True and False Young Master

By Yuan Yuan,元媛

True and False Young Master Chapter 6

True and False Young Master Chapter 6

In Miaofu’s room, the candles flickered casting long shadows on the wall. On the table, an exquisite meal was laid but it had not been eaten. A light moan broke out of the repressed moans.

Miaofu twisted her eyebrows, and you could not tell from her flushed face whether it was pleasure or pain. Her black hair was spread across the brocade quilt on which she laid naked her skin lustrous with a sheen of perspiration.

Her tender breasts were marked with bites and her nipples glistened with saliva. Her hips were lifted on pillows while her legs rested on his broad shoulders. His head was buried between them, sipping at her flower.

‘Ah! No…’ she whispered as she pushed against his head wanting to push him away, but a wave of pleasure overcame her and instead her hands slid into his hair.

Rebellion had become a habit, but while she knew it was useless, to just give in made her heart feel indescribable shame. So at the start, she resists; he usually ended up tying her up, and uses all sorts of devilish methods on her, constantly teasing her till her struggles became desire.

He sucked on her outer petals, the inner ones, her hole. The tip of his tongue plunged into the hot and wet ramp, feeling her tightness and heat. Her legs tightened and trembled on his shoulders, lovely and plaintive.

The sweet love juice poured out under his obscene licking, the meat petals were open, looking fresh and tender like a newborn stamen and pistil. (Zuben: Please see Fig.1)

He was like a mad bee collecting her honey; taking her flower with his mouth in an absolute manner making her honey flow more, wanting her to bloom most beautifully under his attention. He used a long finger to caress her flower petals, his heated gaze on the seductive bud.

‘Don’t do this…’ she cried. Every time, he settled there, watching her. Why did that place hold so much interest? Miaofu did not understand. His long fingers that penetrated her made her raise and twist her hips. (Zuben: This is where I wanna be…riding with my thug bone)

‘The way you’re twisting your hips, do you like it?’ he asked as he sucked on her red pearl and flicked at it lightly with his tongue coating it with saliva as he fingered her small hole, skilfully fingering her deeply teasing her sensitive flesh.

Miaofu was excited and aroused, her apricot eyes were teary from passion as she undulated her waist to his rhythm more, ‘No.’ she replied.

‘No? But your body doesn’t say that.’ Her body was more honest than her mouth. He pulled out his fingers, but kept at her with his lips and tongue not freeing her from the pleasure. He sucked hard on her two meat flaps, and the tip of his tongue pierced her flower mouth. It pushed in deeper than before. Then, he pushed his fingers into her tender meat (Zuben: How?!!! The logistics of this keeps me awake at night) making her completely collapse. Miaofu opened her eyes to see her fingers near his hair, but she didn’t know if she meant to push him way or wanted him to go deeper and harder. Her hips swayed as love juice flowed out of her, the pillow underneath her bottom was soaked, her petals were glistening in the candle like; beguiling and seductive.

Her face flushed with passion was sweet and enchanting as the joy her body was feeling got stronger and stronger. Under his heavy sucking, a tingling pleasure made her tremble as her flower hole tightened and peach-like juice flowed out.

She gasped and her eyes were squeezed shut, tears of passion slipped out as she culminated. Soon her body was soft and she could not make any effort.

Yaotang pulled away pulling out his long fingers and licked his lips. His nose and chin were coated with her love juice and his lips were flooded with her fluids.

Sighting her slightly open mouth, he put his wet fingers into her small mouth.[1]

 From his fingers, she could taste herself; it was not strange to her. These past few days, she could not could how many times he had made her lick her own sweet liquid.

Yaotang hooked up her pink tongue and caressed her swollen lips with his thumb. His other hand caressed her silky thigh up to her waist, and pulled her up so she was sitting up before him.

He pushed her down between his legs. (Zuben: Is my turn now) Under his strong abdominal muscles, his thick red desire was already engorged, and the head dripped thin seminal fluid.

He took his hand away from her mouth pulling away a silver thread and he stopped.

She knew what he wanted; she grabbed his hand and licked the silver off his finger, then lowered her head and held his hot manhood in her small hand, she slowly started to caress his desire.

His sturdy hand gently caressed her hair gently like a lover after a lingering bout of lovemaking, but Miaofu has not feeling of sweetness! Under his tutelage, she knew if she did not let him come, she would be miserable. (Zuben: well fair is fair, he made you come)

This man would do everything playing with her body all night, making her cry for mercy but he would not let her go.

She did not understand where he got the energy. Was he a sex demon?

The daring Miaofu only dared to groan in her head. She held his cock in her hand and stroked the soft sac below.

