True and False Young Master

By Yuan Yuan,元媛

True and False Young Master Chapter 9

True and False Young Master Chapter 9


Another nightmare woke Du Miaofu up, the horror was still reflected in her eyes. It took a long time to pass. She closed her eyes again feeling a little faint. She sat up in bed; her room was dimly lit and it was dark. How long has she been sleeping? What time was it now?

She reached her hand out to get out of bed when her wrist was suddenly grabbed and a tall figure appeared at her bedside. Miaofu was scared and she screamed inwardly. A large hand grabbed her face, overwhelming her, and the tall strong body pushed her back down.

She remained stiff and she stared at the person on top of her.

In the darkness, Miaofu could easily recognise the pair of black eyes over hers, even though they had not seen each other for a year, but his body temperature and breath were still familiar, familiar to her heartache.

The hand covering her mouth slowly moved away, she trembled and she chose to be stupid, ‘Who are you? What do you want?’

‘Who am I? What do I want?’ the cold male voice repeated her question, his hot breath was close to her face as his hand touched over her heart, ‘You don’t know? Don’t you understand?’ he said was his fingers tightened over her full breast like he was punishing her.

‘Ah!’ the pain made her cry out and her body trembled.

‘Once again, ask me who I am? What do I want?’ this time his voice was soft like a lover’s pillow. He let go of her breast and pulled open her thin shirt. He gently caressed every inch of her skin, feeling her trembling beneath him. The eyes that looked at him had fear and panic, but there was no trace of longing; irritating!

His black eyes filled with anger, and with that anger he kissed her soft lips, gnawed hard, bit deep till there was blood. She whimpered out of fear. (Zuben: Hey honey, we haven’t seen each other in a while, let me rape you to make up for lost time!)

What was she crying?

When he realised she had fallen off the cliff, his heart was almost broken. When he learned that she might still be alive, he almost cried. This past year, he searched for her day and night, trying every means to find a trace of her, but he was always blocked. Someone would not let him find her.

Who was it?

He had been angry and anxious, but what about her? She appeared before him without any heart or soul, even pretended not to know him.

Fine, she was ruthless! She didn’t love him, did not love him at all! (Zuben: Yes because you will know someone loves you by forcing them to have sex with you)

Qin Yaotang entered her roughly, she wept in pain. Her vagina tightened obstructively, pushing him out, wanting him to leave.

She shouldn’t even think about it.

Disregarding her pain, he continued to thrust in. He wanted her to remember his existence, make her never forget him again.

‘Nnn…’ Miaofu’s weeping was swallowed by him, her lips tingled like it was not her own. Her body was heavily caressed by him. She was in a lot of pain all over. His heat ran through her, and she trembled in pain, but she felt his presence deeply. With every intrusion, her soul was occupied.

He was so terrible scaring her like this.

Tears could not help but fall down her eyes, trembling as he crushed her flower, but she could not resist the bite of the beast. Red honey flowed, he thrust fiercely putting his hot liquid deep into her. He gasped. She sobbed. Their bodies remained close together. He was still inside her, and his strong breath surrounded her.

His strong body moved –

‘Don’t…’she cried thinking there was going to be another wave of abuse. She shrunk her body. But he withdrew from her and stepped out of the bed. He went and came back.

She watched in fear as her legs were pulled open and he touched her warm red inflamed flower. She shivered, subconsciously protesting,

‘Don’t move.’ He commanded.

Miaofu immediately stilled and bit her injured lip.

He gently wiped the fluids from her core with a damp cloth, gently stroking the reddened tender petals wiping away the rudeness he had left behind.

She watched him quietly, she could not see his expression clearly in the dark, but she could feel his gentleness, which was completely different from his brutality.

She didn’t understand him, but she didn’t understand herself. His brutality made her afraid, but his gentleness made her attached.

