Welcome to the Different World Apartment prologue

Welcome to the Different World Apartment prologue

Welcome to the Different World Apartment

Author: babi


Yamamoto Taro, your average-fresh graduate was having trouble in finding a job, was recommended by his uncle to manage an apartment and decided to take the offer. It was a wooden-apartment surounded by many high-ris buildings in Shinjuku along with its tenants.
Taro was relieved to have made it to have his very first job but little did he know that his first day at work would be disastrous!


「Tomorrow, you’re going to be executed in the plaza. This will be your last meal. This is the one of the menu from Katts’ Diner」


Not knowing from what point shall he want to retort.

「You should be thankful with the Empress’ thoughtfulness. Well this is fine, spend your last night in this place to the fullest」

He gazed below his footing as he listened to the sounds of the doors closing from afar. Missing his timing to voice out any complain.

Was it feeling of nuance emotions’ fault from the mood before?

「Awawawawa, it’s can’t be….right?」

In front of him he can smell the appetizing meal that was served, he realized that he still haven’t touched the food and reached out his hand to it. It was a murky red soup that must be some kind of miso.


Well then, I shall focus on filling my stomach. The red miso soup, grilled mackarel, red rice, sakura radish and barley tea that were served a while ago was finished in a flash.

「Thanks for the meal」

Inside a dim prison made of stone with the size of about four tatami mat,it was enough where if you stretch both of your arms, you’re hands would touch the walls.

Why is such thing happening?

Where the hell is this place?

What will happen to me?

There were countless of question floating on his mind but no one is even there to answer any of it.

(For the time being, calm down me! Let’s first assess the current situation happening now)

Hello, I found this one just a while ago. It’s short and it’s comedic so I tried posting it along with synopsis hoping someone to pick it up. If ever a TL or someone you know can, please do inform me.

Whether I pick this up to continue is tentative.

Hope you enjoy.