I Turned Into A Girl and Turned On All the Knights! Chapter 1

I Turned Into A Girl and Turned On All the Knights! Chapter 1

From the Japanese Web Novel:
“I Turned Into A Girl and Turned On All the Knights!” by Misaki Inori

Chapter 1: Complete (Unedited) 

Chapter 1: Complete (Unedited) 

The Kingdom of Lunalle was known far and wide as the most powerful country across the entire Galunian continent, with its capital city of Lunapha dominating the land as the central hub of civilization and culture.
Naturally, Alto was very proud to be hired as a librarian at the Royal Library of Lunapha at the young age of 18.
Alto was born into a severely impoverished family in the outer provinces and grew up as a normal commoner. However, his parents made sure he and his siblings received the best education they could afford, even if that meant sacrificing more than just a meal or two for themselves.
One of the reasons Alto worked so enthusiastically at his job was to repay his parents the kindness of sending him to school in the first place.
He’d always been incredibly fond of books anyway, so his work was very satisfying and fun. He got along very well with both his superiors and fellow librarians, and earned enough to send money back to his family in the countryside and still have enough to live comfortably in the capital on his own. He stayed in the nearby official residential housing of the city knights and other government employees, which was not far from the Royal Castle of Lunapha itself.
All things considered, Alto was incredibly happy with the state of his life.

…Except for one… small… problem.


“…Mm! Ah!”

The sound of half-muffled voices seeped out from between the bookcases, and Alto’s hand froze in the middle of returning a book to its proper place on the shelves.


He let out a frustrated sigh.
Following the trail of soft moans and whispers led Alto to the owner of the voice, who was currently being wrapped up in the embrace of a man.
Actually, “embrace” is a bit of an understatement…
The man had lifted one of the woman’s legs up into the crook of his arm, while his lower half thrust forcefully into the woman’s body.
The woman had wrapped both arms around the man’s neck, grinding her hips hungrily up against his.

“Ngh, yes! Ah… ah!”

Perverted, wet sounds accompanied moans of pleasure with each thrust of their bodies.
Though Alto’s mind knew better, the young man’s body was unable to contain a wave of heat that began spreading up from his own hips due to the spectacularly shocking scene currently spreading out before his eyes.

“Ahn! Oh, Sir Lloyd… I’m…”

The woman’s voice was drunk with pleasure.
The man took that moment to raise his face. His gaze found its way between the narrow hall of the library shelves and stopped upon Alto, where their eyes finally met.
Alto stumbled a step backwards out of reflex, but the man wasn’t fazed at all. In fact, he brought his index finger up to his lips and gave Alto a soft wink.

“Shh. Can’t you see we’re busy?” was the intended message, delivered with another sharp thrust of the man’s hips.

“Shh. Can’t you see we’re busy?”

“Ah! Ahn! I’m…! Coming!” the woman moaned with ecstasy as she orgasmed in the man’s arms, unable to keep her voice down any longer.


“For the love of God, would you please stop doing that!?” Alto yelled at the man as a blood vessel on his forehead puffed out in anger.

“The library is not your personal bedroom, and it’s not a brothel, either!! Sexual conduct in the library is strictly forbidden! If you do it again, I swear I will have you reported to your superiors!!”

“Sorry! You know how it is when the mood strikes,” Lloyd glibly apologized, obviously not sorry at all.

Sir Lloyd was born into a family with a long history of becoming royal knights, but it was still impressive that he received his own knighthood at the young age of 23, becoming one of the most elite royal knights, of which only 20 men are selected in the entire kingdom.

(his personality sucks!!)

Alto felt like Lloyd was his natural-born enemy.
Actually, today’s scandal made this the third time Alto was unfortunate enough to walk in on his sexual encounters in the library. Though, each time was with a different woman.
Lloyd’s blonde hair, good looks, in addition to his knightly lineage basically made him irresistible to women, so he never had trouble finding a date for the evening.
Each time Alto found Lloyd misbehaving again he gave him a stern warning, but Lloyd never seemed to learn his lesson. To make matters worse, his family status more or less caused all the other knights living in the same building to effectively turn a blind eye to Lloyd’s bad behavior.
However, Alto would not stand for having the sanctity of his otherwise perfect workplace defiled by the likes of Lloyd.
Unfortunately, Alto’s fuming rage was met only by a lighthearted shrug of Lloyd’s shoulders.

