I Heard You Are an Alien Three Thousand Glass,三千琉璃

Yi Ti resented her name. From an early age, she couldn’t get away from the nicknames “ET” and “alien”.
But no one thought that one day, she would actually meet an alien.
Scared by the other, it seemed like she screamed……
She fainted, then fell face down or something like that……
She seemed to have had a bloody nose from being knocked out……
She doesn’t remember any of this!!!
The only thing she cares about is that after she fainted, the alien actually dragged her, chest down, back home – does the alien not feel ashamed?!
Author’s note:
PS: This article is purely yy. If there is any resemblance……anyway, this is impossible? Cough, if you feel unwell, please use the small cross in the upper right corner to escape, thank you for your cooperation.
PPS: This article 1V1. This author is small and fresh so this one can’t write NP. This one asks to be forgiven.
Content tag: sweet story, portable space
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Protagonists: Yi Yi, Cecil
Supporting roles: passers-by A, B, D
Others: Mama, look, there is an alien here!