muttered with a low voice.

「This has become slightly bad, I think?」

Ren who was confronting Susanoo was also covered in the black wind.

The speed of his escaping feet was Rokuhara Ren's strong point and his lifeline. Black sand was clinging all over his body and sealed the use of his prided escaping feet.

Even though he tried to move his body──*creak, creak*.

It only made creaking sound from his joints. He almost couldn't move. He felt like he was stuffed into a mould.

In addition.

The black binding spell blowing through the burnt field, the wind that was mixed with iron sand didn't show any sign of stopping at all. It was flowing toward the west even now with whistling sound!

「I've got to somehow cut my way through……」

Ren heightened his magic power as much as possible in order to repel the iron sand's binding.

However it was pointless. He had just handed the majority of his power to his subordinate Yatagarasu. The black iron sand sealing his freedom wasn't affected at all.

「Kukukuku. That's unsightly, godslayer……」

Susanoo gloated spitefully.

「The nimble wild rat finally stop moving.」

「To think that you were hiding this kind of trump card, it's shocking. But」

Susanoo looked like a gruff ruffian, but he could also scheme──.

Ren recalled Riona's evaluation of Susanoo while asking. He intended to buy as much time as possible and increased his magic power during that time.

「This is the power that Yamato no Orochi used isn't it? How can Susanoo-san use it?」


The son of Goddess Izanami only snorted.

(It's the blessing of Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi, Rokuhara-san!)

Riona's telepathy told him the answer.

(After Susanoo defeated Yamato no Orochi and obtained the divine sword, he became the king of Izumo. Izumo was a producing area of iron sand, a land that was prosperous with iron manufacture. Naturally it was a powerful country that possessed a military strength bolstered with iron weapon.)

「Iron? Could it be, this wind of iron sand is……」

(Yes. Susanoo defeated the great snake that was the symbol of iron and obtained a sword. In other words it can also be interpreted as metaphor of Susanoo snatching away iron and military force by brute force. That's why he can reproduce the power of Yamato no Orochi through Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi!)

「Uwa. So that sword has that kind of history.」

(I'll also dispel this binding as quick as possible and rush there for rescue-. That's why Rokuhara-san, survive no matter what until then──)

「Yeah. I can't die without seeing my fiancée's face after all……」

Ren was aware that his face was getting serious.

He tried acting easygoing even if it was only his words at the very least while pressing his right hand's index finger and middle finger together.

He raised these two fingers in front of his face. It was the "trigger" for when he unleashed the Retributive Justice. What's left was to make use the magic power he had right now as much as possible──

「The cause of the future phenomenon lie in the past. O fate, manifest the entanglement of cause and effect……」

A goddess with pure white wings manifested behind Ren.

The name of the goddess clad in crimson garment was Nemesis. Her ice blue long hair fluttered. Her peerless beautiful face was hidden by a black mask.

It was the──phantom of the goddess who Ren murdered in the past.

Her willowy slender hand was holding along sword, Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. The sword that Susanoo carried.

「You bastard, so you imitated the divine sword of us heavenly gods.」

「I'm thinking to struggle in vain with all my might you see.」

Ren bluffed in front of the scowling Susanoo.

──Goddess Athena once told him, 『You are a swift warrior that make use of your feet. The like of Rokuhara Ren whose feet is stopped is nothing significant. It was a fact.

Now that he was unable to use his prided feet, he could only go with 『offense was the best defense』.

He would continue releasing his stock of Retributive Justice as much as he could, repel and parry the sword attacks from Susanoo, and held out.

There was a small mercy for him. Because he had received a lot of Susanoo's fierce attack, he had finished replenishing his stock──.

However, at this timing,

『Listen to me son.』

The brush on Susanoo's hair talked. It was Izanami's voice.

『That godslayer──seem to have the power to gather the sword attack and lightning directed to him and release them all at once. He must be planning to use that this time too……』

「Oo mother. My many thanks for your instruction!」

The ferociously filial son's face brightened at the advice from his mother.

「Don't worry. After knowing that, there're many things I can do to deal with that.」

Susanoo smirked──and stabbed the burning Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to the ground.

In exchange, he chanted a very dangerous word of power.

