True and False Young Master

By Yuan Yuan,元媛

True and False Young Master Chapter 7

True and False Young Master Chapter 7


Miaofu returned to Yuxi, she asked a servant to prepare hot water for a bath. Once it was ready, she latched her door to make sure no one entered, and went behind the screen for her bath.

The bath tub was large enough to contain three people. (Zuben: Convenient) It was made of cedar and it faintly gave off a pleasant fragrance through the steam. It soothed her tired heart. She reached out and put a finger into the water. The temperature made her smile. Her desires weren’t much, these little things can make her feel happy and satisfied.

After coming to this world, her existence had been completely subverted. Here, she had no familiar people, she could only rely on herself but her heart was tired.

No matter how optimistic she was, there would be fatigue, on top of that…thinking of that person. Miaofu chewed her lip resentfully; because of that man, she was even more tired!

If she went on like this, she would go mad and she would not be able to stay in this place anymore. She must leave.

Miaofu closed her eyes and tried to push away her irritation. She refused to think about that man again. She took a deep breath and undressed. She took off one article of clothing after the other, unwrapped the binding on her chest, and ripped off the hair band on her head and her black hair cascaded down her snow white back. She stepped into the tub and sank into the hot water. She cupped the water in her hands and washed her face. She wanted to wash the troubles in her heart away, but she felt that it wasn’t enough, so she sank deeper into the water.

She held her breath until she could not hold it any longer and rose up. She had become pink from the heat. She gasped and wiped the excess water from her face. Opening her eyes, through the beads of water, she saw a tall figure standing before the tub.

Miaofu was startled. She swallowed the scream that had been about emerge and smoothed her chest. She lifted her chin and looked at him coldly. She was not surprised he had been able to come in silently; she wouldn’t have thought a simple latch would bar him.

Water dropped her eyelids as he caught her slender fingers. His slightly calloused finger touched her tender cheek. His profound ink black eyes stared at her, not letting anything escape his gaze.

‘Where have you been today?’

Miaofu raised an eyebrow, her expression was arrogant and challenging, ‘Am I not here now?’

She hadn’t run away.

But he did not let her dodge the question, ‘Where?’ he asked his tone ice cold.

Miaofu glared at him and did not hide her dissatisfaction, ‘Why did you send someone to follow me? Qin Yaotang, I am not your prisoner.’

So she had found out he had someone follow her. He did not feel guilty for getting caught. After he found out that she lost her tracker, he knew she had discovered him.

He had thought she would take the opportunity to escape, so he had send someone to search for her at the port, but she couldn’t be found. When he was getting angry and upset that she was missing, she returned to Yuxi.

She had come back obediently? He did not believe it. She must have gone somewhere in secret and done something.

‘Where have you been?’ he asked calmly but she knew he had lost his patience and it would not be good for her to keep prevaricating.

She turned sullen, ‘When I found out you sent people to follow me, I was not happy so I went to the Huāmǎnlóu to hide. If you don’t believe me, you can send someone to confirm it.’

Yaotang stared at her as though to ascertain whether she was lying. Miaofu lowered her head and kept silent, she did not look at him.

Eventually, she heard a sigh and clothes being removed. Finally, his lithe body stepped into the tub and pulled her to him so her snow white back was against his broad chest. His strong arms wrapped around her.

He rested his strong jaw in the crook of her neck and gently kissed her soft cheek. His heated breath was faint with the taste of pure male.

‘What shall I do with you?’ he whispered, but there seemed to be an undertone of helplessness in his words. Before her, he really was helpless.

These past few days, he had deliberately let Dié-er lead him about and deliberately snubbed her, just to see how she would react. But she was eating well, sleeping well, completely unaffected. She even had a happy smile on her face. He ignored her and but she did not seem to mind. Her behaviour made him chagrined; he had used childish means and this was the result. This heartless woman did not care about him at all. (Zuben: Maybe tell her you care about her, although I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whys and wherefores)

He was angry, pissed off even. Even though he took her, she was not in his grasp. She was always outside his expectations. He did not know what to do with her. Today, he had lost sight of her; he had been flustered for the first time in his life. He had been afraid that she would leave, afraid he would never find her again. When he had heard she had returned, he had been happy and he thought she had been reluctant to come back, but reason told him it was impossible.

