School of Myth Chufalse

School of Myths, a school where certain beings study, they were called Mythical Shamans.
The school was located in a place where no one would be willing to visit. Because this place was believed to be a nesting ground for evil creatures. Though the school and its students were never proven to be real, or maybe they were just made up by a few people who managed to visit the place and came back.
It was even more of a taboo to mention any of these rumors because the people who did discuss what they saw in the nesting ground of the evil creatures vanished one by one and their whereabouts were unknown. Many speculated that they were abducted by the evil creatures who reside in the evil nest and others foretold that they were cursed by the evil creatures because of what they have voiced out about the said place.
And it was then that the place was called “The Den of Evil”, so it was prohibited by the government to visit or even get near the place, because of the dangers that await those that dared go there. Until now the place remained a mystery and for whatever creatures lived in that place.