Hyakka Ryouran – Samurai Girls Volume 1 Prologue

Hyakka Ryouran – Samurai Girls Volume 1 Prologue


The year was 20XX.

The Great Empire of Japan was under the reign of the twenty fifth head of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Yoshiasu, seemingly under peace and prosperity.

About a hundred kilometres away from the centre of Great Japan, the special administrative district of Oedo.

At the foot of the sacred Mount Fuji, there existed the vast grounds of a school famed throughout the land.

The Buou Private Academy.

Children from military families whose shoulders bore the weight of the future of Great Japan were gathered here, into an organization, whose students population exceeded over thirty thousand.

Its teaching facilities ranged from the childcare level, all the way up to university. Students studying from the secondary school level until university were all required to stay in dormitories, which were also located on-site at the Mount Fuji campus.

This academy was under the direct control of the Shogunate, but the students were given a degree of autonomy, being governed by the best of them. The Tokugawa clan and their vassals made up the student council, which managed the academy.

The Buou Academy's students were all from military households, which meant even the girls were trained as warriors.

As such they were allowed to carry swords with them, and naturally there were other weapons besides swords that were carried around as well.

In accordance with the samurai code, students were expected to accept any challenge to battle, no matter where, when, or issued by whom.

Naturally, they were also expected to excel in both literary and military arts.

While being encouraged to indulge themselves in their studies, the idea that occasionally, they would have to fight battles where their lives were at stake was also drilled into them.

However, unrest was bubbling under the surface of this immortal bastion of an academy.

Dissatisfaction with the rule of the Tokugawa clan, rebellion, and underground activities.

All these were once exclusively outside the academy, but now their influence could be felt from within. Wanting to smash the reign of the Tokugawa Shogunate, it was like a foetus kicking within a mother's womb.

And here, at the Yagyuu Dojo...