QED University

By AkoSiIbarra

QED University Chapter 2

QED University Chapter 2

"Oh? Are you jealous?" I said while grinning to annoy him, "Is that why you're asking me?"

"Oh? Are you jealous?" I said while grinning to annoy him, "Is that why you're asking me?"



Life in the university doesn't always resolve between House Holmes and Moriarity. There are still two other Houses: House Watson and Adler.

Students wearing yellow vests are the Watsonians, named after Sherlock's loyal friend and biographer, Dr. John Watson. Of all the students in Class 2-A, they're the ones who's very fond of codes. They might have studied ciphers every morning and afternoon that's why just one look they would immediately know how to decipher it.

"Maybe they used the Bacon cipher that's why the structure is like that?" A girl that had long hair with highlights and wore an eye glass asked. "Look, compared to the other codes' structure that's the closest."

"I don't think so. Maybe they made it look like a Bacon cipher to confused us," The guy that was just standing and thinking deeply answered, "They used that tactic before and they can use it again. What do you think, Mina?"

Beside them, was a girl in an eye glass that was typing something in her iPad. She has a long hair and her forehead was covered with her bangs. She then showed them a series of dots and dashes. When her two companions saw it, the two just nodded and continued their conversation.

Wilhelmina Williams, also known as "Mina" is the weirdest person in our class. It's not because she's eating a breathing chicken nor is it because she's drinking an expired chocolate. Her way of of communicating her her peers and classmate was… unique in its own way. You won't hear her voice; instead if you'll talk to her she'll reply through her iPad that she always carried. And if she's going to answer you, you would still need to decipher it because she only communicates via Morse code.

Yeah, she's weird but equally brilliant.

Meanwhile, students wearing green sweatshirts are the Adlerians, named after the woman who beat Sherlock Holmes -Irene Adler. They are known for their great acting skills. They're so great at acting that you wouldn't even know if they're faking it or not.

For now, their House has the most students compared to the other Houses, probably because there are a lot of a two-faced people in this world. Perhaps their best representative in our class is Aiden Alterra -the self-proclaimed handsome guy with messy blond hair. He's also annoying -if I may add. He's beauty, brains and brawn, according to some.

Some says that he's the heartthrob of our school; the one who everyone has a crush on. Well, that's because it feels really good to crush his face.


My gaze went to his direction; he was with a guy and a girl. He was laughing with them; his sparkling white teeth were visible as he laughed. No matter how hard I look at Aiden, I couldn't imagine why girls love him.

Coincidentally, he also looked at my direction. He gave me a wink and flashed a smile.

Augh! I averted my gaze at his direction when I felt goose bumps all over my body. He can make all my hair stand in just his one wink. How dare him! Does he think that he can catch me with his cuteness?

"Why do you have a disgusted look in your face?" Kristine asked, she was sitting at my right side, "Do you still feel bad for what happened last time?"

"Maybe she has it now that's why her mood kept on changing." Shekinah joked.

"I just saw something that ruined my day." I answered.

I could only rest my chin in my hand and wait for the school bell to ring at 7 o'clock. My gaze went to the other row where Morrie, who was remained quiet was while his companions continued to talk endlessly.

I wonder what's going on his mind sometimes.

The classroom door swung open followed by echoing footsteps. Even if I won't look at the person who entered, I already knew that whoever was it was wearing heels around three inches.

"Good morning class!" She greeted once we stood, "Welcome back to Cryptography 101. For today, we'll discuss one of the most common codes used."

Or first subject this morning is Cryptography. Compared to other schools, this university had a different curriculum; everything they thought was for us to become an effective detective. I always look forward to this subject since I was interested in encrypting and decoding codes.

Our Cryptography instructor is Theresa Cabrera, we call her Professor "Terry". It became a habit of mine to read the character of a person and she's one of the teachers who caught my interest. Sometimes she's easy to read and sometimes her thoughts are hard to decode. You can compare her character to the codes that's she's teaching us.

