WAR: The university of WAR Chapter 4

WAR: The university of WAR Chapter 4

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After she finished speaking, attacks starts to fly around the area. Everyone in the group start to attack other people while moving to a cover. Even though it's only been 3 minutes, there's so many attacks that you can't even distinguished between magics and bullets.

"up up down down shit!" The owner of the voice said while dodging everything dangerous that's aiming at him. "left right left right…ah!"

Ester shouted with panic because after he dodged all the magics that was shot at him, there's a fireball from nowhere came flying him. It even leaves him with a big burnt wound on his face. He looks back at where the fireball came from with a face that's not in a good mood at all.

"I have nothing to lose… so… Come out! Ocean Textbook!" He said it while bringing the only thing that he thinks can help him from this situation.

In the blink of an eye, vapor starts coming out from his body forming into a book with black covers. He looks at it with hesitation nevertheless he still swings it around like a person who doesn't know how to handle a sword.

"What are you doing? Why are you not using me?" The ebony chain shouted, good thing that other people didn't noticed it because of the chaos that going around combined with mages chanting countless defensive spells.

"Why should I? I can only use you for three times. If I use it this times, next time I might be screwed." He answered.

"Just do as you like… I don't care anymore" She said it with a little 'hm!' sound at the end.

At that moment, a fire ball was shot toward him. Ester firmly grip the book and then hit it back. That fire ball flew back into middle of the battle field. He stood there with an angry face without a care about stares around him.

"Don't look down on me!!"

Since he can't do anything in the middle, and people are starting to use melee weapons, Ester starts to approach enemies that are running to him.


There's a loud dull sound after he hit a wizard who was close to him.


Screaming in pain, the wizard head was lit on fire before getting shot from every direction then there's a white light coming out from him, heading to the castle.

Dang that's cool, the magic is still in use.

He thought while dodging a huge sword from the side. Since there's a limit to his magical and psychic power, there's only his muscle power left that he's confident in.

The swordsman starts to speed up since he sees that our prisoner doesn't attack back even if he's still a little scared of the book.

Because the sword was coming toward his head, he blocked it with the book by instinct.

"Crap!…..wait what?" He's surprised because not only the book wasn't cut in half, the flame started to run up the sword to his whole body because of that he starts to run around trying to extinguish the flame.

Right now I can't jump around and dodge stuff because of this chain on my feet… I guess the only way left is fight to death…

He dodges a barrage of long ranged attack from around the area. Right now in the field, there are only sounds of chanting, gun shooting, weapons clashing and the worst of it is the sound of people moaning because of the wound they suffered from. Right now there's even a hole in what once was a beautiful field with blood and smokes as decoration.

"What do I do now…" He's looking for him group that was scattered around. Grace is fighting with a group that look like knights with her pistol. Joshua is no-where to be found and Brian is chanting curses that make people squirm on the ground. Other members start to focus more on fighting instead of defending but they are still getting pressured from all around.


The podium in the front was thrown into people around there as if there's an invisible hand that threw it. In the middle of this chaos, it looks like there are still people who enjoy the fighting.

"Damn it, looks like there's a lot of control type around here too…" He starts to dislike the situation because of the scenery of unfortunate people and there are more than 6 places that was in magic clashing into each other making it seems like we are in every season at the same time.

"Should we retreat?" The man wearing bloody gown shouts to Ester.

From what Ester has seen, most of the medic seems to use long ranged weapons or from some distance. It might be because they can 1 shot enemies but this guy that's talking with Ester just runs around with a knife in his hand cutting people's throat.

"Well.. I have some psychic power, so…" He's saying that while cutting a girl's throat who was aiming at one of his group. The blood dye his cloth once again.

This is really just like hell.

"We can't let our guard down any more huh?" He thinks while looking at his group which now has about more than ten people. From the look of it, the remaining people seems to be really good just because they can survive in this bullet hell.

Looks like there's a lot that died. Maybe the seniors want us to kill ourselves first before joining in.

*Boom Boom Boom Boom*

The sound of bombs come from outside of the building with the sounds of guns shooting but not a single bullet was aimed at him.

Hm? They are fighting each other? They don't want to bullet kids, I guess…

Right now Ester starts to feel uneasy because protection gears and people around him are starting to disappear. Even if they are from other groups but it still makes him uneasy. Even though you will respawn after you die but the pain you experience isn't different from the real thing.

This is really badddddddddd

"Hey! Let's retreat into the forest!! Don't just keep fighting, we don't have much people left." Ester's sound was loud enough to have everyone hear him. Some have disappointed look but they knew that if they just keep fighting the one who will die is them.


A big sword slashed his back, blood was spilling everywhere. Ester's switch got turned.

"You fuck."

