Umi to Kaze no Oukoku Volume 1 Chapter 1

Umi to Kaze no Oukoku Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter one : Is this popularity? (Digest version)

 1. Is this popularity?

This is the novel world map.

『Is this popularity?』

A woman who carries me in her arms is very beautiful, she has a long hair that smells good. The baby Shou stretches out his small hands, and shakes her hair.  As a hair fetish, the world where women don’t have a short hair feels like a heaven for Shou.

During the summer vacation of the junior high school, Shou who had rejected in his first date with a girl who has a beautiful hair, had been saving a kid on his way return to home after his date and died unexpectedly. Sympathized by the God of Death who has a same broken heart feeling 『I will make you popular in your next life!』Although Shou has already reincarnated, Apparently memory of Shou’s past life seems haven’t been erased.

Shou spent his time as a baby dozing off in a drowse, but one day Shou was waking up because shaken by an arrogant man.

「Is this vague child is my son?」

「Oh my! That was a rude word, Aslan! You know, Shou has a magical power of the wind」

But the wind was blowing away against the face of an arrogant man, and he turned his face to another side with an unpleasant face.

「I will not appoint him as my successor just because he has the magical power of the wind」

This arrogant man is the father of Shou, King Aslan from the United Kingdom of the Southeast Archipelago. It is how Shou was reincarnating and become a prince. In the maritime nation of the United Kingdom of the Southeast Archipelago, Possession of the magical power of the wind is greatly valued. If you blow wind magic to the sail, you can voyage the ship calmly.

『Apparently, I realized that Miya was not my mother』

There were many of beautiful princesses in the seraglio of King Aslan, but Miya, the first wife who raised Shou from the time he was born into a baby, makes Shou shocked because knowing that she was not his mother’s birth.

(TL note: princesses mean all of wife, concubines, and princess)

「Then, who is my mother?」

Shou stare Miya with teary eyes, Miya who knew Shou habit is suddenly feeling troubled, but still teach the fact to Shou carefully. But there is no way, Miya can say to the four year old children, fact that King Aslan can’t remember Shou’s mother from a remote island.

In the United Kingdom of Southeast Archipelago, Parents decided their children first marriage, but after that their children are free to divorce, and they are free to choose their own living way at the second time. Ruby married with a man who can take care of her than waiting for King Aslan who doesn’t know when he will visit the Seraglio where all of the princesses reside.

「Ruby was able to leave from seraglio and she was marrying with a large merchant Rashindo. So, Shou’s young brother will be born soon」

A young Shou misunderstood, that his arrogant father didn’t pay any attention towards his mother who didn’t have any guardian, dispose her from seraglio and sell her to a merchant.

At the age of 5 years old, I must have obligated to move from father’s seraglio to the royal villa with the other prince.

『Somehow, only men live in here…… There are no a court lady or a lady’s maid in the royal villa』

There are only a chamberlain and a manservant in the imperial villa where the adolescence prince lives. Shou wants to cry because he longed for the beautiful hair of a woman.

「His name is Shou and he will live together with you from today, Please get along with him well」

The 13-year-old oldest older brother Prince Salim kindly welcomed Shou who introduced by Miya.

The second older brother Prince Kalin is a grandchild of the minister of military state affair Zahan and he is strict with the martial arts training. He ignored a shabby Shou in the blink of the first year when he thinks Shou seems not very useful.

The third older brother Prince Hassan is the grandchild of the big wealthy merchant Ali who is the rival business of Rashindo, a man who is married to Shou’s mother. Is it profitable to make Prince who is born from the daughter of the remote Island chief become his subordinate? He has really estimated it.

The fourth older brother Prince Nash and the fifth older brother Prince Rajikk who have a close age are the people who have spent the most time studied and trained material art together with Shou. Because of these two older brother’s mother left from seraglio and married with another man, they were raised by Miya.

「Hey, we really want to know, who is the brother you want to accompanied?」

Being suddenly asked the question by Nash and Rajikk older brother, Shou didn’t know the meaning of it.

「Who are the brother you want to accompanied?」Shou tilted his neck to the other side, so the two people explain it.

The first Prince is Salim, but his support is weak. The second prince Kalin is a warship idiot, so he unskilled with the business or diplomacy. When he heard the third prince Hassan’s grandfather, Ali is measuring every situation behind the scene, Shou was surprised.

「Because grandfather of  Salim older brother is the relative of Mr.Rashindo, Does Shou will accompany Salim older brother? 」

Shou was totally not interested in the battle for the successor of King Aslan. Because I already confirmed that my mother didn’t marry Rashindo forcefully but living happily, Afterward, I don’t have any fragment of ambition as long as I can live peacefully.

