True and False Young Master

By Yuan Yuan,元媛

True and False Young Master Chapter 5

True and False Young Master Chapter 5

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So...this is an iffy chapter. For the impressionable people out there, the shit you're about to read isn't normal unless it is what you're into.  No judgement. 

If you're easily affected or offended by 'questionable sentences', wait for Chapter 6. 

For the brave and the bold, enjoy.

Start of A New Thing:

In a dark alley, two shadows overlapped. Miaofu lips are blocked as hot lips raged over hers, sucking on her tongue as though he wanted to swallow her. Her lips were sucked and bitten till they were aching making her almost breathless.

She wanted to struggle but he was stronger than she was. He pressed her arms against the wall and plastered his strong body against hers. He was pressing at her chest and kissing her roughly making her feel as though she was suffocating.

‘Ah! No…’ she cried. The whole thing was messy and her lips hurt. She frowned, the fear making her angry, but she felt her belt being untied making her even more harried, ‘No don’t do that…’

Her lip was bitten so hard, she was stunned by the pain, but she swallowed the sound and looked in panic at the entrance to the alley.

She had been hauled into an alley near the harbour by Yaotang, but she had not dared break loose. He dragged her into the shadows, tossed her baggage aside and immediately began to kiss her crudely.

She had been petrified and she struggled to run away but he whispered in her ear, ‘You can struggle more, it would be better if you shouted louder, I don’t mind letting people watch.’ His cold tone made her freeze.

She knew he could do as he threatened so she did not dare try to run away. She could only be small like a mouse, hoping his anger would dissipate. But when he tied up her hands with her belt, her eyes widened in horror, h-he couldn’t be thinking…

‘Qi-Qin dage, please don’t be hasty…’ her voice shook and fearful tears ran down her eyes. She dared not provoke him, and hurried hunched her shoulders, and hoped he would spare her.

Yaotang gently brushed against the lips that were swollen with his kisses, as his other hand glided from her waist, under the thin undershirt;

‘I had told you to say in the Yuxilou, but instead, I see you carrying luggage and running to the port, trying to board a ship. Tell me younger brother, where were you going?’


He pushed his fingers in her open mouth while he touched her chest wrapped in the binding cloth. He could feel her intense heartbeat.

He buried his handsome face in the crook of her soft white neck and bit the delicate skin, his breath on her skin was scalding hot. Miaofu shivered, but she could not tell if her rapid heartbeat was from fear or excitement.

‘Why don’t you answer me? Tell me! Where are you taking the ship to? Or were you planning on running away? Wanting to escape me? Hmm?’

‘I…’ Miaofu but her lip, it was painful, with a soft voice, ‘Don’t be angry, Yaotang…’

‘Angry,’ he replied with a smile, his handsome black eyes looking deep and unfathomable, ‘Do you think I am angry?’

As he said this, he picked at the knot holding her binding and untied it.

Yes - very very angry!

As the cloth fell slowly to the ground, a the crisp autumn air hit her chest and she could feel her nipples harden in response to the cold.

‘I wasn’t planning on escaping…’she lied, ‘I just wanted to take a trip on the ship.’

‘Is that so?’ he replied as he filled his palms with her snow white breasts, ‘just a ride with such a big bag?’

She dared to say such nonsense? A spark flashed in his black eyes, as he rudely tightened his grip on her breasts.

‘Ah.’ she cried at the pain, but she didn’t dare shout loudly for she was afraid of attracting attention, fearing that someone would come into the alley.

‘No!’ she sobbed, hoping for his mercy, his calm anger was more terrible than anything else, ‘Qin, don’t do this.’

She tried to speak softly, so he would let her go if she showed her weakness.

But he saw through her intentions, he licked her lips and kissed her tears.

‘No. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson.’ without giving her a profound lesson, she would not learn anything; she would still try to escape when he wasn’t paying attention.

This instance, if he hadn’t seen her, she would have fled on the boat. The thought that she would have run away under his nose, his eyes were cold.

‘I can’t let you off this time; you have to be punished so that you will always remember this.’

Punishment? What punishment?

Before she could ask, her lips were blocked again. He savagely bit her delicate lips. (Zuben: Doesn’t this dude know how to kiss or what) He rudely swallowed the honey from her mouth, and fed his saliva to her. (Zuben: there seems to be a lot of this going around.)