*Whack* *Whack* *Whack* *Whack* *Whack*

Sounds of book hitting the opponent mercilessly. The guy who got hit was swallowed by the flame after that Ester does some low kicks until he falls to the ground.

Then the stomps come in.

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Bam*

And the last one was the heaviest, so heavy that his body sink into the ground.

"If I could kick you normally, you wouldn't be right here for sure." He shouted with anger which make others look at him speechless, and Tartarus who is at his feet can't utter a word for a while. Her master's shirt is starting to turn red from the blood that bled from his back.

"Mas—" Tartarus was trying to say something.

*Phew* *Whack*

The first sound is Ester throwing the book. The second one is the book hitting a person who's aiming a gun at him and of course the illusory flame is still in work, making enemy wail in agony.


Need to say 'textbook' no more. The book that was still in flame disintegrate and came back into his hand. Ester changed his expression when the pain kicked in.

"Damn it" He said. Because he moved too much, the wound on his back is getting worse and he's losing too much blood. His white shirted that he's wearing is now all red from blood.

"Seems like there are still people who still hide their cards. If they don't, they might not be able to fight the seniors…"

He walk into the forest leaving the destruction behind.

After he arrived, he found his weary group member. They used quite an amount of their power to protect themselves and their friends. This makes him think that people who is still easy-going like Joshua who is running around healing people, is not as weak as he seems.

After he checked that there's no group member left in the battlefield, they start to move deeper to prevent them from getting found by other groups.

"Um… Did anyone counter our group member?" said Ester.

"Eight deaths from twenty three members" said an orange hair girl with a serious face. Her witch outfit was burnt to the point that you can't see the original anymore. "Right now there's only nine people that's ready to fight. Others got some damaged so they can't use their full power."

"The other guys also start to left the field and go into the city…. They might think that it's safer there." Said Brian after the witch finished talking. Right now this three-eye guy have a lot of wounds that his uniform looks like rag and there's a sign that his hood got torn off, showing his third eye that is still looking around.

"There are a lot of groups that lay low during the start, in total there's still a lot left and the casualties can't be help. The real problem is how do we stay alive until midnight?"

In the city? Should've turned into Ground zero by now.

"Is there any engineer left?" Ester's trying to find the necessary people. He turned pale when he saw people shaking their heads.

"There's only 3 in our group. 2 got shot in the start and the other was when we were running." Grace answered while sighing.

"So what's left now? I can't quite remember who's from which faculty.." Joshua asked in the gloomy mood.

When did this guy get behind my back? Ester gulped.

"Fighting7 Management3 Quatermaster3 Doctor2 Warbeast1" Ester closed his eyes. "I should have just smack them with my book… shouldn't have waited."

"Have anyone been on the real battlefield?" The witch that he talked with at the start already fixed her attire to normal.  Ester could starts to remember her name.

Wiz Ariaros… right? He thought

When he was about to raised his hand, the girl who sat beside him at the entrance ceremony also raised her hand.

Grace Walpurgis the crazy vampire girl

When he looks around, there are a lot of people giggling because they don't know what will happen next. A question mark starts to pop up on his face because most of people here have already been on the real battlefield.

"Shit… ah damn it" He sworn because he can somewhat guess what's gona happen.

"Then you… chain guy and you… gun girl go patrol around the area so everyone else can rest." Wiz starts to order around not caring about his feeling and he gets a feeling that she still doesn't remember his name.

"Hey, but I'm injured" said Ester.

Ester frowned when he found out that the wound on his back is gone. He didn't even notice that Joshua has already healed his back. He bow a little thanking Joshua who's smiling back.

"Injured? Where's the wounds? Don't be such a crybaby and go patrol. Do it before it get dark and more dangerous."

Haha… At first, it's a vampire and now it's a witch? I suspect that I this keeps on going I might have fight with a dragon…

"And… What else can you do excluding smacking people with you book?" Grace asked with arrogant tone.

"I got some fighting techniques and this book is an only weapon I have." Ester answered while others look at him with confusion.

"Hey, don't forgot. I didn't attend weapon choosing ceremony." After that people starts to remember.

"Chained feet and the only weapon is flaming book? Why did you even choose fighting field??" Grace asked but still feeling conflicted because she just saw him stomping a guy into the ground.

I DIDN'T want to choose it… If I said that I think I will die.

In that moment, he thought of something. The girl in front of him isn't scared of light. Normally vampires should feel hot when they are in the light but it seems like she doesn't feel anything at all. So Ester starts to look at her from head to feet curiously.

"What are you looking at?" Asked the girl who got molested by his eyes even though the looker isn't thinking of anything in particular.

"Nah, it's no—thing."

His word became broken because there's a ghost sitting on a branch above his group. Even though no one in his group sees it but the thing that's he's seeing is more than illusion for sure and in his group there's no necromancer or has Magical eye like Brian.