「I──Susanoo no Mikoto, once caused a war to take everything under heaven, leading a thousand evil gods in the form of small flies. I stabbed a thousand swords in Yamato and besieged……」


Ren instantly doubted his own eyes.

Tatehaya Susanoo no Mikoto should have let go of his long sword. However right now, above the head of him and Rokuhara Ren──new long swords were appearing one by one.

The dark cloudy sky──was filled with a great number of swords.

Most of them were straight sword with straight blade. However there were also curved swords with gentle curving blade similar like Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi. There were long large thick swords, and there were also short swords.

They were all floating in the air with their tip pointed at Rokuhara Ren on the ground.

The total number of the swords looked to be more than a thousand. Anyway it was a gathering of sword, sword, sword, katana, long sword, and so on.

「Even though I've accumulated stock, this number is nasty even for Nemesis-san's Retributive Justice.」

Ren swallowed his saliva.

「This one seem to be even more amazing huh……」

「Kukukuku. Listen, godslayer. Once I revolted toward my elder sister Amaterasu Oomikami to overthrow her. I stabbed a thousand swords into the ground──and used them as a fortress.」

「Using them as fortress!?」


「So that's why, you have this many swords in concealment……」

Like this even if he unleashed his full stock, he would be unable to match it.

Furthermore right now Rokuhara Ren was having insufficient magic power. He didn't know how much he could use Retributive Justice with that. The result of the battle was already clear.

While he was feeling aghast, Riona's frustrated telepathy was also transmitted to him.

(It's an episode of Japanese mythology that isn't recorded in the Records of Ancient Matters and Nihon-shoki. Lamenting the rebellion of Susanoo no Mikoto, Amaterasu Oomikami hid inside Ama no Iwato──what a strange tale. For such minor episode of all thing to be brought out as a trump card here!)

「So Riona, does it look like you will be able to come in rescue?」

(Unfortunately, I still can't it seems……)

「Isn't that right」

Ren was cornered into a state of mind where he could only laugh and smiled bitterly.

On the other hand, Susanoo joined both his fists in front of his chest. His strength and fighting spirit burst out. The muscles of his whole body were bulging muscularly, and he yelled with naked fighting spirit and wildness.

「Listen, o thousand of sword! O evil gods in the form of small flies! Answer my command, right now is the time to exert your strength to the limit!」

It was an encouragement toward the thousand of swords floating above.

Susanoo was making enormous amount of magic power to fill his muscular body to the brim. The thousand swords that were directed toward Rokuhara Ren were starting to tremble.

However──they still hadn't moved. They didn't fly at him.

As expected it was a major undertaking to control a thousand swords all at once.

Susanoo was wringing out all his magic power in order to achieve that difficult act. And then, a way for Ren right now to hinder him was……none!

「That's why I told you, Ren-」

Stella's small figure suddenly appeared on Ren's left shoulder.

「I told you to sever your connection with the bird girl!」

「It's too late saying that now. It was the best choice at that time. It was just unfortunate that Susanoo-san's parent and child due overturned the table.」

The wind of black iron sand was blowing without change.

Ren was still unable to take back his body's freedom. Stella's white outfit was also dirtied by the iron sand. Ren talked keenly in this desperate predicament.

「Let's completely forget this failure and try our best next time. Julio also said it right? My good point is to forget everything when the danger has passed, something like that──」

「That's absolutely not what he meant at all!」

「If there's a chance let's talk about that later. More importantly Stella, you should quickly escape from here even if it's just by yourself.」

「You stupid! I and you are one in body and mind, we're sharing our lot with each other.」

The small goddess with a size like a doll who governed over beauty and love in the past.

Stella stared still at Ren's face from the side with eyes that were filled with sincerity and passion right now.

「There's no meaning even if I escape by myself. Rather than doing something like that──hey, I have a request to the valiant you!」

Stella kept sitting on Ren's left shoulder and unexpectedly called out to Susanoo.

The 『belt』 that was wrapped around her waist was shining with rose color. It was the authority Circle of Friendship used to pester for something from a close friend, acquaintance, or perhaps lover.

「I'm wondering if perhaps you can please lend that sword in your hand to me!」


Susanoo's answer was of course a snigger.

