It's True, My Husband is An Actor! Chapter 2

It's True, My Husband is An Actor! Chapter 2

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Welcome to 'It's True, My Husband is An Actor!'

December 12, 2017

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[Actor Husband] Chapter 2

[Actor Husband] Chapter 2

December 13, 2017

Translated by lazysenpai





1. walid - It means father


2.telekung - a pair of cloth covering used by muslim women to pray in Malaysia. It had a lot of colours these days but usually it was in white colour.





 Anyway, here's chapter 2.

"If walid[1] knew I did not pray together at the mosque at maghrib, I'll be dead. I need to be at the mosque before he realized I'm not there. Good thing I had prayed at home," nagged Aliya Marissa alone. She fixed the telekung[2] she wore and switched the light on. She lifted the baju kurung[3] skirt to her knees with her right hand to step even bigger.

walid[1]1maghribtelekung[2]2baju kurung[3]3


If my mother-in-law-to-be saw me lifting my skirt like this, she surely would not agree for me to be her daughter-in-law. I would be rejected and blacklisted without mercy even before I had a chance to show off my beauty and courtesy. Then, I could only cry behind the door. Ha ha ha...

Aliya walked with a tail between her legs. She almost fell when she stepped on a big stone.


"Fuh, thank goodness I didn't fall over." Aliya Marissa massaged her chest.


Her eyes were locked when she looked ahead. She slowed down her steps and directed her torchlight to the car in front of her. Whose car was that? Then she touched the window.




Irfan Danish was sweating hard. There was a strong surge in his chest and the saliva he gulped down tasted vulgar. What was that? Why did the white thing come to me?!


"Astaghfirullahalazim... lailahailallah... bismillahirahmanirahim...[4]" Irfan Danish closed his eyes while shuffling towards the opposite door. Was that a ghost? Argh!

Astaghfirullahalazim... lailahailallah... bismillahirahmanirahim...[4]4


Aliya Marissa laughed hard.


Irfan Danish shivered when he heard the loud laugh. He roughly pushed the door and ran as fast as he could that he left the dust behind. Surviving, that's the only thing he focused now.

Aliya Marissa covered her mouth. Ops, she accidentally laughed like a ghost!


"Don't bother me!" shouted Irfan Danish loudly while running fast. His heart was beating fast.

Serve you right! Just now, you were talking big... now, why were you running away? Why didn't you say hi to that creature? Huh! Irfan Danish scolded himself.


Eh, what's wrong with this guy? When did I bother him? I'm just taking a look, right? What we're waiting for? Let's chase him! Aliya Marissa screamed in her heart. She quickly gave the guy she didn't know a chase.


Irfan Danish looked past his shoulder. His eyes were getting bigger. That thing followed me! That creature was following me! Argh... God, please let that thing get away from me!


Since he was rushing, Irfan Danish finally tripped himself. He slumped on the ground. Oh, mom! It's hurt...


Haaa... Serves you right! Who told you to run from me! I'm about to be kind and greeted him but how dare he ignored me.


"Sir, are you... okay? Why... are you... running... away?" asked Aliya Marissa breathless.

His eyes widen and he quickly got up. He gulped down the saliva with much difficulties. Slowly he looked over his shoulder.


"Arghhh!" He shouted as he fell back to the ground.


Aliya Marissa panicked. How could he faint? Was my face that scary? As far as I knew, I am a true beauty. Imam's daughter, the dream girl of every man in this village. How dare he passed out in front of me. Aliya Marissa scratched her head. She was being self-conscious. He he he...


La[5]... why did I direct the torchlight to my face? No wonder he could faint. She hit her head gently with the torchlight. So he was scared of me. Did he think of me as a ghost? Hesy... how he did not notice that I am a beauty. Ahaks[5], she was being self-conscious again.



"What should I do?" Aliya Marissa looked around. It's dark and there was no one passing by. Isy! She walked toward the guy and switched on her torchlight to his face. Erk!!!



"This guy looked familiar to me." Aliya Marissa murmured.


Suddenly, she heard footsteps. She hurriedly looked to the front. Her eyes widened. Walid! Argh!



Izz Raiyan ran towards Irfan Danish who was laying on the road. He slapped Irfan Danish's cheek. Why did he faint?


"Aliya... how come you are here? Why don't you pray together at the mosque?" asked Haji Mahfuz while giving a sharp glare to Aliya Marissa.




"Walid... I did want to pray at the mosque but I saw a car..." She pointed at the car nearby. "So I take a look because I was afraid that someone was in pain or something but... suddenly this guy dashed away from me as if he saw a ghost. Then, he fainted."


Unacceptable excuse! Haji Mahfuz kept his glare on Aliya Marissa.


"Mr Izz, why don't we go to my house? Then I will help you search for a mechanic next morning." Haji Mahfuz suggested.


Dear sir... is your house far from here? I can lose some weight if your house is far... since I need to carry this guy with me. Izz Raiyan complained in his heart.


"Let me help you carry your friend."


Thank goodness! It's such a glad to have someone to help me.


They carried Irfan Danish together and walked towards Haji Mahfuz's house which was at the end of the road.


Aliya Marissa tagged along with them while her brain was thinking swiftly. That guy face seemed really familiar to me... but where did I see him?


T/N: Where indeed...




3. baju kurung - Malay women's traditional cloth. It had been modernized but Aliya Marissa should wear something like this.





4.In this case, Irfan was just spurting nonsense but they are zikr to praise the God in Islam. Since they are kind of 'holy' words, some believed that it can let the ghost stay away from you. Was it true? I'm not sure. Here's the meaning of each words he spoke:

 Astaghfirullahalazim - I seek forgiveness from Allah (God)

Astaghfirullahalazim - 

lailahailallah - There's no other God except Allah. 

lailahailallah - 

bismillahirahmanirahim - In the name of Allah

bismillahirahmanirahim - 

5. La, Ahaks, Isy, Hesy, and so on... These are just a figure of speech. No meaning at all. I will not put this again so if you find a nonsense word like this, it just another figure of speech. There's a lot of them in the novel and I'm not going to put them like this each time.



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