This woman…had no heart at all!

‘Tell me…what should I do with you?’ he asked with sigh. It was complicated to look at her black eyes. He had never come across such a woman in his life. Because of her, he lost his calm and his cool.

The spoiled helpless tone made Miaofu’s heart tremble. She didn’t understand why he was talking to her like this, like a lover who was upset.

But they were not lovers, were they? What were they…?

Miaofu was also confused. She could not figure out what their relationship was. She definitely did not understand what he was thinking. He obviously had a fiancée, and he clearly forgot her existence when Dié-er turned up. She was just a novelty toy, once he became tired, she was mercilessly discarded.

So what was with the long-suffering tone? She did not understand. She really did not understand.

After a while she said softly, ‘You should tell that to Dié-er, she is your fiancée.’

Yaotang turned her to face him, ‘Are you bothered about Dié-er?’ the plain enquiry was tight with expectation.

But she turned it back to doubt as she replied, ‘Should I be bothered?’ Was she qualified to care?

Yaotang stated at her, she was still incomprehensible; there was nothing in her eyes not even sadness.

 His anticipation dimmed and he could not help but smile, then laugh at his own silliness; the laughter had a trace of bitterness.

‘You…’ what is wrong? She wanted to say. Clearly, he was laughing, but Maiofu could not help but feel like she hurt him. (Zuben: How is it your fault? If he don’t tell you nothing, how would you know?)He didn’t allow her to finish her sentence, because his thin lips blocked her soft ones. His kiss was frantic, almost punishing, like he was venting his anger. A rude kiss.

As her soft lips were hurt by his kisses, Miaofu could not help but feel relieved. This kiss, she knew well. As for the sudden loss of heart…she forced herself to ignore it.


Her tongue was sucked by him as though he wanted to swallow her. He was like a deranged beast ruthlessly plundering her breath. His strong arm held her tightly and the force make marks on her snowy skin, his other ran slid down to her flower. He knew where she was most sensitive, where to make her most charming, how to tease her to make her sweet honey.

He stroked her beautiful petals, firmly rubbing her slit as he breathed into her mouth and swallowed her tongue and all her beauty.

She was his. His!

When did he begin to have such a deep possessiveness for her? When did he let her into his heart? (Zuben: We would really like to know as well) It had just been for fun at first, it was interesting but he had gotten caught. Yet she was the same as always, as though if he did not pay attention, she would disappear, full of mystery - without looking back. He was angry, he was panicked, and he wanted all of her. His impetuous thoughts turned into action; kissing her, groping at her, franticly claiming her sweetness, greedy for her soft embrace. Wanting to prove she was his.

His index finger rubbed above the jade bead, he pressed heavily, petulantly against her most vulnerable place, his middle finger stabbed into the mouth of her flower, grinding deeply against the moist walls.

‘Ah~…’ a soft moan left her fragrant lips. Her delicate body arched so her breasts were directly at his mouth. He took the proffered nipples, and the tip of his tongue licked her areola while his fingers deeply stabbed her flower.

Under stimulation from both sides, a sharp joy hit her body. Her honey flowed out, and the familiar pleasure swept through her. Miaofu breathed heavily as she leaned on his chest. Listening to his equally intense heartbeat and being surrounded by his warmth, she thought of staying in this moment forever…

Behind her closed eyes, she was astonished by this sudden thought. Not yet calm, a strong force pushed her up against her. She opened her eyes wide as a huge pain made her exclaim. She gripped his arms tightly and glared at him as her core was enriched with his hot iron squeezing into her body.

‘You…ah~!’ Before she could get used to his presence, he twitched, withdrew and thrust deeply into her, running through her sweetness.

The blood of her virginity rushed out and melted into the water and his burning weapon thrust back and forth, ignoring her pain, jerkily and wildly encroaching her. (Zuben: Once again, not how to keep a sensible lady in your life)

‘It hurts,’ she cried but her broken sobs were blocked by his kiss. His hand fondled her breast, flicking her nipples and squeezing the skin back and forth. The entry and exit under her body did not relent, her tightness and softness made him crazy. He bit her sweet lower lip and thrust his tongue into her mouth simulating his motions he was doing in her tight hole.