Her soft palms soothed Yaotang but it was not enough. He caressed her lips, and asked in his deep and sexy voice,

‘I don’t have much patience, would you like me to use the mouth below?’

He had waited for her for so long, would she let him do it? (Zuben: Wait longer you cad)

Miaofu shook; bad man! She cursed in her heart, but she did not dare disobey. She lowered her head meekly and took him in her mouth, tasting his pre-cum in on her tongue.

Wrapped in her soft mouth, Yaotang breathing became rough, his black eyes were dark as ink but with faint sparks of passion within them. He put his fingers through her hair, feeling the soft silk of it.

Using her tongue, she sucked back and forth, while one hand pumped his iron and the other hand remembered to caress his balls.

He got thicker in her mouth, so much so that she could not contain him. Saliva flowed out of her mouth, and his thick cock was bright red. Listening to his heavy breathing, Miaofu redoubled her efforts, her small hand pumped his meat stick, trying every skill to make him shoot. After what seemed like a long time, she was beginning to flag, her jaw ached and her lips were red and sore, but he still would not come.

She could not help but spit out a pitiful sound, and looked up at him imploringly.

‘You’re so delicate.’ Despite training her for so long, she was still delicate. But, she showed him her weakness and pleased him, so he didn’t torment her anymore but moved his waist and pushed his desire deeper into her mouth.

Miaofu gagged, the feeling of him deep in her throat made her frown, she hurriedly grabbed the base of his hot iron and tightened her cheeks to please him.

After pumping a few times, Yaotang pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his hot semen on her face and breasts.

Miaofu was also panting, her face was flushed and her lashes were stained with his emissions. Her lightly bruised mouth was red and swollen, her eyes were moist. She looked promiscuous but delicious. (Zuben: Like a glazed doughnut)

Yaotang used the silk sheets to wipe her body and untied her hands. He picked her up and took her to the table laden with dishes, he pulled her damp hair away from her cheek and asked,


What nonsense question was that? It was an hour past dinner time, but this pervert decided he wanted to eat her first, her previously hungry belly was now ravenous.

Miaofu shot him an accusing glance, and saw that she could finally eat. Her little hand picked up chopsticks and took a bite of the crystal braised pork. Although the food was cold, it still tasted good. After taking a bite, she did not forget to feed the remainder to Yaotang. If she only cared about her own dinner, he would press her on the table and get his own rectification - this was a bitter lesson she learned; if she only cared about herself, he would reminder to think about him.

He refused to let her ignore him, wanted her to be thinking about him all the time. If he ever thought she was neglecting him, he would make her remember his existence.

Yaotang ate the pork from her chopsticks while his hand was busy fondling the tenderness in his arms, pinching her tender white breasts, teasing her nipples.

Miaofu let him touch, she had been touched all over her body by the pervert, against her will and the miserable person was still her, so she chose to ignore his pawing as though his salty pig hand did not exist.

But when his fingers plunged into the still wet hole, she quickly grabbed his hand and pitifully glared at him,

‘No,’ she hadn’t eaten yet.

Her pleading face was very cute, it made Yaotang happy so he kissed her greasy mouth and decided to let her enjoy her meal. His fingers pulled out of her small hole, but deliberately pinched her nubbin before leaving causing her to whimper and wriggle. Yaotang gave a self-satisfied smile at her reaction,

‘I want to eat fish.’ He said.

She bit her lip trying to resist the commotion between her legs. Her apricot eyes gave him a hard look, but she could only take it and be a good girl and feed him the fish.

Just as they tucked into dinner, there was a knock on the door,

‘Young Master, Miss Dié-er is here!’

Dié-er? Miaofu blinked, for a moment she was blank, but suddenly remembered Dié-er. Damn it! She had forgotten about this character. Song Dié-er, Qin Yaotang’s fiancée.

She had not intentionally forgotten about Miss Song, it was just that she had been busy trying to deal with Qin Yaotang, she did not have the mind to think about anything else.

It was only after seeing Song Dié-er standing before them, looking warmly at Yaotang and getting gently, ‘Qin ge,’ that Miaofu remembered he had a fiancée.

 Her impression of Dié-er was not deep, in Shaoqing’s memory there was only hatred. But Miaofu felt nothing either way.

Dié-er’s facial features were was meticulous as a painting. She had a lush slightly plump figure with a beautiful posture – a true Shengyuan dynasty beauty, and her clothes were gorgeous and light.

In this dynasty, young women are often seen out and about wearing blouses with short sleeves that were off-shoulder or low cut, paired with colourful pomegranate skirts that showed their lushness. Here, a woman with full buttocks was regarded as a beauty. For men, it felt good this way – men’s perverted psychology. Miaofu made no comment; it was probably the same as women who liked to see eight-pack abdominal muscles.

