Isekai Rakugo

By Sujaku Shingo

Isekai Rakugo Chapter 3

Isekai Rakugo Chapter 3

Chrono · Chinchillone 【Udon Udon】pt 3.

"Well then, Damaya-sama, please put on the bracelet I gave you in the office earlier"

Klause urged Damaya as they enter the viewing room, and in accordance to Klause, Damaya equips the bracelet.

"Damaya-sama, you are now equipped with Summoner Bracelet, you will use it to summon the Hero from the other world"

"Oh, I know that, so what must I do specifically?"

Damaya raised the his hand to show Klause that he equipped it.

"The instructions are very easy. All you need to do is strike your hand continuously while concentrating on the target you want to summon, then the magic will be invoked and the target will be summoned from the other world."

"So I strike my hand continuously, is that all?"

(tln: So basically clap and you summon, can't imagine how this will ever go wrong)

"Yes, that's correct"

Damaya was relieved that the steps to summon a hero was relatively easy. Damaya has always thought that to summon one must cast a long spell which eased him.

"Originally it is used as a means to transport people or an object who are far away by using portraits in this world, but this time we will be transporting someone from the other world using the tool "Other World Video Terminal (Television)". The bracelet has been injected with more than 100 times the usual magical power in order for us to transport someone from the other world.

"Oh, I understand"

"But, note Damaya-sama, that once this bracelet is used, we must charge it for another 10 years for to be able to use it again. So if you fail, we must wait 10 years until you can summon again, please absolutely do not forget it."

"I know, I know that failure is not permitted"

Klause nodded vigorously at Damaya's words

"That's right, if we have to wait another 10 years, 'Sight Pier' will most likely be destroyed by the Demon Lord, and the world 'Terminal' itself will be destroyed"

The world would be destroyed and it will be Damaya's fault if he fails to summon a hero.

With that Damaya was crushed with tremendous weight of his mission.

Everything depended on who Damaya summoned from the 'Other World Video Terminal' which was placed in front of him.
It was the only window connecting the other world and the terminal, which was passed down generation after generation in the country of 'Sight Pier'.

Hundred years ago, a summoner of 'Sight Pier' tried to summon a saviour from a different world due to a catastrophe just like the current times.
To be brief, the summoner did not manage to summon the saviour. However a box emerged from the other world. It was the 'Other world Video Terminal'.

With research the 'Other world video terminal (television)' has turned on to one other world video (channel), which became the focus of the national state research. The channel shown was that of the national broadcast of the small island country of Nippon (Japan) in the different world (NHK).
(tln: the NHK stands for Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, which means Japan Broadcast Corporation)

Even more surprisingly, the 'Terminal' and the 'Nippon' had almost the exact same language.

(tln:That kids is what we call a 'Convenient Plot Point')

Throughout generation the main focus of the research was to analyze why the 'Terminal' and 'Nippon' of the other world was connected, and how the 'other world video terminal' worked.

It was not the only country in the other world, that is to say it was confirmed that there were other nations in the other world such as 'America', "England', 'Great Britain', 'Northern Isle, and the 'United Kingdom'. Thus there must have been a reason why it was summoned from the land of 'Nippon' and broadcast 'Nippon' video.

(tln: yes, it says England, Great Britain, Northern Isle, and UK separately)

It is hypothesized that even though it is the other world, that the so-called 'radio waves' are connected.

(tln:Does that mean theoretically, they can see all our porn?)

Thus the King of 'Sight Pier', Henryes-Popinchov XIII, has established the position of 'Royal Watcher', whose sole job is to view and observe the culture of the other world.

Damaya have been a 'Royal Watcher' for 30 years, and was 4th generation watcher. With it, Damaya will turn 50 this year. Thus have been called a 'Heavy Watcher', those who have been a watcher for a long time.

(tln: So the other world has a position of watch TV all day)

It goes without saying that this is the first time in the history of watchers, that such a mission of this caliber has fallen into the hands one of their own.

"Well, it's going to take a long time, sit down on the floor Klause"

Then the two sat on the floor of the viewing room, and proceeded to watch.

"The gods of the terminal, the source of the spirit… …. And god of another world, please give the light of asylum to the people of the terminal… please forgive my disrespect in seeing that sacred image…"

As per usual, Damaya has started to pray to the god of 'Terminal' and the god of the other world, for exactly 15 minutes.

"Damaya-sama, is it true that the prayer must not be missed?"

"That's right, a day of a 'watcher' is said to start with a prayer and end with a prayer"

To be a 'watcher', one must first engrave the prayer into their body and soul to make sure not to mince any word of phrase, and that the prayer is exactly 15 minutes long.

