My Dream Guy Became A Dog An Jiu,安就

Nanshen: “Su Xiaotang, just what do you like about me? My face? My medical skills? My family background?”
Desperate to prove her sincerity, the words slipped out before she could even think twice: “Of course not, that’s got nothing to do with it! I’d still like you even if you turned into a dog!”
Nanshen: That… sure is an unexpected way to confess…
But more unexpectedly? After a good night’s sleep, her nanshen really did become her dog.
TL #1: This is a translation of the web version, not the printed version! Web version is called 我男神变成了狗, whereas printed version does not have ‘我’ in the title. Other differences between the two versions will not be specifically noted. Please consider buying a printed copy to support the author!
TL #2: ‘nanshen (男神)’ is literally translated to ‘male god’, and they’re usually the tall, rich and handsome (TRH) guys you see in standard Chinese web novels, with an added status of being ‘worshipped’. Because it’s so hard to pin down to one single English term, we’ve decided to keep it as ‘nanshen’ within this novel translation.