QED University

By AkoSiIbarra

QED University Chapter 1

QED University Chapter 1

"As the saying goes, what goes up must come down," The leader of the pack said in monotone as he pointed at the name of their House. He did not sound boastful yet you can feel in his words that he wanted to show off that they came in first, "But House Moriarity shall remain at the top."

"As the saying goes, what goes up must come down," The leader of the pack said in monotone as he pointed at the name of their House. He did not sound boastful yet you can feel in his words that he wanted to show off that they came in first, "But House Moriarity shall remain at the top."



In haste, I went down from the second floor of Holmes hall while carrying my . It's not that I'm late for my first class this morning but I was extremely excited for it that I woke up earlier than the rooster's crow.

"Good morning!" I greeted to anyone I met across the stairs.

"Good morning to you too!" They would replied while giving me a sweet smile.

Seems like I wasn't the only one looking forward for this day. My other 'Housemates' also woke up early and started dressing up for the morning class. I even met some who look like they haven't slept because of their eagerness at the first floor hallway.

"Good morning, Mister Guard!" I saluted the security personnel, who was stationed beside the entrance hall. He returned my salute, and then greeted me with a smile and gave words of good luck for the day.

I can feel it! The positive vibes, the scent of the morning dew, the blossoming flowers on the roadside -this is the start of a new semester!

From where I was, I can already see the school buildings that were just some meters away from our dorm. I can't help but notice the sea of blue -the official color of our House as I get closer to my destination. Like me, they were also wearing blue inverness cape that covers about half of our bodies. This was the prescribed uniform for us.

Welcome to Q.E.D. University, the exclusive school for aspiring detectives! Yes, I want to become a great deductionist like the greatest fictional detective of all time -Sherlock Holmes, that's why I enrolled at this university.

All the students here are sorted into four Houses that were named after four prominent characters in the same detective series I mentioned. Before you can officially get enrolled here, you need to take an aptitude test to know which House you fit in. And fortunately, I went to the House Holmes.

Our dorm was called the Holmes Hall, where all the 'Holmesian' are staying at. One of the conditions of studying here is that you must live within the campus premises. Each House dorms that was just close to the school buildings.

I went pass the other slower Holmesian to chase the two girls in the front. Once I reached them, I put my arms around their shoulder and greeted them with a big wide smile.

arms around their shoulder

"Good morning, guys! Did you miss me?"

The girl with curly hair that was up to her waist had her shoulder stiffed. She was wearing a black glass that had a thick frame. Her hand gently touched her chest while she let out a sigh, "i almost got a heart attack! I thought it was a robbery!"

"What are you talking about, Kristine? It's impossible for a bad guy to get in here. And if there is…" I rolled m sleeves to show them my muscular right arm, "…they'll get to taste this. Besides, no one can get through the guards at the entrance ga -Ouch!"

Kristine suddenly pulled my ponytail that caused me to shriek, "The next time you'll surprise us, you'll taste something far worse than this, Rie."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It won't happen again!" I repeatedly pleaded until she finally let go of my long hair.

"Just try to understand her, Tine. She's just excited for this morning that's why she in the mood to surprise us." The girl in my left said. Her black hair reached until her shoulder, her bangs do little in covering her wide forehead.

"This only happens once in a blue moon, Shek-Shek, please just let me be. Hehe~"

"My name is Shekinah, not Shek-Shek."

"But it's so cute to call you Shek-She -Ouch!" I once again shriek in pain after she pulled my ponytail. My long hair makes me vulnerable to this kind of attack. I thought of cutting it but then I realized that short hair doesn't fit me.

"Alright, Shekinah! I won't call you Shek-She-"

I immediately covered my mouth before she could hear the nickname that she doesn't like to hear. I don't want my hair to be pulled again, that's why I decided to just shut up.

Kristine Miguel and Shekinah Caños are two Holmesian that are also my classmate in Class 2-A. Joint classes are the typical set-up here in the university that's why in this classroom there were also students from the other three Houses.

"Are you that exited for the opening of second semester?" Kristine asked.

"It's because today is the day we'll know who's the number one House in the previous sem!" I cheerfully said, "We have been the number one House for the past two years. I'm confident that we're still in the top spot but I want to see our enemies' reaction when they'll see the results."

"Don't be too confident. I think the Moriartian were able to catch up last semester."

"Nah, I feel that they're number two again. Imagine the looks on their faces once they see their House's name is in the second spot. It had been how many years since they tried to become number one."

Just like in the Sherlock Holmes series, our House's bitter rival was named after Homes' archnemesis: Professor James Moriarty. But time and time again, we were able to prove that they can't defeat us.

