Dark Blue and Moonlight Dong Mi

Yan Fei was a young marketing director and Haiqing dreamt of studying art.
Yan Fei has a boyfriend, Jimmy. Haiqing was still single.
When Haiqing spotted Yan Fei at a local swimming pool, he secretly took a picture of the pretty young man.
Through a series of unfortunate events, the two end up talking to each other and Yan Fei decided to give Haiqing his number, hoping they would meet again — the chemistry between them was instantaneous.
But as chance or fate would have it, Haiqing dropped his phone in the swimming pool and he never got the chance to call Yan Fei.
Not long after, Haiqing met Ping Jun and the two started dating.
However, this was only the beginning.
Haiqing could not forget Yan Fei; and Yan Fei could not forget him either.