Haein just got fired from her work place because of bankruptcy and got broke up with her boyfriend who just wanted to sleep with her. On her way to her house drunk she hears some animal sound in a dark ally. She sees a box with baby animals abandoned. She sees a bunny, a kitten, and a puppy in the box. She felt bad, so she decided to take them home. When she tried to leave, she sees a man fainted next to the box. She had no choice to take him too. She made him take shower, but he didn’t know how to use the shower faucet. She finds out he was bleeding on his head and freaks out. She wanted to take him to a hospital, but he stops her. She had no choice to treat him in her house. She finds a big amount of money in his pocket in cash. She finds out that he lost his memory because of his head trauma. She gives names to the animals. A puppy is named Yurong, a kitten is named Ahrong, and a bunny is named Herong. She sees this man was looking at her like he wants a name too, so she gives him the name Darong. Shin Hwi is a killer. After his mission, he get hit on his head and collapse next to a box. Next to the box, he thinks he wants to let everything go like the rain fall. He gets found by Haein, and he goes to Haein’s house and gets the name Darong.