Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms

By Blood Red,Xue Hong

Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms Chapter 1 part2

Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms Chapter 1 part2

Chapter 1: The Chu clan's half of Gai province (2)

Simultaneously, Chu Ye and Chu Feng stared forth blankly. Knitting their brows towards Jiang Kui, they said, "What thing?"

Laughing, Jiang Kui unclasped his fists. On  the palm of his hand, he revealed two tiny,  three-inch long paper dolls. On the coarsely-produced, yellow-papered dolls there were red-black colored, foul looking ink marks. An outline of several veined patterns twisting like earthworms could be seen.

Chu Ye and Chu Feng became emotionally moved. As they both sucked in air and cursed angrily, at their side, the crying sound of a sword sprang out. Both of them in unison hissed for a long moment. Two arms like furious swords whooshed towards Jiang Kui's chest vitals.

All around the Chu clan's mansion, at the summit of a distant tower, nearly a hundred black-shrouded, lithe shadows quietly arose. Lying on their stomachs, atop a high roof ridge, they nimble produced bizarrely-modeled weapons.  

The length was eight feet and the whole body was pitch black. The streamlined, strange weapon had sections of hidden, green light shining out. At that moment as the hidden, green light covered the whole of the weapon, the lithe shadows gently hooked their fingers around the trigger. It could be seen that they were faintly trembling. Altogether, they clenched their fist and a concentrated ray of green light burst forth.

Within the Chu clan mansion, nearly a hundred soft-armored wearing bodyguards wandering the grounds heads' suddenly exploded. The vast expanse of ground was completely covered in blood mixed with brain matter.

Not even waiting for the other guards to return to god, green lights traveled back and forth throughout space. In a flash, it covered the entire Chu clan mansion. The skulls of squadrons of bodyguards exploded or their chests bursts open. There was not a single bodyguard that could issue out an order to such an extent that these distant enemies assassinated them.  

Several hundred ferocious-natured, tiger-headed mastiffs opened their mouths to roar, yet suddenly within their shadows, several thin, iron talons soundlessly stretched outwards. Capturing the neck of the tiger-headed mastiffs, the talons forcibly dragged into their own shadows.

At the same moment the bodies of the surrounding, crucial guarding-servants standing tall with their hands hanging and  bodyguards stiffened. An extremely slender strand of smog quickly flew out of their shadows. Like lightning, the smog dug into the seven orifices of their heads. Upon the faces of these guarding-servants and bodyguards, black shadows unceasingly appeared. Within their pupils a green-colored ghost flame suddenly shone.

A 'ka ka' sound rang out. All around the Chu clan mansion courtyard walls there was an unsightly, electric light flickering in and out. Altogether from the floor to the peak of the roof courtyard wall, blood-colored talisman marks continued to stretch out on the wall before one's eyes. It seemed as a layer of gauze had covered the courtyard walls.

Possessing the strength of a dragon, an emaciated yet large, pitch-black hand unhurriedly came forth from the courtyard walls. It's strength could tear apart the blood-colored script. In every tower of  the Chu clan mansion, within the courtyard inside the important buildings, countless unsightly, bloody rays of light flowed along the surface of the ground snaking out.

Many immense talisman markers conformed with each other, transforming into a gigantic enchantment that enveloped the entire mansion. The giant hand that came from the courtyard walls suddenly increased several-fold in size due to the sudden bloody rays of light from the talisman markers. Within the courtyard walls, an unceasing, gloomy roar could be heard. It seemed as if there were a great deal of terrible, ferocious things concealed within the courtyard wall.

Beneath the Chu clan mansion, there was a winding, secret path connecting a great hall filled with countless secret rooms of all shapes and sizes. Within the secret room, groups of fierce elites sitting on mats regulating their breathing, hitting iron sand bags and wooden dummies, or wielding spears or clubs could be seen. Some were simply laying down on rows of neatly-aligned futons sleeping.

Positioned in the center of the countless secret paths, countless bloody talisman markers could be faintly discerned on forty-nine bronze pillars with the thickness of water jars. These bronze pillars were the core of the Chu clan's defense array.

Within a hall, there were nearly a hundred helmeted, fully armed elite warriors either standing or sitting. At that moment, several acquainted men with robust and valiant dispositions were animatedly conversing.

"What is the urgent, uncompleted task that Sir Jiang has? Such that we must urgently work through the night?"

"That's just the way it is? These days, Gai province is dead calm. Could be it's not a big matter."

"Is it possible that he knows our Chu clan's little master will be born? Could it be that he hurriedly rushed over to deliver a gift?"