His hands roughly rubbed her breasts and pulled leaving red finger marks on her white skin.

She cried out as quietly as she could; her delicate body could not withstand his aggression. Her lips were kissed till she hurt and her chest ached from the way he was grasping her breasts. Miaofu’s shoulders hurt but she could not escape from his abuse. Her trousers were ripped off, and his rough hand cupped the fluffy flower bed. Miaofu stiffened in surprise and her body subconsciously wanted to evade his hand.

‘Move again, and I will make it more painful for you.’ he threatened in her ear. His damp hot lips caressed her earlobe and bit the tip deeply.

‘Ah!’ she cried, it was so painful. She did not dare move again afraid of deepening his anger. She could only make her upset know with whimpers, ‘I won’t run, don’t get mad.’

Yaotang licked the bead of blood, her cowering figure made his anger dissipate, but he did not intend to let her off easily.

This woman was very clever, she knew when to show her weakness to appease; using a weak appearance to eliminate his anger, wanting him to be soft hearted and spare her. (Zuben: It really should have ended here, but onward…)

But if she thought he would follow her intentions, she was wrong. He would not be so deceived, and her attempt at escape really annoyed him.

The thought that she would have escaped and he could not find her anywhere made his calmness get eroded by a surge of agitation, making him want to rip into her. (Zuben: This isn’t redeeming in any way)

He wanted to hold her captive, no longer wanting to escape, making her not dare escape. She would never escape him!

He would make her feel pain. He would make her feel fear, imprint himself on her, deeply enter her heart, so she would never have another idea of escape. (Zuben: Not the right way, love)

Staring at her with frosty eyes, his fingers pushed through and penetrated the delicate flesh of her flower without any delicacy.

She cried out. A foreign body forcing its way into her tight flesh with no moisture. Miaofu bit her lip trying not to sob from the pain. There was a little blood seeping from her delicate flower.

But he did not care about her pain, his middle finger began to twitch and stir her tender flesh and grind into the defenceless flower.

‘Don’t…’ she tried to tighten her thighs to stop him but he pinched her nipple hard,

‘Open your legs,’ he commanded in a whisper. He took a breast in his mouth and bit into her nipple,

‘Ah!’ Miaofu was trembling but she stared at him with wronged eyes. He raised an eyebrow as he licked the teeth marks he’d left on her nipple,

‘Shall I be rougher?’

She dared not utter a single word in protest or resistance and slowly opened her legs.

‘Very good.’ he said as he licked the tip of her nipple in satisfaction. He teased her with his tongue, gently licking her breasts while his long finger agitated her flower hole, rotating and pumping while his thumb pressed at her red bead with his nail.

‘Umm!’ the feeling in her lower belly began to change, the unusual feeling grew from within her and her body began to soften.

Feeling her change, Yaotang gave an evil smile, ‘So sensitive? Even pain can make you wet.’

His pumping finger was soon lubricated with juice easing his entry and exit. Miaofu’s face flushed with embarrassment and shame, and anger.

But she could not say anything because she saw people entering the alley, she got started and her little hole tightened.

‘So tired! There was so much catch today; all I want to do is eat some food and rest.’

‘It will take till dawn to move the catch.’

The two men walked into the alley as they were talking. Miaofu watched them nervously, but the man plastered to her squeezed another finger inside her. Her eyes grew wide at the invasion, she wanted to exclaim but she had to hold back because of embarrassment.

No! They will be discovered! She shook her head at Qin Yaotang, pleading with her eyes. Listening to the footsteps coming closer, her heart began to tighten.

But Yaotang did not pay attention; his kept thrusting his fingers into her repeatedly, deliberately running the fingers along the inexperienced inner muscles.

The threat of discovery made her body more sensitive, her small hole continued to shrink and she began to feel pleasure from his fingers.

Her chest trembled slightly and she deeply bit her lips. (Zuben: How she keeps doing that I do not know, after all the biting, it must hurt)

This person...was too excessive!

She was annoyed but she could not stop him. The people who had entered the alley were only a dozen steps away from them, but they were in a dark corner so were not found out. (Zuben: Qigong?!) But if there was any movement, they certainly would hear.