“Relax, Alto. They say even kids will go bald if you get angry too much,” Lloyd said as his ruffled Alto’s hair, his playful tone of voice burning in Alto’s ears.

“Stop treating me like a child!” Alto shouted as he jerked Lloyd’s hand away from his head, clearly at his wit’s end.
It felt like the Lloyd’s very existence was standing in direct opposition to Alto in every possible way: Alto’s family background, his short stature, the fluff of hair he couldn’t get to stay down, the warm, decidedly non-threatening hazelnut color of his eyes, even Alto’s sweet-looking baby face which was constantly mistaken for that of a young lady.
Lloyd’s apparent condescension coupled with his own insecurities made Alto unable to tolerate his bad manners, and Alto hated Lloyd for it.

“And don’t call me by my first name as if you were close to me!”

A confused look flashed across Lloyd’s face, and he scratched his head. “My sincere apologies, Mister Librarian.”

Mister LibrarianMister Librarian

Having to listen to Lloyd “correct” himself with such an ill-mannered tone of voice pissed Alto off even more.

“What reason do you even have to be in the library!? If you’re looking for a place to be alone with a girl, surely there are a hundred more appropriate places you could go!”

“Oh, well, you know… I was running an errand here and then that woman came over to talk to me, and then she wouldn’t let me go until I…” Lloyd fumbled half-way through his excuse.

“Lloyd! There you are!”

Another man’s voice broke into the conversation just as Lloyd’s voice was trailing off.

“Lyune,” said Lloyd.

“You said you had to go borrow a Zepellese dictionary and just ran off. How many hours does it take to find one book? The head knight is furious.” Lyune’s gaze shifted from Lloyd as he turned to face Alto. “I’m sorry, Alto. Lloyd’s been interrupting your work again, hasn’t he?”

“Oh! No sir, not at all…” Alto blushed, bowing respectfully towards Sir Lyune.

Lyune was born into the same family of knights as Lloyd. Technically speaking they are first cousins. Both of the same age, and both royal knights. Although Lyune was about the same height, he was slightly more slender than Lloyd. His light green eyes and golden brown hair complimented the way he held himself with dignity and elegance. He was the picture-perfect image of youthful nobility.
The two handsome men standing side by side give the impression that you’ve just stumbled into a hero’s fairy tale come to life. Understandably, both men had a long list of admirers and fans, not just in the capital city but also throughout the entire country.
Incidentally, although Alto was also a man, he was guilty of being one of Lyune’s fans, too…
Confronted with Lyune’s soft-spoken, well-mannered, and gentlemanly presence, Alto couldn’t help obviously secretly fawning over him in admiration.


“Alto, I read the book you recommended to me the other day. I really enjoyed it. Next time I come by, I’ll bring it with me, and… if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I’d love for you to select another book for me to read so I can trade you for your next recommendation.”

“Yes, Sir Lyune. It would be my pleasure! You must be busy, so if it’s too much trouble I would be more than happy to deliver it to you at the residence hall myself. I can also return the book you’ve finished, if you like.”

“That would be so kind of you, but I couldn’t possibly ask you to go out of your way just for me.”

“Oh, not at all! Consider it part of my duty as a librarian.”

Lyune also had the advantage of being a regular visitor to the Royal Library with a taste in books remarkably similar to Alto’s own preferences.
Alto couldn’t help feeling happy at these chances to speak with Lyune.

“…Mister Librarian… Is it just me, or do I sense discrimination in the way that you talk to him differently than you talk to me?” Lloyd pouted as he took turns glaring at both Alto and Lyune.

Mister LibrarianMister Librarian

“Sounds perfectly normal to me. Alto, would you mind showing me where I can find that Zepellese dictionary we were looking for?”

“Right this way, Sir Lyune!”

As Alto accompanied Lyune and walked away, Lloyd tagged along behind them with a face like he was examining a bug he had just squashed under his boot. The way Alto transformed in front of Lyune looked to Lloyd’s eyes like he’d turned into a puppy whose tail was wagging so joyfully fast that it might fling off into space in any moment.

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