Rebirth of the World Traveller

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Rebirth of the World Traveller Chapter 2

Rebirth of the World Traveller Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – World Ring

Buddha said that a life could be divided into four realms, which spanned the six Desire Heavens.

The first dhyāna heaven constituted one small world.

One thousand small worlds covered two dhyāna heavens and constitutes one Small Thousandfold World.

One thousand Small Thousandfold Worlds covered three dhyāna heavens and constitutes one Medium Thousandfold World.

One thousand Medium Thousandfold Worlds covered four dhyāna heavens and constitutes one Large Thousandfold World.

Thus, from the teachings of Buddha, our Large Thousandfold World contained one billion small worlds altogether.

As for whether Buddha's words were correct, none of us know.

Perhaps only when one finds the Creator, would one be able to receive an answer.

Of course, few people were concerned about the answer to this question.

What was the difference between having one billion worlds and ten billion worlds?

One billion or ten billion, I only have this world and no other.

But what if you could arbitrarily cross between worlds?

Chen Wu Sheng opened his eyes as he lay on the ground.

The body was the same as before, with the same juvenile face. But his expression… his expression had grown far more mature.

He slowly got up and reached out a hand to stroke that dilapidated table he had just tripped on. His fingers moved slowly towards the word 'Diligence' carved into a corner of the table, tracing its edges.

This was the desk he had used in elementary school.

One day, he saw Lu Xun's Hundred Grass Garden and in imitation of the young Lu Xun, he carved the word into the table.

His motley writing had already grown filthy over the years, but it still invoked a familiar memory for him.

"I'm back. I, Chen Wu Sheng, have truly come back."

Suddenly, he remembered something. He turned around and walked out of the corridor.

The scene of death had already been cleaned up for the most part, yet the crowd still hadn't dispersed. There was a lively discussion among the crowd regarding the identity of the deceased and the cause of death.

With the corpse in tow, the ambulance whistled past him while the cops prepared to bring in the eyewitnesses. Among the eyewitnesses was his father.

Chen Wu Sheng wasn't too anxious, however, as he knew that after a short while, his father would be released and would return. Moreover, the cops would soon find the suicide note written by the deceased Xiao Sun.

It had been a premeditated suicide.

Xiao Sun explained the reasons he committed suicide in his suicide note.

Half a month ago, he had discovered his wife had gotten pregnant with someone else's child and so he pushed her off a cliff. At that time, he had already resolved to kill himself.

Chen Wu Sheng could have prevented this originally, but in the end, he had abandoned this thought.

Sometimes, death wasn't as painful as living.

Everyone should have the freedom to choose for themselves. He chose for himself, so others should too.

He raised his head and looked at the large clock on the school building. It was only one o'clock in the afternoon.

His mother was a teacher like his father. It was just that she worked at a junior high school in the countryside. It would take her over an hour on bike to return. When she returned every night, it was usually six o'clock in the evening.

"En, there's still enough time left."

He raised his hand, revealing a black ring on his thumb that had appeared out of nowhere.

It was made of an unknown metal and was void of any decorative design. It was so plain and simple that even its luster was covered up.

With a single thought, Chen Wu Sheng appeared inside an empty futuristic space the next moment.

It was a colorless world, where everything was painted in white.

Chen Wu Sheng's black t-shirt and blue jeans were simple, yet they drastically contrasted with the white world, making him exceptionally eye-grabbing.

The place he had appeared in was the middle of a completely empty hall.

Apart from a single cozy sofa and a wooden coffee table made of delicate craftsmanship, there was nothing to be seen.

The sofa and the coffee table were also white.

It was clear that this was a place Chen Wu Sheng had visited many times before as he sat down naturally upon the sofa.

"Could I paint this place with some colors? Won't I go blind if I keep seeing only one color?"

It could be seen with a single glance that there wasn't anyone else in this place, so who was he speaking with?

"My apologies, master. Everything installed within the world ring is unalterable. It isn't within the scope of your privileges."

Unexpectedly, the room itself was responding to him. It spoke in a female voice that was pleasant to hear, but a bit stiff.

"I thought that since you called me 'master', I could order you to do anything," Chen Wu Sheng said in dissatisfaction.

"That is right, master. But you do not have the privileges necessary to alter anything installed within the world ring."

"Fine. Tell me then, who has the privileges?"

"My apologies, master. You do not have the privileges necessary to know the answer."

It was all about his privileges once again. Chen Wu Sheng impatiently said, "Forget about it then. I won't ask anymore."

"Master, you can order me to do anything within the scope of your privileges."

"Then what can I do under the scope of my privileges?"

"If master receives a grave injury during an adventure in space-time, you can return here, and so long as you still live, I will restore you. If you wish to possess more privileges, you must level up the world ring. A higher level corresponds to higher levels of privileges.

"Oh? The world ring can level up? How do I level it up then? What kind of privileges will I gain after levelling it up?"

"When it comes time for master to know, you will naturally find out."

"Fine then, I'll wait and see if it's a nice surprise. That's right, I already did as you said and found my 15-year-old body. What else is to be done?"

"This is enough. Master, you have already met the conditions of the world ring now and can begin space-time adventures at any time."

"Can I know which world I will go to?"

"My apologies, master. I do not know where you will be sent to either. As such, the specifics of the mission will also only be known once you arrive at your destination."

Hearing that the room didn't mention the word 'privileges' once more, Chen Wu Sheng understood. It seemed that she truly didn't know.

But because of the unknown, it made things dangerous. He wouldn't be able to make any sort of preparations at all.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Wu Sheng said, "I don't know why you picked me, but you have enabled me to be reborn after dying. Moreover, you arranged for me to be in my 15-year-old body. I'm willing to agree to your bargain. I will go through one space-time adventure a month like you said.

"But regardless of the reason, I think I must stand out from the masses in some way. Perhaps it's like you said before and my soul is unique and unmatched, even if I don't feel that way. For this reason, you wanted me. If I somehow died in another world, this could be considered a loss for you.

"Perhaps I will grow stronger in the future, but this is still my first time. I will definitely need your help. If you want to see me again, you will help me."

The room was silent for a moment before it said, "I understand your thoughts. You are hoping I will help you, but I am just a program within the world ring and am unable to comprehend this type of mood.

"Apart from the provisions set by the program, I do not have any way to provide you with additional aid. All I can do in other worlds is convey the mission details to you. These details will be directly convey to your brain through your brainwaves.

"In addition, I must remind you that you may not return to the world ring before you finish the mission.

"But you can still use this ring as a storage space in other worlds."

Chen Wu Sheng said, "Storage space? In other words, I can store anything I want in here?"

The room said, "Not in here. This room and the storage space are two different things. You can consider this place to be an independent world and the ring to simply be a gateway to this world.

"As for the ring's storage space, it is a property of the ring itself. Apart from living organisms, anything you can touch can be stored in the ring's storage space. The size of the ring's storage space depends on its level.

"Right now, the ring's level is LV1 and it has a capacity of approximately 60 cubic meters.

"You can take anything out of the storage space at will. Naturally, you can store things from other worlds in the storage space and bring them back too."