Plump but not too plump, yet not too thin like Pei Shaoqing. She was not to the taste of the general male populace, but someone was still randy and came onto her every night to torture her.

Dié-er’s figure was just right, wearing a blue blouse and Confucian skirt, she looked mature but dignified. Her hair was up in a half-bun and decorated with elegant beads. On the whole she looked quiet and elegant.

Dié-er was like and elegant lotus, her beauty was in her temperament. (Zuben: I tire oh can we stop now? She's beauriful, we gets it)

Miaofu stood quietly on the sidelines watching Dié-er’s expression of admiration for Qin Yaotang. Her bashful expression was really lovely. She turned her gaze to Yaotang, although his expression as still cold, she could see that he was different with Dié-er. He spoke to her with more patience and there was a little more gentleness in his eyes.

Miaofu watched silently but suddenly felt like an outside, standing in the wrong place disturbing the two lovers.

She hung her head and caught sight of a hickey on her chest. She gasped and hurriedly pulled her clothes together to try and hide the traces. She could not help but look at Yaotang again, he was still looking at Dié-er completely ignoring her.

Suddenly, there was a pain in her heart. Miaofu rubbed her chest with a frown.

Dié-er saw her at this time and immediately smiled at her, ‘Shaoqing-ge.’ Although, Shaoqing always sneered at her, if Master Pei had not taken her in, she would not be here today. So although, she was afraid of Shaoqing, she still gave her a gentle smile.

Miaofu jolted out of her reverie, ignoring her strange mood, she returned Dié-er’s smile, ‘Dié-er meimei, how come you have come to Xiangcheng?’

At Shaoqing’s smile, Dié-er was a bit flattered. Although, she knew that Shaoqing had changed after the fall, she was still amazed to see it.

‘Because you and older brother have been away for a long time, uncle and second aunt were worried. So I asked uncle to let me come to Xiangcheng to check on your well-being.’

‘But a girl alone Xiangcheng, aren’t you afraid of danger?’ Yaotang said.

‘How could there be danger? Uncle sent escorts to protect me, and I have Yaotang-dage in town, who would dare provoke me?’ She said with a smile. There was no formality in her attitude, she was natural. Her words were not false; Yaotang was not just an ordinary businessman. When he was younger, Master Pei sent him to the Xi Wu sect, a very famous martial arts school, where Qin Yaotang trained. At the end of his training, Yaotang’s reputation in the Wulin was not to be dismissed. But Yaotang had to return to the Pei family to help run the business. Even so, the people in the dark and in the light knew which family not to provoke.

In light of her words, Yaotang was helpless; he didn’t know what to say to this bold girl but he didn’t believe her reason for coming to Xiangcheng.

He gave her a glare, her face turned red but she held his hand and swayed from side to side looking spoiled, ‘Yaotang ge, my dinner was pitiful. Have you dined yet?’

Watching from the sidelines, Miaofu noted the intimate manner between them but did not say a word. Her eyes rested on the hand holding Yaotang’s. She knew he didn’t like being close to people and kept his distance. But he allowed Dié-er to touch him and be close. And that usually stoical handsome face had a faint smile on.

Well, they were engaged, so intimacy was natural. Miaofu kept her eyes lowered and remained silent.

‘Not yet,’ he replied, ‘I tell the kitchen to prepare for dinner.’ (Zuben: they were busy doing summat else)

‘Good! I have wanted to eat seafood in Xiangcheng for a long time. So, where would I be sleeping?’

‘Qing di,’ Yaotang called, remembering her existence, he turned to look at her. She met his gaze calmly, ‘You don’t have to leave the room. I will send someone to come and get you when dinner is ready.’

After his decree, he turned back to Dié-er and said gently, ‘Come, I will take you to your room.’

‘Yaotang ge, I want to stay next to  your room.’

‘Alright,’ he replied helplessly.

Watching the two of them leave, Miaofu stated at her hands. She pulled back the sleeve of her right hand and looked at the red marks around her wrist where he tied her. The inside of her wrist had bite marks where he had bitten her. She gently stroked the marks, and thought of his face when he looked at Song Dié-er, her heart had a dull ache.

He had never been so good to her, he only threatened and bullied her, treating her like a masochistic sex toy.

What did she think her relationship with Qin Yaotang was? She was forced to comply under his arrogance; but what about him? He seemed to have found an object to vent his desires on, would he toss her when he was done?

Now that Song Dié-er was around, he didn’t want her anymore? (Zuben: What do you want dear?)

