Umi to Kaze no Oukoku Volume 1 Chapter 2

Umi to Kaze no Oukoku Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter two: Encounter with Sanzu! (Digest version)

The fact that Shou knows he was born as a baby in a different world, was when he saw his father flew down in the Seraglio with his dragon. In the Southeast Archipelago of a maritime nation, there are not many dragons and dragon knights as much as in the Northern Imperial continent, and they are not regarded as something important.   However, King Aslan was a dragon knight and he was a dragon enthusiast.

「Dragon Knight underestimated for some reason in the Southeast Archipelago」

Aslan complains to his partner of the life, Miya. He really wants to increase the number of dragon knight, but he doesn’t feel like to do it.  It’s useless unless you can talk to the dragon to become a dragon knight.

「Then, why you don’t test it with your prince? I hear there is a lineage of the dragon knight in the Three Countries of Old Empire」

Unrequited love in the young day of king Aslan that Yuri who became the queen of Irvania kingdom was the lineage of the dragon knight, is bitter to remember.

「That’s right! In order to raise the position of the dragon knight in our country, we must appoint a person who has a quality of the dragon knight as the successor among all the prince.」

Then Aslan frowned when he sees the gathered prince split into three groups, Salim and Shou, Karin and Nash, Hassan and Rajikk, and the faction fighting have already begun.

「Father, for what we all must gather?」

Why do you have to call Salim older brother that already independent? For the reaction to an innocent question, the heart of three older brother are throbbing. They excited with hopes and uneasiness that they might be nominated as a successor.

「Try to speak with this dragon child!」

There was a dragon child that still young next to the giant dragon, Merly. When his father introduces that the dragon child is born by Merly, Shou’s eyes shining. However, the other prince obliviously disappointed, why they were not nominated for their father’s successor.

King Aslan tried from Salim, but neither Kalin nor Hassan, Nash, and Rajikk have the quality of the dragon knight.

「Father, This is my turn now!」Aslan nodded because he thinks that it would be impossible for the last prince, but in the end he was surprised.

『Hi, my name is Shou. What is your name?』

From the dark gray eyelid of the dragon child, shine a pair of golden eyes.

『My name is Sanzu! Shou, let’s form a bond together!』

Aslan was planning to appoint one of the older brothers who could have talked with Sanzu if they wanted to be a successor, but he was disappointed that it was useless if the last prince was chosen.

『Sanzu, if you rushing to forming a bond with him like when he is falling from the mast, you will die soon!』

Karin suddenly wondered why his father knew that Shou fell from the mast.

Because it’s important for the dragon child to be together with his dragon parent, Merly, so Aslan scold Shou that they can do it after Sanzu gets bigger. Is Shou forming a bond? He wondered what the meaning of it is.

Because Aslan didn’t really fond Shou who is too vague, he flew away with Merly in a bad mood though the successor has already decided.

After encountering with Sanzu, If Shou has a spare time he will go to the dragon stables and stayed together. He got raised and received love by Miya, but there was a time when he feels lonely because his mother is not staying in here. But now his heart filled with Sanzu.

『Hey, Can Sanzu also fly in the sky?』

Of course! Sanzu nods.

『I want to fly with Shou! I want to form a bond too!』

Young Sanzu is still 7 years old, six months younger than Shou. He is very young in the criterion of dragons that can live for hundreds of years if they do not form a bond together.

『It’s nice to fly together! But, once you have to form a bond with me, Sanzu will die if I die. Does not it disadvantageous because you can’t live for hundreds of year?』

Because Sanzu is still not accustomed to the human. When Sanzu stands up, Shou who leaned on his back was tumbled.

『Did Shou not want to spend time together with me? Grow together, have a child together, grow old together, die together!』

Although It’s appealing enthusiastic, It still seems disadvantageous for dragons.

『Sanzu, I still don’t know much about the dragon. And Merly was saying that you have to grow up too. 』

Sanzu decided to postpone forming a bond reluctantly.  However, he asked his dragon parents Merly to fly with Shou.

Aslan is arrogant, but he is weak against his dragon Merly. He decided to train Shou how to ride a dragon reluctantly.

「To be able to fly you must sit astride to ride your dragon!」

Shou sit astride riding in Sanzu and flying in the sky together.

『Wow~! I’m flying in the sky!』

Aslan, who was watching Sanzu flight, is scolded by his dragon Merly.

『Aslan, did you forget to put a saddle and a protector! It is the first time for Sanzu to carry people on him!』

『 Oops! I forgot that exception for Merrill who are used carry people!』

Come down! While shouting, Aslan scratched his head that he would be beaten if it is known by Miya.

『We wanted to fly more high』complaint Shou and Sanzu, Aslan taught how to attach a saddle.

「Increase the flight height little by little!」

Aslan advised Merly to let Sanzu choose his dragon knight who will form a bond with Sanzu carefully, while amazed because Shou didn’t have the ability to sense a crisis.