Yaotang raised his eyes and captured her eyes, he wasn’t surprised that she avoided his gaze. He sighed, dropped the damp cloth and reached out to her. He ignored her stiffness as he lay down on the bed and placed her on top of him. His hand stroked her soft black hair, gently caressing back and forth like he was petting a kitten.

On top of him, Miaofu was tense at first, but under his gentle caress, she gradually relaxed and rested against him. Her ears against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

The steady thumping of his heart made her let go of her fear, her hand touched his chest and she breathed in his familiar scent.

Somehow, she felt like crying.

She did cry, her warm tears dripped on to his chest, one drop after the other.

He sighed gently, ‘I haven’t been mean to you, yet you’re crying.’ He sounded helpless.

She didn’t reply, she continued to cry.

Yaotang turned over and overwhelmed her. He lifted her face and gently kissed her tears. He gave her butterfly kisses, softly and gently before finally taking her lips. Softly licking the lips his had bitten. He sucked on her lips and gently penetrated her fragrant mouth.

His desire hardened again, and he gently penetrated her delicate flower, slowly entering her, pushing deep into her.

‘Ah…’her long slender legs wrapped around him and her small tongue entangled with his, moaning from his gentle lovemaking. His hand stroked her snowy breast, pushing it up to lick on the tip. He caressed her, teasing her sensitive places, making her more moist, making her nectar overflow giving off a sweet smell.

She shyly moaned, Yaotang loved to listen to her moaning, he released her lips and bit her slender shoulder,

‘Cry out, I like to hear it.’

Miaofu bit her lip, feeling too shy but his gentle thrusts were long and deep.

‘Ah!’ the moan broke out from her lips.

‘So nice.’ He pulled her so she was sitting on top of him. His manhood was deeper, and this position put her breasts within his mouth’s reach. He could fill his mouth with her delicious flesh.  Suckling on her breast, his large hand held her waist pushing hard upwards, smashing her most vulnerable stamen to make her cry out with the most pleasant sound.

Her delicate and tender body was the best instrument. It was a sound unique to her, and he was hooked and drawn in with her seductive sounds. Under his attack, Miaofu could no longer hold back, she threw back her head and her hair hung down. Her hands hung around his neck, and her breasts were presented to him, while he ran through and occupied her secret flower.

Love juice poured out soaking their lower abdomen inflaming his need. She was shaking, her rose red mouth was open and her tight wet flower made Yaotang crazy. He thrust harder upwards, enjoying her beautiful tightness, his lips entangled a nipple and sucked heavily. He fucked her wildly spilling his hot liquid.

Feeling his heat, her lower abdomen burned. Miaofu panted softly, and nestled on his sweaty chest. Yaotang bowed and kissed her, he held her down still buried within her reluctant to leave. The their breathing intertwined, he kissed her lips, every inch of her small face and finally back to her lips. Gentle kisses, one by one.

Mioafu looked at him, her breathing was still fast, her lips were swollen by his kisses, her lips were still painful, her mouth was still filled with his taste.

She wanted to speak but she didn’t know what to say, fearing she would destroy the sweetness and quietness of this time.

Seeing her thoughts, Yaotang sighed and pulled her closer into his arms and gently glared at her,

‘Sleep,’ he commanded. He was also afraid to break the tenuous peace and like her, chose to avoid it.

Miaofu blinked, breathing in his scent, exhaustion claimed her and she soon fell asleep.

He listened to her steady breathing, his fingers caressing her hair and his arms around her.

Finally, she was in his arms again…this time whether she wanted it or not, he would not let her go.

Anxious footsteps came up to the door, Yaotang woke up and looked at the woman sleeping in his arms. His black eyes were soft and his lips lifted in a small smile, when the door was pushed open.

‘Miaofu, are you…!’

