Heavenly Martial Throne

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Heavenly Martial Throne Chapter 1

Heavenly Martial Throne Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Jitian Continent

In the Jitian Continent, Heavenly Water state, outside the Jade Fairy Pavilion was where the overlords had come to gather.
Last night, Long Cheng had planned on secretly leaving the sect under the cover of darkness. However as he had attempted, he discovered he no longer had the means to escape, because in front of the gate, in gloom, stood a woman.

Today was the school's decennial disciple test. This test was actually very simple, it was just an arena match where two people would fight till someone was unable to fight any more. The winner is then promoted and the final 10 combatants from the several thousand will be admitted into the inner court. There, they will be given special attention and trained with greater care.

However, Long Cheng does not want to become one of the school's "People with great ability and tremendous potential". He has already spent three years inside the sect, and for a hot-blooded youth such as himself, it was now time to go and experience the outside world, which has been his lifelong goal.

"Next, Long Cheng and Liu Lingfeng please come to the floor."

A middle aged woman stood on the arena facing the crowd. Going along with this summoning, two people walked out from the masses.

As this woman's voice fell, all the gathered people could hear an intermittent laughter, similar to a taunt, ring out in every direction.

This large arena was located in the center of the city, appealing to many people. The cacophony of sounds made the scene very lively.

"Look quickly, that is the legendary Long Cheng."

"Yeah, how scary. Such a waste crawled out from between such a group of women. I really can't understand how he got mixed with the ladies of the Jade Fairy Pavilion".

"Yeah, when the Jade Fairy Pavilion recruits people they are always women. I didn't think there was such a shit that would get accepted to stay at a school of 40,000 women."

"What's the point of being envious, haven't you heard his story? This Long Cheng joined the Jade Fairy Pavilion three years ago, he was so weak that he was beaten with only a single finger by his opponent! So pathetic and weak, he was even inferior to a waste. If I, as a man were to be so humiliated by a woman, I would have committed suicide long ago. Where would I have the face to see other humans?"

The people in the crowd erupted in laughter at the 16 year old youth who had arrived on the arena floor. A few people threw him a look of envy, but most simply revealed faces of disgust.

However, Long Cheng maintained a tranquil expression, even showing a slightly smiling face. He walked towards the arena at an even pace, almost as if he couldn't even hear the words being spoken by the crowd.

Three years ago, when he came to this place, he was bewildered, but this was also the place which turned him into the person he is today!

Most important was that he had only been 13 at that time! He was merely a child, how could the stature of a child possibly put up a fight?

Moreover, to suddenly discover himself in a strange environment between a bunch of women wearing ancient costumes, Long Cheng was completely ignorant of what the heck was even happening.

At that time, Long Cheng's mind only had one idea, was his sister a demon or his father satan, for him to have been born with such devilish luck?!?!

Not waiting for Long Cheng to get his bearings, a woman stretched out her finger and smashed him with so much power that he was immediately put in bed for 6 months.

That woman who had sent him flying from the ring three years ago was none other than the same woman who had joined him on stage today, Liu Lingfeng.

Liu Lingfeng's body had indeed grown in the past few years. She had developed into a slim and graceful beauty, with long hair flowing from her head like a shawl, two pupils which twinkled like stars on an indifferent face. However, as she looked towards Long Cheng, she could only see him silently jumping onto the arena.

When Liu Lingfeng jumped onto the arena at the same time, her image was followed by dozens of forms, making it hard for the naked eye to discern which one was the real her. After seeing her speed and after images, the entire crowd gasped in awe.

"Isn't this the unique skill of the disciples of the Jade Fairy Pavilion, Spiritual Dance Steps, she is unexpectedly able to use this!"

"Really is fierce, this Liu Lingfeng is worthy to be the Jade Fairy Pavilion's most outstanding disciple in the younger generation. At only 18 years old, she has already comprehended that which is known as the hardest to learn martial skill of the Jade Fairy Pavilion. That laughable waste, Long Cheng, actually dares to unexpectedly fight a battle with her? Isn't this just a waste of everyone's time?"

"Right, the arena is more than 100 meters long, when that Long Cheng steps onto the arena, he won't even stay in for a quarter before only she is left on the arena floor. Wanna have a bet on how far away Long Cheng will fall?"