Since it's just a walking distance from our dorm to the school buildings, we reached Baker Building in less than five minutes. In this place all the official color of each house -blue, red green and yellow mixed together. The uniform of each student were also different from each other. There were those in red cardigan,  and there even those in yellow vest.

red cardiganyellow vest

The entrance hall was crowded. There were also a lot of early birds from other Houses that couldn't wait for the resumption of classes. Before we could go to the hallway, the three of us went to the bulletin boards where there was a new poster in display.

"Gee, Bes [1]! What happened?:


"Oh my momay [2]! They were beaten by…"


"Ssshh! Don't be noisy, there's a lot of them in here."

"Oh, sorry. I'll just shut up."

"Number two?" I exclaimed.

I can't believe it! I was dumbfounded while looking at the rank of our House. I even scrubbed my eyes thinking that my eyes were just playing a trick on me. But no matter how many times I'll do it, we were still in the second place. This must be real!

Where did we go wrong? We had a good performance last semester and I'm confident that we were able to beat the other Houses but why did our ranking went down? Last year, we were in first place and were three points ahead of House Moriarity. Is it possible they cheated that's why they're number one right now?

I couldn't help but let out a sigh while slightly bending my neck down. Kristine and Shekinah who were standing beside me also had the same long and sad faes as we tried to accept our grim defeat.

I couldn't get over our results. I was hoping that a faculty member would go out and say that they printed the wrong poster that they put in the bulletin board. But they didn't, eh. It seems like this is the final and irrevocable.


"There's something fish about this,"  Shekinah said while shaking her head, "Let's say that Moriatian were able to fight back last sem but we were still consistent with our performance."

"As long as you heard that House Moriarity are involved, you can't help thinking there's a deception happened," I replied at her comment, "I even estimated that we would be two points ahead of them that's why I'm surprised why they're the number one."

"There should be a recount!" Kristine's voice was loud enough that the other Holmesians heard it. They all nodded and yell the word, 'recount!' continuously.

"We need to know what kind of dirty trick they did." I said while looking sternly at the name, Moriarity.  I couldn't accept our defeat. It's fine if it was the Watsonians or Adlrians who came first place, just as long as it's not them.

Augh! I can just imagine the smg on the faces of Moriartians once they saw the first semester results.

"What a good way to start the new semester."

Oh my golly. Speaking of the devil!

A group of students wearing red cardigan went near the bulletin board. In front of them is a guy that had both his hand in his pocket while walking. I can feel that their arrogance became stronger and the other students that were just standing before the board might have felt it too as they move back at the sideline.

"As the saying goes, what goes up must come down," The leader of the pack said in monotone as he pointed at the name of their House. He did not sound boastful yet you can feel in his words that he wanted to show off that they came in first, "But House Moriarity shall remain at the top."

"ALL HAIL MORIARTIANS!" The guy at his right side shouted while his right hand that was in a fist was in the air. That must be Mico Andrei Reyes, one of our classmates and the sidekick of that person.


"ALL HAIL MORIARTIANS!" They all cried in unison with raised fists. The students that were just walking in the entrance hall looked at them; they must have thought that there was an activism rallying inside.


I stared directly at their leader. I want to slam his blank face on the board, for he had this foolish look in his face.

Meet Morrie Moreno, He always has that bored look on his emotionless face and dull grey eyes. He may appear innocent and doesn't care about the world but his mind must be cluttered with evil schemes and cunning maneuvers. We were both in the same class and there had been a lot of times that we had a showdown.

"We'll celebrate our victory tonight." He announced to the other Moriartians who were all smiles. He might be the only one who had a face that looked as if he didn't care about this world, "However, I feel a bit downhearted to the champions we finally dethroned. Maybe we can invite them over? If House Leader Yohan would agree, that is."

Everyone except him laugh in unison, their laughter was like a demon finally escaping hell. My fellow Holmesian felt embarrassed thanks to their haughty action. I would have hit Morrie in the nape of his neck but Kristine was holding my arm. When I look at her, she just shook her head.

'Calm down, Harriet. Don't let this arrogant guy get in your nerves.'

'Calm down, Harriet. Don't let this arrogant guy get in your nerves.'

"How would you not be in number one when you cheated?" One of my fellow Holmesians shouted at them as they went their way to the hallway. Morrie stopped walking and turn around to face our brave Housemate.

"Cheated?" His eyes narrowed while walking closer to the girl that had trace of satisfaction in her face.

"Yes! That's what you're great in, right? You're always sabotaging us and of course you blackmail some of our professors so you'll get that score!"

Everyone that was walking in the entrance went to look at them; there were even some who stop to see what will happen next. She was creating a scene this early. One may see it as an act of courage and standing up to the enemies. But this doesn't look good at all. She's messing with the wrong guy.

I would have shouted at her to stop it but Morrie preceded before I could. He put his hands behind him and slightly raised his head.

"That's a serious allegation, Miss Aquino." Our Housmate's eyes bulged when they heard Morrie saying her last name. They might've not expected that the other house know her, "Where is your evidence?"

