Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? 苏朵

He is the renowned playboy that terrifies the world, and countless people’s supreme king.
A night was turned upside down as she recklessly pushed him down on the bed, her face clear and cold: Remember, you’re bottom, I’m top!
“Offending me, aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”
“Not afraid. You wouldn’t. ”
Little by little pressing his bottom line, time by time declaring her sovereignty.
Shen Shenxue’s principle is: Even if the entire world spoiled him, she absolutely had to domesticate him into a loyal dog.
Quan Shi: There’s people who love your beautiful and alluring image, there’s people who love your rich spirit, and only I hate your never conceding stubbornness and your endless passionate, deep love.
TL Note: The title’s a play on words, and the words ‘how have you been?’ is meant to be said with a malicious intent behind it (alternate title translation would be, ‘Hope You’ve Been Unwell’ for the latter portion)