There was silence, as the intruder spotted the man in the bed and the smell in the room. Chuwei face went black and white, and immediately pointed at him,

‘Who is this damned bastard?’ she roared cutting through the still morning. Shortly after, there were hurried footsteps and A Hao appeared,

‘What wrong? What happened? Jiejie, what happened?’ Jiang Yan asked, he lived in the same courtyard. He had only worn his undershirt and rushed out. The old woman was pregnant, he didn’t was anything to happen to her on his watch.

Jiang Yan ran up to Chuwei and followed his older sister’s gaze into the room. His mouth fell open,

‘Bi-big brother…’ what was happening?

Qin Yaotang, the big brother he referred to was a master of Gu Yunbao, his father-in-law’s chief disciple. He had a taciturn personality, but his he was a modest gentleman. Right now, this “gentleman” was naked in Miaomiao’s bed. Taking in the messy bed, the clothes strewn on the floor, and the scent of lust in the room, anyone would know what had happened at a glance.

Jiang Yan mouth hung open, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

‘What happened?’

The noise in the Bamboo courtyard attracted a bunch of people to come over. This was the courtyard hosted the Empress and the Princess, if something went wrong with either of them, Gu Yunbao could not afford it.

‘Hey…Master?!’ the brothers and sisters of Gu Yunbao had the same expression as Jiang Yan.

Oh good heavens! When did Big Brother become a flower thief?! And he could not steal any other flower; the flower he decided to steal was the Folk Princess! And then got caught, he was finished!

‘Yaotang-ge…?’ Song Dié-er asked stunned, was this not the Princess’ room?

And the man in the quilt is…

‘Everyone get out!’

He had covered Miaofu with the quilt before the Empress had burst in, so that she would not be seen. He looked coldly at the audience and shouted, ‘Get out!’

The people were frightened by his gaze and all hurried out, but not Empress Jiang Chuwei,

‘Who is this guy? And why is he in Miaomiao’s bed? Are you the one who bullied Miaomiao?’ The more she looked at him, the more she wanted to rush him.

Jiang Yan hurriedly held his sister back, a cold sweat bathing his back from fear, ‘Jiejie, don’t be agitated, you mustn’t forget you’re pregnant now.’ Besides, big brother can not afford it!

So what if she was a pregnant woman, Chuwei glared at his hand, ‘A Hao, go!’

Go?! Jiang Yan sweated, how could he fight big brother? He had to ask his wife standing nearby for assistance,


‘Don’t test my patience,’ Yaotang said coldly, even if the person was the Empress, he did not put her in his eye. Jiang Yan quickly pulled the old lady away.

‘Who are you pulling?’ she said to her brother. She returned Qin Yaotang’s cold glare, unafraid of him.

‘Let me tell you, this old lady’s patience is also limited. I will give you time put on your clothes.’ She turned and walked out slamming the door behind her.

At the commotion, Miaofu had woken up, she blushed and shyly lowered her face.

Yaotang got out of bed and got dressed. Seeing her sitting on the bed with her head bowed, motionless, he reached for her, ‘Why does she call you Miaomiao?’

Miaofu looked at him, and there was a flash in her eyes, ‘Because I am not Pei Shaoqing.’

Qin Yaotang frowned, and was about to say something to say something when the door was rudely kicked open.

‘Hey! Are you dressed?’ Chuwei asked impatiently.

‘Jiejie, you are pregnant! Calm down!’ the voice of Jiang Yan could be heard.

Yaotang frowned staring coldly at the door, there was an impulse to seal the Empress’ mouth.

‘Come on, get dressed.’ He said handing her clothes to Miaofu.

‘Yes.’ She said, and she put on her clothes.

Yaotang’s frown deepened, and a strange notion rose in his heart.

Just as Miaofu got fully dressed the door was kicked open again. Chuwei rushed into the room, directly to Miaofu and pulled her away from him, ‘What is your name?’

‘Qin Yaotang.’ He replied, his eyes on Miaofu.

‘Who are you and what is your relationship with Miaomiao? Are you the one who stabbed her and sent her off the cliff last year?’

