By Fushimi Hiroyuki

R-15 Volume 1 Chapter 1.1

R-15 Volume 1 Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1 - Is Entering the Genius Academy really a good thing?[]

"You know I'm a erotic fiction writer from the very start, yet you still seduce me?"

A breast-shape slightly formed on the white shirt, the line of the secondary sex characteristic of a high school girl who hadn't yet reached maturity. The white shirt shook slightly due to the vibrant pounding of her heart that she couldn't hide.

"I didn't seduce you...It was you who brought me here."

In a night of early spring, although spring has just come, the whole day today was extremely hot, thus I drove to the pier here to enjoy the cool breeze, but...

"Wasn't it you who wanted to go somewhere to lighten up?"

"That doesn't mean I want to do that something with you. Please stop deciding things yourself, okay?"

"Then why don't you decide?"

The hand that was originally placed on her shoulder had now glided along her waist to her skirt, stroking her lightly.

"W-Wait for a moment. You are a quite renowned writer. Aren't you afraid of being accused for molesting a young girl at the age of 15?"

I could feel the trembling of her body that she couldn't restrain separated by the soft and thin skirt. It was small trembling that transferred from a young girl's thigh.

"It's fine for you to accentuate that you're a serious and well-behaved child. After all, you will be caught sooner or later."

"Then please stop this. I have to go to school tomorrow, so please take me back there."

"Hngg...Do you mean that harsh school that lived a bunch of scholars? It was because you stayed at the place for so long you would want to come out to unwind."

"They are not scholars but geniuses. My talent is reckoned by that school."

"What talent do you have?"

I had already quietly lifted up her skirt before waiting for her reply. My fingers moved back and forth around the root of her thigh, feeling the lukewarm touch that was given by either her sweat or body fluids.

"Looks like your body has decided to do it with me."

"...You are even pushing the responsibility to someone else. What a jackass."

"Your body have already changed to this form and yet you call me molesting you?"

I lifted the corner of my lips and moved my hands to the panties—the last thing that women fight for—

Red droplets fell and spread out on the table. It was blood...My nose was bleeding...