Goddess's Request

By Nanahoshi

Goddess's Request Chapter 2

Goddess's Request Chapter 2

Bargaining Event

The light that bathed me dims.–I am in a white room, sitting. There is a large white desk across from me, and I looked around at the Onee-san sitting there, who is blatantly exposing herself.

“Are you one of those female perverts?”

“Wh-Don’t say stupid things! I am this world’s Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility, Urukentius! Now, worship me, praise me! Go ahead and take a commemorative photo! Take a downward sloping shot from the left, and it’ll surely become famous!”

“… … No thanks. I’m fine.”
” ! ! ! ! ! Wha, Why!? This is why virgins are!”
“Wha, What’s with thatt!? It’s normal to have done it by high school!”
“You are definitely a cherry.”
“Guh! You have a naught mouth for a Goddess!”
“I’m a Goddess, so I can’t always be smiles you know!”
“Wha! You call me at your own convenience, and then you insult me!”
“Fufufufu, it’s too late to go back.”
“No! Th-That’s oppression!”
“Nufufufu, well well, it’s fine so listen to my story. I won’t to anything bad to you.”

And with that, I was entrapped by the Goddess.

This Goddess is like those one-click advertisements that screw with you.


Then, this pervert goddess showed me her data.

“Look at this.”

In there, is a picture of human DNA. There are hundreds of them.

“What is this?”

“This is, you know, people’s. These are pictures of male sex chromosomes under an electron microscope. Look closely.”

They are male chromosomes, so I was expecting to see an X and a Y chromosome.—“But huh? There’s something weird.”

In the XY chromosome pair, the Y makes you a male. If you have a XX pair, you’re a girl. This is knowledge taught in middle school level science. However,– This…

“… …It’s even…shorter?”

The Goddess smiles.

“I’m impressed. Right. That’s exactly right. about 50 years ago, it’s become half its size I’d say.”

“Half its size!?”

It almost looked like its an XI. Like this, it wonder if it could even function properly.

“There are many reason for why, but the problem is that the testicles can no longer produce many sperm. Children probably can’t be naturally conceived anymore. That means…”
“That means?”
“Like this, us Gods and Goddess can’t bless the people. It’s a big problem.”
“It is?”
“It is! Great men throughout history have all been given blessings by fellow Gods and Goddesses. Our blessings bring about change in the world! And now we can’t do that anymore!”
“And that’s super bad?”
“You bet your ass. Because we can’t interfere, hell-spawn or concealed aliens, who have refrained from bathing the world with blood, will now start a great war! It’ll be an instant K.O.!”
“Wai-Wai-Wait a minute! Then why aren’t people being informed!?”
“Dont worry about that. It’s not time yet. If this continues any longer, I’ll do it in the near future.
“Near future?”
“That depends on you. You have to do something.”
“Wh,Why me! I don’t want to! Aliens, demons, they’ll be my opponents! I’ve never even seen them!”
“Really? Don’t you see them a little of TV? You never noticed?”
“Yes, Yes, I know. That’s true. But if the secret gets out, then the world will fall!”
“That’s exactly why you have to stop this! You have to stop this male sex-chromosome degradation phenomenon!  Become a hero who’ll save the world!”

“… … …Hah? The heck is wrong with you? I’m merely a high schooler. There’s no way I can do that! I can’t do any of that school-superpower-battle stuff! It’s impossible! I don’t even have any superpowers! I don’t even have some special backstory to my life! The biggest moment on my life was when I got to hit the big Taiko drum in Elementary School! My grandfather even now watches it every night!

“…There’s a way.”
“You have the power to save the world.”
“There’s no way that could be true!”
“Indeed, you just don’t know. On my pride as a Goddess, you have the power to save the world!”

The Goddess who said that took out a small container with viscous white fluid in it and placed it on top the table.

“Wha, What is this?”
“Your sperm! From yesterday evening! When you *fap fap*’ed.”
“! ! ! ! ! !”
“Even though you’re so young, you sure have some twisted fetishes♥︎”
“Don’t tell me…you saw?”
“Yep♥︎ From here every night♥︎”

“Y-You!! Pu, Privacy Infringement! OBJECTION! Don’t fuck with me! And when did you collect that!?”
“Pupupu-! Why so flustered? After such a long time, its too late to act like that. I mean, even your mom has checked in on you a number of times cause you were worrying her. After all, only the tissues in your room were running out quickly.
“Are, Are you serious!? I started buying economical, bulk 8-packs, so it was my fault!?”
“Let me tell you a secret. When you went to go buy that 8-pack, by chance, your mom was on the other side of the aisle working for the supermarket! Aren’t you putting quite a chunk in your family finances masturbating so much?”

“So, leave it to me, okay?”

Saying that, the Goddess stood up–and walked to my side with a *suta suta*.

“Leave your worries to me♥︎ This will be our bargain though.”

She says, but the smile on the Goddess’s face was an evil, dark smile.


I regretfully accept the Goddess’s proposal.

“Wi-Will you really help me?”

“That’s a given! In exchange for that, you have to grant [The Goddess’s wish].

Then– my head droops as I lifelessly doze off