Beloved Wife on Top : Master Mo, Softly Kiss 十点听风

One night before the wedding, her fiancé betrayed her, and Chi Huan asleep with her personal bodyguard! In a blink of an eye, the bodyguard became the mysterious big shot who covered entire Lancheng City! In front of the big bed, she wore a man’s shirt and announced in a high-profile manner, “Either you castrate yourself to prove my innocence, or from now on become my man!”
The man leaned over and slammed her to the wall. “Okay, I will satisfy you.”
“…” Wait, satisfy what?
The man smiled in her ear.
“Be your man – First of all, don’t you have to be satisfied?” “…”
Since then, Chi Huan, from a daughter who is suffering and abandoned has become the hottest and famous actress.
This is because of her family’s honorable President Mo aloofly announced, “Try it, Who dares to touch I, Mo Shi Qian’s woman!”