Ah! Her nipple was bitten, and his fingers twitched in her flower hold, the sensation made Miaofu almost collapse and she wanted to shout out.

She angrily bowed over his shoulder and bit into the muscle conveying the pain back to him.

Yaotang did not care about the pain in his shoulder, his long fingers picked up speed stirring up her tender meat. Miaofu’s eyes widened as her small hole suddenly began to send numbing waved of pleasure through her. Under his torment, she had lost all care for the other people in the alley. Immersed in lust, her love juice flowed and her flower bloomed red like a rose.

Sensing her surrender, Yaotang increased his attacked on her tender meat wickedly, pressing against the sensitive spot causing her to collapse.

‘Nnn!’ Miaofu could not stand it anymore and the climax swept through her making her tremble fiercely, then making her soft.  

She gave soft gasps as she leaned on him, her vision was misty and she could no longer make any effort. She didn’t even know when the people who had come into the alley left.

Yaotang pulled out his fingers, they were coated in obscene silky fluid. He untied his belt and released his long-awaited desire, and pushed it in between the soft legs.

Feeling his heat, Miaofu became stiff and panicked, ‘No.’ she cried.

‘Clamp your legs,’ he said hoarsely, seeing her not responding, he rubbed against the pussy lips and asked, ‘Or do you want me to go in?’ He would be happy.

Miaofu did not dare hesitate, enduring her shame, she clamped her legs. The fierce hot male brushed against the seam and she felt his hugeness. Her ears burned.

His manhood stuck to the sensitive flesh between her soft thighs, and Yaotang began to move. His burning manhood twitched as he moved back and forth along her sensitive flesh, rubbing the delicate inner thighs.

‘Nn.’ every pass of his thick member along her wet core made Miaofu feel embarrassed. His not entering made her feel more shame than if he had entered.

He squeezed her soft buttocks as he thrust his strong hips against her. Her soft thighs were soon red from his actions, but honey was dripping from her core wetting his manhood, easing his way. She could almost hear the slick sound of body fluids.

‘So much love juice, do you like?’ His desire was wetted by hers. He ran two fingers along her seam and teased her delicate red pearl, before sinking his fingers into her.

‘Nn!’ she groaned as she tightened her body; the walls over her flower squeezed sucking the fingers that entered her. Her face was dyed with a lusty feminine charm.

The sultry temptation made his expression deepen, he pumped faster. Whenever the head passed against the wet petals, he almost entered her.

The strength of his thrusting increased, and the skin of her inner thighs felt rubbed raw, but the heat of lust was enthralling.

Desire overrode her shame, leaving only the instinctual pursuit of pleasure. She was pulling her legs tighter making his withdrawal difficult. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears of passion, in that moment her appearance was much more beautiful.

Watching her, Yaotang’s breathing became heavy; she was an evil witch, seducing him to madness, making him lose control, unable to control his feelings. 

A possessive desire rose from deep within him, he rudely kissed her lips like a hungry beast seeking her sweetness.

He fingered her harshly, as he rubbed her red pearl. The delicate flesh constantly contracted around his long fingers. Her moans were blocked by their entangled kiss, and he kept thrusting wildly, and her private fragile petals were teased.

Her tied hands clenched, and Miaofu’s back was numb, her waist and hips undulated against him as her love juices flowed. He gave a final thrust and then pulled out to spray hot burning liquid on her stomach, dying her.

The little mouse lost her freedom. The wicked cat not only made people guard her door, but also…

She bit her lip; under her bedcovers, she was naked like a newborn baby.

Yaotang had taken away all her clothes to keep her from running away; she could not wear clothes while he was away. (Zuben: I doubt she would be wearing them when he was around at this point either)

That metamorphosis!

Miaofu’s face reddened in embarrassment, but there was nothing she could do, it’s not like she could escape naked. She could only sit put in her room.

He wanted to bind her but she was not willing to be bound. Although her previous attempt failed, and she was caught; the punishment gave her a lingering fear.

Thinking of his punishment, her ears could not help but burn.

That sexual harasser!

Although, he didn’t penetrate her, it was almost the same thing. He had touched her all over her body. And since that night in the alley, Yaotang had begun to come to her room in the middle of the night to sleep with her until the sky lightened. The residents of Yuxi were usually gone before they woke up. (Zuben: it’s a wonder no one has noticed.)

