Shiniki no Campiones


Shiniki no Campiones Volume 4 afterword

Shiniki no Campiones Volume 4 afterword



Everyone, long time no see.

The destination this time is mythological world Hyperborea.

While it's a place name that appeared in Greek mythology, it's a place with unclear details.

And then the antagonist is God Apollo who is actually shrouded with many mysteries despite being too famous.

There are a lot of theories about his origin.

If it's talked concisely then it will be 「Perhaps he isn't a god that is native to Greece, but his origin isn't really clear. Perhaps he is from the Orient?」.

And so this time, I tried recalling a favorite motto after so long.

『Theory could be applied anywhere just like ointment.』

Apollo. Hyperborea. Cave picture of the Stone Age.

The original homeland of Indo-European languages. Flood legend. World creation. Ritual of sacrifice. God of light. Etc, etc.

I tried assembling all those factors together, and joined them with the logic of 「It will be interesting if it's like this!」.

It was something that I sometimes did in my previous series 『Campione!』.

(Like my unholy combination of Amazoness legend with King Arthur myth.)

It'll be great if everyone can enjoy this.

Actually this is the same technique like when forming absurd & conspiracy historical view like 『The roots of Japanese people and Jewish people is the same!』 or 『Minamoto Yoshitsune became Genghis Khan!』 or 『Jesuits was the mastermind of Honnoji Incident!』 or 『Apollo program didn't go to moon!』 and so on. It will be great if everyone can accept it as only entertainment in the end (wry smile).

The glossary talking about that is also in the middle of publishing at Takedzuki Jou's Twitter.

Various theories regarding Apollo, the resemblance of A○○○○○○ legend and Mi○○ mythology that is talked in this volume 4, and so on are explained there.


Now then. This time there is also the version attached with audio drama released on sale.

It's a short story that depicted the meeting of Rokuhara Ren with his "senior" godslayer Kusanagi Godou.

It's passed off as the later development of volume four, but the content is one that I want to label as supplement chapter instead. It's even connected to a mystery of Hyperborea world that I cannot talk about in this volume. It's full of exposition. Full of battle. Even the author who plotted it didn't think that the story would become that important (sweat).

Oh dear, I was overdoing it from when I could call Matsuoka Yoshitsugu-san and checked with him.

「Matsuoka-san, previously you passionately talked something like 『No matter what kind of absurd request it is, we will respond to it for sure!』 didn't you……」

And, I created a plot filled with everything from battle to exposition which was unbecoming for a drama with only voices.

Until before the recording, I was thrilled wondering 「Can this go well I wonder?」.

Fukushima Jun-san who voiced the main character Ren and Matsuoka-san who voiced Godou acted the battle part in question passionately. The sound effect staffs who were the same like in anime Campione! were also really great help. It ended up as a work that surpassed my expectation.

Of course everyone who voiced the female characters were also really great help.

Ookubo Rumi-san who voiced Riona, Suwa Ayaka-san who voiced Cassandra, Hieda Nene-san who voiced Stella. They didn't just reproduce the image of the author, they acted their part with plus alpha result. I think that this audio drama has wonderful quality.


Now then.

The journey in sanctuary that concerned the end of the world would finally reach the climax 『Apocalypse Arc (temp)』 at the next volume.

But before that there is a plan to publish a book that I has declared since some time ago.

The special arc of my work Campione!, 『God of War Once Again』. It's the later development of a series that has been turned into anime too, and an episode that is also related to Shiniki no Campiones. I also plan to depict the missing link that will connect the two works.