No wonder he never took possession of her, he was afraid he she would get pregnant. (Zuben: Is that what you wanted?)

‘So that was why…’ she said the realisation out loud. She was saddened. But why was she sad? What was making her feel this way? She did not like him; she could not wait to get far away from him! That he wasn’t going to be haunting her made her relieved. 

That’s right; it was for the best that they did not become entangled from now on, the best!

Miaofu smiled and covered the bite mark firmly with her left hand. She smiled happily…

Since Dié-er came to Xiangcheng, she stuck with Qin Yaotang and they two of them became a pair, a pair of jade-like persons. When they stood together, they became the best scenery to be seen in Xiangcheng. The Xiangcheng stewards were straight to the point; it looked like good tidings were near for the Young Master Qin.

After Dié-er’s arrival Yaotang did not visit her room. Finally, Miaofu could sleep through the night, no longer tied up and tormented. It was great! Why hadn’t she shown up earlier? Miaofu would have spent her days relaxed and in a good mood.

Watching from her window, she saw Yaotang being pulled by Dié-er out of the Yuxilou. Though she was stunned, her face quickly raised a smile. (Zuben: Hypnotise yourself to happiness, you go girl!)

Now that Dié-er was here, she was no longer trapped in her room. She didn’t know if he didn’t want Song Dié-er to catch them, or if he was now too lazy to pay attention to her. In essence, he no longer cared about her and all his thoughts were on Dié-er.

That is great, just great!

Miaofu smiled as she walked out of the room and out of the Yuxilou along. Standing on the street, she took a deep breath: The taste of freedom was good.

She took a leisurely stroll down to the market, looking at every vendor with great interest, when she got to the wood carving stall, her steps paused. Miaofu remembered the night of the fireworks, his gentle smile under the glow of the explosions, helping her to put in the wooden comb…

She shut her eyes tight and forced the memories away from her mind, to escape, she ran from the woodcarving stall until she was tired and had to stop to breathe.

‘Would you like to buy some rouge gouache for your little lady?’ the vendor said seeing a customer at his stall.

‘No…’ she began to reply, but she saw the flash of someone familiar in a mirror hanging on the stall. She frowned in confusion, and turned to the vendor, ‘Lǎobǎn, I want this little mirror.’

‘That would be 8 wen qian.’

Miaofu gave him 1 liang, ‘Don’t worry about the change,’ she took the mirror and walked away from the stall to a crowded area. She walked quickly, squeezing desperately into the crowd. She came across a vendor selling masks, she took out the mirror and looked behind her to make sure she hadn’t been noticed and then went up to the mask booth.

The vendor jumped when she approached, ‘Gōngzǐ, you-‘

‘Oh.’ Miaofu slipped him 10 liang and said, ‘Lǎobǎn, someone is chasing me, please let me hide here.’

The vendor looked at her closely and decided she didn’t look like a bad person, though he took the money and nodded, ‘Alright, you can hide here.’ (Zuben: Money can make you look like a good person)

‘Thank you, Lǎobǎn.’ She said as she ducked under his stall. The vendor put a few bamboo crates to cover her.

Miaofu gingerly picked up the cloth covering the table and looked out. She saw a familiar young man running in a panic, ‘Strange, where’s second young master?’

Miaofu knew him to be the second child of Wen Xiangge. She had seen him in the mirror at the rouge vendor, he had been hiding. There had been doubt, but she hadn’t expected that he had been following her. But why?

‘What to do? Second young master has vanished,’ he muttered anxiously. ‘What would I tell young master? No I should find him…’ the young man looked around and around. (Zuben: Her hearing martial arts must be very good to hear him over the noisy market)

Young master…Qin Yaotang? He got people to follow her?!

Miaofu bit her lip; was he afraid she would take the opportunity of his distraction to escape? He had Dié-er, his fiancée, but he still wanted her trapped? This behaviour made her tremble with anger; that bastard. He had been ignoring her but still did not want her free.

She would not follow his wishes.

Miaofu took a deep breath to calm herself. She looked again to see that younger Wen had left. She put the crate hiding her aside and thanked the vendor,

‘Lǎobǎn, the person following me is gone. Thank you for your help.’

‘Where! Where!’ this simple thing earned him a few liang, he smiled happily as he said, ‘You must take care.’

Miaofu smiled and nodded, thanking the lǎobǎn again, she looked around her, thinking, her apricot eyes took on a firm glint. She clenched her fists; she turned and walked purposely eastward. 


Something something cloves and sandal wood:

[1] 看著她微啟的唇,他將濕漉的手指放進小嘴,指尖廝磨著丁香,在檀口裡滑弄。

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