「How foolish, little girl. To ask something like that to me your enemy. You can regret your own foolishness together with that godslayer over there! While getting stabbed by a thousand swords!」

「Uuuuh. As I thought, it's like that……」

Stella hung her head down in dejection. The moment her gaze dropped.

Finally──the swords covering the sky started moving. They rained down like lightning toward Rokuhara Ren and the small goddess on the ground.

*Hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh!*

*Hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh, hyuuh!*

Swords were flying one after another with the sound of cutting through wind. Sword, sword, sword, katana, long sword, blade, thick sword, large sword, straight sword, curved sword, short sword, small knife──.

「Nemesis-san, please!」

Ren unleashed his heightened magic power as much as possible.

Goddess Nemesis who manifested behind him──that phantom increased to three.

All three of them copied Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and Susanoo's slashes, slashing away the raining down swords with quick move that couldn't be followed by eye, cutting them down, hitting them back, protecting Ren and Stella!

However the sky was filled to the brim with a thousand swords.

The number of sword didn't look decreasing.

*Hyun, hyun, hyun, hyun, hyun──!*

The rain of a thousand swords became a heavy rain that fell without end.

There were only three winged goddesses in crimson garment defending against this. Although they were user of godspeed, there was no way they could possibly block everything.

「Ren……! Now that it has come to this there is something that I have to say to you at the e──」

「Wait Stella」

His other half partner whispered to him with moist eyes.

Ren suddenly realized something and smiled fearlessly. Stella's belt was still shining in rose color. An idea that thing could be done flashed in his mind……!

「This battle, it's our win. The gamble before is correct just as I thought.」


「It's not Susanoo's sword. Quickly borrow something else. I'm counting on you too Riona……!」

Ren and the two girls were one in body and mind. It was enough with that.

Stella nodded with dignity on Ren's left shoulder. Toba Riona who was pained and unable to move at some distance away also sent a telepathy.

(Understood, I can go anytime!)

「Bird girl, lend me and Ren your servants!」

「One Shikigami, come to me──!」

A golden kite came flying from high in the sky.

The mystical force controlling the shikigami twelve divine generals became Ren's for a moment. And then, one of the divine generals transformed into a golden kite which he ordered to pass through while grazing on Susanoo's head…….


Susanoo was focusing all his mind into moving the thousand swords.

That was why he couldn't protect it. The brush inserted into his black hair that was bundled into mizura hairstyle──the wooden brush that his mother Izanami was changed into. It was snatched by the golden kite's beak.

『Oo Susanoo, take me──take your mother back from this bird!』


The golden kite that was holding the brush in its mouth flew toward Ren.

The thousand swords were still pouring down like heavy rain in order to kill Rokuhara Ren. Naturally, one of those swords pierced the golden kite's body, while another sword pierced the Izanami brush──.


Susanoo howled seeing his mother's brush smashed into pieces.

Perhaps because of that lamentation and despair, the thousand swords waiting in the air stopped moving completely. The swords that were already moving toward Ren also halted in place.

The heavy rain of thousand swords finally came to a stop.

Ren grasped that good opportunity and chanted the words of power of retribution.

「We demand the cost of life. I ask for the judgment of justice right here!」

The phantoms of three Goddess Nemesis──swung Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi simultaneously.

What was fired from the divine swords of Japan was "blades of light". It was the same like what Susanoo used in order to corner the nimble Ren.



The slash of Retributive Justice by the authority of Goddess Nemesis.

Three streaks of blade of light overlapped to become a torrent of light that swallowed the disturbed Susanoo. The heroic god of ancient Japan was sent flying and he fell to the ground on his back with a loud sound.

The wind of black iron sand also finally stopped.

The thousand swords filling the sky were also vanishing abruptly──.


「Yes. Perform the last finishing touch properly-」

With that, the small goddess vanished from his left shoulder leaving behind an encouragement.

Like this the situation was greatly turned around. Rokuhara Ren splendidly obtained the advantage but,

「As expected from a god……. He isn't an opponent that will lose with this.」

Susanoo was trying to stand up ahead of Ren's gaze.

His whole body was burned and wounded badly by the torrent of light. Even his movement that was trying to stand up was sluggish and really weak.

