I Got Stranded in an Uncivilized Planet and Since It Seems I Can't Go Back Home I'll Aim Towards an Inhuman Harem Kyotei Takeshi,京衛武百十

My name is Renze(錬是). I’m a hunter who searchs for planets fit for reclamationー better yet for development.
However, a failure happened and in this uncivilized planet I had to do a emergency landing. I decided to live a survival lifestyle with the Mate Gear called Eleksia YM10.
Even so, when there’s Eleksia YM10 who’s a Mate Gear everyday necessities are done perfectly, also Eleksia will guarantee that food is prepared, unexpectedly, a comfortable lifestyle.
Besides, this planet, some way or another seems to have been populated by humans. The mere shadow of what it was, desperately human-like creatures are inhabiting in great number.
Altough it’s a major discovery that will remain in history if it’s confirmed to be a planet with intelligent life who’re not earthlings, even more are not even from mankind, well since I can’t really go back I’ve decided to enjoy the remainder of my life here by making friendship with these creatures.
Author’s note: I thought about writing about a “Kottekote” different world transition but since I did not come up with anything conclusive, I tried to take the Mate Gear to a uncivilized planet after a disaster that resulted in a emergency landing.
I’m using Mate Gear so I don’t need to write too much about survival elements. And this is bride number 1.
To sum it up, I just wanted see what would happen if I wrote a different world harem with no twists.