Of course, she never got a good night’s sleep. He teased and tormented her, like a wolf who wanted to eat her to her marrows; he ate her cleanly.

Did she protest? Of course, but he would tied her up and smack her badly, otherwise he would hurt her violently. 

Though he didn’t penetrate her, he teased her and threatened, and forced her to pleasure him to satisfaction with her hands and mouth.

During breakfast, Yaotang would place the food on her naked body and eat off her bit by bit…

That pervert… (Zuben: Not sounding angry at all)

Her body was full of bruises left by Yaotang, bite marks and hickeys, new and old, red and green have merged and not disappeared.

And her body seemed to be enjoying the teasing and was not used to the pleasure he gave her, though she cried and was forced to beg for mercy, she was not willing but eventually succumbed to the desire. It made Miaofu indescribably angry; she felt like she was really useless unable to break out of Qin Yaotang’s bullying.

She could not make a plan because she did not have the opportunity and if she was caught by Yaotang...she could not help but shudder.

To escape; she only needed to succeed once.

They had stayed in Xiangcheng for three months, Yaotang planned to stay another month. After finishing the issues here, he would return to the royal capital. In fact, there wasn’t much to deal with here, but Yaotang did not intend to return to the family house so soon. Once they returned, it would be easier for Shaoqing to hide from him.

How could he allow her to hide? Before he could find out her secret, he would not allow her to leave his sight and...This Shaoqing was becoming more and more entangled in his mind. She was like an enigma, though he did not know the answer, he realised his did not want to be apart from her.

This feeling made Yaotang confused, while she still had every intention of fleeing and hiding. Only he was affected.

This made Yaotang uncomfortable. Perhaps it was inferiority; the more she eluded him, the more he did not want to let go, wanted her entirety, the more he did not want her to even think of leaving him.

Miaofu was unaware of the thoughts going through Yaotang’s mind, she was just afraid of death. (Zuben: not the best way to keep someone from leaving) All she could think about was escaping. Maybe she could find a way to go back home…

‘What are you thinking of?’

The sudden question gave her a fright and made Miaofu jump. She looked up and saw that he had returned watching her with his fathomless dark eyes.

‘Nothing,’ she replied looking away guiltily.

‘Are you thinking of running away from me?’ he asked as he sat in the bed and caressed her long hair gently. His light tone had an imperceptible indulgence.

But his gentle manner scared Miaofu and she bit her lip. She was unwilling to bear it, she was angry to her core and could not help but shout, ‘You can’t keep me imprisoned forever!’

Yaotang did not seem annoyed by her outburst. Instead, he gave a crooked smile. He held her chin up with a finger and brought his handsome face up close, ‘But I want to do this, but you...can you think why?’ (Zuben: Crazy sadistic control freak comes to mind)

Of course not!

Miaofu’s new-found courage suddenly deflated. His aura was terrible, she was so scared that she could not scream and could only whimper inwardly.

‘You better not make any mistakes, do you understand?’ he said as his warm fingers skimmed her little white ears like she was a beloved pet, ‘Don’t provoke me, okay?’ (Zuben: This one is more yandere than the other one)

She nodded in assent.

‘Good.’ He gave a happy nice and rose from the bed. He went to the table where he had placed some clothes and handed them to her, ‘Come, wear this,’

She took the clothes from him and opened them, ‘This are…’women’s clothes!

He had given her a skirt and blouse; he wanted to see her dressed up as a girl so he had asked the embroidery shop to pick out suitable clothes for her.

‘Tonight is the annual firework display in Xiangcheng. You must be restless these past few days, I will take you to the market.’

Miaofu was happy to be able to go out, but she was still being followed. Despite that, it was good not have to be cooped up in the house.

But…‘But, they are women’s clothes.’ Won’t she be seen by people they knew? Wouldn’t the world know she was female? (Zuben: Or they’ll think you’re a cross-dresser)

‘Don’t worry, I won’t take you near our shops and with so many people in the market, no one will notice you.’ he replied sitting on the bed again.

‘Oh!’ she was shocked

‘I will help you put it on.’ he said as he grabbed her to keep her from hiding.