Even so, there was strength in Susanoo's eyes.

「You bastard, accursed godslayer……how dare you do that to mother……!」

「I won't make any excuse. It wasn't me who did it directly but, there isn't any doubt I was the one arranging that to happen. If you're going to take revenge for your mother, then get up quickly.」

「You don't need to tell me that!」

Susanoo finally stood up with anger overflowing from his grim face.

He picked up Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi that was stabbed on the ground once more and roughly pulled it out. He pointed the divine sword's tip toward Ren.

In respond, Ren lightly rocked his body. Iron sand was falling from his body.

The binding of iron sand that was blew by Yamata no Orochi's divine power was vanishing cleanly. Ren finally recovered his usual swift legs and godspeed.

Even his dried up magic power was slowly refilling back.

What's left──was only to make use of the enemy's power and momentum. Right now Rokuhara Ren was in the verge of making provocation and Susanoo in the verge of charging forward in anger.

The instant he charged forward like a fierce tiger, he would drive the counter of cause and effect into him……!

He didn't attack while Susanoo was down wasn't because of sympathy. It was because the authority of Goddess Nemesis would display its true worth when it was used only after the enemy made their move.

Ren prepared to intercept with light footsteps *ton ton*.

「The regret of my mother──I'll teach it to you now, godslayeerrr!」

「Unfortunately, that's impossible.」

Susanoo approached with a force like a hurricane.

However, in front of Ren it only looked like slow motion.

This counter would absolutely decide it. The moment he was convinced of that his body moved automatically. He stepped to the right and dodged Susanoo's charge and horizontal downswing while moving to land the counterattack of cause and effect that was worthy for the ancient heroic god──just before that.

*Shun!* An arrow of light flew.

Susanoo's neck was splendidly pierced from behind.

The son of Goddess Izanami lost the strength of his knees, slumped forward, and fell on the ground. His whole body already changed into sand when he lied on the ground and crumbled.

The valiant Susanoo no Mikoto died. An arrow from behind assaulted him──.

And then, the second arrow came.

The target was Ren. Of course Nemesis's escaping feet activated. He started running at the same time of dodging the arrow. He rushed through a distance of four kilometer in less than a second.

He arrived at the vicinity of Umeda in Osaka.

It was a large business district where old and new buildings were crammed in messily without order. Usually it would be teeming with countless people. But today it was completely empty. It was the same like abandoned area.

Arrows of light poured down on that area.

They didn't come one at a time. Dozens of arrow rained down from high in the sky toward Rokuhara Ren.

Ren slipped through below the arrows and accelerated once more. He didn't just run with a godspeed that was like lightning flash, he easily ran on a building's──vertical wall.

He reached the rooftop without difficulty.

The building was a combined commerce facility──

Amazingly there was a huge Ferris wheel installed on the rooftop.

The Ferris wheel's diameter was easily 70 or 80 meter. It was decorated with vivid red color, so it looked conspicuous. Under that landmark──a radiant handsome young man was standing.

Ren called out.

「So it's Apollo-san as I thought.」

「Oo. It's very embarrassing to be seen through like this.」

「I've seen that arrow of light several times after all.」

He was clad in garment of ancient Greece while carrying a silver bow like it was a harp.

A laurel wreath was placed on his wavy golden hair, displaying the appearance of a refreshing male. His grinning lips looked somewhat malicious.

「Fufufufu. I tried shooting in jest, forgive me. I thought that it wouldn't hit anyway but……I wanted to try meddling with you. It was a sudden impulse.」

「You killed Susanoo-san also for a joke?」

「No. I have a proper reason for that. Letting the godslayer Rokuhara Ren──to usurp his fourth authority won't be a good plan. That's my thought.」


「That's a stupid question. It was me who bestowed Princess Cassandra her talent for premonition you know? Lately, the same ability is making the alarm inside me to ring vaguely. There is a risk that an obstacle will appear before I accomplish my ambition. The name of that person is Rokuhara Ren……」

「Is that the truth?」

Ren smiled wryly and replied back.

