It's True, My Husband is An Actor! Chapter 1

It's True, My Husband is An Actor! Chapter 1

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Welcome to 'It's True, My Husband is An Actor!'

December 12, 2017

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[Actor Husband] Chapter 1

[Actor Husband] Chapter 1

December 13, 2017

Translated by lazysenpai


My first translation. Please be kind. Be noted that most of Malay novels are written in half 3rd person's POV which means, it mostly in 3rd person POV but it can change to 1st person's POV without notice so be noted. Also, keep your mind open in case of culture shock.


The title is too long so I'll call it Actor Husband from now on.


Lastly, enjoy~

Irfan Danish walked around a white Hyundai Tucson with his hands on his waist. He glanced at his iPhone in his clutch. Such an expensive phone but when there's no service... it had no difference with any cheap mobile phones. He snorted in anger. He felt stressed.


Izz Raiyan... Irfan Danish's personal assistant cum his childhood friend was sweating while looking at the car engine. Honestly, he could only take a look at it and did not dare to touch it. What if the car was damaged even worse than it already was? He's so not going to gild the refined gold[1].



The sun started to set. It almost maghrib[2]. Oh... what should they do? There's no way they would stay inside the car for the night?



"Hey, why was the engine still not fixed? It made me felt stressed right now. We're lost and the car was dead. There's not even a service here. Why the heck they were filming at a place like this? There's not even a soul! How troublesome... we couldn't go back home and I have another shooting at another place! Aghhhh! If I was late, it's going to ruin my name," nagged Irfan in one breath while walking around the car. The iPhone was still in his hand.


"Fuh! This guy is terrific! How can he speak all those lines in one breath?" muttered Izz Raiyan.


"There's no need to lie! What do you mean by no soul? Look, there's light... which means there were houses around here. Can you be patient? Do you think I'm a mechanic? Because if I am a mechanic, there's no way I want to be your PA! It is so much better to open my own workshop!" Izz Raiyan criticized.


Once this man started to complain... no one could defeat him.


Irfan Danish stopped walking and put his iPhone into his pocket. He stared at Izz Raiyan.


"So where do we sleep this night? There would be no way we sleep inside the car!" nagged Irfan Danish once again. He unbuttoned the cuff of his light blue shirt and fold the sleeves to his elbow.


"Who knows... it seems like we may need to sleep in the car tonight. Ha, why don't we go to someone's house around here or the mosque?" suggested Izz Raiyan. He closed the hood and looked at Irfan Danish.


"Are you crazy? What if anyone sees me? If we're going to someone's house, I don't want to! Furthermore, did you see any mosque here? All I see was rice fields." His eyes roamed around the place then he shoved his hairs backwards.


"Of course you don't see it right now, it's already dark. But, if there's a house... there's must be a mosque too. It will be maghrib soon. You don't want to solat[3]?" Izz Raiyan leaned on the car while hugging his body. It was hard to negotiate with a pretentious guy like him. Hish!



"I want to solat but what if someone saw me? Moreover, even the mosque..." Irfan Danish stopped talking as he heard the faint sound of azan on the air.



They did not talk as a respect for the sweet sound of azan in their ears. 


"There, the sound of azan... I think there is a mosque around here. Let's go and search..." Izz Raiyan whispered after he finished reciting a prayer after hearing the azan.


"You go and search it. If you found it, inform me. I'll wait in the car," ordered Irfan Danish. He opened the car door and got inside the car.


Izz Raiyan shook his head lightly. What a lazy bum!


"Be careful... this is not our place. Don't speak nonsense..." said Izz Raiyan before he walked away and left Irfan Danish behind. He smirked when he saw the expression on Irfan Danish's face changed.


"Don't scare me! I'm not afraid at all!" shouted him conceitedly.


Irfan Danish snorted. He laid in the backseat while playing Angry Bird. After about half hour he laid... he sat. Then, he pulled down the window for a little gap. It's so hot but his eyes were still sticking on the iPhone. Tch... why this level was so difficult?



"Argh, I lost!" said Irfan Danish alone.


He glanced at the clock on the iPhone screen before he put it aside. It's already 8:25 pm. Where was this guy? He looked through the windscreen and immediately, his face paled.


T/N: OMG! What does he saw?



1. It's not really to gild the refined gold. It was the opposite of it. The original said bagaikan tikus membaiki labu which directly translated as like a rat trying to fix a pumpkin which means someone who don't know to fix anything broken and if he tried to do so, he will only do more damage to it. However, this sounds awkward in English so I had to change it.

bagaikan tikus membaiki labu


2. maghrib - it is one of the times muslims need to perform their prayer everyday. It happened after the dusk for a period. In Malaysia, it happened around 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm.


3. solat - Some may spelled it as salat or shalat but in Malaysia we spelled it as solat so Imma stick with that. It is the act of muslims prayer. Some may just translated it as prayer but it actually have a distinct difference with the word 'prayer' so I will just use solat but according to situation, I may the word 'prayer' too.


4. azan - Some spelled it adhan. It is the call indicating the time to pray for Muslims. In Malaysia, someone will do the calling at the mosque and the sound will be amplified using loudspeaker throughout the place. I heard some country banned azan from using loudspeaker. What a shame... It is also a good way to tell time when you are too lazy to look at the clock or when you're too engrossed doing something.






There's a lot of rice fields at the north states of Malaysia and a lot of breathtaking village too. Perfect place to have your peaceful vacation.




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