Super Powered Teacher

By 齐成琨

Super Powered Teacher Chapter 2

Super Powered Teacher Chapter 2

Right now Ma Ning is very unhappy.

He is the vice-principal of Coral, responsible for the affairs of the high school department. Initially it would be easy to bring in a person as a teacher, but the number of teachers for the high school division just happens to be full. Seeing Ren Bi quit, even though the class of Tang Zhuo Hui is hard to lead, but at least he was in. At that time he could just think of a reason to transfer out, who new Chen Yao Jin would charge out midway, and he’s even from Northern University, right now being personally interviewed by Principal Fujimoto in the principal’s office. Hope he doesn’t satisfy that Japanese man’s conditions. (TL: The Chen Yao Jing thing basically means someone, or some thing coming in mid way and ruining something. Chen Yao Jing is a general of the Tang dynasty and you can look up the origin for the idiom if you want.)

A middle aged man sat in front of Xia Yu, wearing a pair of glasses, his sideburns already slightly grayed, talking with Xia Yu in Japanese for a dozen minutes. God knows if it’s something Xia Yu said the moved him, making him constantly nod his head, evidently very satisfied with Xia Yu. (TL: I don’t know if it’s sideburns or not since the other translation is temple (side of forehead) which clearly isn’t right but who the hell describes that someone’s hair is grayed through their sideburns?)

“Oh right Mr. Xia, I don’t think I’ve seen your graduation diploma yet, can you show me your diploma?”

Xia Yu was secretly groaning in his heart, in the end he still needs to look at the diploma. No mistake he is from Northern University, but he doesn’t have a diploma, because he was expelled from Northern University.

“Hm? What’s wrong, is there a problem?” Seeing that Xia Yu didn’t make any movement, Fujimoto Hito lifts his head up looking at him strangely.

Xia Yu bit his teeth, goddammit it screw it, thinking: Mind Control!

A glaring light flashing across his eyes, Xia Yu stared at Fujimoto Hito’s eyes, lightly smiling saying: “Principal Fujimoto, didn’t I just show you my diploma, did you forget?”

“Oh, yes yes, I think I did see it already.” Fujimoto Hito blanked for a bit and then recovered, “My mistake.”

“Then… do you think I’m okay principal.?”

“No problem, no problem, you can immediately start tomorrow, in a bit I will introduce the Director of Education and the Director of Discipline to you.”

“I’m really thankful.” Xia Yu stood up smiling and heavily shook hands with Fujimoto Hito.

Leaving the principal’s office, Xia Yu let out a long breath, just then Ma Ning came walking over, Fujimoto Hito who followed Xia Yu out said: “Just right Vice-Principal Ma, this is our new Japanese teacher, he will be temporarily taking over Ren Bi’s class. A very exceptional young man, I believe that he can complete Ren Bi’s unfinished task!”

Ma Ning amiably nods his head, enthusiastically shaking his hand, but secretly cursing this Japanese man in his heart, always adding a vice whenever calling him.

Even if Xia Yu is shameless enough his face is still a little red right now. Just a few minutes ago he used mind control to make Fujimoto Hito think that he had already seen Xia Yu’ diploma, at the same time making him think that he is an exceptional young man. Speaking of it to people right now, as the concerned party he was a little unable to bare it.

After meeting the Directors of Education and Discipline, the Principal said to Xia Yu to come tomorrow, telling him to go home for today.

Ma Ning who was just warmly shaking Xia Yu’s hand with an amiable smile and constantly welcoming him, is right now pulling Harada Kei into the office, saying, “Don’t know what the Principal is thinking, I heard my Northern University friend say, this person Xia Yu does everything, fighting, brawling, he is a person that will randomly go up to the roof and pick tiles, could it be…” (TL: the picking tile thing means cause trouble)

This is just Ma Ning’s fabrication, but the one track minded Harada Kei did not have any suspicions. Listening to him say these things, his eyebrows furrowed, “I will go speak with the Principal, no matter what his relations, our school’s teachers cannot have such a disorderly person!” Finishing he stood up and walked towards the principal’s office, Ma Ning puled on him saying: “If you speak to the Principal right now, he might even say that you are narrow-minded.”

He said: “No problem,  being called narrow-minded is better than having these kinds of useless people mixed into the teachers.” Finishing he walked towards the principal’s office. He may be stiff but he is not an idiot, meeting the principal he did not say the original words he said to Ma Ning, instead saying that they should follow procedure, also requesting that Xia Yu first teach a lesson, letting everyone go see Xia Yu’s ability to teach.

Towards this, the Principal naturally cannot say no.

Walking out of the principal’s office, that smile on Xia Yu’s face immediately disappeared, turning into an expression of wanting to cry. The price for using his ability this time is to flip the skirt of the first girl wearing a skirt he sees and look at her underwear.

Xia Yu suspected if there was a perverted thousand year old man living in his head…

Feeling jumpy while walking along the corridor, right when he went down the stairs and entered a corner, he saw a girl coming up from below. Xia Yu didn’t even see her face, glancing by seeing a fluttering skirt, he knew that things were going to get bad. He hadn’t even prepared his heart yet, why did it appear so soon.

That girl lifted her head confused glancing at the blank Xia Yu, walking around him and continuing to go upwards. Who knew that Xia Yu suddenly turned his body, lifting up her skirt from behind, a white bear panty along with a large section of white, soft thighs entering into his eyes.

The timer in his mind disappearing, at the same time the girl letting out a surprised sound, holding her skirt down, suddenly turning around. Good thing she didn’t directly slap him but instead stared blankly at Xia Yu, because the still dazed Xia Yu would not be able to dodge it.

Just like that the two people stared dazed at each other, but then hearing a voice behind him, “You…”

Xia Yu whipped his head around, finding out that behind this girl was following another girl, most likely seeing everything that happened. Seemingly not able to believe that a hoodlum would openly flip skirts like this, and so only reacting after a while.

Only at this moment did Xia Yu think of running, turning around wanting to run down the stairs. Yet in his rush his left foot tripping over his right foot, with an aiya sound, rolling down the stairs, sprawling down to the bottom of the stairs. Seeing his embarrassing appearance, the two girls couldn’t help wanting to laugh, but forcibly holding it back and not laughing.

Xia Yu who was a complete mess hadn’t gotten up yet, lifting his eyes, aiya, because of the angle, the scene underneath the other girl’s skirt is completely visible. A pair of straight, well proportioned legs wearing white student stockings that crossed her knees presenting themselves before him. Seeing Xia Yu’s strange expression, that girl reacted, holding her skirt down with a scream, staring furiously at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu said in his heart that it really wasn’t on purpose, he just lifted his eyes and saw it, what could he have done… But his body springing upwards at the same time, charging down the stairs like a rabbit, only hoping that when he becomes a teacher that he never meets with these two girls.