She was almost unable to breathe as he kissed her, her tight hole began to gradually become soft and delicate and the sensations sweetened. Knowing her body had accepted him, his movements became fiercer, warm water was thrust in and out of her.

Miaofu was becoming heated, she could feel his great existence in the hot water. She was deeply possessed by him. He was inside her. (Zuben: he has been for the past five minutes) An unspeakable sense of dissatisfaction grew making her tremble, her love tunnel was wet and soft, the inner muscles tight making his black eyes burn with heat.

He pulled her out of the tub and turned her back to him. Her small hands grabbed the edge of the bath as he raised her soft buttocks and pierced her deeply from behind.

‘Ah~’ she cried. This position made him go deeper into her. Miaofu eyes turned up, she felt like she was possessed. He thrust deeply, his body against her making an obscene sound. He grabbed her swaying breasts and squeezed them into irregular shapes. His fingers teased her nipples, rubbing then and pushing them, leaving deep finger marks on the flesh of her breasts.

‘Don’t…’ it was painful! But the ache turned into a strange numbness and need, then transformed into a deep pleasure. Miaofu could not help but frown, her red face full of wild lust. Her love juice ran down her leg in a rivulet and settled into a pool on the ground. Her snow white skin had traces left by him. All over her body bore his taste.

Yaotang looked at her with satisfaction as he bit into the soft round shoulder. Yet he felt it wasn’t enough, he wanted more, more.

His thick and long manhood ran deeper into her as though he wanted to pierce her belly. He did not relent, her red meat flats were inflamed because of him, the meat was pulled out and smashed in. Too much pleasure made Miaofu cry. (Zuben: This is like a porn movie)

‘Stop…’ she cried trying to escape, but she was pulled back and he thrust in deeper and harder. Each thrust made her tremble, the sensation was almost unbearable. She swung her head, cried and begged him. Her sweat made her hair stick to her skin. Her sweat mixed with his dripping breath made her sticky and lewd.

He gave a deep thrust, penetrating deeply into her, she screamed and her body softened. He hugged her to him as he shot his hot essence into her.

Yaotang pulled out his weakened manhood, and the hot fluid mixed with love juice poured from her red flower. He picked up her collapsed body and placed her on the bed. He went back to the bath to wet a cloth, and he returned to the bed to gently wipe her body. As he came to her reddened feminity, more white turbidity flowed out. The beautiful obscenity made his black eyes flash. He gently wiped the tender flesh with the damp cloth, cleaning the body fluids.

‘Nn!’ her light moan made him pause. He looked up and saw her lids moving, and moments later, she opened her eyes.

He was suddenly aroused. He dropped the cloth and lifted her right leg to squeeze his hot member into the love hole that was still hot and wet. The hot flesh surrounded him. He pushed in deeply occupying her depths.

‘Ah~’ she cried out, she was awake in an instant. He kissed her little mouth and encroached on her again.

He wanted her to cry beneath him, in his arms, while he possessed her, invaded her, never letting go.

Since that evening, he totally occupied her. The nights Miaofu and Yaotang spent together were restored as though Song Dié-er was not there. He would come to her room in the middle of the night, taking possession of her despite her rejection. He would compel her cries, often making her unable to take it and beg for mercy. Or he would prolong the foreplay, teasing her until she begged him to take her.

In the quiet of the night, Miaofu was afraid that her cries and moans could be heard, and Song Dié-er’s room was only next door. She always wanted to hold back her moans but he would not allow it. He wanted her to cry out, he wanted to hear her screams and moans. He was not afraid of Dié-er discovering them, she was the timid one. She could not help but feel guilty when she saw Dié-er, but the instigator did not understand her discomfiture at all; he continued to torture her every night. Once she got angry and asked him; was he not afraid of Dié-er finding out about their affair? But his reaction was nonplussed, as though her fears were superfluous, he replied blandly, ‘Let her find out.’

He wanted everyone to know about them.