"Who among you here have heard of the Morse code?" She tucked some strands of her hair behind her ear before pacing the platform of our small classroom.

Everyone one of us raised our hand, yet he pointed at the guy that was beside my row, "Yes, Morrie?"

"Developed by Samuel Morse, the code is being used as a means of communication among radio operators in the maritime and aviation industry. It consists of two signals -long and short, which are translated into dots and dashes."

Since I'm not interested in hearing his answer, I just wrote my my name in Morse code. I already read in advance about this so I don't really need to listen to the introductory part of the lesson.

"You probably think that familiarizing this code may not benefit you at all," Professor Terry said, glancing at everyone in the room, "but what if a murdered victim leaves a dying message in Morse code and that clue is crucial to the case?"

Our Cryptography instructor continued discussing while I continued writing stuff in Morse code. It's really like this if you made an advance reading. You have nothing to worry about even if you'll be called for recitation.



"You can also use Morse code if you want to relay some sensitive information to your colleague while the two of you pretend to have a casual conversation." Professor Terry explained, "The tapping of your fingers, the stomping of your feet, the blinking of your eyes -you can use these common gestures to transmit information."

Whoa. I thought that Morse code is only effective at writing dots and dashes.

"Just remember that you should be able to distinguish short and long signals so the receiver of the message won't get confused, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Why don't we try it now? Let's see if you can apply the concept of Morse code in a secret conversation while having a casual one."

Professor Terry craned her to look around our classroom, for sure she was looking for a guinea pig for our class activity.

"Miss Harriet?"


Wait, me? I look around the classroom, maybe there's also someone with the same name, 'Harriet' as mine. But it seems that I'm the only one. Feeling a bit awkward, I stood up and was pushed by Kristine to go at the front. Professor Terry pulled a chair and put it near the teacher's table.

He let me sit before finding another guinea pig, "Ah! Mister Morrie! Come here!"

Wait a minute, why is that from all the students in this classroom, ma'am picked him? Can't it be just Kristine or Shekinah?

Morrie jumped from his seat and went toward us. His two henchmen even cheered him -as if it was a boxing match.

Morrie pulled a monobloc chair that was at the other side of the table and made sure that we were facing each other.

"This exercise is how you can communicate via Morse code while you're casually conversing with each other." Professor Terry said.

This Moriartard [2] before me and I nodded at the same time before we could look at each other. I could easily push the table to his direction to make him out of balance at his chair.

[2] [2] [2]

He crossed his arms over his chest and his fingers began tapping on his elbow. That must be how he wants to communicate through Morse code.

"You look so gorgeous today," he said dryly, not letting go his stare on me, "And blooming as well. Are you seeing someone from your House? Or is he from another House?"

I put my left elbow at the table and rest my chin at my left hand. I then put my right hand on the table and began tapping my fingers.

"Oh? Are you jealous?" I said while grinning to annoy him, "Is that why you're asking me?"

"Why would I be jealous? You are far from my ideal woman. Don't always assume things so easily."

"So I assume things easily, ah? You think you're so handsome. Even if you're the last guy on this world, I still wouldn't engage with you."


I slammed my fists on the table and stood up, startling our classmates. But Morrie who was smirking wasn't surprised. He even looked so happy with my reaction. These Moriartians… they really enjoy seeing desperation on their target's faces.

I prayed to the patron to forgive me and to possessed me before I could punch this guy.

"Okay! That's enough!" Professor Terry went between us before I could throw my chair at Morrie, "If you were following their conversation, you would understand why Miss Harriet reacted that way. But please, let's avoid those kinds of exchanges. Okay?"

I may look physically weak but that's only a cover. I could take down a man like Morrie within a few moves. If there wasn't anyone holding me back, that guy would already be in a clinic. One of these days, he would really get it.