Our Housemate couldn't answer and stared silly at the enemy. Morrie walked one step closer to her, his evil aura intensified.

"Holmes once said it's a capital mistake to theorize before you have the facts," he said, and then glanced at everyone who belonged to the same House as the girl before him, "Where are the facts, Miss Aquino? Facts, not baseless accusations."

If I was in the same situation as our Housemate, I would have shrunk in embarrassment. Yes, we thought that Moriartians cheat in some situations but they are so discreet they don't leave any evidence.

Morrie raised his forefinger as his eyes continued to kill our Housemate with his deadly stare, "But here's a fact, Miss Aquino. Every night, you're sneaking in the library to meet someone from the other House to do something… entertaining."

The Morirartian laughed while watching one of us sitting in the hot seat [3]. The tables have turned against us. The most painful here is that I can't do anything but watch the scene thanks to Kristine who was restraining me.

sitting in the hot seat [3][3]

"We have evidence to prove your nocturnal activities," Morrie continued, his voice gave me goose bumps, "I can submit it to your House adviser and have you kicked out of this academy. But because we're not evil as you think we are; we won't do that sort of thing. So the next time you cry foul, make sure you have a rock solid proof."

"And that, Holmes losers is how you deliver a threat!" Mico shouted. My nerves in my forehead are starting to explode from how much humiliation they're giving us. They even call us losers?

"Now everyone knows why we were able to beat them." Again Morrie's remark elicited laughter from his peers. My other companion immediately went to the humiliated Housemate that couldn't stop but cry.

I glared at the arrogant Morrie. He didn't care whether he would hurt someone's feeling or not. Coincidentally, he looked at my direction and gave me a cold stare.

I was about to be the next one who would taut him but Shekinah suddenly covered my mouth but I resisted and managed to break free.

"What an idle threat." I made my voice loud enough to get this jerk's attention. Everyone looked at me. Good, I have their attention now.

"What did you said?" One of them shouted. But I didn't care about his reaction, I was only interested in Morrie's. He seemed to be calm.

"Even if we're in different House, there's only one curfew hour that's being implemented in this university." I crossed my arms and raised my right forefinger, "If you knew that our Housemate was sneaking in the library every night to meet someone wouldn't that mean you also went against the curfew? To get an evidence, you need to be in the scene too, right?"

"Nice try, miss." Morrie's chilling eyes gazed at me, his face still expressionless, hence I couldn't see if my provocation was effective. He's lke a code who can't be easily deciphered, "Your deduction and the Wi-Fi signal in our Manor have something in common. They're both weak."



Moriartian began to laugh again while their arrogant came back. I feel like my nerves in my forehead exploding again while watching them laughing.

"Let's say we have photos of your Housemate with someone in the library. Would that necessarily mean that we were there?' Morrie glanced at his companions before returning his gaze on me, "No. We could have gotten those photos from someone who was also at the scene -maybe from a security guard who's making rounds, a janitor cleaning the library late at night or an ordinary student who slept at that place."

"Boom, failed!" One of the guys behind him shouted with matching hand gestures.

"Therefore, your argument that we were also in the scene just because we might have photos could be easily dismissed." There was a slight crack of smile on his lips. I could see in his eyes that no matter how cold it was, he enjoyed mocking me in front of his fellows and my Housemates.

I can only clench my hand into a ball while biting my lip. If only it wouldn't give me a one-way trip to the guidance counsellor's office, I would have punched his annoying face.

"This further proves why they are no longer the top House." Morrie commented causing his fellow Moriartian to laugh harder. Maybe I should start calling them Moriartards? "There's actually no reason for us to be threatened by them."

Augh. This guy is too much, ah! If I could, I would have kick you from where you are standing and make sure you'll be flying sprightly to the clinic.


"Let's leave them here," Morrie gestured in the direction of the hallway and without hesitation his kind also followed along, "No matter how much they'll pray, the numbers in the board won't change. But who knows if there's a miracle."

The Morirartians began to laugh again and this echoed in the entire ground floor. Their creepy laughter was like the laugh of Demons.

"All hail Moriartians!"



"For now, let us just let them be." Kristine said while I watched those jerks going away, "Let's just pay back during class."

"Yeah, we can kick their assis in classroom discussion." Shekinah added, "Especially that Morrie."

If there's something that some of our colleagues learn this morning: Never mess with the Moriartians.

But don't be so full of yourself. There be a day where you'll also fall back.

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[1] Bes - sort of like 'fam'; short for bestfriend.


[2] Momay - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momay) a Philippine TV show; "Oh my Momay" became a catch phrase for this show, and became a trend that instead of saying "Oh my God!" it's "Oh my Momay!"


[3] [Panggigisa] sitting in the hot seat - I don't know how to translate the word -rather I don't really know the meaning, this idiom is more on point with this word, thanks for loveinsanity’s recommendation.

[3]Panggigisasitting in the hot seat