When they returned home, he was planning on telling Uncle Pei that she was a woman, whether she wanted to or not, he did not intend to let her go. Whether she didn’t love him, or hated him, it did not matter. He would slowly consume with her and grind with her. He had a lifetime.

His senseless attitude made Miaofu tremble. She decided he was just playing with her, so he didn’t care. (Zuben: Foolish people)

If this was in modern times, she could tell herself this was a common thing in relationships, but this was a conservative ancient, what did she mean to him?

Moreover, he had a fiancée and he was very considerate to Dié-er, but always bullying Miaofu.

She hated him! (Zuben: Yeah yeah)

She would not let him treat her like this forever. She began to treat the situation as being nipped by a dog - but she could only be bitten so many times.

Miaofu kept her eyes closed and sat silently in the carriage. They were on their way back home. She sat in the corner like before, resting her head on a pillow with her eyes closed, but her ears could not help but listen to the others’ conversation,

‘Oh! This new production of Xueyun yarn is really beautiful. It will definitely sell out. I heard you’re only selling limited quantities, is that right?’

‘If you like it, I can get the workshop to make it for you.’ Yaotang replied. He shot a glance at Miaofu whose eyes were closed; a soft light crossed his eyes. He thought back to the night of the fireworks back in Xiangcheng; she had looked very good in the lake blue skirt. It would be nice to make another blue skirt for her with the Xueyun yarn.

‘Really?’ Dié-er was happy and excited, a blush stole over her beautiful face. She lowered her voice as she tugged on Yaotang’s sleeve, ‘Hey, you said…’

Miaofu could not make out what they were saying. She licked her lips and scorned them in her heart.

She could not be bothered to listen.

The carriage came to an abrupt stop.

Dié-er cried out as she was thrown off her seat, fortunately for her, Yaotang caught her.

‘Young Master, we beset by thieves!’ their carriage driver shouted.

‘Hand over all your belongings! Otherwise, don’t blame these gentlemen for their ruthlessness.’

Qin Yaotang frowned. Their escort guard was immediately angered, ‘You dare try to rob our Pei family’s caravan?’

‘Pei? Bah! What is Pei? Guys, come on!’

The sound of swords clashing could be heard inside the carriage.

‘Yaotang-ge!’ Dié-er cried, afraid.

Yaotang patted her hand and tried to reassure her, ‘It’s nothing.’ He turned to Shaoping and saw that she looked alarmed, he immediately said, ‘Don’t be afraid, it’s going to be okay.’

He glanced at the curtain, his black eyes cold as ice. He wanted to see which thief was so bold to dare to rob him?

‘Qing di, you and Dié-er wait in the carriage, don’t run around.’ He commanded.

Then he turned to appease Dié-er, ‘Dié, don’t be afraid, stay in the carriage. Do you understand?’

‘Yes.’ She replied. Her face was pale, but she put on a brave face.

Miaofu watched them silently, especially his gentleness to Song Dié-er which made her narrow her eyes.

Yaotang looked at Shaoqing again and left the carriage.

As soon as he was gone, Miaofu immediately patted Dié-er’s shoulder, ‘Dié-er, don’t be afraid.’ She said.

‘Yes!’ Dié-er turned to look at Miaofu. As she was about to speak, something fragrant was suddenly sprinkled on her. She had no time to react and fainted.

Miaofu took a deep breath and carefully peered through the corner of the curtain outside of the carriage; there was a melee, Qin Yaotang was surrounded blocking his sight of the carriage.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, she quickly got off the carriage. Because she didn’t know the road and she was afraid she would be found on the trail so she went into the woods. She knew the thieves would not be able to hold out for long. The family guards were well trained, and Yaotang’s martial arts was strong. The thieves could not even compare.

Not long after leaving the carriage, three men blocked her way.

Miaofu was surprised, she stopped and watched them cautiously.

‘Oh Young master, where are you going? Would you like us to help show you the way?’ the leader asked.

She knew that they did not have good intentions, Miaofu began to feel nervous. Her palms were sweaty, but her expression remained calm not revealing any emotion. She smiled at the little man in the middle with amazement,

‘Liu Lǎobǎn, shouldn’t you be at the carriage?’