"Thank you." Morrie winked at me before returning to his seat. I clenched my fist more when he gave me a wink. He was able to increase my blood pressure for the second time this morning!

Just wait for it, Morrie. We'll beat you, Moriartian. Laugh while you can. Soon you'll burst into tears, wondering how the Holmesians "that sucked" kicked your ass.


Our class for the day has finally ended, yet my irritation for that Morrie still hadn't disappeared.  Every time I'll hear his voice or see his shadow, my blood would start to boil. I force this emotion to pile up inside me for howm any hours and force myself to shut up until I can.

To remove this stress, I went to the Gladstone Gymnasium that was a few meters away from the Bakers Building. This is where our class for self-defence and physical education is set. Outside is an archery range where you can practice shooting. If I was only skilled enough on archery, I would have used this to let my anger of Morrie go out.

Our gymnasium was too spacious and can accommodate all students of QED University.  Every time my heels touch the maple floor, it would cause a sough.  The floor was quite shinny and clean that you could even use it as a mirror to look at your reflection.

I could throw my anger all to the punching bag but instead of using the punching bag, I went to the singlestick section. I saw a training dummy at the middle. Weird, it looked like it gotten bigger that the last time I used it.

I removed my inverness cape first before I took a single stick in the rack. I placed my left hand on my back and stretched my right hand holding the wooden weapon. I closed my eyes and deeply breathed. When I could finally relax, I started to hit the training dummy.

I imagined Morrie's face on the dummy's head as I repeatedly hit that part with the wooden stick. My hit must have been strong enough that the training dummy was about to fall.

"HIYAAAAH!" I screamed as I delivered the final blow on the dummy. My sweats began to drop endlessly as I tried to catch up my breath from getting tired.



Eh? I looked around my surrounding to see where the voice came from. There was no one in the gymnasium except me, so who's voice was that?

Wait a minute, I heard some rumours that there were ghost in this gym. One time a student was practicing here until night time when he heard some rushing and whistling sound, the weirdest part is that the student knows that he was the only one in the gym that time and didn't have any other company so how would this sound be created? Since then, it became one of the seven mysteries in QED University.

Is it possible that this ghost thought of playing with me?

To my surprise, the training dummy began to move towards me. I immediately made a pose and point the singlestick at it.

"Evil spirit, get away from here." I repeatedly said while I was looking at this dummy's movement. I never believe in ghosts because they are irrational but from what I'm seeing, I feel like I wanted to believe that there is.

"Evil spirit, get away from here!"

"Evil spirit, get away from here!"

"Ugh!" The training dummy spoke again and even started moving. Maybe this exorcism I'm doing is really effective.

For a moment, I thought an evil spirit would come out of the supposedly inanimate object but I was surprised when a sweating guy showed up and lay down on the floor.

"Wait, a human?" I lowered my singlestick as I cautiously approached him.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" He screamed while holding his head and shoulder. His face was a little bit red, probably from all the hit I did to the dummy.

I was about to help him stand up but then I saw his suit… he was wearing a green sweatshirt and a green necktie, I move back while I put the tip of my singlestick at his neck. He's an Adlerian!

"What are you doing here, Aiden?" I asked after noticing his messy hair, "Are you here to spy on me? Or are you here to pretend to be the ghost of the gymnasium?"

If the Moriartians were infamous for being manipulative, the Adlerians were known for their disguise, acting and stalking skills. The Adlerian who were used to the art of disguise, can even act like a cactus without even anyone noticing it isn't.

Now I understand why the training dummy looked like it gotten bigger. It was only a costume worn by this guy! It's a good thing that I hit him. He deserved the beating.

"Oi, answer." I poke his ribcage which he immediately covered from me, "What are you doing here?"

"I was just practicing my disguise skills." I noticed that he was forcing himself to smile at me, it was the same fake smile he flashed at me this morning. I began to strongly suspect he was hiding something from me.