‘No I will wear it myself.’ She didn’t know how long it would take to figure it out, and who didn’t know what this wolf was playing at.

But he didn’t let her deny him; he lifted a cold eyebrow at her struggling.

Seeing that his face had changed, she did not dare resist and stopped trying to evade him. With an unwilling pout, she let him dress her.

It took an hour. After which Miaofu was blushing; her body was languid and she was held protectively against his chest.

Her new clothes were a lake blue high-waisted skirt, with a short sleeved brocade vest with gold silk thread embroidered in a hibiscus pattern, her feet were clad in matching water blue embroidered shoes also decorated with hibiscus flower patterns. Her long hair was simply braided and hung over her shoulder on her chest.

She would not turn many heads in her new clothes, but she looked bright and pretty and her eyebrows had a touch of cleverness. She looked like she had a calming temperament.

Yaotang noted a few admiring looks at her, and he replied with a cold possessive stare. He held her tightly in his arm, while she stared left and right with excitement. Looking down at her, his eyes had a glimmer of happiness.

 After being in Xiangcheng for so long, Miaofu had never had a chance to come to the market - the only time she had gone out alone was to run away. Since then, Qin Yaotang had kept a close watch on her; she had not been allowed to go out alone.

Authoritarian! She thought, dissatisfied with him.

Her accusing eyes made him laugh. He pulled her closer and licked her delicate ears.

‘Behave.’ she said pushing him away while looking around. Sure enough, Yaotang's intimacy had caught the attention of others and made her red with embarrassment.

He was very handsome. She had noted many women watching him secretly. She was subsequently eyed with jealousy.

Please, if you want him come and have him.

She could not stand being the focus of attention, so she tried to pry his hands off her, ‘Take your hands off.’ she said.

But his hands tightened around her, and his fingers deliberately skimmed the sensitive skin of her waist, ‘Would you like to return to Yuxi?’

Miaofu immediately softened and almost moaned out loud. She blushed and gave him an angry glare, but she dared not struggle. She had to stay quietly in his arms and let him touch her. She turned a blind eye to the people and focused on the vendors.

Catching sight of a woodcarver’s stall, she forgot her awkwardness and got Yaotang to take her over. What had caught her attention was a pair of carved statues; the female statue looked fierce, her hands were twisting the male carving’s ears. The male part of the statue was kneeling begging for forgiveness.

She could not help but laugh; the statues made her think of Chuwei and A Hao. Chuwei had bullied her brother from an early age, but their sibling feelings were good.

Seeing that she liked it, Yaotang asked the vendor, ‘How much is this pair?’

‘Sir, 15 copper is enough.’ he replied with a smile.

Yaotang give him two silver (Zuben: I assume), ‘You don’t have to find change,’ he said. It was rare to see her sincere smile; it was worth more than the silver. (Zuben: Look at me boss man; silver rain!)

‘Thank you, thank you.’ the vendor said with a grateful smile.

He handed Miaofu the carvings, she glanced up at him and then looked down, ‘Thank you.’ She said shyly.

He caressed her hair, and caught sight of a carved wooden comb with hibiscus flowers on it. ‘I’ll buy this.’ he said as he handed the vendor more money. (Zuben: Must have a hibiscus fetish)

Just then, the sky exploded with fireworks. One after the other, the sky was filled with dazzling sparks that brightened the night.

Miaofu got excited seeing the fireworks.

She tugged at his sleeve as she exclaimed, ‘Qin Yaotang, look, look, it’s a phoenix!’ as she pointed at the sky. Her face was lit up by the glow of the fireworks.

Her carefree expression made Yaotang’s gaze soften. He brushed her hair behind her ear and tucked the comb in.

Miaofu gawked at him.

‘It’s very nice.’ he replied with a soft smile. Fireworks exploded behind him. He looked like he was haloed by a blooming fire, his handsome face was more charming, and his gentle smile was heady wind. She was her reflection in his eyes making her feel like she was the only one in his eyes.

That thought made her blush, and her heart became flustered. She hurriedly turned away, not daring to look at him again.

‘Thank you,’ she said while trying to calm her wayward heart. She focussed on the fireworks as though nothing had happened, but her heartbeat would not calm.

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