Escaping the Apocalypse Chapter 1

Escaping the Apocalypse Chapter 1

"Experiment #1 of Gall Rhabdomyoma Integument Malignant Macroevolution. Code name: G.R.I.M.M"

Salem was shoved into a clear white room, a one way mirror on one wall and a white pedestal in the centre of the room, she scrambled up as the door shut behind her.

"Let me out!" She screamed

"Subject G-2789, name Salem, last name unknown. Gender female. Perfect health, infertile. Death penalty for manslaughter, kidnapping, torture. Was injected with sedative and official date of death is 17/8/2177"

Salem looked around and focused on the pedestal. The only object in the room.

"Beginning testing"

"What do you want?" She shouted

The pedestal in the centre of the room opened. She watched it tensely. When nothing happened she relaxed but did not approach the open top.

The there was a slither, then a viscous fluid flowed out the top and flopped onto the floor. She took several steps back as the fluid distorted as if it was looking around.

"What the fuck is that?" Asked Salem as she scrambled backward, away from the fluid that was now slithering toward her.

She hit a wall and scrambled sideways before she found her self in the corner, she slid down it as she kicked toward it.

"Get the fuck away from me!" She shouted as the liquid got closer and closer.

She kicked it with her foot and it connected, the liquid rippled before wrapping around her foot.

"No! No! Get off me!" She screamed as she stamped her foot which was beginning to feel weird. The liquid did not care as it flowed up her leg. She thrashed as it easily slid over her torso and approached her head. She grabbed it with her hand and threw it but it stuck to her hand and flowed up her arm. She tried to wipe it off with her other arm but it wrapped to the other side of the arm.

It then leapt at her face and she opened her mouth to shout or scream, it wrapped around her open mouth and forced itself in.

She felt it force itself down her throat and she choked. She felt her skin wriggling and brought up her hand, staring in wide eyed horror as black tumours grew on her hands.

She watched as her skin turned pale and her hair grew, no longer brown and shaved but white. Salem spasmed and fell to the floor as more of the black goo began to pool around her, her skin going white and black veins growing round her eyes.

Then she stopped as more liquid flowed around her.

She felt only one thing.


"Subjects life signs still show positive, she's conscious"

"Subject G-2789, please give a sign you can move?"

The body twitched and Salem slowly rose, her back to the mirror. They could see her white skin and her white hair that fell down her back having grown out from its shaved state.

"Subject G-2789, please turn towards the mirror"

Her head turned slightly.

"My name" she turned to fully to reveal her red eyes "is Salem"

"Subject G-2789 has undergone a transformation, her skin has turned to white. The sclera has turned black and her irises have turned red, the subject is producing more of the G.R.I.M.M fluid. Subject G-2789 vital's are-"

"MY NAME IS SALEM!" She screamed and raised her hand as fluid shot toward the mirror and it began to crack at the continuous stream.

"Security to Experiment room 17! Subject is hostile and attempting to escape!"

The room was beginning to fill with the fluid, Salem being obscured by the fluid. Security personnel got on either side of the door and crouched in from of it. The captain gave a nod and one of the soldiers opened the door.

The door slid open to reveal a wall of black, they opened fire but the liquid simply absorbed the bullets. The captain held up his hand and the shooting stopped.

Then the liquid burst free, but instead of flooding the corridor like a normal liquid it spread like a wall. Fast.

The men didn't even have time to scream as they were absorbed by the liquid, it expanded into the corridor and spread through the facility quickly. Personnel ran down corridors fruitlessly as the liquid easily overran them and absorbed them into the mass.

Soon the facility was silent, every room, corridor and crevice filled with black fluid. Except for a small pocket as Salem easily walked through it, walking down the corridors seemingly knowing where to go. Soon she found herself in front of a heavy metal door, clearly part of the lockdown procedure.

The liquid flowed over the door and seeped into the cracks. After a few seconds she spread her arms wide and the door was wrenched open, she was bathed in the light of spotlights as she saw various guns and weapons pointed at her.

"Subject G-2789, stand down"

"I am Salem" she announced

She raised her arms and the liquid around her rippled before figures stumbled out of it. Black skinned with bone plates spotted on their bodies, their mouths were wide, easily being half their head circumference and filled with sharp glittering teeth, long black tongues that lead to a glowing red throat. The most intimidating feature were their red, soulless eyes framed by a bone mask.

"And we are the Grimm"

The figures screeched as they stumbled forward as the soldiers opened fire.