True and False Young Master

By Yuan Yuan,元媛

True and False Young Master prologue

True and False Young Master prologue


This was simply a live-action dog blood TV drama!

She did not die from the plane crash, but transmigrated into an ancient woman disguised as the worst black sheep of a man.

She also had an elder brother who wasn’t related to her by blood…

Her innate anti-evil sensor told her that this ice-cold man was very dangerous.

She had to be very careful or she would be seen through.

But how could she imagine that ice cold man was not only watching her, but peeked at her taking a bath.

She is not only exposed as a woman, but also everything was seen!

This ancient man was really responsible and wanted to marry her?!

Mother! How could she escape now?

Caught in a spiral of bad luck and getting ‘punished’ by the ice man.

But, they are nominally brothers!

Besides he also had a fiance so she must hold on to her heart.

It was already miserable enough transmigrating to ancient times, but why would she want to be a third wheel…


Du Miaofu was born to be a faded person.

According to a fortune teller she had gone to see; the time of her birth determined her life.

Her round face was actually gaunt - born to be the father of the mother (Zuben: dunno); her life was destined to be a lonely one. She would be the misfortune of anyone she was too close to.

Her ear was small and thin: She was destined not to live longer than thirty years old.

The bridge of her nose was short and without meat: She was destined to be poor. It was a great blessing to have food and clothing.

Such a desperate life was rare, only seen every hundred years (Zuben: shwo?) The fortune teller shook his head and did not even take her money but chased her away so she did not bring him misfortune.

After hearing his words, Miaofu fell into a deep depression but she did not cry or wail. Jiang Chuwei who had gone with her, on the other hand, went ballistic. She smashed the fortune teller’s desk in a rage.

‘Get lost with your bad luck! What kind of bullshit is this? She won’t live long?! This old lady will send you off directly!’

Miaofu quickly grabbed her friend’s waist to hold her back from attacking the fortune teller. After many years, she knew quite well the power in Chuwei’s fists.

She apologised to the fortune teller and tried to leave with her irate friend.

‘Miaofu, why are you apologising to this charlatan? Wang ba, I want to rip his rotten mouth apart!’ she shouted. She kicked out her leg and her 7-inch heel shoe flew off and hit the fortune-teller’s head. He screamed.

Damn it, those shoes were expensive, ‘Miaofu, pick it up.’

‘Yes!’ Miaofu quickly picked up the shoe and handed it back to the queen. She did not forget to smile, ‘Don’t be angry, Wei Wei.’

Seeing her friend so angry on her behalf, Miaofu’s depression lifted. Even if she was born with bad luck, at least, she had a good friend like Jiang Chuwei.

Chuwei rolled her eyes, she could not bear Miaofu’s soft nature and put on her errant shoe. She rose and poked her friend’s forehead,

‘Don’t listen to this bastard’s dirty words; what is your father? What is close-knitted person? We have known each other for ten years and we both live together, am I not living well?’

‘Hao, I know.’ Miaofu replied with a smile, even though the poking was painful and her forehead was becoming red. She listened to Chuwei and left the words of the fortune-teller behind.

Who could predict; a month later, Jiang Chuwei’s brother won a grand prize trip to Paris for two. Miaofu was invited along. But sadly, their fate was death by plane crash. While Chuwei had been so angry she had grabbed her brother’s neck strangling him as the plane went down, Miaofu burst into tears,

‘Chuwei, A Hao...I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. We are all going to die because of me...wu wu wu’

The words of the fortune teller had been right.


Something strange occurred...

The plane crashed but... she did not die!

Du Miaofu stood before a bronze mirror. Yes, the kind of bronze mirror that appeared in Chinese historical dramas. Although it wasn’t clear, she could see her appearance clearly.

She touched her face and the person in the mirror mimicked her. The face was right, but the chubby cheeks were gone. Even the double chin had disappeared.

She stroked her hands; they had become slender.

Her proud F-cups were gone. Judging with the palm of her hands, maybe only B-cup remained?

Her fleshy body was gone, the three rolls of fat on her belly were gone, the buttocks were tighter and her body was taller

But she had maintained a height of 155cm since she graduated from high school, but not she was at least 170cm!

This looked like her but not her. Du Miaofu was stunned.

What the hell was going on?