"Ah, is that so?"  I raised my left eyebrow while I watch his reaction. He couldn't look directly at me for three seconds. He must be lying about his motive, "Is it a coincidence that you're in the gymnasium while I was letting my anger out?"

"Yes, it's purely coincidental-"



I immediately hit him in his shoulder, causing him to shrieked in pain again.

"Don't lie! I know that you have a hidden agenda that's why you're here!"

"Believe me, I don't have any-"



I hit him at his other shoulder. It wasn't as hard as before since I thought that he might have a lot of bruise in his body already. But until he won't say the truth, I won't stop.

He put his hand up as if like a criminal that was surrendering before a police.

"What, are you going to say the truth?"

"Yes, I'll admit it already! Just stop hitting me!"

I put my singlestick down and let him stand at his own feet. I can see it in his face the pain he felt from all over his body. If his fan girls was here, for sure they'll be turn off.

"Spill." I ordered. I began tapping my fingers on the hilt of the singlestick to remind him that I can hit him at any time.

"It's not a coincidence that I'm in this gym." He explained, "I was ordered."

"And who ordered you?"

There was a little bit of worry stick in his face but when I tap my singlestick again, he immediately spilled the beans.

"I-It was Morrie! He said you'll go to gym this afternoon that's why he ordered me to scare you and take a video of your reaction."

Oh, that Moriartard… he's really using other people to do his dirty work! He's really fitted for that House. That manipulative bastard!

"Are you being blackmail to do this?"

"I'm not sure if you can call it as blackmail." Aiden scratch his head, "But if I'll do this, he'll give me a picture of my crush from his House."

"Wait, did you know that I was going here right after class? Cause you were already in disguise as a training dummy once I got in."

"Morrie said of course you'll go here to let your frustration out. It seems like his deduction is right."

So he tried to read my moves. After he mocked me and my House earlier, he anticipated that I would go to the gym as I usually do whenever I want to hit someone. Should I be scared or worry his accurate foresight?

Anyway, the fact that he asked Aiden to scare me meant that he was concerned about my presence. He wouldn't give that order if he wasn't intimidated by me. He was probably finding a material to blackmail me so he can use it when the right time comes.

Nice try, Morrie for pulling the strings behind this act. But unfortunately your plan failed.

I didn't ask the poor Adlerian anymore since it looked like I couldn't squeeze anything from him anymore. It was starting to get dark when Aiden and I went out of the gym. The whole campus was quiet; the only thing you can hear is the crickets.

I faced the spy and gave him my parting words, "Tell Morrie that next time, he should do his best in picking the right person to scare someone like me, ha? So his effort wouldn't be a waste."

Suddenly a light quickly appeared only to disappear. My eyes roamed around the area to find where it came from. The sky wasn't shady so it's impossible that it came from a lightning. And I couldn't find anyone else in the surrounding.

Maybe it's just my imagination or maybe it's just because I'm tired right now. WE continued walking the pavement. Aiden was still talking how painful his body is feeling right now.

I look at the sky above me to watch the glittering stars. The sky was quite clear today that's why I can clearly see them twinkle. I was about to sing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' but I didn't continue it anymore when I remembered there was someone beside me.

But then, I noticed three short flashes of light from the abandoned clock tower meters away from our position. I even at first thought it came from the stars.

"Did you saw that?" I stop walking and asked the person beside me.

"Saw what?" Aiden asked, he had a frown in his face while he looked around our surrounding.

"There!" I pointed at the abandoned clock tower. It was closed years ago after a fire almost destroyed it. No one was supposed to be there.

Another three long flashes of light came from the tower. I wasn't just imagining it last time. Someone was there even though it was forbidden by our school admin!

"What's with those light?" Aiden asked.

It was again followed by three short flashes. Wait those blinking lights! Could it be…

I hurriedly run towards the abandoned clock and left Aiden. I have a gut feeling that whoever's up there was trying to send a message to anyone who could see those lights!

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