World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Bi An Hua Tian,Red Spider Lily Field,彼岸花田

She was a pungent new military recruit, Cheng Xue. A woman who solely loved cherry blossoms. After crossing over, she was met with mishap and inexplicably chased down. When her escape led her to encounter cherry blossoms, she also encountered him.
He was dressed in blinding white, pure and clean. When the flowers faded and fell, she made a firm decision. He was a soaring dragon. Every time he saw her in distress, he would save her, always, and treat her problems as everyday occurrences to comfort her. 
She fell in love with him, and he… 
The dust of her previous life had settled. In this life, she viewed the cherry blossoms and walked along a rough road. Everything in the world, except for life and death, was shiftless.
The cherry blossoms intertwined their fates and also brought them devastation…

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