He did not understand who Miaomiao was but nevertheless, he answered, ‘She is my woman. As for the matter of the cliff, you need to ask her.’ He was still angry that she escaped from him.

Chuwei frowned and turned to Miaofu, ‘Miaomiao, tell me; did this guy push you off the cliff?’

Miaofu bit her lip and looked at Jiang Chuwei and back to Qin Yaotang and finally shook his head, ‘No, Chuwei, it has nothing to do with him.’

‘Really?’ Chuwei did not believe her.

‘Yes.’ She gave a small smile and looked softly at Yaotang, ‘He was not involved.’

Qin Yaotang’s face hardened and he grabbed Miaofu and pulled her forward.

‘Who are you?’ Yaotang asked Miaofu, holding her wrist tightly. His eyes were suspicious were and cold, ‘You are not her, who are you?’

Chuwei immediately went forward to try and save her, ‘Hey! What are you doing, this bastard…ah!’ She was pushed back rudely, fortunately Jiang Yan protected her.

Seeing his sister being pushed around rudely, Jiang Yan got annoyed, regardless of whether he was a big brother in the Wulin, ‘Damn it! How dare you push my sister?’

‘Wait.’ Chuwei stopped her brother, and looked at Miaofu suspiciously.

Yaotang ignored them and he stared directly and Miaofu and asked harshly, ‘Who are you?’ This person was not her. Yes the appearance was the same, and she had fallen asleep in his arms last night. But this morning, when she woke up, she had disappeared. Who had taken her place?

‘What are you saying?’ Miaofu cried, her eyes full of tears. She had fear in her face and she turned to Chuwei, ‘Chuwei, save me!’

Jiang Chuwei’s frown deepened, and she stared at Miaofu.

‘Hold on! Who are you?’ Jiang Yan queried taking the lead, he looked at Miaofu in amazement, ‘Jiejie, she is not Miaomiao, definitely not!’

This was not how Du Miaofu he knew behaved; she would not ask for help. She would not show such a weak appearance.

‘Who are you?’ Chuwei asked the woman, ‘Where is Miaomiao?’

Du Miaofu lowered her head; her shoulders shook as a broken sound emerged from her which turned into mad laughter. She looked up at the people, there was still a trace of fragility in her expression with a mixture of malice and ridicule,

‘Miaomiao? What Miaomiao? Are you talking about the thief who occupies my body? Ha! You will never see her again, this body is mine and I am back! I am Pei Shaoqing!’

She turned back to Qin Yaotang, her face softened as she reached out to him but he stepped back and batted her hand away disdainfully.

The softness immediately vanished from her face and she glared at him, ‘You’re rejecting me? Ha! Have you forgotten? Both of us loved last night, you held me tight…’

‘The person I held was not you.’ He replied coldly. The face may be the same but her eyes were like a snake’s. Even if she hid well, he could feel it, she was not her.  Her eyes were determined and sincere. She may be a bit treacherous and a little clever, but her eyes were always clear, like glass beads in the sun they had deeply attracted him.

‘What difference does it make? Isn’t it still my body?’ she rushed forward and looked at him persistently, ‘You can love her, but why can’t you love me?’

She loved him. From when she was a child till she became a woman, she had always been watching him. No one knew him better than she did, yet, he always ignored her existence? Why was it that Du Miaofu who got him? On what basis?

‘You’re mine! Mine! Mine!’ she screamed wildly, her red maddened eyes make people afraid.

‘I don’t belong to you.’ Yaotang replied coldly, his eyes contained no trace of affection for her, ‘Give her back to me.’

‘Her? Hahaha!’ she laughed madly and turned to the audience, ‘You want her?’ she pointed to Jiang Yan, ‘You want her?’ She turned back to Yaotang, her eyes were filled with cruelty.

She rushed to the dressing table and picked up a pair of scissors which she held against her neck.

