Thank You for Abandoning Our Engagement!

By Shippo Tanuki,しっぽタヌキ

Thank You for Abandoning Our Engagement! Chapter 1.2

Thank You for Abandoning Our Engagement! Chapter 1.2

The news I was just told suddenly sunk in.

The Prince was standing in front of me so I took both his hands and shook it up and down quickly.

I did it…!

With this…
“I’m free!”

Onii-sama scowl at my unladylike exclamation.

The Prince continued laughing.

I live in the country Ruskini.

The royal family is just a symbol while the council holds the real power.

They don’t have the power to rule the country, their main job is to plan festivals, diplomacy, and engagement. It was a long time ago that aristocratic reign over the territories but now they are working as a merchant, moneylender, lawmaker, etc.


The power of the aristocracy was abolished, but the people still respect blood so they are still called by their title. The chance of a commoner marrying into a noble family is still low. Family and lineage are still important.

There are three princes in this country.

It is a custom for marriage partners to be decided when the children become fourteen.

Marriage are discussed over a period of time between the two families and they have hope that the children will get along. My finance, the third prince Charles-sama, was a bit different. The engagement was decided in one meeting.

On that day, the queen dowager gathered noble young ladies to meet the Charles-sama.

So, normally there’ll be conflict amongst the noble young ladies over the prince’s grace and charm.

But, today they had stiff smiles on their face and wore plain dresses.

…I hope I’m not chosen.

Perhaps I’m not the only one in the room who thought that because being the third prince’s fiancée was useless.

The royal family in this country has no power. It's just a decoration.

If you want to live in luxury, marrying heirs to rich merchants would be better.

Having freedom is an innovated ideal to old nobility.

If you are married into royalty, you’ll be monitored tentatively, and you won’t even live in luxury!

What makes it even worse is that there won’t be time to rest because of official duties.

And, the King and Queen already have two boys so it’ll be impossible to become Queen.

For those reasons, the noble young ladies are gathered together wearing stiff smiles and plain dresses.

Charles-sama isn’t bad.

However, the third prince of Ruskini will be living a life as a caged bird.

For that reason, when Charles-sama appeared the young ladies went up to greet him while maintaining their non-smiling smiles as they watch each other.  

"You go out."

"No, you can go."

"You like blond hair."

"You said you liked his face didn’t you?


“I will go!”

I was hoping for a wonderful lady to say that and go up but no one did.

Everyone was cute.

I’m pretty cute too.

Charles-sama suddenly started chuckling.

"I understand that you are not enthusiastic about this so I prepared something in advance.”

When Charles-sama said that, the servants brought in a desk, a wooden box, a pen, and some papers.

When I look around the room, the other young ladies had questioning looks on their face.

The prince had a mysterious look on his face.

"You don't want to be a sacrifice. I do not want to choose either. So I decided to leave my luck to heaven."

Charles-sama continue to speak while laughing beautifully.

"Let's make a lottery"


I was surprised by this turn of events but I didn’t say anything.

The others were surprised as well but no disagree with Charles-sama.

Stop now.

Don’t be foolish.

Even if they say they are not enthusiastic, they have to talk properly.

Such an important decision to choose your fiancé shouldn’t be done with lottery.

But I thought it was fine at that time.

There are ten young ladies here.

One of them will be the fiancé.

If the decision is done by lottery, no one will feel guilty.

I am sorry for the chosen daughter, but that's what the heavens have decided. It cannot be helped.


I never thought I would be chosen.

I’m sure no one else thought I would be.

If you think about it, one out of ten is a high probability!

Everyone seem to think it was tiring to be in the atmosphere of the beautiful royal palace.

Charles chucked, not minding the other noble young ladies’ behavior.

“You can start.” He then left the room.

The young ladies can leave once they write their name on the paper.

I have entertained the thought of writing someone else’s’ name but I was scared I will be discovered.

I wrote down my name and began to fold it carefully.

The paper was folded over and over again so it was becoming smaller and smaller.

I hope Charles-sama’s finger never touches it.

Even if it was touched, since it was so small it’s existence will not be known...

I would stop this if I can return to that time.


Charles-sama is a bit strange.

He seems to like to snicker a lot.

When the last young lady placed her piece of paper into the wooden box, Charles-sama walk back into the room.

After talking a little, he places his hand into the box.

It is now left to fate.

I hope I’m not drawn.

God, please!

I pray desperately.

Then Charles-sama pull out a piece of paper out of the wooden box.

There was a small piece of paper between his thumb and index finger.


At that moment, my voice leaked out.

Not good.

That is bad news.

The voice in my heart was obviously not heard by Charles-sama…

The very small piece of paper was carefully unfolded by Charles-sama.

And a name was called out by the prince’s beautiful voice.

“Vera Flemari, second daughter of the Old Earl House.”

Oh, It’s me.

“Oh no.”

I said it in a foolish voice.

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