Living in the Last Days

By 满城时光

Living in the Last Days Chapter 1

Living in the Last Days Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Return

Xia Man wanted to die, finally die!

Xia Man's vision began to dim and the blood spread out on the floor like in the movies. As if to resemble Qu Zhen, Xia Man, who had been approaching her eighteen birthday, planned to wear a scarlet cheongsam, flirtatious and dangerous.

"Stinky b**TCH! Quickly speak! Where is the thing?!" The formerly gentle, elegant, and refined youngster suddenly grabbed Xia Man’s long hair fiercely to ask.

Xia Man still looked at the ceiling without any reaction, as if hope existed in that place.

"Dage, it’s probably not on her body, didn’t Qu Zhen hate her to death before she died? How could she have Qu Zhen’s most precious things?" At this time, the younger sibling came over and spoke.

"What do you know? Qu Zhen, that pervert, do you think she hates this woman? She’s just afraid of her death. Unfortunately, she still fell and now I get to take my anger out on this woman. I saw her first."* The man looked at Xia Man like a rag doll on the ground disdainfully and continued, “Quzhen loves this woman more than she loves herself. Do you think she won’t give this woman something with which she can save her life?

*T/N: Just to clarify: this sentence is towards Xia Man since this guy seems a little salty that Qu Zhen fell in love with her instead of him

The eyes of the fallen Xia Man finally gained focus and settled on the man's eyes with a scornful look.

“Don’t believe it? Qu Zhen’s life is really sad. I fell in love with such a blind woman …” The man’s words have not yet finished before he heard the sound coming from outside.

"Dage….zombies…have gotten in!" A younger brother came in shaking all over.

“How is it possible? This is the base where Qu Zhen has been for so long. How can there be zombies coming in?” The man ignored Xia Man on the ground and seized the collar of the younger brother who came in to report. He could not believe it. Qu Zhen had managed to create a huge survivor base, how could there be a zombie that could break her protections?

The man rushed out with a group of younger brothers, leaving Xia Man, who had only one breath left.

When the door was opened again, Xia Man had no strength to turn around and look at the person.

When a gray rotting head appeared in front of Xia Man, Xia Man shed tears unexpectedly.

Once, Xia Man thought that she would never cry again in her life.

Xia Man struggled to reach out and tried to touch the face that had begun to rot. Qu Zhen with the obsessive compulsive disorder and cleanliness addiction, unexpectedly she could also be dirty?!

The sharp, clear eyes of the past had become muddy and Xia Man’s tears can't stop trickling down but they can't say a word, "…"

The zombies don't understand why this food makes them very uncomfortable…

Uncomfortable, then stay away. These zombies immediately shuffled away.

Xia Man closed her eyes when she heard the door shut.*

*T/N: zombies shut doors when they leave???!!!

She finally understood what Qu Zhen’s last sentence meant before she died. “Xia Man, I always thought I had never missed it, but now I find that I have never been right…”

Xia Man once thought that this was Qu Zhen’s apology and now she understands…

Unfortunately, it was already too late.


Huaqing University was rehearsing for the May 4th Youth Festival. At this time, an unattractive girl sitting on the table in the background suddenly opened her eyes.

“Xia Man, are you here? Qu Zhen is looking for you like crazy!” At this time came a beautiful girl with impatience written all over her face. She grabbed the girl who was still stunned and left.

Xia Man gawked at the girl who grabbed her and entered into the crowd. “Bai Yuanyuan?”

When the girl heard this voice filled with doubts, she looked back at Xia Man mockingly. “This sister, are you trying to make trouble again?”

Xia Man did not care about the ridiculing tone of Bai Yuanyuan but asked excitedly, “What is today? Where is Qu Zhen?”

Bai Yuanyuan was puzzled when she was asked but she answered, “Is Qu Zhen not preparing for rehearsal today, May 3rd?”

Xia Man immediately disappeared into the crowd, Bai Yuanyuan looked at Xia Man’s back and gritted her teeth fiercely.

*T/N: Bai Yuanyuan’s thoughts: why you make me drag you if you can rush so fast yourself?

Xia Man bit her tongue hard while running. When the smell of blood and the feeling of pain came together, Xia Man realized that she was really alive, not in a dream!

Far away, she saw that Qu Zhen was surrounded by a group of people. She didn't know what was being discussed but Qu Zhen had only said two words before turning around to look.

Xia Man suddenly stopped because Qu Zhen had already seen her. The joy and spoiling look in her eyes made Xia Man squat in place.

Qu Zhen walked over, wearing the red dress of Juliet for the rehearsal, wearing the makeup of the jīng, but still can not change the condescending aura embedded in her bones.

*T/N: jīng was in pinyin in the original so I’m guessing it’s a makeup brand

Xia Man looked at the Qu Zhen coming over step by step, remembering the murky eyes and the rotten smell. Her nose became sour, her heart painful, accompanied by tears pouring out.

Qu Zhen had already walked halfway and saw Xia Man uncontrollably watching her and crying. She couldn't help but panic and rush over.

"What happened?" Qu Zhen wanted to hug Xia Man but suddenly thought of something and took back her hand.

Xia Man saw the Qu Zhen, who was close at hand, hugged her and then cried.

These two people had known each other since childhood, this was the first time Qu Zhen saw Xia Man cry and she felt helpless.

"Qu Zhen …" Xia Man cried and kept calling out her name.

"What happened?"

Xia Man looked up, her nose was still red, her voice was hoarse, her eyes were still full of tears. “Qu Zhen, I was wrong…”

Qu Zhen for a moment, apparently did not think Xia Man would apologize to her, but immediately reacted. “It’s nothing, don’t cry. Wait for me.”

"Qu Zhen, it's time to go, it’s our turn to rehearse.” The boy who had just spoken to Qu Zhen reminded her.

Qu Zhen was about to say that the rehearsal could not be done but she felt Xia Man hug her and say, “Qu Zhen, go on!”

Qu Zhen can only let go of Xia Man and then head towards the stage to perform.

“It’s really a good way to catch a rich person like that, so she rushes to be a rich lady’s dog.” Xia Man heard a lot of words like this. Unlike before, Xia Man’s eyes continued to look straight at the person who came to see her from time to time even after she came to power.

Xia Man slowly walked to the audience seating and sat down. She had been so excited that she ran all the way through the crowd causing her legs to ache violently.*

*T/N: wow girl, how hard do you have to run for your legs to ache?

But what was this pain? Xia Man looked at someone on the stage and her eyes were complicated.

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