「I am totally okay not to become a king! But it would be good if the gentle Salim old brother becomes the successor」

The other princes are mocking, that the last prince’s talent is similar to his father but his personality is not similar at all.

One day, Miya noticed that appearance of Shou is strange after he met with his mother and his younger brother March in Rashindo mansion.

「What’s wrong?」Shou asking his doubt to answer Miya question.

「Um, Isn’t the first wife system is weird? Miya and Rashindo’s first wife are working hard, but the other concubines and wife dress up beautifully and live gracefully?」

Miya knows that the first wife system is could be understood by the children, but she defeated by curious of Shou’s eyes so she started to explain it.

「Southeast Archipelago marriage system is polygamy, the girls first marriage partner would be decided by their parents, but after that their choice would be divided into two. Like myself, I become the first wife of another husband, manage his property, takes care his other wife and his other children. Another way is to become the second wife, the husband beloved wife.」

Shou was not able to understand well, but he convinced that Maya was his father’s partner life. It was still impossible for young Shou to understand that the first wife is the person who moved the economy in the Southeast Archipelago.

Two years after Shou live in the imperial villa, Elder brother Salim will leave from the imperial villa and being independent.

「Wow! You must be independent at the age of 15? Even though I am a prince, must I go to board a ship?」

「You can’t live without a ship in the Southeast Archipelago. And even if you are a royalty, you will have a miserable life if you don’t earn yourself.」

As for the common people, the average marriageable age of a man is from 18 to 30, but independent and marriageable age of the royal family is at 15 years old. In addition, because of this polygamy system, so many women must being taken care.   Shou, who don’t have a support think just having one wife alone is good.

After Salim older brother got married and departed from the imperial garden, his place as the oldest brother has being taken by Second Prince Kalin. Around this time, Zahan, the grandfather of prince Kalin, protect merchant fleets and patronize his company, increase his power, instead of patrolling to catch pirates. Will the nature of the second prince Kalin be trailed from his grandfather? That rumor has spread in the royal palace.

「The atmosphere in the imperial villa becomes worse after Salim older brother became independent 」

Nash and Rajikk are amazed by Shou carefree behavior.

Nash has considered becoming fiancé of Kalin cousin, and completely pulled down into Kalin camp. Rajikk is also promised to receive a ship from Hassan’s grandfather when he became independent, if he still has a good manner in the imperial villa.

「You should decide who is the older brother that you want to accompanied as soon as possible」

His two older brothers told him to accompany their other older brother, but Shou did not agree with their advice.

「Hey! I told you that I will pick you up to a warship from afternoon, are you ready?」

Because Karin older brother shouted at him, Shou hurried to follow his older brother. Hassan smiled because Kalin is not good at grabbing his younger brother’s heart.

「Wow! Warship are so cool, aren’t they?」

Unlike merchant ships that for carry full of fancy luggage, warships for capture pirate ships looks cooler in the Shou’s eyes.

Kalin who is the warship lover’s happy with his younger brother who knows the characteristic of a warship.

「Hey, can I climb that mast?」

He doesn’t think that short Shou can climb that mast.  Kalin thinks he will stop when he is afraid because the danger of falling and couldn’t move in the middle of climbing the mast.

「Its Okay!」hearing his brother agreement, Shou began to climb on the net of rope smoothly. On the crow’s nest, he advanced to enjoy the refreshing feeling of waves swash.

「He exactly like a monkey!」Hassan is mocking him, but in Kalin’s vision, he would be a good sailor.

「Hey! Come down soon!」As soon as Kalin gives him a warning shout, Shou goes down with a rope and descends. At that time, the ship was shaken. Unfortunately, Shou holds a rope with one hand.

「Dangerous!」As soon as Kalin gave a warning voice, Shou’s small body floated in the air. It’s better if just fracture because of falling from the mast! If he died the situation becomes worse. Kalin’s face has turned pale, but fluffy and softly wind’s landing Shou on the deck.

「Be careful! You might have died!」

Kalin shouted because he didn’t want to report to his father, that he makes his younger brother die.

「I am alright! Because I have the magical power of wind!」

That’s right, when Shou sends the wind to the sail, the sails suddenly stretched and the warship sail with a tremendous speed.

「So, Shou has the magical power of the wind……」

Kalin and Hassan who didn’t know much about the power of wind magic, suddenly their eye shiny brightened.  In the Southeast Archipelago of a maritime nation, have a magical power of the wind is precious.

From that day, Kalin’s grandfather, minister of military Zahan comes to Shou to offer his granddaughter as a fiancee, and up to Hassan’s grandfather, merchant Ali offers him a ship as a gift.

『Is this popularity?』

I don’t need to be tied by a bride or ship! Shou’s popularity life has just begun.

Translated version of the world map.