Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 epilogue

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 3 epilogue




The next day after the commotion concerning Goddess Izanami no Mikoto was concluded.

The old directors were having confidential talk inside a gloomy room of the headquarter of Institution of Divinities.

「Godslayer Rokuhara Ren……」

「To think that kind of person will be born from among the Japanese people……」

「This is a great failure. Even though someone like that appeared, he was taken right from under our own nose by foreign country──furthermore it's by Europe's association!」

「No, but, if the daughter of Toba house become Rokuhara-dono's wife──」

「That might not be bad.」

「Certainly. Through that girl, we the Institution of Divinities of Japan will also be able to quickly deliver our opinion and demand to him.」


The genial laughing voice of an old lady came out.

The old men who were engrossed in a secret discussion that could hardly be called constructive hurriedly closed their mouth.

The directors in attendance were all flustered and astonished. However Takatsukasa Hinako who had the position as the Head Kannagi was filled with composure.

「Everyone. Right now we should pay a bit of attention of what we're saying.」

The princess shrine maiden Hinako-sama spoke gently.

「Riona-san is the young leader of Toba house, on top of that she is Rokuhara Ren-sama's fiancée……that's who she is. To speak of her unfavorably calling her something like 『girl』──isn't that a bit imprudent?」


「……yes, certainly.」

「It's indeed as you say.」

The male directors were replying respectfully to the lone woman in the group Hinako-sama.

Their attitude toward the "overall leader in name" was more respectful than before. Of course it wasn't like they were treating her impolitely before this but──previously there would be a hint of disdain oozing out from their attitude toward her.

But right now that haughtiness was cleanly eradicated.

Hinako-sama pretended to not realize that and spoke elegantly.

「Please be careful from here on, everyone.」

「Understood. ……By the way Hinako-sama」

「We wish to ask about something unrelated. Rokuhara-sama is actually──Hinako-sama's relative. We heard that kind of story from somewhere.」


Hinako-sama intentionally made a meaningful smile.

「I shall talk about me and Ren-san bit by bit from now on. For today, I believe we should focus in talking about dealing with the aftermath of the turmoil today, don't you think so?」

「By your will.」

「It's just as you say.」

「No, even so that Rokuhara-dono──. From the first time I saw his face, I secretly felt that this person isn't just a normal person. When I learned that person is a godslayer, it felt like my knees lost their strength.」

One of the directors smoothly spoke out words of flattery.

He talked really passionately, speaking without any reservation as though he was someone who 『I believed in him from the start!』. It was a magnificent change of attitude to the degree that he could resolutely speak words of praise. Hinako-sama looked around at the directors who were like that and nodded.

She wasn't an overall leader that was just in name anymore.

Right now she was none other than the head who controlled Japan's Institution of Divinities both in name and in reality. The rulers were accommodating her because she was Rokuhara Ren's "distant relative".

And then, just like Toba Riona prophesized before the battle──

「There are complaints from each involved ministry, Osaka's prefectural governor, and the mayor of Osaka.」

「Oo. About the matter of the burning of Osaka Castle.」

「What foolish bunches. It's exactly because of Rokuhara-sama's excellent decision that the Yomotsu Shikomes crawling around Osaka Castle could be purged away. If they dawdled at that time, the tens of thousands of the dead would surely slip out of the castle, and far from just Kansai, the whole Japan would be filled with them.」

「Umu. So to speak Osaka Castle is a noble sacrifice for the sake of preventing that.」

「Very well. Immediately send someone to the prefectural office and explain to them about that logic and the debt of gratitude toward Rokuhara-sama.」

The elders were striving to be the first to start carrying out "the surmise toward Rokuhara Ren".


「……Like that, the directors of the Institution of Divinities would forcefully argue away the country and Osaka prefecture.」

Nara prefecture Ikoma city, Toba house's garden.

「Had you thought until that far when instructing me to destroy Osaka Castle? By the way I had finished taking even that matter into consideration before obeying the order.」

「No. That was purely just me being struck with the idea.」

Ren went out to the garden wearing a sandal. He easily answered like that.

「The instant I imagined Osaka Castle full of zombies, I thought that it would be better to do that. And then, I told it to Riona almost reflexively.」

「In other words, you're saying that you arrived at the optimum solution by spinal reflex.」

His fiancée who was in the logical faction nodded with seriousness.

「That answer is even more terrifying than if you tell me you gave that order with a calculating mind. After all rather than thinking, feeling will be absolutely "faster". Under the situation of extreme chaos that is battle, that instinct might become the most important quality.」

「It's not that big of a deal.」

Unusually, Ren was talking in dejection.

「After that Cassandra got kidnapped after all……」

「I think that was because Apollo's diversion was clever. He held back Rokuhara-san with the same arrow that killed Susanoo, and we were also deceived.」

Riona let out a heavy sigh after giving that follow-up.