「It's not Apollo-san's instinct being wrong or anything?」

「Who knows. I'm able to read a part of the future, but I can't see everything. When it's over……perhaps you're actually just a small existence in it, or perhaps it can also be the reverse. Well, it's not a certain thing, but I also won't make light of that vision.」

The silver bow──its bowstring was nocked with an arrow of light by Apollo.

The shining arrowhead was pointed toward Ren. The bowstring was pulled. The renowned archer of silver bow from Greek mythology, there was sharpness added on that manly beautiful face.

「I understand really well that a playful arrow will be easily dodged. In that case if I fire an arrow seriously, I wonder how strong the counterattack that I will receive……. It's also not a bad idea to ascertain that now.」

「It'll be really inconvenient for me though.」

「Forgive me. Everything is for the convenience of this Apollo. You don't have any right to choose.」

The beautiful sun god fired the arrow of light with a haughty smile.

The magic power overflowing from that arrow and Apollo's mind and body──was so immense it gave him a vague fear. That was why Ren jumped out of the way while immediately chanting.

「The misdeed that harm a life, the goddess of revenge shall hand down the divine punsihment──」

The words of power of Retributive Justice. The scripture of Goddess Nemesis.

The arrow of Apollow that Ren deftly dodged──.

It drew an arc and then exploded after flying for several hundred meters.

It scattered a blast of light and heat and shockwave while generating a huge sphere of light in the sky. A hanging garden was burning into ash inside it.

It was a garden inside a corridor that was set up between the rooftops of two skyscrapers.

It was a hanging garden at the fortieth floor and an observation platform.

And then, the two skyscrapers that were supporting it were half blown away from above by the big explosion that Apollo's arrow created.

However, Ren himself was also making an equal threat.

「I ask for the judgment of justice right here!」

He leaped from the rooftop to the sky while the phantom of Nemesis appeared behind him.

He thrust out his right hand while looking down on the group of skyscrapers of Umeda. Index finger and middle finger. A streak of light was falling at the direction that those two fingers pointed at.

The arrow of light that was copied by the authority Retributive Justice was…….

Light and heat and shockwave burst up. It became a huge sphere of light, swallowing the red Ferris wheel, and in addition the building that was a combined commerce facility──half of the building was swallowed from above.

Two great explosions that jeopardized Osaka - Umeda.

Ren observed the result of that competition from above while falling straight from the height of more than a hundred meter toward the ground.

It was a super high speed falling. No different from throwing himself from the rooftop of a skyscraper.

However, Ren somersaulted with the flexibility of a feline and easily landed on national highway number 176. It was a light landing due to Goddess Nemesis's escaping feet.

「What happened to Apollo-san?」

(Of course, he isn't a god who can be dealt with just that much.)

Stella answered in his mind.

The beautiful voice of the youthful god came down from the sky as though to support that statement.

『That was splendid Rokuhara Ren. It will be an enjoyable entertainment to continue pulverizing this city of humans like this but……as expected I've played around too much. I'll take my leave for today with this.』

「Are you going home to Troia?」

『No. I'm thinking of returning home for a bit.』

Ren tilted his head. Wasn't the home town of sun god Apollo the world of Greek mythology?

No, come to think of it, he felt like he had heard something about it before──

『Fufufufu. I'm a god who came to the sanctuary of Greece from foreign country, the same like lady Aphrodite. I'm thinking to search for my dear birthplace.』


Ren noticed Apollo's strange indirect phrasing.

However, even more words that told him it wasn't the time to think about that came down.

『Oo, that's right. The beautiful Cassandra……the princess of Troia will be in my care for a short while. One day I will responsibly return her back to her palace so don't worry.』


『Of course, I shall guarantee her safety too.』

A bird feather fluttered down in front of the surprised Ren.

It was a green feather. He had just seen it yesterday too. It was undoubtedly the divine tool Hermes's Feather that guided Princess Cassandra to Midgard!

And then, the moment Ren caught that feather with both hands.

The divine tool of the guardian god of traveler Hermes crumbled to dust and vanished…….

『Will the place we meet next time be my birthplace Hyperborea, or a completely different sanctuary──. Farewell, godslaying beast! You too princess goddess of Cyprus, stay healthy!』

That was the farewell that the sun god left behind.