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Shiniki no Campiones Volume 4 tour guide

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 4 tour guide -

Tour Guide of Sanctuary "Hyperborea"


Goddess Leto

Born from the Titans, the mother of Apollo and Artemis.

In Greek mythology, there wasn't any other episode about her other than that. The worship of Goddess Leto only existed as an attachment with the faith toward Apollo and Artemis.

Most likely she was a goddess of Asia Minor before she was 『imported』 to Greek mythology.

She was a goddess of good harvest who was called with names like Leto, Lato, Ladha, etc.



His divinity was extremely diverse.

He was a god who governed over abundant grain crop and stock-farming, and a god of medical treatment.

He was also a god who kept the rat and wolf away and exterminated the harmful insect. He was also a god who governed over prophecy, music, poem, and sports.

He was also a god of light and regarded as the avatar of sun.

There were various theories regarding the origin of his name.

A theory that the name came from Greek language's 『destroyer : Apollyon』, the theory 『cattle pen - congregation : Apellai』.

The theory that he was a god of the orient that was imported from Asia Minor was also firmly rooted.

There was also a theory that a god's name 『Apulunas』 that was written in Hittites's epitaph was his root.

And then there was also another theory of origins from the north with Hyperborea legend as the supporting evidence.



There was an offering from Hyperborea people that was sent to the holy ground of Apollo, Delos Island.

The authenticity of it wasn't certain, but the historian Herodotus wrote that down.

Hyperborea country was exceedingly warm and night wouldn't come.

It was constantly daytime and overflowing with hymn of praise toward Apollo.

Innumerable ambers that were shining gold brilliantly were buried within the sand of the large river flowing inside the country──

There was such legend, but on the other hand there was also a legend like below.

The travelers were astounded by the poor and shabby livelihood of Hyperborea country that they stopped travelling further than that…….


Thus spoke the wise man of ancient Greek, regarding a certain 『lost world』

「If gold is excluded, the most precious metal orichalcum could be mined throughout the island.」

「There was also a lot of lumber for the sake of constructing building, there was also every kind of livestock and wild animal. Every kind of herb, flower, and fruits were also growing luxuriously.」

「Bull was set free in the temple. Ten kings marched in unaided in order to delight the god, using stick and rope they captured the ox──and cut open its throat.」

「The bull's throat was cut open above the pillar that was carved with the text of the law and dyed the text with blood.」

「After offering the limbs of the bull to the god, the remaining blood was mixed with wine and poured to the fire of the sacrifice. Like that they vowed to protect the law, obey the law, and punish crime.」