「Both I and Julio moved to back up Rokuhara-san. The matter of Princess Cassandra was completely moved out of our focus. When we noticed, the princess had already vanished……」

「I'll absolutely find Cassandra and rescue her.」

It was a short declaration, but that was Ren's oath.

That vow wasn't directed to anyone in particular. It was a vow that he carved into his own heart. His fiancée who was listening at the side nodded shortly and murmured as though she was praying.

「The sun god Apollo doesn't only govern over foresight. He is a heaven-sent child of reasoning. He should be a god who is thinking logically to the bitter end. If he kidnapped Princess Cassandra because he has a reason, then perhaps it will be just as he stated, that the princess won't be harmed.」

「Yep. It will be nice if that's true.」

Ren quietly looked up to the sky.

The weather was cloudy. The noon sky was covered with a dark cloud.

The battle versus Izanami and Susanoo was yesterday. After their termination, the morning sun finally rose and Japan archipelago was able to enjoy the first light of the dawn.

However in the end since yesterday they could only see clear weather in interval.

The sky was cloudy most of the time. The gloomy weather was continuing.

And then, while Ren and Riona were immersed in a dark atmosphere, a young Latino nobleman came to the Japanese room of Toba house that was facing this garden.

「I've got a bad news, Ren.」

Julio looked sour with a smartphone in hand.

「Our headquarter Valencia. The hands of the Doomsday Clock that is kept there has advanced by a lot──it will point at twelve o'clock in thirteen more minutes.」


Riona tilted her head. Julio told her apathetically.

「Come to think of it we still haven't told Riona. Well, it's a ritual implement that is exaggeratedly professed to be showing how much longer there is time until the world destruction. In reality it's unclear how much it can be trusted but──」

In the middle of the explanation,

*DON!* An impact could be felt pushing up from right below them.

The garden of Toba house where Ren was standing on, no, the land itself was intensely shaking. The ground kept shaking just like standing on the boat that was going on to the sea in a very stormy weather.


「This shaking is really intense……」

Ren frowned in the garden. Riona's face was tense.

But, they were Japanese people who were born in the large country of earthquake. They held their breath quietly to ascertain how large the scale of the earthquake would be.

Riona's smartphone was ringing with the alarm of earthquake notification.

……In the end the shaking continued for three minutes.

During that time, Julio stayed calm sitting on the tatami of the Japanese room. He was silently fiddling with his smartphone. He took a remote control along with the end of the earthquake.

It was the remote control for the LCD television inside the room.

He turned on the TV. The public broadcasting was broadcasting the noon news at that timing.

『An earthquake early warning has come out. A shaking with seismic intensity around 4 until 5 Richter centered at the Pacific Ocean of Japan archipelago's side that covered an extensive range has been confirmed.』

『The hypocenter is currently under investigation.』

『Tsunami warning for the coastal area is also──』

The announcer was hurriedly speaking based on the information that had just come in.

They also brought out the projector and map. From the side of Pacific Ocean until the center of the archipelago──more than half of Japan's 47 prefectures were under the influence of the earthquake.

「The earthquake just now didn't happen only in Japan……it seems that it happened almost at all lands that are facing Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. North America, South America, every island in Pacific Ocean, Kamchatka, Philippines, Indonesia, western part of Africa, western part of Europe──well, it's almost at the scale of the whole world.」

Julio checked the information of foreign countries through his smartphone and Japan through the TV while muttering.

「The destruction forecast of that clock might be quite trustworthy.」



It was a space with darkness that spread without end.

However if one focused their eyes, there were several lights blinking at faraway. It was similar with the light of──stars silently being buried in dark night sky where there was only darkness.

This was the domain of the 《interstice》.

It was a place that wasn't the world of human at the surface or the world of mythology.

In this space normal human wouldn't be able to enter and leave by all means. A silver haired girl was standing there. She was the goddess of wisdom and war Athena.

Athena suddenly turned around and found a handsome man who was her old acquaintance.

「What is your business, o radiant Apollo? What's with that princess?」

The golden haired sun god who wasn't only handsome, but also muscular.

There was a beautiful girl carried on his sturdy right shoulder. She was a familiar girl. A silver haired beautiful princess. Cassandra of Troia royal family.

The prophet who was descended from god's bloodline was fast asleep…….

「What. I believe that she will be useful to me and──to you.」

「Princess Cassandra, she will?」

「Umu. By the way o daughter of Zeus. I wonder if you know about the sanctuary of Hyperborea? If we manage to discover it……it will surely be useful for you just like this princess.」

Apollo asked with a smirk of a ruffian.

That was the first step to draw Goddess Athena to become his ally and realized his plan.