‘Oh, seeing young master run so fast, we feared that young master would will forget the three thousand liang that you still owe us.’ Liu Lǎobǎn said with a sneer, ‘Did you forget young master, you said as long as we disguised ourselves as thieves and raided the Pei caravan, you will give us four thousand liang. You have given us one thousand; there is still three thousand left. Did you forget it, young master?’

Miaofu did not forget, she never intended to give it.

Yes, she had planned the robbery.

She had heard in Yuxi that there were many desperate people around the port. So when she had got rid of her tracker, she remembered what she had heard and immediately went to the port to see if she could hire gangs to help her escape.

She had found Liu Lǎobǎn, and asked him to help stop the caravan in the middle of the road. Just distract them for quarter of an hour, and she would give the three thousand liang difference.

Initially, Liu Lǎobǎn refused; who didn’t know not to mess with Pei? But the four thousand liang was too tempting a prize.

Liu Lǎobǎn looked at Miaofu with bad intentions, ‘Young master doesn’t have to give up the remaining money, because young master is worth more than three thousand liang.’

Yes, he had created a counter plan, what was three thousand liang? As long as they could kidnap Pei Shaoqing, wouldn’t the Pei family give them even more money.

Hearing Liu’s words, Miaofu knew what his plan was; she blinked in horror and looked past Liu, ‘Qin Yaotang, save me!’ she cried.

‘What?’ Liu and his henchmen looked around in confusion.

There was no one? They realised they had been tricked and turned back to see Shaoqing running away.

‘Damn. Get him!’

Miaofu ran hard, but the pace of her pursuers did not slow. She ran deeper into the woods, and the sharp branches cut through her clothes and cheeks. She ran on heedless of obstacles, she didn’t notice the branch on the ground, so she tripped and fell onto a sharp branch pointing upwards. It pierced her abdomen,


Sharp! Was there really such bad luck?

Miaofu became so cold, she couldn’t muster the strength to pull herself up.

‘Oh!’ Liu and his boys caught up. He kicked her hard, spat and shouted, ‘Fuck you! You dare run? Lǎozi will see how much you can run? Bring him to me!’

The two men grabbed Miaofu roughly, ‘Don’t pretend to die! Get up!’

Miaofu held her hand over her abdomen knowing she was finished. She hardened her heart, gritted her teeth and held back the pain and pulled hard on the branch. She stabbed to the right.

There was a scream; the branch got stabbed into the right eye of the goon on her right. They had not expected such a scene; everyone was stunned. The other person who held Miaofu became scared and released his hold. She took the opportunity and ran off holding her wound.

Liu was angered, ‘What are you doing? Hurry and chase him.’

Liu was uncaring of the injured man as he rushed to catch up with them.

The excessive movement caused more blood loss, but Miaofu was in a rush. Unfortunately, her legs began to go soft.

A cliff…Lord, was she going to die?

She stopped, looking at the sheer drop. Her pale face was speechless.

Liu and his men caught up. They were panting. Seeing Miaofu had nowhere to go, he laughed and mocked her, ‘Run! Keep running!’

Miaofu turned to look at them. Her blue robes were dyed with blood, a cold sweat drenched her. Even if there was no cliff, she could not run any longer.

Liu saw the injury and put away the anger on his face, ‘Hey young man,’ he shouted, ‘that wound must be very painful. Come with me and we will help you heal. My brothers and I are just asking for money, this should not be difficult for you.’

Miaofu did not reply, thinking of the pros and cons; jumping down the cliff would result in her death, but if she went with Liu, the next stage would not be good either. Can’t go with them, was she going to jump?

She subconsciously looked down the cliff and her face went whiter.

Liu gave eye signals to his men so that they approached her from all sides. When Miaofu noticed their movements, she was startled. She shuffled forth and back shouting, ‘What are you doing? Don’t come near!’

‘Don’t-‘ Liu shouted.

Miaofu remembered what was behind her, but it was too late, her foot was in the air. Her heart sank.

‘Qin Yaotang!’ she subconsciously shouted, then a violent pain hit her and coldness surrounded her.

Everything went black.

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