Why the heck are you here?

"On the second thought, I will just go alone, you don't have to go because there isn't nothing much in this forest anyway." Ester said that while walking out. The group is confused because he is someone who's no different from normal person who can't pose a threat.

"What do you want?" Ester talk to something that others can't see when he has walked quite far enough.

"Please don't go any deeper than this." The ghost girl said with worried voice. " Deeper inside isn't something you want to mess around with."

Ester looks at the gray soul who's making a really worried. So he decided to change his course from just walking straight on to something else.

"Then, can you help me with something?" Ester said with flat voice like he isn't thinking of anything.

"? Help with what?"

"Check if there's any other group around here and around the way that we are going… also any creatures that can kill us."

After hearing that, Victoria is dumbfounded. She clenches her fists with displeasure because even though she came out of her way to warn him, he still doesn't listen to her.

"Just do as you see fit. From what I've seen when I flew here, there's no other group around and if you don't hurry up and head into the city, you will die for sure." Victoria's expression changed a little bit to the angry side. He noticed it even though she's kind a translucent.

"Is that thing in the forest even scarier than the seniors??" He asked.

"They can't be compared." She said. "Maybe if it's that miko girl, she might be able to put up a fight."

Right now Ester's starting to think really hard. The expression on his face changed from normal to nervous. The sound of shooting is also come closer and closer, he also starts to get the smell of gunpowder too.

"Let me ask my group first. Just because I don't want to die yet."

He called the chain girl because she seem to be quite for a while now. But what she answered back was a question.

"Hey, have you ever killed a person before?" The hell chain ask.

Ester is kind a dumbfounded before chuckling.

"What a strange question… Of course, I haven't. The first guy I killed is in here." He answer feeling a little surprised because of the question. "There isn't any problem dying in here right? So even if I killed all people in the campus, it should be fine but if it was outside the college, I would have just ran away."

After he finished, one chain and one ghost could only stay silent.

Then he starts to hear something that he thinks it doesn't have bad intent.

"Let's go back, everyone's waiting for a while now." Ester said kind a scared. "By the way Victoria, excluding me, there's no one else that sees you right?"

"Vampire and the three eyes guy sees me but maybe they doesn't see me as a threat so they didn't say anything." She said. "And also I can make only you see me even if other people have the power, do you want me to use it?"

"Do it if you can… also stay close to me so you can warn me if there's anything." He said that to Victoria and walked back… because he couldn't wait anymore.

Help me

Tartarus is starting to suspect something because how could Ester walk back the same way even though he didn't make any symbol or mark? He's walking like this forest is his own backyard.

Looks like even her can't hear the "voice".

When Ester got back to the temporary camp, everyone was in good condition… Looks like the Quatermasters also prepared quite some food too.

"Wooow, Let me have some." Ester said that while walking up to get the steak in the middle. Looks like they intentionally left this one plate alone.

"What did you got?" Wiz asked… Ester haven't noticed that his group member was really relived when he came back.

"There's no people around here but there's something that warned me that we shouldn't go deeper into the forest or you will find something scarier than human." He answered while keeping something a secret.

"Can you tell what it is? And what about its power?" One of the management girl asked.

"I don't know what it is and about its power… about president's"

When they heard the word president, there was only silent even Grace was in dilemma.

"What are you guys scared of? At most it's just death."

"What will you do?" Wiz asked. From the look of it, she is already the leader.

"I have something to do here." Victoria looks at him confusingly. "Even if I have to be alone."

"Are you sure? A while before, we have already decided that we will go back into the city."

"Like I said. I have to go there." He said while trying to stay conscious. Even right now, the voice is still here.

Help me!!

"Suffering… The suffering is too much!" The voice is as loud as if it was beside his ears, he could even feel the breath touches his ear. He's been trying to find the culprit for a while now but looks like there's no one who would want to do it. Even the most suspicious, Victoria, wouldn't do it from her personality.

When he was walking back, he didn't even want to look back. When he found Victoria, he didn't think too much about it but after he start to hear the voice, he wanted to faint because the voice might haunt him until he graduates.

"We already decided. So, are you really sure?" Wiz asked again.

"Can't you hear it?" He asked about the thing that still in his ears.

"? Hear what?" She asked back but he didn't give any answer.

"Just… excuse me." He said that while looking at the sky that's turning dark. "I wish you guys luck. See you guys tomorrow, Dead or Alive."

"Wait!!" Grace suddenly speaks up. "Let me go with you."

Everyone look at her dumbfounded and confused because her face is starting to get pale strangely. This make Brian and Joshua look at Ester trying to get an answer but he just shakes his head back.

"Good. Having a vampire at night at least make my life easier." The prisoner grab her hand and starts to walk out while look at her with his black pupil as if he was trying to tell something to her. Not long after, he got out of the barrier that his group put up.