‘What are you doing?’ Chuwei panicked rushing forward.

‘Don’t come near me!’ Shaoqing shouted, she dug the sharp scissors into her skin and blood flowed down, ‘Don’t push me, or I will kill us both!’

Chuwei’s steps faltered, not daring to move forward.

Shaoqing turned to Yaotang and smiled, ‘Do you want to see her? I could let you see her, or I could make her disappear forever.’

Yaotang watched her without saying anything.

‘So what is it going to be?’ Shaoqing asked pushing harder and more blood flowed, ‘Do you want her to be hurt, huh?!’

Yaotang’s eyes were cold and his hands were clenched so tightly blue veins appeared, ‘Fine…’

‘No!’ Shaoqing suddenly screamed dropping the scissors, ‘You dare appear? You are not allowed! Fuck off! Scram!’ she screamed then her head dropped.

The sudden development made everyone feel weird.

Shaoqing’s body collapsed to the floor and she began to roll about, then finally stopped. After a while, the fallen body rose from the floor and looked at everyone with tired eyes. Yaotang’s eyes lit up and he rushed forward to hug her gently shivering body, his large hand held covered the bleeding wound on her neck. She lay weakly in his arms, her breathing laboured, her face was pale and blood-stained.

‘Miaomiao,’ Chuwei cried recognising her friend, she squatted down, ‘Miaomiao, how are you?’

‘Chuwei…’ she wanted to smile but she was so tired. Her eyes dimmed and she fainted.

A single candle flickered in the room.  (Zuben: Is it because she is unwell, you can’t have any light?)

Yaotang sat at the bed holding her small hand in his. His watched her sleeping face closely. Her face was pale and her lips were bloodless.

What had happened this morning had horrified all of them, but she had been slumbering since, yet they feared her waking up.

How could this be? He asked Chuwei, what secret did they hold? How could there be two souls in one body?

Jiang Chuwei looked at him with a heavy expression, ‘If you want to know, ask Miaomiao,’ and she left.

The others were too fascinated by the strange situation, but they knew the gravity of it all so they did not dare intrude. Qin Yaotang was left in private.

He watched her with a grave heart, and when he saw her eyelashes flicker, his could not help but tensely hold his breath. When her eyes opened and he saw the clear eyes of the one he loved, he relaxed and caressed her face, ‘Are you awake?’ (Zuben: No I’m practising being alive)

Miaofu blinked slowly and looked around, she was in her room in Gu Yunbao, ‘You’re…’ how could he be here? (Zuben: You guys has a rape shag then a proper shag)

‘Come, have some water to drink.’ He said sitting her up so she was cradled in his arms. He put the tea cup against her chapped lips.

Miaofu drank thirstily.

When she had enough, he put her gently back into bed and went to get a bowl porridge that had been warming on the small stove.

‘You’ve been sleeping all day, are you hungry?’ he asked as he ladled a spoonful of porridge, gently blew on it and fed it to her.

She looked at him and ate the porridge. The sweet porridge was fragrant, and the grain was soft and tender, gently filling her mouth and warming her heart.

He fed her, she ate; they did not speak, yet the atmosphere was sweet.

After she had finished eating, he put the bowl aside and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. After, he pulled her into his arms and gently caressed her soft hair,

Miaofu rested against his chest listening to his heartbeat, and her eyes were filled with light, ‘I am not Pei Shaoqing.’ She said softly.

‘Nn.’ He replied lightly.

‘My name is Du Miaofu and I am not a person of this world…’ she told him everything.

As he listened, though it was magical, he believed her.

‘This body is indeed Pei Shaoqing’s; it is okay for her to take it back.’ She said tightly.

‘Why do you have to give back your body?’ he whispered.

‘I…’ She hadn’t known Chuwei, and A Hao was here too. Now there was, Huangdi-gege, and the Dowager who cared for her, she was reluctant to give the body back, she wanted to live.

