The School Prince is a Girl Chapter 1

The School Prince is a Girl Chapter 1

"Who are you?"

Right after Fu Jiu spoke those words, the person in front of her looked as if stricken by lightning, then dashed outside the door as he yelled, "Doctor, doctor! Our young master's brain is broken!"

Young master? Was he referring to her?

Realizing there was something wrong, Fu Jiu frowned harshly.

While she was dazed, there seemed to be something trying to force itself inside her mind.

She shook her aching head and turned her eyes to the full-length mirror on the opposite side.

A youngster's image appeared inside the mirror. Her figure was tall and slender, about 17 years old, with a pair of very pretty eyes. Her features were smooth and distinct.

When she narrowed her eyes, her lashes easily cast a shadow under the eyelids.

The most perfect was her skin – an almost transparent white like a jade porcelain. From the bridge of her nose to her chin, everything was impeccable and pretty.

She had messy short silver hair that didn't make her look gloomy, but rather increased her extravagant and noble aura, just like an Eastern blood-sucking aristocrat.

The youngster also wore one black stud earring that emitted a faint glow.

Showy, arrogant, dashing!

Whoever saw the youngster, that would be their first impression.

Her expression was even more charming. It seemed friendly, yet not easy to get close to.

If she didn't know she was looking at a mirror, even Fu Jiu would've thought that a boy stood before her.

However, she was very certain. Whether it was her or her current body, both were female.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Fu Jiu suddenly closed her eyes. When she opened them again several seconds later, they were wrapped in a shroud of mystery that couldn't be made out.

"Young master!" The person who had just dashed out ran back in, his hands pulling along a doctor. "Quick, quickly take a look at our young master. See whether or not his brain is broken!"

Holding a medical light, the doctor examined Fu Jiu's eyes.

Fu Jiu sat motionlessly and didn't resist.

She was receiving the continuous information flooding her mind.

Although this body's first and last name were the same as hers, the circumstances were completely different.

It was obviously a female body, but her mother had made her dress up as a boy from childhood.

But no matter how she was raised, this body still liked men.

Moreover, she was in high school and the girl was easily excitable.

Being too excited, she didn't understand how to act with restraint. As soon as she caught sight of a handsome guy, she would start orbiting around him.

Thus, some people who considered her gay, beat her up. And so she entered the hospital.

By the time Fu Jiu was done grasping those recollections, her complexion had turned bad.

She could formerly use a computer to capture the Pentagon.

In order to catch her, Interpol had used so many beautiful men and women. And in a fight against ten, she could still win.

Being beaten up till she got seriously injured and sent to the hospital…really was somewhat ridiculous.

It truly made Fu Jiu laugh out loud. Yet her pair of eyes remained cold, a faint trace of demonic charm hidden in their dark depths.

"Young master?" Chen Xiaodong looked at her full of doubt.

Fu Jiu glanced at him indifferently, then raised her hand to push back her moist silver hair, exposing the perfect face that seemed to be kissed by God.


Even her voice was flawlessly perfect; neither too low, nor too high. It was characteristically youthful. Gentle, yet magnetic.

It was obviously an ordinary action, but because it was her making it, it was full of domineering flavor.

Chen Xiaodong blanked. He felt like there was something different about the young master.

How to put it? The young master would often throw fits of temper and spend money like it was worthless; full of a 'nouveau riche' atmosphere from head to toe.

But today, Chen Xiaodong only sensed a noble aura coming off the young master's body.