"You need blood, right?" Ester spoke up without even looking at her. Grace was surprised because he noticed faster than she expected.

"How did you find out?" She frowned while looking at the guy in front of her.

"There's a book that I've read. Just vampire who's in need of blood, how could I not see through? So, how long since the last time you had blood?"

"It's been two weeks." She said while getting more and more pale. "Normally, it shouldn't be anything but I guess I saw too much blood today… So…"

She said while pointing at her canines which are longer than normal. Normally you wouldn't be able to notice but if you look carefully, you could see that they are completely different from human.

"You aren't as scary as I thought." Ester laughed. "What do you drink from, normally?"

"Ready-Made kind. If it's A type, it would be really great." She answered quietly. "Why do you ask? Do you have some on you?"

"No, I don't. Did you forget that I'm just a normal human?" Ester answered. "I was just curious. So, have you ever bitten someone neck?"

"Are you crazy?… Something like that… I wouldn't dare… to…"

The heck? A vampire who doesn't know how to bite?

"My father taught me before… but it's…"

She collapsed. Before she hit the ground, Ester grabbed her and pull her up beside him. From the look of outsider it looks like he trying to molest her indirectly. But for the person that is being hug, who could see his bare neck, it's hunger.

"What are you doing???" She tried to struggle. "Ester, are you crazy???"

"Just bite already. I have already donated some of my blood to my chain, so this amount is just nothing." Ester looks to the front, trying to not think about the pain that he's about to get.

If she doesn't get enough blood now, he knows that she will dry up and die for sure. For Ester, he doesn't like to see people die in front of him unless they are him enemies or someone who he really despise.

"No! I won't bite!" She's trying to push him away.

"Just let this stubborn girl die already…" Tartarus complained after a long silence.

Vampire mafia's daughter was speechless when she found out about his talking weapon. A lot of question marks just pop up on her face.

"You… That chain—"

Not letting her finish her sentence, he push her down to the grass. He picks up a part of his weapon which is a cross and stab it into his hand.

"You moron!/You! What are you doing!?" Two voices synced up, making his ears feel numbed but he didn't care. He quickly put his bloody hand to her mouth. Because he's sitting on her, even if she wants to escape, she couldn't.

"I won't mind if you want to drink too, Tartarus." He said it because he could feel her anger welling up. She wanted to say something but just went to suck his soul instead.

"Haha… at my hand, my blood is being drank by a vampire and at my feet, my soul's getting suck out. I guess I won't survive long enough to get this forest to kill me." He's looking at the vampire who's sucking his blood like there's no tomorrow. He feels like he's going to lose consciousness soon but it's already too late to draw back now.

After a while, they calm down a bit.

Grace's ruby color pupils look like they are shining in the dark and the cross on his chain has already turn into blood red color.

When he looked at Tartarus, he remembered something. He quickly use his bloody hand to touch the key, it starts to suck his blood calmly after a while it turned into sky blue color. So Ester ends up very exhausted so right now, he's leaning against a tree.

"You gave power to others but almost died yourself? Can't believe him…" The chain complain. Because her identity is already known, there's no point in hiding anymore.

"Are you a soul weapon?" Blonde hair girl ask curiously.

"Cursed chain, Chain of judgment, Illusory Chain, God's Chain. Just call me what you want." She spouted out all of her long titles. "But I think you should just call me Tartarus."

"'Death under moonlight' Grace Walpurgis, It's nice to meet you." She introduced herself. "Before we continue talking, can you turn into human form? It's awkward for me to talk with shackles."

"No problem."

When she said it, Ester was startled.

"Hey, how come you had never told me about that you are able to transform before?"

"'Cause you didn't asked" She answered with high pitch.

After Tartarus's annoying answer, she unshackled his feet and stretch out forming a sphere. It's getting bigger and bigger like a cocoon then it explodes.

A girl around fourteen or fifteen years old. She has an ash-grey pupil with some kind of glasses on but her right eye is covered with white bandages. She slick her hair back which is as black as midnight sky. Its length almost reaches her back.

Despite her soft skin that makes you want to touch it, her clothes is so shabby and it doesn't fit her unlike the chain that's tangle around her like a really expensive accessory. A cross is attached to its end and the rest tangle around her like it's her weapon. But the thing that surprise him the most is the thing that she's holding in her hand.

Ocean Textbook

"Why is it with you? Also why doesn't it burn you?" He asked startled.

"Are you stupid?" Sentence that doesn't fit her face from former chain.

"I was sealed in that room. Not in the chest. And I've already read all the book in there." She boasted not caring about Ester looking at her in disbelief. "Well, I can summon all the book in front of you, if you want."

Is there anything that will be more surprising?