‘How…how did you recognise me?’ How could he distinguish between her and Shaoqing. (Zuben: Magic)

He looked down at her; his fingers stroked her eyes as he said, ‘How could I not recognise my woman.’ His tone was sure, without hesitation.

Miaofu’s ears felt hot and her pale face faintly flushed, ‘Who is your woman? You are married to Dié er…’

‘I’m not married to Dié er,’ he interrupted her, ‘Dié er likes my second brother. Six months ago, they got married.’ He paused before he added, ‘She came to Xiangcheng because of him.’

Miaofu listened slightly pouting.

‘Anything else? Is there something else you would like to know?’ he asked looking down indulgently at her. His expression moved her heart and gave her courage,

‘So why were you so mean to me? Why did you bully me so much? What do you think of me?’

Yaotang made a face, ‘Because that was the only way I knew,’ his tone was dry, ‘At first, I just thought teasing the new Pei Shaoqing was interesting, who would have guessed that I would become more and more attached to you, but you did not care for me at all. You just wanted to hide or escape from me.’

So he had been angry, and he could only use despicable methods to make her pay attention to him, make her put him in her heart, even if she hated him, at least she was thinking of him. (Zuben: What nonsense)

‘So you bullied me, did so many bad things just so I could pay attention to you?’ she asked with an incredulous look on her face.

He nodded with a blush on his handsome face.

‘It was excessive! You bad guy!’ she glared at him, but she had a small smile on her lips, his clumsiness made her laugh. She had been hurt, and made miserable by his actions but listening to his explanation she could not help but forgive him. (Zuben: Lunatic)

‘You stupid, stupid silly man!’ she said scolding him. (Zuben: I think there are better words like sadistic arsehole, rapist, torturer etc etc) But the smile on her face grew wider.

Yaotang got upset and wanted to fight back, (Zuben: What the hell has he got to be upset about? These simple words are annoying him?!) but the smile in her eyes calmed his heart; it seemed to be the first time she truly smiled at him.

His heart was filled with thick joy, ‘Yes, I am stupid.’ He replied, ‘very stupid.’

She smiled at him and he let her scold him.

‘You…’Miaofu bit her lips and could not scold him anymore.

Yaotang kissed her eyes, ‘Don’t run away from me again, okay? Even if you hate me, don’t ever do anything so dangerous, okay?’ His heart still ached from knowing she had fallen off a cliff.

Miaofu nodded gently, and hugged him.

‘I can’t escape.’ She admitted. She had given him her heart. She didn’t know when it started but she had him in her eyes. It was only the inferiority complex that made her unable to face him, so she fled. But running away for a year, she had been unable to forget him.

He held her tighter, ‘You will always stay with me, won’t you?’

Miaofu wanted to nod but she hesitated, ‘But Shaoqing…’ she was afraid. She was afraid that Shaoqing would not let her go. She could see everything that morning. She had been aware but her soul had been shackled by the invisible darkness. When she struggled the shackles got tighter leaving her helpless, nervously watching Shaoqing’s actions. When Shaoqing hurt herself to threaten him, she wanted to stop her, but she didn’t know how to break free. Just when she was about to fall into despair, she heard him say “Very well…”

She had grown agitated and angry, shouting desperately not being able to bear it, in spite of the pain that came from resisting the darkness, her heart cried; how could he let Shaoqing win?

No way! Absolutely not! She forbid Shaoqing from winning –

She was furious and screaming and the darkness retreated. She was surprised to find she could move. She finally took back ownership of the body, but she knew it was temporary; Shaoqing would not give up easily. Thinking of Shaoqing’s obstinacy, Miaofu could not help but be fearful. She had witnessed Shaoqing’s madness in her mind, she did not hesitate to hurt herself to get what she wanted; such obsession was terrifying.

‘Don’t be afraid, I will find a way.’ He promised trying to appease her.

He won’t let her disappear.