Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. Volume 1 Prologue

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. Volume 1 Prologue

“You are telling me that a “unique-user” was found?”

Lisara Restole put the tea cup on the glass-table without making a sound. She looked up slowly and then said it to the small girl who sat in front of her.

“It must be a joke.”

“Ara, isn’t this rooibos tea from the human world? Fufu, it’s delicious.”

The girl continues drinking the tea as if she didn’t hear her.

“Cule, I’m having a serious discussion.”

Lisara stares her with sharp eyes, but the girl smiles.

“Ara, I’m sorry. This is a good tea, so I couldn’t resist.”

The small built girl called Cule smiles like a blossomed flower. She’s from the House of Zeria, which is a relative of House of Restole, which is a noble house amongst noble houses. She’s wearing a dress with detailed prints and she is adorable like a doll. For Lisara, who is the heir of the House of Restole, Cule is her cousin who is younger than her, but more than that she is an adorable little sister to her. Because of that, Lisara’s expression change to a bitter smile.

“But I don’t think it’s true that there is a unique-user that wasn’t noticed by Restole central.”

“I do not know whether it is true or false, because I have not gained the qualification of being a grim reaper. I just happened to hear Otou-sama talking about it.”

Cule twirled her brunette hair with her finger and she is a bit sulk.

“That’s why I thought rather than myself, Onee-sama will know more about it. That’s because Onee-sama graduated the first-class grim reaper in 2nd place.”

“That has nothing to do with it. Even I still haven’t been dispatched to the human World yet.”

“It can’t be helped since it’s Onee-sama. Since you are the heir of Restole, you are required to make a pact with a human who is suitable rather than commoners who are lying around.”

“I see. So for someone to be suitable for me, you brought the rumour about that unique-user to me.”

Lisara made a small laugh and then drank the tea.

“Thank you Cule. Lots of things happened with the House of Zeria in the past, but I’m happy about the friendship I have with you.”

“You are making me shy about friendship. I think of Lisara-oneesama as my real Onee-sama you know?”

“Fufu. I feel the same way, Cule.”

Cule made a sound of happiness with that word. While looking at Cule who is like her little sister, Lisara rests her chin on her hand.

“House of Zeria….. Certainly Cule’s uncle is at the position where he can get information about it. If I can, I definitely want to make a pact. But I’m not sure if this case will come to me.”

“Ara, is there anyone more suitable than Onee-sama who is the next head of house of Restole?”

“Cule, you may not know but my position isn’t certain yet. The talk about me being the next head isn’t something which is decided yet. And there are lots of people opposing about it.”

“Is that true……?”

Cule looks down and stirs the rooibos tea with a spoon. Lisara probably can’t see it, but Cule must have a sad expression on her adorable face.

"You do not have to worry that much about it Cule. I, Lisara Restole, can pass through any small obstacles like that. So don’t worry much about it, okay?”

“Lisara Onee-sama…… Ah.”

Cule looks up while having the spoon left inside the tea cup in bad manners.

“Let’s take it first then Onee-sama!”