The several robust, valiant men laughed and the fully-armed, armored elite soldiers laughed together as well. Amidst their laughter, the wailing sound of a ghost could be heard in the distance. In unison, the elite soldiers drew their blades. Several robust and valiant men were caught off guard, and without weapons at hand, they were completely cut to pieces during the confusion by the elite, armored soldiers.

"Die!" A voice roared. Nearly a hundred armored soldiers struck out. In a nearby dwelling where more than two hundred robust, valiant men were resting or cultivating were decapitated en masse. It was like no-man's land. In a flash, nearly a hundred armored soldiers clashed in the hall of the grand array defense core.  

The leading armored soldier took out a fist-sized iron ball and used his strength to smash it against the base of the iron pillar. The loud sound of a fiery explosion traveled through the region causing a roiling, high temperature engulf all four directions. The forty-nine bronze pillars were shattered into dozens of fragments by the explosion. Upon the remaining bronze pillars, bloody rays of light flickered; at the same moment, the the wide expanse of talisman markers collapsed.

On the floor of the Chu clan's mansion courtyard, several thousand malevolent-visaged, emaciated phantasms struggled to come out of the middle of the courtyard wall. They shredded apart the rapidly-failing essence flame talisman markers, bringing together into the Chu clan mansion a surge of continuous, black smog.

As the phantasms chillingly wailed and laughed, they saw the serving maids and family guards curled into balls. The emaciated phantasms not yet entering the bodies of Chu clan servants, countless servant maids and family guards tumbled onto the ground. Seizing the opportunity, several of them on the ground rolled over then suddenly jumped up.

At the same moment, the Chu clan subordinates grinned and laughed hauntingly. Within the pupils of their eyes, green light radiated. From behind their backs, they drew their weapons and turned towards the depths of the Chu clan mansion to go slaughter.

In the sky, rays of green light soundlessly traveled back and forth. All around the towers, the thin silhouettes atop  held in their hands strange-looking weaponry and in succession pulled the trigger. Within the Chu clan mansion, elite bodyguards would occasionally group together to organize a counterattack towards the four directions, but were ruthlessly killed by the thin silhouettes.

Within the center of the Chu clan mansion courtyard, blood covered the earth.

Several tens of strongly-adorned warrioress were violently slain on the spot. At their sides, toppled over, there was a powerfully-dressed big shot divided into three parts.

Before the door of the main building, the Chu Ye and Chu Feng father-son duo stood stiffly. With both eyes bloodshot, they unwaveringly stared at Jiang Kui. "Jiang Kui, for what reason has it come to this?"

Above the father and son's heads were separate, floating paper dolls. The body of the yellow paper doll was enshrouded in a dense black mist, letting frigid Yin essence unceasingly delve into the bodies of the father-son pair. It was such that the paper doll made it so that to budge a little was a difficult matter.

Jiang Kui's left shoulder had fractured and moreover, his chest was split apart into eight open wounds. Hacking out great mouthfuls of blood, Jiang Kui looked at the Chu Ye and Chu Feng father-son pair and smiled bitterly. "I have already falsely underestimated you two enough. But I did not expect that you father-son duo were still greatly underestimated by me! However, it is like so: your Chu clan monopolizes over half of Gai's natural resources. Using the supply power of half of Gai, you father and son squander; you two deserve this kind of power too!"

The beard across Chu Ye's face stood up at each root. He sternly roared, "Why did it come to this?"

Jiang Kui spat out a mouth of blood. Sucking in the air between his teeth, he yelled, "What else is left to say? Your Chu clan's Ninth generation legend today shall be severed at your grandson!"

All around, the courtyard walls loudly collapsed. Several tens of blood-soaked, powerfully-adorned big shots mixed with countless emaciated phantasms slowly pressed down towards the Chu Ye father and son.

Chu Ye let out a breath of cold air. Nipping his tooth, Chu Feng sucked in air and spoke, "The tale of the survivors (1), it's true!"

Jiang Kui chuckled, taking out a sparrow-winged blade, he made the move to kill Chu Ye.

In a flash, the courtyard was enveloped in blade light, sword essence, and blood mist.

After a long period of time within the courtyard, the sound of a wailing infant echoed out.

  1. I had previously wondered what 莽荒遗民 was. After checking on different resources, I came to the conclusion the last two characters actually mean survivors. Hopefully this is right LOL It might be even better to think refugees.

  2. General note: Just a heads up, I don't do any editing. I try to fix everything pretty much as I go, but some things undoubtedly aren't caught. I realize the wording of the sentences in the first chapter are somewhat odd, since I'm still deliberating on what aspects to retain from the original work. I plan to go back eventually to each chapter and do some clean up.Thank you for your patience.

I had previously wondered what 莽荒遗民 was. After checking on different resources, I came to the conclusion the last two characters actually mean survivors. Hopefully this is right LOL It might be even better to think refugees.