However, once Damaya have accidentally pushed the activation button' without first praying to the gods. Even if he prayed as soon as he forgot, and he observed that for days there was a loss of appetite, with headaches, but there were no lightning falling on top of his head.

Damaya was convinced that he was let off easy due to the fact that he still prayed to the gods,  and that if he didn't he would have died due to having blood pour out from every part his body.

"Damaya-sama, does that mean that the legend that says the person who forgets to pray beforehand will have blood pour out from their whole body true?"

"No, there is no such record"

"…. Then… Is it not okay?"

"It may be, it may not be, but in any case, if I were die… then it would bad, but nothing I could do there.. Well what would you do if I died? Would you revive me?"

"Yes… Well, No. I am sorry."

Damaya had put on a fairly threatening look on his face, and to that Klause could only lower his head obediently.

"Well, I was also scolded by saying the same thing to my previous predecessor. Youth is a good thing."

When Damaya said so, he gave a gentle smile.

"I have finished my prayer. So let us activate it"


Damaya slowly moved closer to the activation button at the frame of the Television with his ring finger. This was also a rule of thumb, as to when pushing the invoking button, one must use his ring finger, and if not a very frightening thing will happen.

As Damaya pressed the activation button there was a sacred and dignified sound 'Bun" and the image was projected onto the box."
(tln: only 90's kid will remember the sound LCD TV being turned on)


Klause who didn't expect it raised a voice of admiration.

This was because in 'Terminal' this can only be seen by a few select group of people.

The television was the most prized national treasure.

Klause's eyes started to well up with tears. It wasn't unreasonable.

The civilization of the other world was quite different from that of the 'Terminal'

"Damaya-sama, this is the first time witnessing the 'Other world video terminal' for the first time in my life, and my tears will not stop… These visions are so clear, and life like."

"Oh, I was also the same as you in the beginning, back then I could not stop crying, I was scolded very much so by my predecessor because of it. He would tell me 'Do not cloud my eyes with tears, how will you be a watcher if you can't watch?' and…"

Damaya gently smiled while looking at Klause.

"Damaya-sama, but what on 'Terminal' is this? What do you do, the ball is rolling… but…"

(tln: it says 'What on earth' but i think it'd make more sense to say what on terminal)

"Oh, that is 'Pi○ gorasuitchi', it is a program that rolls balls"

(tln: they are talking about show like this, it's where people roll balls, and make them knock over dominos and what not.)

"So it's a program about rolling balls, but why is it just about rolling balls?"
(tln: I mean i guess we could roll some stones and call it *rolling stones*)

"Oh, yes, it has been a little over ten years since this program began, but there hasn't been a day without this program rolling balls"

"Rolling balls for 10 years… Well, what sort of accursed ceremony is this?"

In the question of Klause, Damaya nodded, he was impressed with Klause's intelligence in realizing that it may not just be about rolling balls.

As expected of a genius summoner.

This was something Damaya has realized for over 10 years. Damaya felt at that moment where he has gotten someone to understand what he has found out, he did not want to get any older.

"I suppose I will  report it to the king as soon as it has been confirmed to be related to the crisis on 'Terminal', if it is related something big will happen in 15 years."

"Ha… the other world is quite terrifying. It is said that before crisis, terrible signs can be seen. How horrifying"

Then realizing what has happened Klause hangs his head ashamed of himself being self-absorbed in such moments like now.

"Well, not so fast Klause. It isn't all terrifying. This tool is packed with all kinds of treasured information.

Such as 'Nihongo de a ○ bō' to study the other world's culture and language,

'Kukkin’aidoruai! Mai! Ma ○ n' to study the other world's cuisine,

'Ojaru ○' to understand the hierarchy of the other world, and

'Ninja ○ Rantaro' to learn about the other world's battle strategies.  

This 'Other world video terminal' is packed with everything on the other world. The only thing creepy and scary is the balls that roll.

Well, after the balls, the 'Sutoretchi ○ n' is also quite eerie and can be scary"
(tln: its taking multiple japanese shows and trying to figure out how the world works)

Klause looked at Damaya in admiration as Damaya was informing him.

"Whao, Damaya-sama has very wonderful knowledge of the other world. This Klause, is in admiration. Since Damaya-sama is very knowledgeable, it was the right choice to have Damaya-sama be the one summoning the best hero from the other world."

The expression Klause made brought on a huge expectation towards Damaya.

Well… I hope so…
Damaya's mind was overwhelmed with uneasiness.