Kikai Megami Sura-chan no Shiiku Nikki Eena~ Seeyaroka~ Nandeya~,エエナ・セヤロカ・ナンデヤ

He thought the real world had neither magic nor a demon kingdom.
Natsuno Naoto finds a mysterious creature like a slime that should not exist in reality. Since it was a classic that slimes​ were weak, if you help it, it will follow you to your house.
Several years passed since he began keeping it without being able to kick it out. One morning after he woke up, there was an unknown beautiful girl that *mogu mogu* eating rice.
To Natsuno Naoto who was puzzled, the beautiful girl said with a smug face, “The figure of a slime is also energy saving when you travel time and space! This figure that had regained power by eating rice is my real figure!”
Will it be possible to live a peaceful life from now on?